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JUST THE THREE OF USFRIENDLY NEIGHBORShe had knocked on my door about 7 AM right after her had husband left for work, looking slightly embarrassed but smiled at me broadly as I opened the door. “Want some company?” She asked.“What do you think?” I smiled back. “Come on in.”She rushed in so the neighbors wouldn’t see her, she thought. I didn’t care one way or the other. We kissed and went to the bedroom arm in arm as we had many times before when her husband had gone to work. She was a really hot woman literally requiring much cooling off. I tried my best.She slipped off the dress, Her tanned skin was very dark against the white spread, and the light was good enough still to see the strawberry pink of her nipples. I ran my hand down between her legs, cradling her pussy, touching her soft, secret hair, and then I slipped away from her, and went quietly out of the room into the dark little kitchen.When I came back I had the butter with me and the little box of ground cinnamon. I stripped off my clothes. She was leaning back on her arms, and the thrust of her breasts, and the delicate curve of her flat belly to that secret mound of dark hair, was gorgeous.There was a bashful flush to her cheeks.“What are you going to do?” She asked, looking at the things I had brought in, almost timidly.“Just a little thing I’ve always wanted to do with you:” I said, lying down beside her, stretching her out, cradling her head then kissing her. With my right arm I reached over her, and gathered up some of the butter on my fingertips. It was already nice and soft from the heat, and I smoothed it over the pink nipples of her breasts, caressing the nipples and stretching them a little as I did. She was breathing deeply, the heat rising from her invisibly like the perfume. I put the box of cinnamon to my lips. I smelled it, that delicious Eastern smell, that forbidden smell, about the wildest aphrodisiac fragrance I’ve ever smelled except for the smell of the pure female body, I rubbed the cinnamon onto her nipples and rolled on top of her, crushing her a little, my organ hard against her thigh, I started to suckle her breasts and lick them.I could feel her tense under me, the heat of her sex incredible, and she moaned, struggling not to lift her arms, and then she clamped her hands around my head. She was wildly excited, yet somehow resisting, frightened.“It’s too much,” she whispered, “Too much!” I drew up and smoothed the hair back from her face. I was pure a****l now and all I wanted to do was have her. I placed her head on the pillow.She took a long languorous deep breath. Her mouth lost its tenseness. It was pouting and soft and luscious and I felt her whole body relax under me. I felt it grow warm and open to me. She wound her arms around my neck and her hips moved against me.She said something soft under her breath, a murmur. And this time when I licked her breast, when I closed my mouth on it and sucked on it, and let my teeth close on the nipple, stroking it, she moaned and pressed herself against me.I was going crazy doing this to her, just this, and had to rise up a little to keep my cock off her thighs, away from the wet heat or I’d come and it would be too quickly over. She was giving hoarse cries, cries that have made anyone think she was in pain. There was something being cut loose in her.I took the soft butter in my fingers again, and I went into her with it, rubbing it into her pubic hair, and into the lips of her vagina. I rubbed the cinnamon on her, onto her clitoris as she spread her legs, all the resistance gone out of her.“Do it! Do it!!–”, She whispered, or at least the words sounded like that.I was so hot I didn’t think I could stretch it out much longer. I pushed my face into her sex, covering myself with her scent, her clean scent and the scent of butter and cinnamon.I started licking up under her clitoris, opening her with my tongue, scr****g upwards, and then closing my mouth on her completely, closing it over her lips and then sucking on her. Her hands grabbed the sheets and pulled on them.She flung out as if she were bound that way and couldn’t lift her arms or hands or struggle to close her legs. She was mine completely. She writhed under it, lifted her hips, but she didn’t resist. I ate out the butter, ate the cinnamon, tasted that aphrodisiac taste, the spice and her charcoal fluids, and the heat of her. It sounded like she was crying – – She screamed she was going to come.She writhed violently as the throws of her passion reached its peak, she breathed harder and harder as she raised her hips off the mattress offering it to me. I mounted her, she grunted, supporting my weight between her breasts. She wrapped her legs around my butt, my cock feeling the pubic hair surrounding the puckering entrance to her cave. I rubbed the head of my cock against her boiling pussy, against the magic button, then across the aperture, back and forth, sticky wet I could hear. With one lunge I buried my throbbing shaft into her with one lunge, she was so tight, so hot, I couldn’t hold back any longer, I exploded in her as I felt her glove tight vagina circle my plunging tool. Filled her