Karen My School Teacher 17


Karen My School Teacher 17Karen, My School Teacher – Part 17By HosieryQueenPart 17Suddenly I woke up. The TV was going and I was still in my black opaque catsuit in the jacuzzi. I got up and took off the wet catsuit and rinsed myself and took a quick shower. I looked at my phone – the time was now 16:50 – in an hour, Flora would be here. And I hadn’t got dinner ready whatsoever! Shit, my nap cost me precious time!I was standing in the walk-in closet to find something I should wear this evening. I then found a pair of pink lace, see-thru panties. They felt good rubbing against my tiny dick. I still had my nails in the dark pink colour similar to my hair. So I thought I’d keep going with the pink theme. I found a light pink dress, like a 50’s retro style dress with sleeves to the elbows, and had white little hearts on it. It fit snugly around my breasts, and I decided to wear no bra. You could see my hard nipples poke through the fabric. I then opened some new black ‘Wolford’ opaque stay-up stockings – they would look so hot with my pink dress. I glided them over my feet and legs. Mmm…the band of the stockings were in pink lace, And the toes and heels were pink too! I looked so lovely! At last I found some black high heel ankle boots. Mmm…perfect! I did my makeup with pink eyeshadow and light pink lipstick with lipgloss. I put mousse in my hair and blow dried it to give me my luscious curls. Last, but not least, I sprayed myself with my ‘My Burberry Blush’.Mmmm.Only a half an hour left before she arrives here! My phone alarm went off. I picked it up and there came a video feed of a girl on a CBR 1000 RR. It was Flora. I could talk to her out at the gate through my phone.“Hi Flora. I’ll open the gate for you!”Flora looked around confused. I pressed the button to open the gate and she drove inside. I walked downstairs and heard her bike outside. I walked outside to meet her. My eyes met her beautiful nylon pantyhose legs with a floral design going up the side of her pantyhose. Red high heel leather boots and a red dress with little black skulls on it – like an old 1940’s retro dress similar to mine. It looked amazing on her body! Lastly, a black motorcycle jacket and a red helmet. She was still seated on her bike with her beautiful pantyhose legs holding the bike upright. She took off the helmet and her pretty red hair emerged with those stunning green eyes – she even wore real red lipstick. And I saw her smile at me! She was absolutely gorgeous!“Hi, princess. You look good!”I walked over and gave her a hug. “Thanks…and you look stunning. Love the dress!”She laughed, but that stopped when she saw the red b**st standing by the house entrance.“Tell me you didn’t!?”“Did what?”She sat her bike on the kickstand and walked over to take a look at my bike. “You bought this, didn’t you princess? You are fucking mad! Ha-ha-ha! It is fucking amazing to look at! Man, lucky you. Congratulations with that!”I smiled “Thanks, Flora. Let’s go inside and get a beer!”“Sounds good!”We walked inside and into the kitchen. I handed her a cold beer from the fridge and took one for myself. I grabbed down into my backpack and found the intercom for Flora. “Here you go, Flora…from me to you! For when we’re gonna ride!”She took off her jacket and put her helmet down. I loved seeing her arms full of tattoos. So many different things to look at.“You know I actually thought about buying this, but I mostly ride alone, so didn’t see the point! But now I got a reason! Thanks, Victoria!”I sipped from my beer. “You are welcome! You can hook your phone on to it, and you can listen to music while riding or pick up your phone!” “What…really? Let’s hook it up then! If I don’t have to ride with my headphones in my ears anymore, it would be all worth it!”It took some time, but after like 35 minutes we got installed in her helmet. “Cool! Thanks for the present, Victoria! So, you wanna go get something to eat?”I smiled. “Yeah, let’s do it!”If Flora could ride around in high heels and a dress, I could too. I hope! I grabbed my helmet and my leather jacket. We walked outside to our bikes and started them up to let them warm up a bit. We got ready and zipped our jackets and put on our helmets. We connect our intercoms together and I could hear her loud and clear. They had fantastic audio quality! We got on our bikes – two beautiful pantyhose chicks with raw power between their legs. Mmmm.We drove slowly out of the driveway and Flora said “That bike sounds so fucking mean. I love it!”“Yeah. It gets some getting used to at slow speed…but exceptional at high speed. I love my bike!”“Yeah, I would do if it was mine. Let’s go to Joe Burgers down over at the bank!”There came some twisty roads and she was off. The sun was setting and there was not really anyone out at this time, so I set off after her. I could stay with her, but I could not overtake her, even though my bike was lighter and had around 20 horsepower more. She was so fucking fast on her CBR. I thought my riding skills were good, but her speed was tremendous. We got to the city and slowed down.“Damn, you’re fast, Flora!”