Kissin cousins and more pt 5

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Anal Fucking

Kissin cousins and more pt 5I was sitting down stairs watching a football game at halftime Uncle Bob went to get us something to drink. Pam sitting in a chair leaned over and asked me just how did you meet Nancy anyway? I though about it for a few seconds when just about that time Uncle Bob returned when I said I’ll tell you later. After the game Pam and I stayed to watch a movie while Uncle Bob and Aunt June played cards in the next room. Pam sat next to me on the couch so I could talk in low tones.I told Pam that I met Nancy in my junior year I had just left history class and stopped to get a drink of water and as I leaned over to the water fountain I saw this girl (Nancy) squat down to get something out of her locker when she opened up her legs and I had a clear and unobstructed view up her skirt and could see her white panties with red hearts on them, she looked at me straight in the eyes and held her position for at least ten seconds when she smiled and said did you enjoy the view? I was so embarrassed my face must have turned about fifty shades of red Nancy looked down and saw my quickly rising and very stiff cock and said someone liked the show. Would you like an up close look I’d be happy to show you more maybe we could get to know each other better plus I would like to know your friend too, pointing at my cock. I have Phys ed it’s my last class of the day and maybe you would like to walk me home?I have never met a girl so forward before but I wasn’t gonna let that stop me. Maybe I should get to know her better whats the harm right? Nancy told me to meet her outside the main entrance after school, so I did she showed up damp hair and all and said thanks for walking me home but we need to take a little side trip first if that’s OK with you? Sure that would be fine just where are we going? We are going to take a short cut through Cooper park it’s on the way. We chatted about school our teachers her friends just small talk. When we got to there she headed to the public restrooms near one side of the park. She stopped looked around and said lets go in the boys bathroom.Nancy pulled me in and started to kiss me and grabbed my junk and started to pull at my belt. She was very determined and soon had my pants and jockey’s around my ankles. Nancy quickly dropped to her knees taking my cock in her hand smiling up at me and said I have been waiting to suck your cock ever since this morning when I showed you my pussy I could tell you wanted to see more than just a quick peep show right? I could see your interest when your cock came to life right away I was hoping that it would be a big one and it looks like I got my wish.Nancy wasted no time in shoving my cock to the back of her throat and sucking my cock like it was the only source of liquid for a hundred miles and she needed sincan escort a drink badly. I placed my hand on the back of her head and pumped my dick back and forth and had a good rhythm going . I knew it won’t be long before I blew my nut straight done her throat so I didn’t want to disappoint her after all she wanted it so bad. I felt her pull at my nut sack as I filled her mouth with as much cock as I could give the hungry bitch. The extra attention she gave my balls started to boil the massive amount of cum. I felt it rush up and straight down Nancy’s throat and she never stopped sucking until my balls were empty.I felt my knees getting a little weak as she pulled away and said that was the most cum I have ever swallowed at one time and I love it. So thick and tasty, I could drink this every day if you would let me. My head was spinning some what but seeing the huge smile on her face told me that I wanted Nancy sucking my cock as often as possible, and for the next two years we dated she never failed to extract the cum from my balls every time we went out or I went over to her parents place. There were many times we almost got caught with her mouth swallowing my seed. I asked her one time why do you love to suck cock so much? Well my mother told me that it was the best form of birth control there is plus the fact I just love the taste so much to the point that I wish you were triplets so that I could have that much more cum to enjoy. Nancy said I remember the first time I sucked a cock I was ten. I was called into Father Eric’s office because one of the nuns caught me lifting my skirt showing the boys my care bear underwear. So he asked me why I was doing it well the only thing I could think of was it gave me a big thrill letting the boys see my nearly naked little pussy some of them would runaway while a few others would stop and stare. It almost felt like I had power over them. Just the day before I let Tommy Miller put his fingers against my pussy and rub a little my pussy leaked so much that I thought for a minute that I had wet myself but it felt real good.Father Eric looked at me and said are you a servant of our lord and savior? I thought about it for a few seconds before I said that I’m trying to be a good Catholic. He smiled at me and said I think now is the time for you to serve the lord. He took my hand and lead me back into his private office bathroom and closed the door behind me and said it’s time for your first lesson. On your knees c***d and prepare to serve the lord’s messenger.Pam looked at me and said this story is making you excited too I see as she looked down at my raging hard on. Pam reached over to rub my cock thru my gym shorts I lost my train of thought and wanted to grab Pam’s head and shove my cock right down her throat. When Aunt June came escort sincan to the door way and