Just another day at work

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Just another day at workWhatever you guys may say this did happen. My name is Renee I am 24. When I was 16 I lived in georgia and worked at a grocery store. I worked there with some of my best friends. We would basically mess around all day and dare each other to do stupid things. The dares would escalate in seriousness. I dared her to give her boyfriend who also worked there a bj in the cooler. She did. Well apparently the manager somehow found out about it. The next  day we were all called into his office. someone had told him that it was my idea to have them do it so naturally I got in the most trouble.   He let everyone else leave and had me stay. He told me that he can have me and the others all arrested which made me really nervous. He went on about how it was i*****l and all the whole time pacing his office. Then he stopped he put his hand on my shoulder and said that he didn’t have to call karaman escort the police there was another way we could get out of trouble. He brushed my hair and softly whispered let me fuck you and the whole thing is forgotten. I didn’t know what to say. He was about 50 years old and weighed about 350 pounds and was about 6 feet tall. Then he grabbed my hand. I felt trapped. I opened my mouth mumbled ok. He got the biggest smile on his face he walked over to his door and locked it. He started to undress he took his shirt off and the fat rolled out next he took off his pants. He walked over to me and kissed my neck he reached down and undid my belt. He unbuttoned then unzipped them. He pulled them down, my shirt was long enough to keep some cover. He slid my shirt off and then i was just standing there in my bra and cheekies. He towered over me as I am just 5’4 and only weigh about 110. He escort karaman was staring at my boobs then said I hmm I though you had bigger tits owell. I have an a cup. He walked over to the couch and took off his boxers then sat down. His penis was only about half hard. He motioned and I slowly walked over. I sat next to him on the couch and he started to kiss me. I felt his hands go up and take off my bra. He started to rub and squeeze my nipples. Next his hand went down and he grabbed my ass. He layer me back in the couch and slid off my panties. He smiled and said yum just the way i like I young and with a little bit of hair. At the time  I didn’t shave my pussy because I have never really been able to grow alot. He kneeled on the floor and pulled my legs apart he started to lick my pussy slow at first then faster and faster. He stood up and his dick was hard. It was the biggest I had seen at the time about 7 inches. I was still laying back on the couch when he put it In. I tensed up as he started to slide it in.  I closed my eyes and layer there as he slid the whole thing in. It hurt a little bit he hovered over me as he began to thrust. Slow and easy at first. It felt kinda good. I opened my eyes to see him staring at me I looked down and saw nothing but his fat hairy chest. Then he thrusted hard my reaction was to grab his arms which he had on the arms of the chairs to prop himself up after a couple of minutes he stopped and got up.  He sat on the couch and I sat on his lap fucking him. It felt amazing but I was not gonna let him know that. He sucked on my titties as he thrusted. After a couple more minutes he slid me off his dick to whee I was on his legs and a huge shot of cum sprayed up. He used my panties to clean himself up and he kept them. I quickly got dressed and walked out. I was strangely turned on by the whole thing so I did not tell anyone. To this day I have a fetish for older bigger men. My fiancé is 56 and he weighs 300 lb.