Kay Winds Down After Work


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I’m hoping to continue with more stories of Mitch and Kay.


It was 9 am! She bolts straight up in bed. My god, I’ve slept in, thought Kay. Realizing it is Sunday morning and she doesn’t have to work today, she lies back down and stretches. Like everyone else does in the morning, Kay rubs her eyes, runs her hands through her hair and does a little scratching. She rubs under her boobs noticing that she is topless. Nothing new, I did have a couple of drinks last night. I probably just peeled off my top and bra and crawled into bed. She runs her hands down to her pubic area to give a little scratch as she feels a little tickle there. No panties. Oh well, not that I do it often she thought, but I have slept naked before. Trying to relieve the tickle she notices something odd. Where are my pubic hairs? She lifts the blanket to have a look. Nothing, it’s all gone. Kay runs her hand over pubic mound to feel the smoothness. It actually feels pretty good, she thought. Running her hand farther down, she notices that there is no hair anywhere down there. She rolls over on to her left side to look at her husband Mitch. He is lying there asleep. A quiet snore is emanating from his mouth. He is barely covered by the blanket. Just his lower half is covered. She doesn’t have to look under the blanket to know he’s naked. She peeks anyway. He’s shaved too. No pubes anywhere. What did we do, she thought. She slowly remembers last night. Did that really happen? It couldn’t have.

It all started when she came home from work. Mitch had dinner made as usual. Except it wasn’t a usual family dinner. Their daughter wasn’t there because she was off at the neighbor’s house for the evening. Kay could hear music coming from the entertainment unit in the family room. The kitchen table was beautifully decorated with a nice tablecloth, placemats, linen napkins and candles. He had made stuffed chicken breast with rice and veggies. Kay thinks did I forget something special? Tentatively she asks, “Hun, please don’t get mad, but did I forget something?” “No,” Mitch replied, “you’ve had a hard week, so I thought I would spoil you a little.” They sat down and had nice quiet, romantic dinner with a “glass” of her favourite Pinot Grigio. “A glass” doesn’t correctly describe it—all through dinner Mitch kept her glass topped off. By the time dinner was finished, Kay had a nice “glow” on. Mitch started to clear the table telling Kay to sit and enjoy the wine.

After the table was cleared, he took her by the hand and led her upstairs. Kay said, “Before we fool around, I need a shower.” “I already thought of that.” He replied. As they entered the bedroom, Kay noticed a weird glow coming from the bathroom. Entering the bathroom, she saw candles on almost every horizontal surface. The tub was ¾ full with bubbles. Mitch checked the water temperature, and topped up the tub with hot water to make it comfortable. As she started to undress, Mitch gently grabbed her hands and said, “I am spoiling you, let me do that.” As he unbuttoned her blouse, Kay closed her eyes to enjoy being spoiled. Unfortunately, because of the wine, she lost her balance and started to rock back and forth. Mitch steadied her by standing behind her and pulled her into him. This allowed him to nuzzle her neck while undressing her. Sliding her blouse off, he ran his fingers down her arms. This brought up goose-bumps on her body as well as making her nipples harden. Her skirt is unzipped and dropped to the floor. Now she is standing there in her bra and thong panties. Mitch can’t help but get aroused. He tells her, “You look fantastic as always. Especially in the bra and panty Trabzon Escort set I bought you for Christmas.”

Sliding around in front of Kay, Mitch undid her bra with one hand. His other hand softly cupped her rear “so you don’t lose your balance.” Kay knew full well that he is copping a feel, but doesn’t mind as she is enjoying her “spoiling.” Hooking his thumbs into her panties at the hips, he slowly lowered them and himself at the same time. He brushed his lips and tongue on her boobs and belly on the way down. If her nipples weren’t erect before, they certainly were now. Mitch helped Kay into the tub and down into the water.

