Just Like That?

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“Just like that?” Jill asked incredulously.

“Pretty much so, yeah,” the blonde responded.

“Depends on the woman of course,” the brunette added.

“And on how much she’s had to drink,” the small redhead behind the camera added with a smile.

Jill took a swallow of her drink. She was sitting at her usual table at Natalie’s Place. She’d been a regular ever since Nat opened the club. It was hopping tonight, which was usually the case during spring break. She had seen some crazy stuff over the years. Catfights, drunken brawls, impromptu wet t-shirt contests and even people having sex in a booth, but this beat them all hands down.

She had noticed the trio early in the night; the blonde was stunning, if a little young looking. The brunette was tall and reminded her of the girl from Charlie’s Angels. Not the new one, but the old TV show. The redhead behind the camera was cute as a button, but she rarely removed the hand held camcorder from her eye.

“So you just approach a woman and make a pitch for her to have sex with you on camera, for a website?”

“Yeah, wicked huh?” the blonde enthused.

“And people actually agree?”

“All the time.”


“Not really,” the brunette responded in her deep, measured voice, “It’s not like we’re going into the local grocery store or PTA meeting. Most of the people who come out to the clubs are wild or looking for an excuse to get wild.”

“We also shop around, you can usually tell a girl is bi or at least curious,” the blonde added.

“In-fucking-credible,” Jill said, shaking her head.

“Besides, haven’t you ever fantasized about having sex when it’s all about you?” the brunette asked persuasively.

“Yeah, and what could be better than two experienced girls working your body in only the way a woman can understand?” the blonde said, dragging her nails gently up Jill’s arm.

“A dick,” Jill said, pulling her arm from the girl’s reach.

“No problem there, Chelle has a wicked strap-on,” the blonde said, not the least bit put off by Jill’s reaction.

“After your first eight or ten orgasms, you won’t even notice it isn’t real,” the brunette said with a knowing smile.

“Jesus Christ! I’d be dead before then.”

In spite of her reservations Jill was intrigued. Not that she ever would, of course, but there was definitely something of the naughty in it that was making her squirm in her seat. If she swung that way, she just might have said yes, she realized. Hell, if she was ten years younger, she might take them up on it anyway, she thought. There had been a time back in school where she had had a crush on her roommate. At least it had felt like a crush, but that was a marriage, two kids, two divorces and three steady jobs ago.

“What have you got to lose?” the redhead asked.

“My job, for one,” Jill said, but she smiled to make sure there was no offense taken.

“Oh? Is your boss the kind of guy who surfs the net for porn?” the brunette asked.

The thought of Mike Hampton, her stodgy and traditional old boss surfing the net was hilarious, but searching it for porn was even more so. Honestly, there was no one at her small accounting firm who she would imagine was a net junkie. They were all solidly Republican, conservative and for the most part, puritanical. Even her going out club hopping was enough to make most of the women look at her askance. Not that she cared, she was damned good at what she did and that was the ultimate arbiter at Cox and Fullbright.

“No, I’d be surprised if any of them even realize the net is useful for anything other than getting quotes direct from the exchange.”

“You a broker?” the blonde asked.

“No, an accountant. But we manage assets for a fee for some of our wealthier clients.”

“Cool. We don’t get many professionals.”

“I should think not,” Jill replied with another smile.

The brunette signaled a waitress and soon they all had fresh drinks in front of them. Jill suspected she was being plied with drinks, but what the hell? A free buzz was always welcome.

“So if you don’t get professionals, what kind of girl do you usually get?”

“College students mostly,” the brunette replied.

“Sometimes a housewife out for a night of fun, we got a bachelorette once, and a couple of times swingers out in Vegas,” the blonde added.

Before Jill could reply, the blonde let out a little gasp of delight.

“Check out the two on the dance floor,” she said to the girl behind the camera.

Jill turned to see two girls bumping and grinding seductively on the floor. The blonde winked at Jill, signaled to the redhead and in moments the two of them had moved off, but the brunette remained.

“You’re friend is pretty wild,” Jill commented.

“Mary? Yeah, she’s a little freaky, but it helps. This whole web site was her idea and she’s the prime mover behind it. Katie and I are just along for the ride.”

“What does that mean?”

