Julia’s Initiation Ch. 01


I know! I know, it’s almost four o’clock in the morning! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for sending you messages in the middle of the night. I know I shouldn’t, it sounds like a teenager who has just discovered love, passion and sex… sex! I’m not like that, I hate to be inconvenienced. It’s just that everything was so strong, so intense that I still don’t know if it was real or figment of my imagination. Even going over the scenes on the cell phone, there are times when I don’t look like the woman who got down on her knees to you Brian.

Look like a bitch, a slut of some sort.

Who would say! At my age, I’m so old and you’re almost a boy. I know you’re almost thirty, but to me you’re like a boy, a very naughty little boy, a pervert.

Who would say! That I would accept that, that crazy madness! That public perversion. I have never, never been so naked, so… I don’t know, whore in front of a man. Tómas has never seen the details that you have seen of my body.

And even more so with your friend filming everything, everything…

I keep reviewing the scenes, the lines, our loose laughter. But it was that intense kiss you gave me in the nightclub that I surrendered. You took me by surprise, man. No one has ever kissed me like that, with a tongue so intrusive, so naughty, so perforating.

Brian! You won me there, you know? Your tongue won me over right there. You saw that I was magnetized. I cum… you know? I cum while you kiss me. I wet my panties and left your cock so hard, there. I couldn’t hide my gaze, I wanted to, but I couldn’t. If you’d asked me to suck you off, I’d have made or you.

If you asked – ‘suck my dick. – I would. I swear! I’ll sucked it, in front of all those people. I would kneel down and kiss your cock right there. Everyone watching, and I was licking your glans, kissing that beautiful head of yours, drinking your sweet. And then… And then sucking you like crazy, putting you whole in my mouth like I did at your place.

Jesus, I did it!

I, I am in a mixture of shame and liberation. Knowing that I sucked you with such hunger, such desire… I thought my sex life was over years ago.

I keep reviewing the scenes on my cell phone, seeing my mouth swallowing you, a beautiful cock, so hot. And me sucking your balls, drooling on your thighs. I never thought! etlik escort That I was capable of that, I swear Brian! Believe me, never in my entire life have I ever knelt down to give an oral… a like your friend asked me to do.

He filming and me swallowing his beautiful cock. I will never forget the warmth of his member, the taste of your cock. Yes Brian, your cock! The beautiful dick you have. I will never forget that I made you moan, moan with my mouth, with my tongue. The hot trunk, the stylish head, your voluminous sack, your balls. I did as your friend told me to do.

That moment was unique in my life, my closest friends had already told me about it. They had shown me dirty scenes of women drinking the mens’ juices. I always ‘disgusted’, wanted to run away, to vomit. And there… there with ‘you’ at that moment, even with someone else watching us. I wasn’t afraid or disgusted. I did it because I wanted to… I accepted, I wanted, I wanted to taste you more and more, Brian. Taste the pleasure that every man has when he likes a woman.

There is no way to forget, no way not to remember, the intensity of that moment. The heat of your cock, the sweet goo mixing with my saliva. And his veins bulging, I felt his cock vibrating. I could feel it, honey. I closed my eyes just to intensify the instant… his cum spurting out, spurting the roof of my mouth and wetting my tongue.

It was so… intennnseeee… soooo… I don’t know what to say, there are no words to describe how amazing it was, how wonderful it was to drink you. You moaning like a boy, my beautiful boy, and me sucking your sweet cream, your man taste, your pleasure, Brian.

It was amazing, incredible, unforgettable.

I keep reviewing the scenes Paul filmed, more and more I become without disgusted with what I see, what I did. More and more I mix the scenes with the pleasure I felt at that moment drinking you. And the worst part is that in the end I did what your friend asked me to do, I showed him my milky tongue and even showed my breasts to his cell phone.

Oh my God! Shame on me Brian! Yes I did! But it still makes me ashamed. I’m not that slutty. I was just in love with the way you looked, the way you smiled at me, kissed my mouth, sucked my tongue and still teased me.

Oh my God, what a kiss! ankara eve gelen escort What a kiss that was that, Brian!