“Thanks. You kept up with me, I’m pretty impressed!”We arrived at the burger place and parked in one parking spot. There were teen boys hanging outside the place. We took of our helmets and opened our leather jackets. It was a warm day. The boys just stood there, staring at us with open mouths. We put our helmets under our arms and Flora took my hand and we walked past the boys, and one of them said. “Hi, pretty girls!”Flora gave him the finger and we walked inside. It was like a retro burger joint, so we fit right in. Flora took me with her to the counter.“Hey papa. You there?”A man stuck his head from out the kitchen hole in the wall where they placed the orders. “Hi, pumpkin. How are you?” He was a nice elderly hipster, with this grey coloured hair and a nicely trimmed beard. He was a pretty man for his age. He walked through a door from the kitchen and in behind the counter. “Hello. Who is this beautiful lovely lady you’ve got with you today? Hi, I am Joe!” Joe stuck out his hand, and I stuck out mine and he took it and kissed it gently. Oh my, that felt so good.“Hi Joe. I am Victoria!” I blushed instantly.He saw the big ring on my finger. “Oh wow. Congratulations! Somebody must really love you!? A shame you’re already taken, or else…”Then Flora hit him real hard on the shoulder. “Stop it, dad. Leave my princess alone. You silly goose!”Joe caressed his shoulder. “Good punch, pumpkin. I see the Muay Tai pays off! Ouch!”“It is getting there!”Joe laughed. “Indeed, pumpkin. What can I get you girls?”As before, Flora just ordered for me too. “We want 2 strawberry milkshakes. And 2 of Joe’s special chicken burger’s!”He looked at me. “I am sure she can order for herself! Right, Victoria?”I got smacked on my ass by Flora.“No dad. She is my good little princess. She likes it when I order for her!”I looked at Joe and nodded.“Ok, comin’ right up, pumpkin!” He leaned over and whispered something in Flora ear and went off into the kitchen.Flora smiled and said. “I know, dad. I know. Unfair!” Flora looked at me. “What do you think? Cool joint, right?”“Yes…I love these 50’s burger joints. But I didn’t know we had one in town! Must be pretty new?!”One of the waitresses had made our milkshakes. And we seated ourselves in a corner booth. “Yeah, my dad’s only been doing this for 8 months, but it is going very good for him! Better than he imagined!”“Oh, that’s cool! He is very handsome and kind!”“A lot of my friends say that too! He even fucked some of them! So please, you’ve got a good thing with Karen, don’t ruin that!”I felt a bit ashamed of myself. “Sorry…just sayin’…Nevermind!”“Ok. My dad whispered to me that he found you beautiful and asked for permission to fuck you good. I whispered to him that he needs to leave you alone. He told me it was unfair. Because every friend of mine he fucked I’ve lost. Don’t wanna lose you too! Anyway, I didn’t speak to him for a full year!”I took her hand. “You are not gonna lose me. I really never had a friend like you. I enjoy your company very much. And you love bikes just as me! I wanna be your friend forever!”She took my hand and squeezed tightly. “That’s good to hear, princess. I like that!”A waitress came with our burgers. “Enjoy, girls!”“Thanks…it looks really good!”The waitress left and Flora raised her glass. “To you and your future wife. May you have a happy life together!”I smiled “And to my good friend Flora!”We laughed. And Flora raised her glass one last time. “To all of us. Cheers!”The burger tasted good. My leg bumped against Flora’s pantyhose leg. She smiled…“Take off your heels and rest your feet on the bench!” She did the same. Our hosed feet met in the corner of our little booth, and we rubbed them together. It felt so amazing. Her black sheer nylon pantyhose and the floral pattern going down the side of the hose all the way down to her pinky toe – and all with black nail polish! Really delicious pantyhose feet. We didn’t say much – just enjoyed the pantyhose feet rubbing and our burgers. But then her father came over. He saw what we did with our hosed feet. I took my legs down under the table again.“So you like the burger, girls?”I smiled. “Yes, it is really good!”“Delicious as always, dad!” She took her legs under the table too.I found her nylon feet with my stockings feet. I don’t know why, but my feet glided over her soft nylon legs. She looked at me and shook her head.“What the hell is that?”Flora looked at him. “What?”My opaque stocking feet rubbed against her thighs and in-between her legs.“That bike there is a Desmosedici!”I took a bite from my burger. Flora seated herself further back on the bench for my hosed foot to rest on the bench while my foot found her pussy. I felt her spread her pretty legs apart. My big toe was right at her clitoris, and to my surprise she wore crotchless pantyhose. I saw her eyes roll back in her head.“Is that a real one?”Flora was kinda focused on my foot at her pussy, that she snapped at her dad. “Why don’t you go take a look?”“Good idea!” and off he went outside.Flora instantly looked at me. “Oh my god, you can’t do this in front of my father!”I smiled to her with a smirky smile. “Mmmm…you look so pretty, Flora!”She let out a little moan. She put her hands down and guided my foot to her pussy, and seated herself over my hosed foot. I felt her pussy was very wet, and she pushed herself more and harder down. My foot was now halfway inside her. Mmmm. Her pussy felt amazing, squeezing around my black opaque stockings.She whispered across the table and stared at me intensely. “Fuck…Mmm. You are…A really bad bad…Girl AHH!”There bornova escort was a booth beside us where there was a mother and her son. The mother turned around. “We are trying to eat here!”I giggled, and Flora didn’t even notice her! I laid my other hosed foot on top of my foot inside her pussy, and rubbed her clitoris with my hosed toes. Then her dad came back. He stood in front of our booth table, still staring at the bike.