Keeping with the spoiling theme, Mitch gave Kay another glass of wine and turned on some nice “spa-like” music. Softly rubbing her hands and feet Mitch was allowing Kay to release the stress of the week. He used a wash cloth to bathe her whole body. As he was bathing her legs, a relaxed Kay whispered, “Don’t mind the hairy legs”. As usual Mitch made one of his witty comments that more often than not, are based in truth. “I’d love your legs if they were as hairy as a spider. But don’t worry babe, I prepared for this too.” Breaking out a fresh razor and cream, he began lathering up her legs. At this point, Mitch was expecting Kay to take the razor from his hand, but he got was a low moan of enjoyment. He took this as permission to continue. Starting at the ankles, he worked his way up. Kay just watched smiling and enjoying her wine. After both legs are complete, Mitch rinsed off any remaining cream using the removable shower head. Enjoying the warm spray, Kay moaned again. He took this as an invite to continue spraying her body. Switching the shower head to a light massage setting, he began to spray her body. What a sensation Kay felt. He aimed the water at her hand and slowly moved it up her arm. Kay loved it. He did the same up the other as well. This time he carried on across her shoulder and down the front of her chest. He lightly sprayed her right nipple, eliciting a moan and a shiver. Down to her pussy he sprayed, just grazing her clit. When Mitch hit her clit with the water, she moaned and jumped at the same time. Wanting to get this to the bed, she covered her crotch to stop the sensations and realized she needed trimming there too.

“Ugh,” she said, “I have a small forest here.” Mitch drained enough water from the tub so her pubic area was above water line. He spread cream all over her pubic mound as well as down around her lips. Expecting her to take the razor from his hand, Mitch paused a moment and looked at her. She just raised an eyebrow slightly and reached over for her glass of wine. Taking his cue, he went about his business. He removed all but a thin “landing strip” from her mound. He paused occasionally to tease her clit a little bit. Then he shaved all the hair from around the outer lips. Looking at her “landing strip”, Mitch realized it wasn’t very straight, so he added more cream and removed it. Now, with a raging hard-on, Mitch threw caution to the wind. He told Kay to get on her knees so he can get at a few stray hairs. He got cream and spread on the area between her pussy and asshole. He then proceeded to remove all the hair, in essence giving her a Brazilian. All this attention down there had Kay horny as hell. She could feel the wetness in her pussy. She ran her hand down between her legs to feel her new haircut as well as the wetness.

Mitch stood her up and dried her off. He applied moisturizer all over and led her to the bedroom. Laying her down, he centered her on the bed. Crawling up beside her, he kissed her lightly on the lips and moved down to her neck. He gave just a little tongue to her ear and moved back up to her mouth. Giving her a long passionate kiss, he laid lightly on top of her. She reached down and grabbed his hard member, slowly massaging it up and down. He worked down to her nipples, simultaneously biting and tonguing them. Kay loved that. He reached down to her smooth hole and Trabzon Escort Bayan started rubbing her clit all the while giving her nipples the attention they deserve. After a few minutes of this, Mitch worked his way down leaving a trail with his tongue on her skin. He worked his tongue and lips around her mound making sure to avoid her clit. He teased the folds of her pussy and circled around her clit. He pushed her legs up toward her chest, wordlessly instructing her to hold them up. With full access to her dripping pussy, he slid his tongue in and explored as deep as possible. With one hand he pulled at her hood to fully reveal her clit. He slowly tongued it, which caused her to grind her hips revealing the beginning of the buildup to an orgasm. He moved his attention back down to her pussy and moved his thumb to her clit. His tongue traced the outside of her pussy with special attention to her perineum (the area between her pussy and anus). Feeling her climax building, his tongue lightly rimmed her ass while he pinched her clit with his thumb and forefinger. Kay normally shuns anal play, thinking it’s dirty even though deep down she actually enjoys it on occasion—this happened to be one of those times. Her hips started to buck up and down faster. Mitch moved back to tonguing her clit. He easily slid two fingers inside her, hooking them towards her back and rested his thumb against her anus. Pushing slightly with his thumb, he circled her sphincter without entering. By now, there was no stopping her orgasm. She came hard screaming “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.” She collapsed on the bed, breathing hard and her body twitching in the aftermath of her orgasm.

“Wow,” Kay panted, “I don’t think I have ever cum that hard.”

Mitch just smiled and said, “You haven’t seen anything yet babe.”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“You’ll see,” he says leaning to kiss her hard.