with one blow to the solar karşıyaka escort plexus. She screamed as she felt the load enter her,“Never – never – been so full. God”I squealed out, “Shit Ah Shit Gimmie that pussy baby!” As my cock discharged its load in her.She was coming and squealing under me. When she felt my orgasm, my pulsing cock throbbing, and the fluid shoot out of my penis’s crown, her face scarlet, her lips shuddering, some little curse or prayer coming out of her mouth, she screamed out,“OH! SHIT! MOMMY! MOMMY! DAMN!” She said it again as the throws of her passion recoiled out of her. Her aching sex was filled, her tight nipples throbbing, and she snapped her hips up, lifting them to me, feeling me fill her, anchoring my stiff cock in her. Her sex was locked to me, shuddering, like her mouth, as my cock fervently freed my semen eagerly inside her. At last she rose up crying out in her release, as she felt me come with a last driving motion. Hot fluids filled her, and she lay back gasping.I cradled her, rocked her, and never stopped kissing her. When she sucked my nipples, bit at them playfully with her teeth, I was hard again and pushing against her. I rose to my knees and lifted her down on my organ. She whimpered her assent and then I moved her back and forth, jabbing her, working her. She had her head thrown back, her teeth clinched,“My God! My God! YES!!! FUCK ME, BABY!!!!” She cried.And again her wet sex, stretched wide around my slimy cock, throbbed in a frenzied rhythm until she was all but screaming with release as again I filled her. It was not until the third time that we lay still. She had gone absolutely wild this time.I thought as we lay there that this woman needed so much attention, that I needed help.As we lay there in the afterglow, I said, “You know, baby, are you up for a ménage au trios?”“What’s that?” She asked excitedly.“Three of us!”“You mean another guy, you and me?”“Yeah! Or another girl and me?”She lay for a minute thinking it over.“Who?” “Oh, I could get someone, are you interested?”“Well, Maybe.” she looked at me excitedly.“Let me see what I can arrange for us.”“God that sounds really wild.” She kissed me.Later she went back home to do the wifely thing for her husband. Clean house, Get him dinner, etc.I called a friend and it was arranged for the next morning. I called her.“Oh! Man!” She screamed softly. “Tomorrow?”“Yeah!” I said.“Oooo! Really?” She whimpered, “OK!”Next morning she was right on time at my door. When she was inside I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her gently on the lips. I kissed her throat gently. Jack said, “God! Girl you are gorgeous!”She looked at Jack and liked what she saw, I’m sure and she kissed him full on the mouth while I watched.“Like that? Jack this is Shirley.” I asked Jack.“Oh, man! Yeah! Hi! Gorgeous, he’s told me all about you.”” Her hands still hugging him close.We still stood in the entrance hall looking at each other not really knowing what to do next.“Like it Jack?” I asked knowing the answer.“Oh! Yeah! I like it a lot.” Jack commented.“She likes it, too.” I commented softly.“I’ll bet she does!” Jack laughed.Shirley looked down at her feet, blushed then looked up at us again sort of twisting her torso and smiling,“How did you guess?” She asked.“Look at that body.” Jack said smiling.“Nice isn’t it?” I blurted out.“Oh! You two. Stop it!” Shirley giggled.I stood behind her and ran my arms around her waist pulling her to me closely. Jack watched as my hands went from her waist toward her mound then back up her torso to her breasts, cupping them in both hands.“You like that, don’t you?” He asked watching her squirm under my touch.She laid her head back against my chest and I sensed that her eyes were fixed on Jack for his reaction.“Oh! Yeah! I like it a lot.” She murmured and sighing at the same time as she looked at Jack.Jack steeped closer to us and touched her belly with his finger, then searched her belly very gently up and down, tracing a path down her flat stomach to the crest at the junction of her legs.She jerked as he found a delicate spot on the mound.“Ooooo!” She cooed.“You like that don’t you?”She sighed loudly, “Oh! Yeah!”I rubbed her tits very gently then stroked her slim belly then came across her thighs with my palms as I kissed her on the neck. Her eyes closed now as she gasped out, “Oh! Oh! You two, why don’t we go get comfortable.”“Let’s! That’s a good idea!” Jack blurted out., breathless.I reached for Shirley’s hand and we walked toward the bedroom as we had so many times before. She looked at me, then Jack as we walked down the hall. Jack touched her bustle shaped buttocks as they churned inside her loose fitting skirt as we walked. She squealed softly and kissed him in passing as we entered the bedroom.“Oh! You two! What’ll I do with you guys?”Jack picked her up and transported her to my bed in one giant swoop.“What do you have in mind?” He said as he fondled her mound after he laid her down between us.I jumped in beside them rolling in bed and with one movement I found the hem of her skirt and lifted it up, exposing her milky white thighs, the black panties covering her sex as she escort karşıyaka gave a squealing laugh, looking at me. Jack’s hand covered her sex immediately and started his exploration action as his hand entered under the elastic band finding the matted pubic hair beneath. Shirley giggled and squirmed under his touch, kissing me softly, “I think I know what you guys want! Huh?”