“Well, Katie, the girl with the cam, is majoring in journalism. She wants to be a free lance photo journalist. casino oyna So she does all the camera work. It gives her a chance to work on getting good shots in changing light, with real subjects in motion. She also does all the editing and splicing and that kinda stuff.”


“Well, yeah. We shoot from the time we leave Mary’s apartment until we are done with sex, sometimes a little kinda interview afterwards. Depends, but in a night she’ll get eight to ten hours of footage. She has to edit that down to thirty-five to forty-five minutes.”


“That’s about the max attention span of our average site member. We’ve run a few that are longer, like the bachelorette she mentioned and the housewife, when there is something really special about the…Umm guest star, I guess you could say. Anyway, our members rate each episode and those that go longer don’t do well, so we have kind of felt our way into keeping them under forty-five, but over thirty-five.”

“Interesting,” Jill said.

She was surprised to realize she meant it. Not just in the idea, but in the girl across from her. Unlike the blonde, she seemed to be about a lot more than sex and having a good time.

“What about you?” Jill asked.

“Me? Oh, what do I do? Well, primarily, I run the site. Web hosting, graphics, Paypal, other billing, licenses as well as doing the actual html coding. I’ve got a bachelors in CS and am working on a masters in it with emphasis on business applications.”

“And…Mary, was it?”

“Yeah. Mary’s the star. She’s got a way with women and she’s totally uninhibited in front of a camera.”

“So you and the redhead don’t actually end up on camera?”

“Depends. I know it sounds kinda weird, but the woman or women we bring home really dictate what goes on.”

“That is weird.”

“Not really, if a girl is really into Katie or me, we’ll do her instead of Mary. Sometimes two of us will double team a girl. On rare occasion all three of us. We don’t fake the presentation like most sites, so there’s really no formula.”

“All three of you?”

“If you like,” she replied with a grin. “Not me!” Jill said laughing.

“Why not?”


“That’s no answer,” the brunette said, her face turning serious.

“Whoa now, you’re barking up the wrong tree. I don’t swing that way.”

“Why not?”

“Well, because.”

“Because why?”

Jill started to reply, but found no quick answer came to her lips other than the school yard variety of ‘is to, is not.’ She wasn’t seeing anyone after all. In fact, she hadn’t even entertained a one night stand in some months. It wasn’t that she wasn’t horny either, she freely admitted she was. This was just so out there, but it was intriguing and she had to admit, it was just the kind of wicked thing she had always wished she had gone ahead and done when she was younger. Surprised and a little shocked at the direction her thoughts were taking her, Jill decided to change the conversation.

“How much do you make off this?”

Chelle smiled, apparently well aware of the intent of the question, but she didn’t press the issue.

“All told, after expenses we each clear about five thousand a month on average, but some of it goes back into the site. I mean, we spend a lot going out, on drinks, new toys, and upgrades to the hardware.”

“Wow, that’s a lot of cash.”

“Yeah, well, guys love sex and most of them love seeing two or more girls going at it. Then too, a lot just dig the premise.”

“So your members are all guys?”

“By no means all, but most are. Women don’t generally pay to see other people having sex. But we have our fair share of female memberships. We have an advantage there of course.”


“The trick is to keep it fresh and there, we have a real advantage on other sites. We don’t stage the presentation, don’t hire actresses, so every episode is different, none of that fake moaning and shit that so often turns women who watch porn off. And you never have the illusion blasted by recognizing the supposedly seduced woman as a pro.”

“Quiet girls?”

“Oh no. We have had some real moaners and screamers, it’s just real when they do it and not for the camera. How bout you?”


“Are you quiet or a screamer?” Chelle asked with a rakish grin.

“Depends on how hot I am I guess,” Jill replied.

“What gets you hot?”

“I don’t think we’ll go there.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not accustomed to discussing my private life with complete strangers.”

“So, let’s get to know each other then.”

For the next two hours they just talked. Michelle seemed to be one of those people who was able to get others to talk. She exuded confidence, but also a calm that fostered a sense of safety and familiarity. It wasn’t long before Jill was telling this complete stranger all about herself. Her normal reserve seemingly on hiatus.

She related the story of her life, from her very formal upbringing to how she turned wild child in college. Or as wild as her fiancé’ Bo would let her. She canlı casino told Chelle how they had both loved sex, how good it was, even after the separation and divorce. She even admitted to meeting him occasionally for sex, long after he had remarried. She told of her second marriage to an accountant named Ray, how that marriage had ended because her sex drive had been more than he could handle. She told of her kids, her job, her family. It was only when Mary and Katie returned that Jill realized Chelle had said very little about herself.