“That bike beside it is yours, Flora. Then the other beautiful Ducati is yours?” He looked down at me.And I smiled at him. “Yes, it is!”His eyes lit up. “Oh my god, that made you even sexier! That’s a nice friend you got here, pumpkin!” He looked at his daughter in pure pleasure; she even came with a little moan. Mmm. This was exciting. I wiggled my toes in her vagina. I felt her lovely juices running down my hosed foot. Her dad realized that she was pleasuring herself and whispered to Flora. “Hey, pumpkin. You can’t do that in here…”Her body started twitching. She looked ashamed at her dad. “I’m sorry, daddy. I can’t…MMmmm, Help it!” I looked intensely at Flora with a flirty smile and did a mouth gesture ‘Cum for me’. And she saw it, and even nodded her pretty face. She closed her eyes and her moaning came more frequently and she started moving her hips on my foot. The woman behind us got pretty mad.“Really. Is this what you do in a burger joint?”Her dad turned to her. “I’m sorry ma’am. The burgers are on the house!”Then Flora whispered “I’m cumming. Mmmm, Yesss!”He turned around to us again, but didn’t hear what Flora said. He went down on his knees to look under the table. While he said. “See what you doing to my business…” Then he stopped talking, guessing that he saw my hosed foot in-between his daughter’s legs. Our dresses were mostly in the way for something to really see. Anyway, I heard him “Oh shit…Mmmm!”I felt Flora’s legs shake, and she cummed all over my black opaque stockings. She came as much as Karen cums. Her pussy tightened and was squeezing my hosed foot. “AAHH. Yess…Princess!!”The woman turned around again. “FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!”And Joe just shouted back to her. “GET OUT NOW! I’M CLOSED!”Flora had cum so much that her juices were running from my leg and down onto the floor. You could hear it drip from my hosed heel. The mother and her son left in a hurry. Luckily, they were the only ones here! Flora took some deep breaths, pushed herself off my foot, and pulled her dress down from her thighs. Flora’s face turned all red when she realized that she has cum infront of her dad. She looked a bit mad at me, and whispered. “You are in so much trouble, princess!”I saw Joe just staring at our nylon legs, or on the wet spot on the floor.Flora took her shoes and stood up. “Excuse me. I’m gonna be in the ladies room!” She almost ran out there, and the door closed behind her. Joe got up, locked the door and put the ‘closed’ sign in the window. He picked up a dish towel and came back at the table where I sat. He bowed down and started wiping the floor of Flora’s juices. As he was down there, I couldn’t help myself by posing my wet hosed feet. After a half minute. I felt his hand bump into my feet.“Oops…I’m sorry, Joe!”“Don’t worry about it! Your pretty feet can touch me anytime, girl!”I wiggled my toes right in front of his face. “Oh really?” I used my foot to slap his cheek. My hosed foot that was wet from Floras juices.“Mmmm. Do it again!”And I did. I felt him sticking his tongue out to taste my wet feet. “Oh, you naughty boy. Sure you wanna taste them?” I wiggled my wet toes around his tongue and showed my foot in his mouth. He pushed my foot down his throat and he almost gagged. Mmmm, it felt so good getting my feet sucked. After some sucking he pulled his mouth of my soaked hosed foot.“Oh my god, they taste so fucking good! Don’t tell Flora, ok?”I looked over at the restroom door and saw Flora looking through a half-open door. She saw me, and I saw her. “Don’t worry, Joe, I won’t tell anything to Flora!” I put my feet on the table and showed them to Joe in the light. He sat down in the booth, over for me, and didn’t see Flora at all. He was so hypnotized by my stockings feet.“Wow. Those are some gorgeous pantyhose feet!”“Thanks, Joe…but they are stockings!” I pulled my dress up a bit to show the pink laced top of my stockings.“Fuck me…You are the hottest friend my pumpkin ever had! I love girl’s feet, and yours are really pretty, all encased in some really nice stockings. And driving around on a Desmosedici! Wow!”I saw Flora walk out quietly from the restroom and moved in closer to us. Her dad was seated with his back to Flora. Flora was now standing like a metre behind him and could see everything. He stared at my feet. And I looked intensely at Flora.“What do you think Flora would say if she knew you sucked my hosed feet with her juices on?” I wiggled my hosed toes. And he smiled…“I know it is so wrong. But she tastes good mixed with your beautiful stockings feet! You wouldn’t tell her anything would you? I can tell you like the attention, princess!”Mmmmm. Flora saw me, smiled, lifted up her fluffy red dress. She then put one of her legs up on a chair. Oh my god, she looked fantastic like that. She turned me on so much.