“What’s that?” I asked sheepishly.“A little pussy?” She smiled.“That would be really fine. You want some cock?” I chuckled.“Oh! Yeah!” She groaned her approval.I noticed Jack had stood up on his knees between her opening legs, he reached up to the waist band of her skirt, unzipped the side zipper and began pulling her skirt down. Shirley looked at him, lifted her torso in consent to his action and he slipped it off and deposited it beside the bed. She was breathing ever harder now as I began unbuttoning her blouse exposing her heaving tits underneath. Again Jack grasped the elastic edge of her panties and gently removed them from her twisting mounting thighs and threw them over the side of the bed.“Oh baby!” She whimpered, looking at me as I removed her blouse and unsnapped her bra. She threw them to the floor.Her sex was now completely exposed to us, the abundant jet black disheveled pubic hair asking to be stroked. She undulated on the bed between us, uttering soft groans. “Oh! Jack!” She muttered as Jack looked down to her writhing body luxuriating passionately on the white sheets below him.Jacks hand migrated across her breasts, across her flat belly coming to rest between her, now unguarded legs as he looked down at her from his position between her legs. Again she muttered, “Oh! Jack!”“God! Shirley, Give me a taste of that! Let me suck that pussy, baby!” His mouth salivating copiously. Shirley gasped when she felt his tongue taste the wet breach and find the hardening clitoris. I kissed her gently, touching her breasts where Jack had just been. “Oh! Baby!” She whined and groaned. I felt her body twisting as Jack sucked on her pussy. Jacks suckling sounds permeated the bedroom as she felt his warm mouth explore her inner being. “I can’t stand it, Jack!” She took his hair in her fingers and opened wider, pulling him closer to her throbbing slit between her legs. Jack still affixed to her clitoris, I reached down and unzipped my pants, removed them and tossed them off the bed with one motion followed by my T-shirt. Shirley was craving more and lamenting, her legs swinging above Jacks buried head and panting some unintelligible words as my cock swung free next to her thighs. She gripped my unfettered cock and clutched it firmly. Jack sat up and slipped from between Shirley undulating thighs and stood on the side of the bed looking at me as he started freeing his pants and shirt. He looked at my cock ready and willing standing up hard in front of us.“Give it to her, man! She’s really ready!” With one movement, I faced Shirley and with one lunge coupled my swinging fat cock inside her twitching pussy. Jack shouted,“Give it to her, man! Slip it to her!”“God! Damn!” She shouted in my ear, feeling it find its haven, surrounded by her wet sanctuary,“YES!” She screamed repeatedly feeling me tighten my buttocks together and pulsating my throbbing cock deep inside her craving breach. Hump after hump I fed it to her.The walls of her vagina clasped me tighter and tighter then suddenly she erupted in a violent orgasm. I noticed she was grasping Jacks immense cock in her hand while I pumped her. Moaning and twisting under me, breathing harder and harder, I extracted my dripping cock from her twitching pussy before I ejaculated and rolled to one side. Jack immediately mounted between her thrashing legs and I watched as his enormous tool disappeared between their bodies. His cock was more massive than mine for sure, but as Shirley issued a loud,“Ah! Shit! Ah! Momma! Yes! OH! Momma! Jesus!” She screeched and I knew she felt the mass had buried inside her with one bound and her pussy had swallowed it with no problem at all. With one leap Jack had mounted her writhing body and a wet sound emitted from her cave as I watched Jacks massive cock breached the aperture open and entered deep. She kissed me. Jacks reciprocating his hips against hers, I knew his cock was sliding in and out Grunt after grunt issued from their mouths, Shirley’s head flipped back and forth on the pillow as Jack pistoned in and out of her demanding cunt. She moaned again, her hands clasping his flexing buttocks, raising her hips to meet his thrashing motions, slowly at first then louder and then even more clamorous as she again approached the crest of her craving. “Orgasm!” She screamed, “Oh! Baby!” Her pussy farted as it released her pent up slime again around his pumping shaft.Shirley still convulsing violently with her releasing orgasm, Jack quickly pulled his dripping cock from her before he ejaculated in her and opened a passageway for me to mount her writhing sweaty torso. In it went, parting her aggressively. She gasped, feeling a different cock breach her.