Juvenile Sexuality by Jim Stanley Ch. 12

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Juvenile Sexuality by Jim Stanley Ch. 12Juvenile SexualityByJim StanleyChapter 12My Father and BernieIn my imaginings, I often wondered about the relationship betweenmy father and Bernie. I knew that they were cousins. I knew that theyboth came from the “old country.” I knew that they engaged in sex with mymother. But I never saw anything overt between them except a certainfondness for one another. That changed one day. I was 16 at the time, myfather 68. My mother had gone to visit some relatives in a nearby town.She would be gone for day. I was at home with my father when Bernie showedup. We sat around and talked generalities and I began to suspect thatsomething else was in the air. In the middle of the conversation, I jumpedup and shouted, “Damn, I have to be in Sagebrook for a job interview inanother hour. I forgot all about it. I’ll just have enough time to catchthe next bus.” I quickly dressed, grabbed my coat and tore out the door,yelling, “I’ll see you at dinner tonight.” Dinner was a good 6 hours away,and, if I was guessing correctly, that would give them ample time to dowhatever they wanted. I ran down to the corner and disappeared from sight.My route, however, was different. I went up the hill to the next block,cut over a railroad bridge, and backtracked to our yard through some fieldsand an orchard. The orchard butted up against our property which allowedme to climb back over the fence and sneak into our garage. From here, Icould look into the kitchen from a distance to see if anything transpired.I could see them still talking when I got to the garage, but then thingsstarted to happen. I saw Bernie’s head disappear and my father slouchingin his chair, his head resting on its back. His eyes closed. I knew I hadto get closer, but I still didn’t think it an appropriate time. ThenBernie’s head reappeared and I saw him move towards my father and kiss himfull on the mouth. It was a long kiss and intense. The kissing stoppedand they both stood and, from my vantage point, I could see my fatherholding his pants, his cock standing erect framed by his fly. There wassome verbal exchange and tuzla escort they moved towards the stairs to the upstairsbedroom. Here was my chance. I slipped out of the garage and ran to theside door of the house. The door was open. I slipped in and tiptoedthrough the pantry and living room and up the back stairs to one of thebedrooms that connected to the others. Reaching the top of the stairs, Icould hear their conversation. “We’ll be alone for 6 hours,” I heard Berniesay, to which my father added, “Yes, we’ll have lots of uninterrupted timeto have some fun.” I crept closer. I heard Bernie say, “Lay down. Let meundress you.” My father complied and I watched as Bernie lovingly began todisrobe my father. First, he took off his shoes and socks. As he did, hekissed his feet tenderly and lovingly, his tongue searching out thecrevices between the toes, his arches, his heels. Then he undid his beltand pulled his pants off. I expected him to remove his shorts, but,instead, he continued his loving through his underwear. He massaged hiscock through his underwear and ran his tongue along his leg to his crotch,lingering there for several minutes. Then he slipped his underwear off andput his hot mouth over my father’s majestically, hard cock, throbbing andpulsing his passion. Next came my father’s shirt and lying before Bernienow was my father, naked, hard, and passion filled. Bernie disrobedquickly. His shoes, pants, underwear and shirt came off in a second ortwo. Before me now stood these two beautiful 68 year olds naked andtensing for fucking and loving each other for the rest of the afternoon, ifneed be. Bernie’s 10″ cock throbbed synchronously with my father’s 8inches. The gray hairs on Bernie’s chest and pubic area meshed with myfather’s. He lay atop him, kissing him deeply, his cock lying sandwichedbetween their bellies, my father’s cock, on the other hand, protruding frombetween Bernie’s legs, mounting the slit in Bernie’s ass as if seeking anentrance into the warmth of Bernie’s hot hole. They loved this way for along time.My father broke the silence and said, “Let’s sixty nine.” Berniereversed tuzla escort bayan himself and lay on his side