“No, trust me…I won’t tell anything. Now suck my hosed feet, Joe. Mmmm!”He teased me with his tongue, looking straight at me. I felt his beard on my hosed feet. Such a lovely feeling.And Flora saw it all!She gently started rubbing her pussy. Her other hand glided over her breast while she made flirty sex faces towards me. I was blown away and started moaning quietly. Joe smiled, closed his eyes and started sucking both of my feet. Flora took one of her tits out and pinched her own nipple. Shit…I got so fucking horny and I’m getting my hosed feet sucked! I pulled out both my tits and glided my fingers over my nipple and squeezing my breasts.“Mmmm, Yesss, Joe…It feels so nice!”I felt his tongue all over my feet, sucking every last drop. He suddenly opened his eyes and saw me with my tits out. “Oh fuck. Look at those magnificent looking tits. They are just perfect!” He reached over the table and touched my tits gently. His hands felt so nice and warm, and my nipples instantly got hard. He then pinched them.“AH! Mmmm!”Flora was loving seeing me like this. She stuck 2 fingers in herself and masturbated right behind her dad’s back.“You wanna see my cock, don’t ya, Victoria?”I glanced at Flora for approval and she nodded gently. And then I nodded flirty to Joe. He stood up and pulled his pants down. Then a beautiful thick long cock emerged. And it was only semi erect! I’m sure my face looked very surprised, but Flora definitely saw me loving that huge cock of her dads.“Ok, Wow. That is one nice cock!”He smiled proudly and said “Well, thanks…I knew you would like it! Flora told me not to fuck you, but did not say anything fucking your pretty stockinged feet!” And he went right in-between my feet on the table. As he grinded his cock between my stockings feet, I felt his cock got stiffer.“Mmmm…that big cock feels good between my soaked feet. Cum for me, Joe! Blow that warm lovely sperm all over my stockinged feet. Mmmm!”His body tensed up, and he started moaning grunting loudly. “Yess…I’m gonna cum!”Flora squirted on the floor. Her dad heard Flora let out a moan, but he couldn’t turn around because his nice thick dick shot a huge load all over my legs, and a lot over my toes. I didn’t cum, but his hot thick cum felt amazing all over my legs and feet! He cummed for a full 8 to 10 seconds.I packed my tits away. Her dad collapsed, seated on the booth bench with his cock all sloppy. He was about to turn around when I saw Flora move towards the table where my cum-soaked stockinged feet were still on the table.Everything from there went in slow motion. I could see Flora was up to something. I was about to pull my legs under the table when Flora reached out and grabbed around my ankles, looking at her dad and her dad looked surprised at her. And she said “Is this what turns you on? Sucking my squirt from my princess feet? Then maybe you like this?” Flora opened her mouth and sucked my cum-soaked feet for what seemed like forever. It even caught me off guard and made me cum in my lace pink panties. Her dad’s look went from surprise to odder – shocked! I froze. Flora turned around towards her dad, and spit him right in his face with his own cum. He even got some in his own mouth. He flew up from the seat and spitted around the room and tried wiping his own cum from his face. “I fucking told you to leave my princess alone! How could you? Really, again?” Flora was furious. She turned around to me and pointed at me. “You get your fucking pretty little heels on those cum-covered feet of yours, and grab your stuff. You have been a very bad girl, Victoria!”I was a bit scared of Flora now. She never calls me Victoria!Her dad had wiped his face. “I’m so sorry, pumpkin. But look at her! My god, look at her…” He smiled at me – and probably shouldn’t have done that because he was hit by Flora with a Muay Tai kick and he lost his breath. Wow, that looked so fucking sexy! How she was able to kick like that in a dress and heels I don’t know, but wow.“Get on your fucking bike, little pantyhose slut!”I grabbed my stuff in a hurry, and walked passed Joe who was curled up on the floor. Flora came right after. “Don’t fucking call me again, Dad…”I was feeling pretty bad, and I felt that this was all of my fault.Our high heels where clicking on the pavement, as we walked to our bikes. I felt Flora right beside me. She pinched and grabbed me by the ear real hard. She almost shouted at me. “What the fuck you doing in there, bitch? Fuck! You know I need to tell Karen about everything that’s happened!”I was walking across the parking lot in my heels on tippy toes. Just trying to release some pressure of my ear. But she held on to me. “AHH! I’m so sorry, Flora! Ouch! Please don’t tell Karen…Please!”She picked up her phone from her purse and started phoning Karen. “Get your pretty ass home now!”I got on my bike and put my helmet on, and drove off quietly. I was sobbing on the way home. While I was riding home in the dark, I thought about what might happen between me and Karen. I didn’t want this to end now. After about half an hour, I got home. I drove my bike into my garage and walked up to the house. I unlocked the front door and walked inside. Most of the cum had dried on the way home. I felt ashamed and was scared. I did not turn on the lights like I used to. I went straight upstairs to my room. I threw my purse on the bed and my jacket on the floor, and then threw myself escort bornova on the bed, looking out the window at a beautiful full moon.