Mary had a petulant frown on her face and Katie had a ‘roll your eyes’ kind of grin.

“Strike out?” Chelle asked.

“Yeah, the bitches played us along, let us buy them drinks, and then split with a couple of guys.”

“Get any good flashes?”

“A couple, tits mostly, the blonde gave us a panty shot.”

“More fodder for the strike out compilation,” Chelle said taking a sip of her drink.

“I guess.”

“It’s cool. We’ll get em next time,” Katie said cheerfully.

“I’m horny now damnit!”

“Well, get out there, the night’s still young,” Chelle said.

“You need to come help, you know you can charm your way into any girl’s pants, I can’t,” she said frowning.

“You could if you weren’t so damned ready for action at the drop of a hat. You intimidate people.”

“I can’t help it. I like sex.”

“So do I, but I can keep control over it long enough to say hi,” Chelle said in exasperation.

“You know you love me,” Mary said with a smile, her good humor seemingly restored like magic.

“Not me, I don’t have the stamina to fall in love with you.”

“She’s a piece of work isn’t she?” Mary asked, turning to Jill.

“She’s pretty interesting.”

“Why don’t you two hit the floor?” Chelle asked.

“How bout a flash?” Mary asked, ignoring her less excitable friend.

“I don’t think so,” Jill demurred.

“Oh come one? Please? I’ll go first,” Mary said, facing the camera and pulling her pink top up to reveal her breasts.

“I don’t think…”

“What can it hurt?” Chelle asked, cutting her off.

Jill thought about it, and had to admit, with all the people around, it was kind of sexy.

“All right, but only if you promise this doesn’t go on the website.”

“No problem,” Katie said, turning the camera onto Jill.

She felt silly and at the same time nervous. Jill tugged her blouse out of her skirt and quickly flipped it up and down, showing only the briefest glimpse of her breasts and black satin bra.

“Holy cow!” Mary exclaimed.


“I had no idea you had such a rack,” the blonde said.

Jill laughed then, partly from the humor and partly from embarrassment. Mary and Katie returned to the floor, but Chelle stayed behind.

“Get ready,” the brunette said conversationally.

“For what?”

“For Mary to be all over you. She has a thing for big boobs.”

“Great,” Jill said with a melodramatic flourish.

“Could be if you let it, she’s an enthusiastic lover.”

“At my age? She’d probably kill me.”

Jill said it in a joking manner, but it was one of those jokes that really wasn’t one. Somehow, Chelle seemed to know because she became very serious.

“Age is nothing more than what you let it be. You can be just as wild, free and happy at fifty as you can at eighteen. I’ll bet you aren’t even forty yet, but if you decide to, you can do all the wild things you regret not doing in college. It only takes you deciding not to let the years mean being old.”

“That’s pretty deep,” Jill said.

“No, it really isn’t. I watched my mom decide she was old at fifty. In five years she was in a nursing home. In ten she was gone. My grandmother is still alive, kicking and having a ball at near ninety five. She just got back from a Caribbean cruise and is off to take a train tour of Europe in a week. Mom didn’t get old because of the years, she got old because she decided she was old. Granny is young because she decided she would be young, the years be damned. It’s really as simple as that.”

“Perhaps, but with age comes some responsibility. I have a job I could loose and bills that need to be paid.”

“You said yourself none of your co-workers were likely to know. Even if they did, posing in the nude isn’t illegal.”

“No, but it would mean a lot of problems.”

“Only if you let it.”

“You’re a big believer in mind over matter aren’t you?”

“I’m a big believer in being true to yourself. If I thought for a single minute this was something you couldn’t handle, I wouldn’t be trying. I’d still be taking to you, because I like you and find you to be real. But I would never counsel someone not to be true to themselves.”

“Even after I told you I don’t swing that way?” Jill asked, arching an eyebrow.

“If I thought you meant it, but I don’t. I think you want to try it, maybe you’ve thought about it before but convinced yourself not to. Whatever the reason, the vibe I am getting from you is that you want to, but are afraid to. That’s a lot different than no interest.”