Momentarily forgetting his comment, she pushed him onto his back. She straddled him across his thighs. Grasping his cock, she leaned in and kissed him hard while stroking up and down. She reached over to her nightstand and grabbed a hair tie and her glasses. He always likes it when she put them on to blow him. Something to do with his Librarian fantasy she thought. Working her way down to his neck, she made sure her nipples just lightly brushed against his chest and stomach. This always drove him wild. She liked the feeling herself. She kissed her way down to his nipples and started to lightly bite and suck them while she was slowly working his cock with her hands. She took her time to work even farther down ensuring her nipples brushed against his cock, balls and thighs. She lightly tongued the end of his dick while she massaged his balls. Making eye contact with Mitch, she took the head of his cock in her mouth and ran her tongue all around. She could tell he liked this because his hips were moving in a slow “fucking” motion. Still staring into his eyes, she started to lick up and down the underside of cock starting at the base and moving to the tip. She alternated between this and stroking his cock while sucking his balls. She liked to lick his balls especially right after he had shaved them, which she noticed he had done, probably right before she got home. Kay slowly stroked his cock while she licked the underside of his balls and moved down to his perineum. This drove him nuts, so she kept at it. She “accidently” let her tongue give him a little bit of a rimming also noticing a lack of hair there, too. A long low moan escaped him. Feeling his balls tighten, she knew it wouldn’t be long before he came. She moved back up to take his cock in her mouth. Regaining eye contact, Kay asked, “Do you want to cum in my mouth or on my face?” She actually felt his cock get harder. He managed to say, “Both.” How could she say no? Jerking his cock harder, she went back to suck and tongue the head. Feeling that he was just about there, she took as much as she could in her mouth. It went in Escort Trabzon so far she almost gagged on it. She kept stroking his cock while keeping it aimed at her mouth. Just as he started cumming, she opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue keeping it flat. He came hard, moaning loud, he sprayed her tongue and face with a little running down her neck. She took his cock back in her mouth and sucked and jerked him dry.

“Holy fuck,” he said, “I hope that’s not the last time that happens.”

“If you are a good boy, I am sure you’ll get it again like that.”

They collapsed back on the bed breathing heavy. They shared a glass of water as well as a few kisses.

Kay glanced at Mitch and said “what did you mean earlier when you said I haven’t seen anything yet?”

“Right now,” he replied. He pulled her down flat on her back. He brought his mouth to her ear and whispered “you just lay back and enjoy.”

“I think I can manage that.” She replied.

He reached over to the nightstand and pulled something out without letting her see what it was. She had an idea, as the drawer he opened was their “toy” drawer. Fuck me, she thought, he told me to lay back and enjoy. So that’s what I’m going to do!

Again, he started with her nipples by softly biting and flicking his tongue on one and then the other. Working his way down, Mitch left little kisses on her stomach and tongued her bellybutton. Reaching her clit, he started to softly lick it, and then sucked it into his mouth. She heard a soft humming noise and knew she was in for a good orgasm—or three! The vibrator he had was about four inches long with a curve and rounded point at the end. While not removing his mouth from her clit, he used the vibrator to tease her outer lips and perineum. Feeling her excitement rising, he slipped the end just inside her. Her hips started to slowly grind into his face. Mitch took his mouth off her clit and slid the vibrator inside her with the point facing forward. The point hit her g-spot, instantly causing her to buck and grind. He slowly moved the tip back and forth over her g-spot. He kept this up for a few minutes while occasionally flicking her clit with his tongue. Feeling and seeing her natural lube build up, he removed the vibrator and replaced it with a finger. Slowly, he massaged her g-spot with his finger and then added another. With the second finger added, he put the vibrator on her clit and moved it around in a circular motion. He increased the stimulation with his fingers and could feel the area swell slightly. He kept this up until Kay said, “I feel like I have to pee.” He replied “It’s just from the stimulation, trust me, you don’t have to pee. Just go with it and enjoy.”

He kept up the finger stimulation. He hooked his fingers up and pulled firmly but not to the point of pain. She started to buck fiercely. Mitch kept going, making her moan and scream in addition to her bucking. She came and she came hard. As she came, she heard him say, “Holy shit yeah, that’s hot!”

“Why did you say that?” she asked after she got her breath back.

He motions to the bottom of the bed, “Well, have a look.”

She sat up and looked at him. Her mouth dropped open. His arm and the bed between her legs were wet.

“What happened?” she asked.

“You squirted,” he replied, smiling big and obviously proud of himself.

“What do you mean, I squirted?”

“It’s female ejaculation. I was reading up online about it the other day and found an instructional video. It to teach couples how to get the female to squirt. Not all women can squirt, but when we had sex last week, you were really wet. I wondered to myself if you could squirt. Now I know. I told you that you haven’t seen anything yet.”

“I stand corrected,” Kay said, “That was the hardest I ever came.”

Mitch grabbed a towel and wiped his arm and her inner thighs. He dabbed dry the wet spot on the bed and threw the towel into a nearby laundry basket. He crawled up beside her and put his arm around her. She snuggled into his chest and hugged him back. He lightly stroked her hair for a few minutes and leaned down and kissed her forehead. “I love you,” he said. She didn’t hear him. With the alcohol and orgasms she was already asleep.