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~My phone’s alarm went off. I grabbed my phone, and saw Flora outside the gates again.“Let me in…we need to talk!”I buzzed the gate open, and shortly after I heard her bike out front. The big front door opened and I heard her heels on the floor.“Princess! Can you come down here?”I was very nervous about walking down there confronting her. She had turned on the lights, and I saw her standing in the big hallway as I walked down the stairs. She didn’t look as mad as before. She pointed into the living room.“Sit down, princess!”I walked past her and seated myself in the big sofa. Flora had also taken off her jacket and we were both in our dresses. She turned to me…“I have talked to Karen and told her everything. She laughed and told me to relax a bit. Sorry, but you gotta understand that Karen is my best friend in the whole world. And I don’t want to see her hurt! But she says you are worth the trouble, and that sometimes as humans, we sometimes make mistakes. Soo…She told me to let you pass this time. But don’t let it happened again. Karen decides everything! Even though you’re getting married, don’t ever disobey Karen again, or I will break your pretty legs…”I was frightened right now. Flora slapped me gently on my cheek, and I didn’t know what to do with myself.“Loosen up, princess. Go get us some beer and a whisky!”I walked out to the kitchen, found a tray, grabbed 2 beers from the fridge and 2 whisky glasses, and a bottle of Single Islay Malt Whisky from Ardbeg. I put it on the tray and walked in to Flora and placed our drinks down on the sofa table. Flora smiled at me, and opened the beer for us.“Pour us a whisky, princess!”I poured some in the glasses and looked at Flora.“No. More…”I poured carefully. Her black sheer pantyhose legs were crossed and she had taken her heels off. Her feet came up and pushed my hand and the bottom of the bottle to fill up the glasses. I held a bit back – I couldn’t drink that much. But now the glass was almost full. And she stopped.“Now the other!”I started pouring and she did the same. She kept on pushing my hand with her beautiful black sheer pantyhose. She pushed so much that it overfilled the glass.“Ohh, princess. See what you have done. Bad maid!” She smacked my bottom and even more whisky fell out the bottle. “Don’t just stand there; get something to clean this mess with!”I put the bottle down and walked into the kitchen to get paper towels.“And take those heels off! They’re driving me crazy on this stone floor!”I stepped out of my heels and left them in the hallway. I felt that my stockinged feet where still wet and covered in Flora’s dads cum. I walked over to the sofa table and wiped the spilled whisky off the tray and table.“Good girl. Now relax and drink with me!”I sat down and wanted to drink some of my beer.“No. The whisky first!”She drank out of her glass and downed like it was nothing. I like whisky, but I couldn’t do that. I got like 3 mouthfuls down, and it was already too much.“Come on, princess. There is only like 2 mouthfuls left. Or are you a sissy?”I pulled myself together and forced the last of the whisky down my throat. I was almost ready to puke, but I held it together. I started laughing. “Oh my god, that was fucking awful!”Flora started laughing also. “Not as awful as my own dad’s cum!”Now we were both laughing for about full minutes. My stomach hurt from all the laughing. Suddenly Flora just French kissed me like crazy and pushed me all the way back in the sofa. It felt magical and then she just backed off again.“Ehh. Karen told me you were good kisser…but not as good as me!”I wanted this girl so bad. I don’t know how I wanted her – just somehow. We smiled at each other.“I’m sorry about you and your dad. I didn’t mean to be a complete horny jerk. It’s just that you’re such an incredible woman, Flora. And then I saw those amazing black pantyhose feet with black nail polish. I was weak and under the spell of your beauty!”Flora smacked her pantyhose feet up onto my lap and smiled. “Really? Give them a massage…they could use that!”My hands didn’t hesitate one second, and I started massaging them gently. Rubbing her cute pantyhose toes. MMmmm. Seeing her enjoy it like she did, turned me on so much.“Did you like my daddy’s cock, Victoria?” The question came as a surprise, and she pulled out a joint of her purse and lit it. She blew smoke towards me, and said “I saw your face when you saw my daddy’s cock. Dreaming about his massive cock inside your pussy?”I felt my tiny dick get hard. I looked shyly down at her feet. “Maybe. I don’t know…”She leaned over me and her lips almost touched mine and she stared into my eyes. “You know what I think, Victoria? That you are a little pantyhose slut that craves nice big cocks for that tight horny pussy of yours! You have been a bad bad girl. You don’t deserve to worship my stinky pantyhose feet. Oh, and I know you want to. Pantyhose SLUT!” She took a deep puff from the joint and French kissed me. I inhaled a lot of smoke. And I started feeling funny. She puffed one more time and kissed me again. I laughed and was embarrassed as well. Too many mixed feelings right now. She sat herself down in the sofa.I was drunk and high and was starting to feel sleepy and sad. “I thought you were my friend, Flora…”She smoked the joint, and everytime she inhaled, she blew the smoke over to me. “Really? And I thought you were my fucking friend!? I told my dad, no. What do you think that means for you? I know Karen loves this about you. But you don’t betray my trust. You are a disobedient little spoiled girl!”My eyelids felt more and more heavy. “I am so sorry, Flora, but you turned me on so much! You’re confident. You take no shit from nobody. Your amazing green eyes just spellbound me to you. Don’t get me wrong, I love Karen with all my heart, but you are the one who inspires me! You are something special to me, Flora!”She smiled and her face blushed. “Ah, stop it. He-he! Take off your dress and stand up!”I hesitate a bit.