- “OH! Baby!!” I humped a few times, then as I felt my climax building higher again , I pulled out. karşıyaka escort bayan Jack reentered with a bound.She was going absolutely wild by now, an a****l unleashed. Reciprocating faster and faster. Jack pulled out and I slipped in with no effort at all. Her pussy was a mass of slime as we alternately plugged our cocks into her.She was screaming and whining under us as we continued this for a while longer. Jack was laid back on the bed, his huge slimy dripping cock poised, Shirley was panting loud, breathing heavily, before I could enter her again, she turned facing Jack, spread her legs open, swung her body over Jacks tool and mounted his fat hard tool, burying it to the hilt inside her on top of him. I gathered her in my arms from behind stroking her tits firmly, feeling her humping Jack with all she had left in her. Then, without even thinking, I slipped my slimy throbbing cock into her rectum with one lunge feeling its tight confines around my firm cock.Shirley screamed – feeling the two stinging uninhabited cocks deep in her pussy and rectum. Two cocks in her now. She went absolutely ballistic. Her climbing orgasm was something beyond belief. We both pumped her relentlessly, culminating in our collective semen discharging simultaneously into her dripping pussy and her ass. All three of us collapsing in total exhaustion on the wet torn up bed.We had been at this for over an hour. Then slept in complete exhaustion for another two hours before anyone even moved. Jack’s cock in her pussy, my cock wedged in her ass. Slime on the bed, smeared over our bodies, matted in our pubic hair, dripping out of Shirley’s slit. I looked at the clock beside the bed. It was noon! Jack was laying on his back now on the other side of Shirley, his ample snake d****d across the matted pubic hair in his crotch his hand cupping her breast. They looked so peaceful I tried to not wake them. I got up first and showered, but when I returned to the bedroom, Shirley was laying on her back, her arms thrown back over her head, panting hard with Jack propelling the last heave into her wet pussy as she bellowed out another orgasm.“God! How can you do that again!” I laughed as I watched Jack shoot another load into her hungry slit.She just couldn’t get enough of that wonderful stuff. Jack pulled out and I saw a trickle of his wet sperm trickle out of her split to the sheets. She looked at me, still breathing hard and smiled that innocent smile of hers. Oh! Baby!” She sighed.“Like that?” I asked.“The best!” She reached for my clean semi firm shaft with that look in her eyes.As I approached the side of the bed, she grasped it in her hand, guiding it to her open mouth, swallowing it deep into her warm aperture.“I’ll leave you two to do what you want.” Jack chuckled and headed for the shower.I smelled the sweet fragrance of consummated sex on her as she again laid back on the bed rolling over on her back and opened her sweet junction to me. I parted her saturated cavern again. It didn’t take long, she rose her thighs to me, expelled a thrashing orgasm almost immediately, then dropped her legs to the sheets, breathing so heavily I though she was going to pass out.“You OK?”“Oh God Yeah! Couldn’t be better. Sore but OK.”Jack returned and looked down at us,“Need another shower?” He looked at me smiling.“I suppose so.” I chuckledShe jumped up, gathering up her clothes and panties laying by the bed, and headed for the shower, she kissed up a fond farewell and left my apartment, heading back to her husband to do, I don’t know what, her pussy wasn’t capable of too much right now.Jack and I had loved every minute of it and we were sure she did also.A few days went by and no Shirley. Didn’t want to call her as her husband may be home so I just waited for her every morning.Jack called me one morning and whispered softly to me, “Hey, man!”“Hi, there guy, what’s happening?” I asked.“Hey, Shirley is over here.”“Oh really?” I sighed.“Yeah! And you know why she’s here, don’t you.” He whispered softly.“I can imagine, knowing her.” I thought rapidly and envisioned what she wanted.You didn’t have to be a nuclear scientist to know her reason.I chuckled softly,“Well, give it to her, man. Don’t want to disappoint her, do you?”“Just thought I’d let you know so you wouldn’t get pissed.”“No way, my friend. Have fun.”I hung up and visualized those two together rolling around on his giant bed with his outrageous cock stuck deep inside her wet pussy and got perturbed a little. I thought, “Damn, she’s really something else. Likes those BIG cocks, so I guess I am out of the running. Oh well! What the hell?”That afternoon Jack called again very distressed,“God Damn it, man!”“How did it go?” I chuckled.“Shit, man. I was pumping her and almost finished when someone knocked on my apartment door.”“Yeah?”“Didn’t know who it was and asked them what they wanted through the door. Shirley was still rolling around calling to me to come back.”“Yeah, so?”“It was her fucking husband. He had followed her and I was standing there with my cock dripping naked.”“Oh Shit!” I gagged.“Didn’t know what to do, so I called to her, told her who I thought it was, she was terrorize, she grabbed her clothes, threw them on and went out the back door while I talked with him. Hey man, he’s a big dude. He finally went away, but I gotta move today. Help me man.”Ha! What a mess.IF YOU LIKE MY STORY – I HAVE A LOT MORE WRITE ME – [email protected]