Jim The Cuckhold Ch1

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Jim The Cuckhold Ch1Jim felt his whole world crashing down around him as he stared at the cum-stained panties he held in his hands. They were his wife’s, but the cum staining the crotch wasn’t………nor was it his! He tried to think about what to do…….Jim and his wife Dana had been married for fifteen years, had two beautiful c***dren, and a nice home. A few years back, Jim was in an accident at work and hurt his back badly. Since then he hadn’t been able to work, and was on painkillers, leaving him spaced out on the couch most of the time. Dana had to go back to work as a paralegal and help support the family as his worker’s comp wasn’t nearly half of what he used to make! Since Jim lazed around the house all day, he had put on a lot of wieght. He was well over 300lbs now and it hurt his sex life, as he knew Dana found him unattractive. He was 36, stood 5’8″, 322lbs, and had a 5.5″ dick, but with all the fat around it was actually only 3.5″ tops! Jim resorted to the internet and porn to get himself off, and would take Dana’s panties from the day before and sniff his beautiful wife’s pussy as he played with himself. It had been months since he and Dana had had sex, and she would go to bed before him and use her vibrator on herself. Jim never thought she’d cheat on him, but cum-stained panties don’t lie! He knew he had time to decide what to do as Dana had taken the k**s to her parents for a week so they could go out of town for a stupid wedding, and wouldn’t be back until the next day.********************Dana loved her husband. She was 35, brown hair/eyes, stood 5’4″, 105lbs, firm body, B-cup breasts, great ass, and worked out every other day. But since Jim’s accident, she was finding him less and less attractive. His wieght had nearly doubled and his dick sank into his fat, and he was a far cry from the well built stud she’d married 15 years proir! The last time they had sex, she was so turned off with his fat body panting and sweating all over her, and squishing her, she just couldn’t find it in her to have sex with Jim until he lost some weight. She didn’t want to leave them and break up the family, he was a good husband and an excellant father, but sexually, he turned her off now. For awhile she used her vibrator to get off and that worked, but soon she became tired, and longed for the touch of a man. She once went to get Jim after going to bed to try and have sex again, but she found him on the computer jerking off to porn, his fat shaking with every stroke! She lost her libido instantly and snuck back upstairs and went to bed.A few days later one of her clients called her and asked if she’d swing by his house to go over some things. He was a young hockey player and she often thought of him while laying in bed masturbating! She arrived at his house early and rang the bell, after a few minutes, he answered the door, soaking wet, just wearing a towel. She stared at his hot body and could feel her pussy getting wet. He led her to the living room and showed her the documents she had to look over while he went and changed. She was so horny, she wanted to follow him and let him take her! She had to calm herself down, after all she was married! He came back wearing tight spandex shorts that outlined his big cock beautifully and a tank top. He sat on the couch and they went over everything, finishing up after ten minutes. The whole time Dana stared at his bulge and thought how awesome it would be to feel it slicing into her cunt! She left and did something she’d never done before…..masturbated in her car! She came long and hard thinking about the young hockey players cock and tight body, and after she came down from her euphoria, thanked herself for not cheating on Jim. She wouldn’t be able to bare the guilt of cheating! But it was so hot to think about another guy fucking her that it almost became an obsession!Now Dana wasn’t much for porn, she thought the real thing was better, but being sexually frustrated for so long and not wanting to cheat on her husband, she decided one night to check some out. Jim was passed out on the couch after mixing his meds with booze, so she took his laptop upstairs to bed. She didn’t know where to begin looking so she went to the browser history figuring she’d see what Jim used. There were tons of visits to a site called xhamster, so she clicked kütahya escort on it and found tons of free porn! She went through the site for awhile before noticing her husband hadn’t logged out! She clicked on his profile link and was shocked to find videos titled “sleeping wife’s ass 1,2,3,4, and 5”!!She nervously opened the file and was horrified to see her custom made duvet cover show up on the screen, being pulled back to expose her nightie!! Next she watched as Jim pulled it up over her hips, showing off her silk panties! The camera caught her panty-clad ass from differant angles, before Jim’s fat hand appeared once more and pulled them down, and spread her bum cheeks apart exposing her butthole! She watched in horror as Jim fingered her bum and played with her pussy, finally getting up and jerking off his little dick and cumming on her ass! She was even more horrified when Jim’s head appeared, his face hidden behind a pair of her panties, and licked the cum up! She watched all the clips of her sleeping and was relieved that niether her’s nor Jim’s indenity were exposed! She realized Jim had shot all the videos on the nights she was knocked out from her migraine medication, when she took that, a plane could crach into their house and she