“Come on, princess. I don’t have all night!”I stood up, and wiggled myself out of my dress. I stood in front of Flora completely naked, standing only in my black opaque stay-up stockings with the pink lace border, with reinforced heel and toes in opaque pink, and my pink lace panties that were smeared in cum.“Mmmm…look at that pretty princess! What a figure you’ve got! Yess…”My face turned red.“Spin for me, princess. Oh baby, what a beautiful ass that is. And your tits are even bigger than mine. Mmmm!” She picked up her phone and put on some house music, and she connected to our Bluetooth speaker system in the entire house. “Dance!”I felt pretty humiliated and the entire room was spinning.“That’s not dancing. I’m sure you danced like a slut in the mirrors at home with mommy. Show me, princess!”She was right; I have. But just so hard when I knew she was sitting right there! I closed my eyes and imagined myself on my own, and danced as sexy I could.“OHhh…You go, girl!! Mmmm…look at those pretty titties bounce. Now take those dirty cum panties off and throw them over to me!”I opened my eyes, and saw her with a big smile rocking her head to the music. I smiled at her, feeling sexy as hell. Mmmm, yess. I turned around showing my ass. I bounced up and down while pulling my panties down. I looked back at her over my shoulder and put my fingers in front of my mouth making an ‘oops!’ gesture to her.She laughed. “Ha-ha! Yes, you naughty little princess. And those tattoos really shine in the light!”I continued dancing and she saw my tiny dick bounce around.“Look at that tiny little dick. Aww. So cute, like a little lollipop!”I was exhausted from all the dancing. I felt even more drunk than before and my eyes started glimpsing shut. I saw Flora get in close to my face.“Oh good. The sleeping pills I put in your drink are working I see!”“What? Why, Flora?”“You have been a bad girl. And bad girls get punished for bad behaviour! But don’t worry, princess, you are in good hands. Ha-ha-ha-ha!”And I fell asleep in the sofa.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~I faded in and out of sleep, seeing different things. First, I was carried by Flora. I didn’t know where we went to – I just saw her lovely face and green eyes. Then a glimpse of the red leather door opened, and I drifted to sleep again. I don’t know how long I slept, but didn’t feel that long. Second time I couldn’t see much. The room was dark and saw a glimpse of Flora putting some other clothes on me. I fell into a deep sleep again. I dreamed about Karen and how our life would be as a married couple. It was a hot summer day and we each sat on a horse, riding in our huge garden only in black opaque pantyhose…Mmmm. Then my cheek started hurting and I got pulled out of my lovely dream and heard Flora talking…“Wake up, princess. Don’t make me slap you again!”My head was sore and I couldn’t move or see very clearly.“There she is. Good. Good girl!”I realized that I had my own stocking pulled over my head, after my eyes had adjusted to the darkness and having my own cum stocking over my face.I couldn’t see Flora, but I could hear her heels clicking on the wooden floor. I tried looking around, but my hair was in a ponytail and was bound with rope to a pole for holding my head up. I scanned the room as much I could, but the only thing that lit up was me and the red leather walls from the light of some big candles – showing different whips, paddles, clamps, candles, dildos and feathers. I was freaking out trying to get out of whatever hold I was in. Then a mirror appeared in front of me on wheels, and I saw myself. I was totally shocked and panicked.“Let me go! Please…Flora…I’m scared!” I started crying, seeing myself suspended with pink ropes. I was bent over forward with my hands tight on my back, being pulled with rope in the same beam as my ponytail. I was suspended with pink rope around my stomach, and was bound around each knee, spreading my legs wide apart, and the last ropes were at my ankles holding my feet right in place. I was in the right height to be fucked in my pussy and my mouth.“He-he…shake all you want, Victoria, but you’re going nowhere! I’ve got someone who wants to talk to you!” She put a little chair in front of me and placed an iPad on top. I saw myself in the mirror again. I had my mother’s beautiful white nylon stockings on with a shine in them, with the backseam in pink with a lace pink top that was suspended to the pink laced corset with garter belt on them. They had 2 straps in front and 2 in the back, bornova escort bayan and on top those, the pink see-thru panties my mother also used that night. I even had some pink high heels on. I still couldn’t see Flora anywhere. Then the IPad lit up and I saw a Skype call come in. It said ‘Queen Karen’. My stomach felt like it turned upside down. And I saw Flora’s hand pick up the call. I was full-on crying now.