I didn’t expect it, I swear, I didn’t expect it. That you still had the strength, that you were still so passionate, so hungry… for such an ugly woman, such an old woman, as I still feel I am. It was better than the kiss in the nightclub, yes, it was! Much better, even more so because it wasn’t just tongues rolling around in my mouth, there was all that…. CUM, your cum Brian, your sweet sperm, baby… love!

I said! There’s no reason to be ashamed of calling things what they are. And yours is much tastier than I imagined.

I’m even more delighted, when I saw you drinking from your own cream, darling! It was a unique thing for me to see that a man, a young man like you, doesn’t impose himself limits or rules. Like the men of my time did, men and women. And then there was all that, that insane madness of ours in front of the camera, in front of your friend Paul. I just remember him telling you, ‘Eat her in bed, eat her in bed.’

And you ate me, you ate me so hungry, hungrier than I was.

I have never been so well eaten, so well abused by a lover. Granted, until yesterday it had only been my husband, Tómas, fucking me according to the rules and monotony of our marriage. That’s all I needed, in fact that was the loss of my virginity. You broke my mental hymen… there I became a real woman in bed, there I knew what it was to be a man’s wife. A beautiful man like you, my sweet.

Brian, know this, you were my first man, boy, my first real male. It hurt, it hurt to receive you inside me, it was only then that I realized how all these years I had been so badly fucked by Tómas.

I don’t know until now how you did it, my love. How his cock remained so hard at that moment. It didn’t even feel like you had cum gallons in my mouth. I opened myself to your cock and it went all the way in. I can still hear the thumping, the intense pounding of your body on my body. I can still see my feet high on your shoulders. And her friend pointing his cell phone at my face and shouting, screaminnnnng!!!

Telling you to fuck Julia, fuuuuck Julia, Brian!

And you more and more intense, more and more frantic piercing me with your cock, that thick ankara escort trunk you have.

I could see him still masturbating Brian, I know it sounds crazy, but Paul was touching himself in front of me in this craziest hour of our relationship. He was showing me his cock and still filming, filming our fuck, our crazy fuck… I don’t know how he didn’t cum.

All I know is that feeling you deflowering my pussy, the vagina of an almost fifty-year-old woman, and seeing your friend jerking off in front of me was too much for me.

I hugged you, I scratched you, I bit you. All I remember is my feet high, my toes pointed together, my yellow painted nails scratching into your broad back. It came like an explosion, a volcano. I didn’t even have to say it, did I? You of all people know the earthquake that happened in me. It was my third one that night, but none was so abundant, so violent. I’ll have you know.

I’ve never shaken so much Brian, never before in my life. And that’s why you came, isn’t it my love? I loved to see you screaming, stiff as a post. Knowing that as I reached for you in another wet kiss, his cock spat in the bottom of this new friend of his… perhaps his eternal mistress.

Sublime Brian, sublime!

And I still had the sweat, the strong smell of our sex, mixed in. And I stood there without feeling ashamed of it, embraced with an almost stranger, as if I were a girlfriend. In the middle of you, my delicious men, two new friends. It was special, you know? Almost as good as the wild crazy sex you had with me.

I know it’s late, I know it’s getting daybreak, but I had to tell you this, my darling.

Now, today, this instant, while my fire still consumes me. The fire that you and your friend set in me.

And no, don’t worry that I liked you sharing me with Paul. Of you licking my vulva…I know…my pussy, baby! I wasn’t disappointed in you. I loved it, you bet.

Don’t worry.

It was great that you let Paul cum on my breasts, just so we could share the taste of your friend’s orgasm, our friend, a voyeur. I loved it all, I loved the whole night, honey! You saw that I liked it. The funny thing is that yours creams tastes almost the same, you know? You two are so friends, so close. It had to be that way, didn’t it? It’s pure harmony.

Well, that’s enough. Let me go then, the sun will be up soon.

Call me, right? Don’t stop calling me, send a message. A photo.

I still have something to offer you. I think you will like it.

Guess what? Just for you Brian, just for you and Paul.

Kisses! Bye!