Julie Weighs In


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A sculptor starts with a solid block of granite or, an unformed lump of clay and molds it into a work of art. Julie was my lump of clay. Some people see things as they are but the artist sees the potential in what they can become.

Julie was a beautiful woman: 40 years old with curves in the right place but hiding behind a lifetime of accumulated fat. At 5’9″ Julie had the height to carry some weight but not her current 225 lbs. I find most heavy women can become exceptionally hot when they shed the extra weight but that requires motivation. Not just the motivation of someone working with them toward a goal but internal motivation to want it for themselves.

I was helping Julie work toward a goal of 175 but only because she herself was determined to achieve this goal. The end result of our many discussions was a common vision we had, to make her into a more attractive and self-confident woman.

Importantly, although Julie was definitely a deeply submissive woman for me, this aspect was only heightened as her self-confidence grew. Julie was 250 lbs. when we started this process and had become increasingly more submissive even as her self-esteem grew and matured.

Julie arrived promptly at 8:00 for our usual Friday night weigh-in. I left the scale in the middle of the living room as a reminder of her weekly test but first we discussed what she had done that week. Julie was required to keep a journal that we reviewed each week: what had she eaten, how much did she work out, etc….

I sat on the couch and Julie took her usual position, sitting on the floor, at my feet. She read from the journal and we discussed each days meals and her exercise regimen, which I had set up for her at the gym. This week’s goal was 3 lbs. I had initially focused on mostly cardio routines but in the last 2 weeks had started adding some weight training to firm up as we shed the weight.

For the next xslot 20 minutes we went through her food intake for the week and what she had done at the gym vs. the plan I had set. She did manage to stick to the diet this week and completed most of the gym workout I had mandated.

I had her move around and rise up onto her knees in front of me as I complimented her on her discipline for the week. I could clearly see, in her face, the result of the 25 or so lbs. she had already shed. Her chin and her cheeks especially were thinning and, that already pretty face was starting to shine. I could see in her eyes how proud she was of her success so far and I knew that the pride was equally a result of my look of approval.

She had chosen a short black skirt to wear tonight, complimented by seamed thigh high stockings and 5″ black, very severe looking, pumps. The matching black lace bra was clearly visible though her white blouse. 25 pounds ago there was no way she could have pulled this off but the combination of her weight loss, along with her heightened sense of confidence, was giving her the “attitude” needed to make this work.

I reached out and stroked her face, telling her how happy I was in her progress. I told her that she was well on her way to becoming the hot slut that she wanted to become for me. I opened her shirt, telling her how the training was starting to firm her tits and that I loved the way her nipples stood out through the sheer bra. Whenever I started to get more graphic with her, she would become visibly obvious in her arousal.

I ordered her to take off the shirt, which she did, and I pulled both tits out of the top of the bra. Her nipples were like little pebbles as I pinched them between my thumb and forefinger. I got increasingly rough with her nipples as I told her how much I liked her progress and how it pleased me that she belonged to me.

Taking the bra off altogether I attached a pair of nipple clips xslot Giriş to each nipple. She fought through the pain as the teeth of the clips bit. The smile was still there but masked by her determination to accept the pain.

The clips had a silver chain between them which I now used to guide her up and over toward the scale. I had her take her shoes off (I hated doing this but necessary to get a true weight). Standing next to the scale I slid my right hand up her skirt as I asked her if she was ready for the weigh-in. She was already moist as I played with her pussy, teasing her clit as she indicated she was ready to be weighed. Stepping on the scale she looked straight ahead as I watched the scale come to a stop at 219.

I grabbed the chain firmly as I pulled her toward me and kissed her deeply. Before I even gave her the number she knew she had pleased me. I had a pretty good grip on that chain, pulling her nipples up and out. She was whimpering as her tongue met mine and we stayed like that for about ten minutes.

Telling her how pleased I was with this week’s progress I also told her how her transformation was also making me more dominant and possessive of my willing slut.

Again, leading her by the chain, I moved her over to the couch. She stood there as I chose one of her collars to put around her neck. This one was thick leather with an O-ring. I cuffed her wrists behind her back and attached a chain which also attached to the O ring at the back of her neck and pulled her wrists upward. She was a beautiful sight when she was restrained for me. I took off the nipple clips and heard her breath intake as the blood rushed back.

Reaching around to pinch those nipples I knew she was holding back tears. She always tried to hold back even though it was the tears that excited us so. I bent her over the back of the couch and removed her skirt. There is no sight as beautiful as a hot woman, bent over, restrained, xslot Güncel Giriş in 5″ heels and seamed stockings, WOW!!

I really was feeling it now as I picked up the riding crop and traced it over her ass, between her legs and down her thighs. I started with two quick strikes on her ass cheeks. She stiffened a bit and cried out.

I followed with a succession of good crisp shots on that gorgeous curvy ass. She was whimpering loudly now even as she was thanking me for whipping her. I continued to strike, watching her ass change colors and listening to the song of her cries. I had her bend over even further as I traced the crop between her legs caressing her pussy lips. She begged me to whip her pussy, begged me to show how much I liked dominating my slut.

The crop found its target with a succession of strikes and she cried “Thank you sir”, “whip your slut, sir”, “please show me how my efforts have pleased you”.

After a few more swats with the tongue of the crop I reached down to find a soaking wet and somewhat inflamed pussy. She started gyrating against my hand, her panting picking up even as her sobs continued.

I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her upright and led her to the bedroom. I took out the large vibrator, turned it on level 3 and threw it in the middle of the bed. I led her over to the bed; arms still restrained behind her back and ordered her to get her clit on that vibe. She wriggled on the bed trying to position herself over the vibe. When she found the spot she started moving her hips, bucking up and down and working her pussy into the vibrator.

She was in another world when I moved behind her on the bed, spread her legs and took her pussy from behind. I pumped hard, helping her in turn push into the vibe. She was trying to cum but it was difficult getting just the right angle on the vibrator. I grabbed both of her hips and brought her up to her knees, her face buried in the bed, her arms still behind her back. I grabbed the vibe and held it firm on her clit as I withdrew from her cunt and took her ass in one swift stroke. She screamed and came, and came, and came and I screamed and came, and came, and came. I can’t wait until next Friday!