“Hello Victoria!”I saw Karen’s beautiful face, and she had dyed her hair black. She looked better than ever. And those black framed glasses, oh my god yess. That’s my teacher, my lover, my wife.“I’m so sorry…I don’t have any excuses…I got so excited by Flora…Sorry!”“I know that Flora is exciting, but you shouldn’t have evolved her dad. Mmmmm…you bad little girl. I must admit that I wanted you for myself in that room when I got back. Look how beautiful my little angel is flying. Ready to get her tight pussy stretched and fucked. But I gotta agree with Flora. You need to be punished for your actions. I can’t have a wife that’s also a fucking whore. Understand?!”She sounded pretty mad, but at least she wouldn’t leave me, so I was happy, but still frightened of what is to come.“Yes! I promise I’ll obey, Karen. I will do anything you say!”“Good girl…that’s what I like to hear from my pantyhose slut! The time is around 1 at night. I’ve taken beer from the fridge and getting ready for some porn. I can see the video feed from our little slut dungeon on my 42 inch TV. I feel my pussy soaking my marine blue nylon pantyhose. And I have given her full command of my little angel pantyhose slut. With a little surprise that me and Flora talked about. And I’m sure you will love it, my angel. I have taken and borrowed your doctor’s dildo and I’m getting comfy and ready to see this amazing porn with my soon-to-be wife, Victoria. Don’t worry; I will record it for you! See you soon…bye!”And Flora took the iPad away. “It was good seeing Karen again, wasn’t it? Mmmm…and her pussy tastes so yummy! Don’t you wish you were with her right now? Just tasting her…What do you call them…Angel feet? Mmm! Just suck her big toe in her pantyhose! Well that’s a bummer. Because you’re my little bitch now!”The light got turned on. It wasn’t bright light, but nicely dimly lit. I saw Flora in her black sheer pantyhose with those floral patterns running along her long beautiful legs. She wore a black leather corset with a long leather cape going over her shoulders which dragged on the floor as she walked across the room in some high heels peep toes. Oh my god, those pretty nylon feet with her black nail polish. My dick started showing signs of life. She crouched down and looked at me and pulled the stockings off my head, and she put it in my mouth. Her pretty green eyes looked even more green with her heavy black eyeshadow so nicely done. Even her lipstick was black. She held something like a horse whip, and kept making this smacking sound by hitting her own hand.“So you heard what Karen said. You’re my little pantyhose slut now. And then I’m gonna play with you. But first I’ve got a collar that goes around your neck…and look at that. It says pantyhoseslut. Isn’t that nice? Perfect for the little princess!”Of course, the collar was made some pink leather, and the letters where in like a shiny metal. She tightened it real good, and had some weight to it.“Look…how pretty! I’m gonna pull out that cum-covered stocking out of your mouth. But you gotta promise me that you’ll behave like a good girl, ok?”I nodded the best I could. She got in close, with her pussy right in front of my face, and spread her pussy lips, showing me her pink inside hole. Wow, what a girl. She slowly pulled out the stocking, and then she stuck the cum-covered stocking inside her wet pussy. She pushed it all in there right in front of my eyes. My god, that was so sexy. She slowly walked around to my ass, and just stood there, looking. I could see her in the mirror.“Mmmm…look at that fine little cunt! You must love to be fucked in that tight pussy!” She grabbed my balls and squeezed them pretty hard.“ARGH! Stop. I’m begging you, Flora!”She held a firm grip on my balls. “You’ll pronounce me as ‘My Queen’!”“Yes! My Queen!”She let go and started walking around me whilst talking. “So princess. What am I going to do with you? I don’t think a spanking is enough for you! You’ve been real bad…”She smacked me hard on each of my ass cheeks with the horse whip. And I screamed loud. “Aarrghh! Don’t…It Hurts!”“I would have said ‘bad girl’, But you sound more like a little sissy, don’t ya? You are a dirty little sissy slut. Taken it up that tight cunt of yours? And you love it. No…You crave it, right my princess?”I was still in fear, but she also turned me on. Every time she walked around, my head, my eyes followed those pretty black nylon feet in her pretty peep toe heels. “Please let me go. I’ll do anything you want!”She smacked me hard a couple of times on each butt cheek. I was trying not to scream too much. But when she hit the same spot over and over, I couldn’t hold back. “No! AAHH! I beg you Flora…Argh!”“I told you not to call me Flora. Nothing other than ‘My Queen’. But you wouldn’t listen. Bad bad girl. Let’s take those pink heels off your pretty nylon feet!” She touched them with one finger and pulled them off my feet. “Mmmm…Look at those cute little nylon toes, encased with pink reinforced toes and heel. To not to talk about that pink seem running all the way over those cute little bows i tattooed on you… Looks beautiful under your pretty stockings. Mmmm…and that fine smooth skinned ass all red from your punishment. Good!”She started caressing my ass. She then gilded her fingers down my stocking-clad legs over the ropes by my knees. Mmm…the nylons felt so amazing. She continued all the way to my ankles and stopped.