asked if we wanted pizza for dinner? Pam and I quickly turned our heads and looked at Aunt June to see how close she was close to the couch where we were sitting. I turned around put my knees on the couch seat and my arms on the back of the couch to hide my aching erection from her and said sure pizza sounds great do your need any money?Oh heavens no I just don’t feel like cooking dinner so Bob and I are going out to get it and bring it home we should be back in about thirty minutes so just enjoy your movie and we will be home soon OK? Sure thing mom Pam said yes mam I said. You are always so polite Aunt June said be good be back in a few.Aunt June could only been half way back up the stairs when I started back down when Pam stopped me and pulled down my gym shorts exposing my throbbing cock Pam smiled licked her lips and said finish your story while I have my desert. Now where was I oh yeah. Nancy on her knees before Father Eric when she told me that he unzipped his slacks and pulled out his cock. She said that she just stared at it for a few seconds before Father Eric said take it in your hand and rub it up and down to help me make it hard enough for you to suck it. Nancy said she wrapped her fingers around the shaft moved her hands up and down as instructed. It became hard very quickly he then asked her to put the head into her mouth and suck it like a lollipop and to move her tongue all over it putting as much in your mouth as possible without choking. Last thing he wanted was for her to choke and want to leave, slow and steady he told her take your time we have lots of time.Pam looked up at me well we don’t. We have less than twenty minutes keep going I’m loving this story but not as much as I’m loving this cock I’ll keep sucking you keep talking. Nancy told me that it only took a couple of minutes before Father Eric started to hold her head in place as he fucked her face careful not to force to much cock into her mouth. Nancy said she could feel his cock twitch in her mouth right before he flooded her mouth with cum he held her head and told her to swallow it all like a good servant of the lord should do. Nancy did as she was told and swallowed it all and much to her surprise she really enjoyed the taste of cum, but she liked the feeling of power she had with a man’s cock in her mouth. Nancy continued to suck Father Eric’s cock for the next four years twice a week during her lunch hour she had told those that asked that she was getting counseling from Father Eric on her wanting to become a nun in the future and that thrilled her mother the extra time spent with him would make it easier to be accepted into the church, truth was she just loved to suck cock. During the summer sincan escort bayan months Nancy soon had been asked by Father Eric if she would be willing to suck more than just his cock during her visits. Sure Nancy just what did you have in mind. Well some of our biggest donors would love it if you could suck their cocks I have told them all about you and they know that if any word ever got out about this it would put an end to a really good thing. They are willing to make larger donations if you would allow them to cum in your mouth or maybe fuck your ass or pussy what do you think could you handle them? Oh yes she said I really love sucking cock and the extra cum would be welcome indeed. Nancy added a another day to accommodate them it started out to be just three but soon grew to almost nine. Father Eric called an board members meeting to give them an excuse to go to church and get the blow job from Nancy which turned into a orgy within just a couple of weeks. Nancy told me she looked forward to everyone of them dumping a fresh load of cum down her throat but they must wear a condom if they were going to fuck her ass or pussy. Nancy insisted that she didn’t want to get pregnant and spoil all the fun.Nancy told me it was then she knew this was something she would be good at. Nancy would fill the days when she wasn’t sucking Father Eric’s cock with some of the older boys and fathers in the neighborhood or find someone at the mall. Nancy told me that she has a conservative estimate of sucking at least seven at eight hundred different cocks in the past five years mine included.As I closed my eyes I swear I could feel Nancy sucking for all she’s worth trying to get me to release my load, only this time it was Pam wanting me to fill her tummy. When I could no longer hold back I held Pam’s head and pumped my entire load into her mouth she massaged my balls making sure that she had I all. With a look of satisfaction on her face and mine I kissed her deep squeezed her tits some and then I pulled up my shorts. I could taste my cum on her tongue not bad as I had imaged it could be. Pam said tonight when you come to my room I expect you to eat my cunt and fuck my ass like your life depended on it.When I snuck into her room later that night I made good and licked her pussy hard and after Pam came all over my face I put her up on her hands and knees and fucked her sweet pussy for a couple of minutes before I plowed her ass and shot my wad deep in her. I rolled off her while she went to the bathroom to clean up and when she came back she had a wash cloth and cleaned me up too, this girl thinks of everything. We made out for a little while when she said there is a Sade Hawkins dance in two weeks would you be my date? You bet your sweet ass I would love to be your date. I should be going back to my room now sleep well. I kissed her hard and she ground her stomach into my groin I patted her ass and went back to my room. I slept real well that night I dreamed of how lucky I was to have a super fine cousin like Pam.