with his back to me, his cock enteringmy father’s mouth. Heads and asses responded to the in-and-out movementsof each. I had a clear view of my father’s cock gliding in and out ofBernie’s mouth. Bernie’s hands were not idle during this time. He cuppedand massaged my father’s balls, frequently taking time to let his tongueroam the crevices of his groin, his balls and his asshole. They weren’tlong into this when Bernie said, “Fuck my ass with your hard cock.” Theyturned to a spoon position and my father’s cock slid easily into Bernie’sasshole. After 5 minutes of passionate fucking, my father turned Bernie onhis stomach and continued his fuck. There’s was a finality to hismovements, now. He fucked him hard and deep, Bernie’s ass responding to myfather’s thrusts. It wasn’t long before my father whispered, “I’m cumming.Here it comes. Take it. Take all of it. Oh! Baby. Take it.Tak……….e…….it………!” Then he collapsed atop Bernie and theylay still.Five or ten minutes passed before there was any response. Myfather spoke, “Bernie, lay on your back.” Bernie obliged. His dick layhalf erect but throbbing. My father rose above his legs and lowered hismouth on Bernie’s hot cock and it wasn’t long before his cock stood erect.I can only say that my father sucked Bernie lovingly and tenderly with slowup and down movements of his mouth over the head of Bernie’s ten inches.Sweat shone on both bodies accenting the gray hairs of each, particularlythe gray of the pubic area. The pace quickened and Bernie’s hips began torespond to my father’s head movements. Soon, Bernie’s cries of passiongrew louder, “Suck it baby. Suck it hard. Take my sweet hot load. Takeit all. Ohhhhhhhh Sweetheart.” And then silence. My father knelt overBernie’s lower body, his mouth and lips still working on Bernie’s cock,balls and groin, eventually his head coming to rest on Bernie’s flaccidcock. It seemed that both slept and, in this reverie, I grabbed my cockand jerked until I shot my hot load into my hand. Finished escort tuzla I licked myhand and ate my hot cum, enjoying its ammonia-like scent and viscousquality.I assumed that this was just the beginning of their day together,so I quietly went down the stairs and headed for a coffee shop nearby.This occupied an hour or more of my time and I returned to the house.Things were still quiet downstairs so I ascended to my usually hideaway.Things apparently picked up once more. Moans announced their continuedlovemaking. I peeked to see my father kneeling on the side of the bed,facing me, Bernie behind him with his big 10 inch cock inserted deep intomy father’s asshole. Each moaned openly. “Fuck me Bernie,” cried myfather. “Fuck me hard. OH! God how I love it. Fuck me. Fuck me.”Bernie stood behind him, his eyes closed, totally rapt with hismovements of body and cock towards my father’s hot asshole. He coupled hisfucking movements with slaps on my father’s ass and a constant massage ofhis buttocks and back. The action was vigorous and violent. Before long,Bernie screamed, “AAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIII. Take it.” There wascontinued passionate fucking as he shot his hot load into my father’s ass.He fucked him passionately for several minutes and then shouted, “Fuck menow while I’m still hot. Take me.”They switched roles, my father now behind Bernie’s hot ass. Icould see his throbbing cock bounce as he jumped from the bed and takeposition behind Bernie. Unceremoniously, he stabbed his hard cock intoBernie’s ass and fucked him hard and deep. Bernie responded with yells ofhis own, “Give it to me baby. Let me have all of you.” And the fuckingcontinued until my father shouted, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, here it comes.”Bernie responded, “Fill me baby. Fill me with you hot cum.”As my father shot his hot load into Bernie’s ass, I heard himwhisper, “Beautiful, baby. Beautiful. Beautiful.” They fell into a heapon the bed and quiet reigned once again. I took this as a sign to take myleave and, once more, descended the stairs and left the house. I managedto stay away another 2 hours and returned home to find them sitting at thekitchen table having a drink. I joined them, announcing as well that thejob interview went well. The rest of the day passed quickly. But now Iknew what relationship existed between Bernie and my father.