Jill kaçak casino had no answer to that, she just sipped her drink thoughtfully. Michelle didn’t press her, displaying an uncanny ability to know when words were needed and when someone needed time to think.

Was she interested? She had to admit she was. There was a huge gulf between being interested and going through with it though. The same gulf she had faced so many times. In college she had stood on its sandy shores for ages, staring out in curiosity at what lay just over the horizon. Yet she had always turned back. A lot of it was Bo, he had vetoed the idea of a threesome and had rebuffed her attempts to try it in a public place. Basically, he had been a guy who loved sex, but lacked imagination.

And with Christine? There had been times her roommate seemed to be hitting on her, but Jill had never had the courage to follow it up. More wasted opportunities.

She should go home, the rational part of her head was saying. Or was that just the scared part? That small voice that always said no, always counseled caution and always killed her will to try the unexplored ocean. Did she have it in her to finally tell that voice to fuck off? She wasn’t sure, but she was suddenly determined to try. For one night at least, to live and exploit the opportunity rather than run from it.

Jill took a deep drink from her tumbler and took a deep breath.

“All right, lets say I agree, what then?”

“Depends on what you want. Like I said before, you will really dictate what happens. Just open your mind and go with what makes you feel best and what you want.”

“And the whole world will be able to tune in?”

“Well, anyone with a computer and the cash. If you’re really nervous, I can block your company’s IP for you.”

“What if they view it from their home machines?”

“Wouldn’t be so wicked if there were no chance of getting caught, now would it?” Michelle said with a smile.

“I guess not,” Jill said, returning the smile.

“So, you up for it?” “What if I said I wasn’t up for this, but I would like to take you home with me?”

“I’d say let’s go. I don’t usually get close to the women we bring back, it’s sort of a one night fling kind of deal, but there’s something about you I like.”

Jill might have taken that option, if Mary and Katie hadn’t picked that moment to return to the table.

“What a rotten night,” Mary huffed.

“Strike out again?”

“Crashed and burned,” Katie said with a laugh.

“Shut up,” Mary said.

Michelle pushed her drink towards her. Mary took it and killed it with a grimace.

“Chill out girl. We all fall flat on our faces now and then.”

“I guess.”

“No guessing about it.”

“So you want to go hit Holocaust? There’s nothing happening here.”

“Maybe, depends on Jill, here.”

“On me?”

“Yeah. Feel like letting your hair down with us?”

There it was then. Safety or the wild side. She was about to demur when a thought occurred to her. This might be the last time the wild side came calling. She knew she wasn’t brave enough to go looking for it and she knew too that it hadn’t showed up in a long, long time. Nothing like her college days, when it was always only a breath away, tempting her with its Siren’s call. If she said no now, she might never have another chance and if she said yes, well, it promised to be around for a long time. In a moment of crystalline thought, she realized this wasn’t just random luck, it was a reprieve. A final chance to squash that nagging doubt and live life to its fullest.

“All right,” she said, blushing madly.


Michelle drove a big car. Some kind of luxury make, Jill hadn’t really been paying attention when they got in. The tall brunette was driving uptown now, paying attention to traffic and little else. Katie sat in the front seat with her, her body turned and her camera focused on Jill. Mary sat next to Jill on the back seat, apparently on her best behavior.

“And your name is?” Katie asked.

“Jill Crenshaw.”


“Forty-two,” she said after a moment’s hesitation.

“Get out!” Mary exclaimed.

“Really?” Katie asked.

“Really,” Jill said, absurdly pleased that these young women didn’t realize how old she was.

“And you’re an accountant?”


“From here in the city?”

“No, visiting,” Jill lied.

“So you’re away from the house and ready to play?” Mary said.

“Yeah, I guess,” Jill said, fighting down the desire to just call this whole thing off.

“Married?” Katie asked.

“No, divorced twice.”


“Two.” “Ever had sex on camera?”

“No, never.”

“Ever had sex with a woman?”


“Kissed a woman?”


“Well, that just won’t do and I’m sure Mary would love to be the first to get a taste of those lips,” Katie said with a big grin.

Mary leaned over, took Jill’s face in her hands and turned the reluctant woman’s face to her own. She then pressed her full lips to Jill’s and her tongue pushed against them. Jill could feel Mary’s body against her own, she could almost feel the pent up energy within her. She hesitantly parted her lips and Mary’s tongue slipped into her mouth.