Karen and I first Meet

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Karen and I first MeetI had driven for hours to get to you. We chatted on the cell phone your voice in my ear urging me to get to you. You were in the room teasing me and toying with me promises of what was to come. You moaned on the phone and then would laugh practicing your orgasms you said. I told you not to touch yourself until I got there as I wanted you to be hotter than hell when I arrived. I called every fifteen or so minutes telling you where I was and how close I was getting to you. I directed you to rub your pussy through your panties and then as you got close to cumming made you stop. You behaved like a good sub and listened to me. I told you that you would get all my attention as soon as I got there. I finally arrived at the hotel, you were on the second floor and I saw you waving at the window. I rushed to the room and before I could knock you opened it and threw your arms around my neck. We kissed like lost lovers my hands playing over your body grabbing your round ass and pulling you in tight to me your large breast crushed into me. Our breathing was fast and deep and after a few moments we broke and stood staring into each others eyes. This was the first time we had actually seen each other. No more pictures or videos traded over the internet, it was a karşıyaka escort live face to face meeting. I felt like a school k**, anxious nervous, excited to finally meet you. We even tried to have a normal conversation for a minute but our hands kept reaching for each other, you sat on the bed and I walked toward you. I lifted your smiling face up and reached down and began kissing you again. Your hands went to my belt then my pants unzipping them and tugging them down, my cock already hard from your voice on the phone stuck straight out and your soft hands caressed it softly. I tapped your hands, “No hands” you looked up at me and smiled again as you began to kiss the tip of my cock and flicking your tongue over the head. My cock was aching so I grabbed your long blond hair and moved your face closer to it. I tilted back your head and your mouth was wide open. I laid my cock inside your mouth then began to move your head your mouth now wrapped around it back, and forth. “Like this” I said, showing you how I wanted it sucked, “Ah there we go very good” You made slurping sounds as you sucked and pumped your head on my stiffness. I began to unbutton your blouse exposing your red silky bra holding in your big tits. You squeezed your tits together showing me your escort karşıyaka cleavage as I pulled your blouse from around your shoulders. I pulled your hair again removing your mouth from my cock and stood you up in front of me. I unbuttoned your pants and pulled them down revealing the stockings and garter. Your shaved pussy was glistening and your lips were swollen and red with desire. I had you get on all fours on the bed your ass high in the air I ran my fingers over your dripping pussy you gasped as I slipped a finger inside. Pulling my finger out I placed it in your mouth and watched you lap up and clean my finger. I began you eat your steamy pussy. My tongue licked and delved as far as it could go into its depths. How tight your pussy is, tiny little opening dripped juice as I tried to keep up I had you place your arms out your face against the mattress as my hands now moved to play with your tits and my mouth licking and sucking and nibbling your clit. My nostrils inhaled your aroma; I could tell you were close to cumming so I slid a finger in as I continued to eat your shaven mound. You came as I finger fucked you my hand making fast and furious stabbing motions into your pussy. My cock now aching for a chance to enter you. I had you lay on your belly karşıyaka escort bayan legs over the edge of the bed and I stepped up to fuck you. I entered with a quick thrust as you gasped and then purred I banged hard into thrusting deep. Your pussy is so tight and so wet it feels like a silken sheath around my cock. Again I bang into you then taking my hand spanked your ass cheek. You gasped in surprise and I did it again, I buried my self up to my balls in your pussy then spanking you as you engulfed the entire length of my cock. You began to rotate your hips working your ass and pussy as I spanked you again and again. I pulled out slightly then grabbing your hair again pulled your head back as I forced my cock into again this time the sound of my crotch hitting your ass made a clapping noise. I kept you like that. Head pulled back as your hair filled my hand. Slapping my crotch forcing your head back then spanking your red and glowing ass cheeks. I fucked you harder and harder, “Cum bitch” I snarled, “cum I want to feel your pussy clamp down on my cock! Cum Now!!!” You moaned and let out a howl as I felt your pussy spasm and grab my cock. I couldn’t stand much more and exploded into your hot dripping pussy. I came and pulsed and spurted deep into you. I held your head back as you let out a happy “YES” and my cum began to dribble out from your pussy. You lay on your belly feet on the floor and I fell sitting between your legs watching the cum drip slowly down your red lips. Hmmm I am going to have to clean that up.