“Mmm…that feels nice, My Queen. I will take my punishment. Just wanna say I’m so sorry for causing trouble between you and your dad!”“Oh my little princess. I accept your apology. So you like it when I cherish your lovely nylon stocking?”My tiny dick started erecting a bit. My ass still hurt from all the spanking.“So maybe you like this too?” She went down on her knees and then I felt her hands on my nylon feet. She massaged them. “You like that, princess? Feeling your pretty stockings feet all over. Or maybe I should smell? I bet they have a fantastic scent. Or…Maybe I should tickle them?”Right there, her hands and her pretty long black painted fingernails, just started tickling my nylon soles. My feet curled, they wiggled and even pointed my feet real pretty. I burst out in laughter and forgot everything around me. “No No. Stop! Ha-ha…I can’t take this! Flora, Stop!”Then I got smacked under my nylon soles, one on each of my feet. They curled up instantly. “ARGH! Sorry! I’m sorry, My Queen!”“Good girl. Maybe you learn quickly after all. You just needed the Queen to guide you. Where were we? Yes, tickling feet!”She dug her nails on my nylon heel and glided down my soles and to my toes. Oh my god, it felt fucking amazing. And I even gently started moaning.“Oh, princess likes this. Look at that little dick. I didn’t know it grew bigger. Ha-ha…not much though. But it is very pretty! So smooth and clean, and that pink little hole just waiting for some cock! You should have been a pornstar, princess. Like being the first guy to be a girl in Victorian times, being fucked in those big pretty dresses, in nice white opaque stockings. We could call it ‘The Adventures of Princess Victoria’. Hey, that’s my idea…don’t you go take it now, little princess. He-he!”Wow. I closed my eyes and imagined myself being what Flora had just said to me. I don’t see myself as a slut. I just wanna be the best prettiest girl I can be. But deep inside I knew I was a pantyhose slut. “Mmmm, My Queen. Can we still be friends after this?”She sounded pretty serious. “I am not so sure. I don’t think you’re good influence on me. I do stupid things around you. I don’t know why I masturbated seeing my dad and you. But I must admit it turned me on a little. To think about one of my best friends, my friend’s soon-to-be wife, that really used to be a guy, but is a fucking hot girl now. That my dad finds you attractive, a lot. You see why it is complicated. And maybe because I wanna see my dad fucking my new pretty friend. I don’t know…it is all fucked up. And your fault for being so fucking cute all the time!”My dick got as hard as I could be for now. She stood up.“I don’t know what to do with you, princess. You have me so confused. And Karen warned me about you! She also told me that your sissy cum has the best taste ever. And of course I’m gonna need to taste that hot cum of yours! So I’m gonna fucking milk you of all of your cum!”She grabbed a lube from the shelf and came back to my ass. She put some on her fingers and between my ass. The lube was running down my balls and cock also, and I couldn’t do anything. Not that I wanted to! But there was no chance of getting out of this contraption. She slipped 2 of her fingers into my pink cunt. Slowly and gently I felt them going further and further in. Then she moved them back and forth. And her other hand rested on my ass cheek. Oh my god, she knew what she was doing, and felt so fucking amazing.“AAAHH!! YES!! MMMM!”She smacked me hard with her hand on my ass. “Good girl…Mmmm!”She then pulled out her fingers and walked over and took this huge plate/half bowl, and placed it right under my tiny erect dick. Then I heard her roll something on wheels over the floor. I couldn’t see anything. Then I felt like a dildo-shaped thing poking my cunt, just with the tip inside me.“I’m gonna go get something to eat. But don’t worry; I’ll come back to you. Oh yes, and this machine turns on after 5 minutes of silence. It starts off real gentle, but the louder you moan or scream for that matter, the more the machine will speed up!”She walked in front of my view and stuck her pussy close for me to see. She pulled out the stocking and I watched as the black opaque stocking was pulled out of Flora’s pink insides. The stocking was all wet from her pussy juice.“Open your mouth, princess!”I didn’t want to – I feared what was about to happen. She slapped me.“You taste me. And I taste you! Now open that sissy mouth of yours and taste your own black stockings soaked in my father’s cum, and now with my wet pussy. Isn’t that something perverted that turns you on, little bitch?”I really didn’t wanna get slapped again, so I opened my mouth for her. She put the whole black stocking inside my mouth…but not only that. She then put a ballgag in my mouth and strapped it close on the back of my head.“Good girl, my little slutty princess. Now suck in the juices of your Queen and be happy that I allowed you to! I’m sure Karen’s still watching her little whore get her punishment. Cya later, princess!”She walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.