wouldn’t wake up! Her first thought was to go wake her husband up and confront him, but she noticed the “comments” link and clicked it to find over a hundered! Some were very rude and others just said “nice” or “hot”, but the rude ones saying what they’d like to do to her ass really turned her on! Then she saw one with a link and clicked on it and watched as some guy jerked off onto a picture of her naked ass! He called it a cumtribute, and Dana orgasmed as she thought about this strange guy whacking off to her ass and pretending to cum on it! She was very intrigued now and decided to wait to confront Jim about this, and surf his profile some more.She found dozens of “cumtribute” videos and each one made her hornier and hornier! She also clicked on a video called “sissy cuckhold” and watched in amazment as some guy in lingerie sat at the foot of a bed and watched his wife get fucked by a black dude, and clean her pussy after! Jim had tons of “cuckhold” videos in his favorites, and when Dana started reading his messages to other users, came to the conclusion Jim was turned on by the thought of watching her fuck another guy! Another thing she found intersting was a user Jim had been chatting with for awhile, that lived about 50 miles away. His last message to her husband was “mmmmmmm these panties are awesome! you’re right, they are more dirty then usual! sorry my wife’s weren’t as fragrant” Dana read more and realized Jim and this guy got together regualarly and swapped their wives panties! As she read the messages about how the user liked her scent and loved the smell of her ass, Dana came again! She decided she wasn’t mad at Jim anymore, and an idea was forming in her head about how to resolve their sex issues!********************Jim found himself thinking about his wife being fucked by another guy, and letting him cum inside her and her putting on her panties and comming home and acting like nothing happened. Funny thing was, the more he thought about it, the harder he got! He finally took the panties to his computer room and logged onto ahamster to watch his movies and sniff and lick the strangers cum from his wifes panties. When he logged on, he found some messages and went through them. One was from this wierd chick that added him and messaged him about a week ago. She told him she thought he was hot and asked if he’d be into meeting for an encounter. He told her he didn’t cheat on his wife, and when she asked if he ever did his reply was no. She then asked him if he was into cyber sex, or camming and again he replied no. Then she never messaged him again, until tonight! He opened the message and found a link to a movie…..********************Dana left the house with the k**s and went to her sister’s place. Her sister offered to take the k**s up to their parents after Dana told her she had an important meeting and Jim’s back was out again. She then went to a hotel downtown and got a room. She thought about went all went on the last few days, and was very excited! She had set up her own xhampster account and messaged escort kütahya her husband, to see if their marriage was indeed worth saving. After she was satisfied he’d never cheated on her and still loved her, she went on with the plan. As she sat in the hotel room, she waited for the call.********************Jim watched the screen as a man walked in front of the camera in underwear and pulled them down, exposing a thick 9″ cock. He told the camera “this is a cumtribute for (Jim)’s wife” and started jerking off. Jim was just about to turn it off, when he noticed the guy grab a pair of panties and hold it under his big cock. Jim’s heart sank when he realized they were the same pair that sat on his desk! He watched a the mystery guy came on his wife’s panties and zoom the camera up to the cum stains, and looked at the pair on the desk and realized the stains were exactly the same! He looked to see who had posted the movie and was shocked to see it was his friend, Kyle, that he traded panties with! He quickly called him on his cell but Kyle didn’t answer. Jim tried several times and when he didn’t get a response, messaged him on xhamster.********************Dana got butterflies in her tummy when her cell rang and seen it was Kyle! She answered and he told her everything was ready and to call him when she knew what was to happen. Dana logged onto her xhamster account and messaged Jim. She explained to him that she was the woman that asked him about cheating and explianed she had contacted Kyle on xhamster and asked if he’d be into cuckholding Jim with her. When he agreed she met with him and gave her a pair of panties to make the video with, so she could leave them for Jim to find. She told Jim she loved him and that she hadn’t cheated on him, but if he was into it, she would like to have Kyle fuck her while he watched and of course join in, as a cuckhold. If Jim was into it, she told him to call her cell and she’d tell him where to meet, and if he wasn’t, she was fine and would come home right away.********************Jim seen a new message and opened it. It shocked him as he read it, but the relief he got from knowing his wife hadn’t cheated on him was replaced with horniness, and he quickly called his wifes cell to tell her he was in! She told him what hotel she was in and that she was calling Kyle to go there as well, and just to go right up to the room! Jim hung up the phone and took off for the hotel!When He got there, Dana was sitting at the table drinking a scotch, dressed in her casual clothing, and he sat with her, pouring himself a drink as well. Dana asked him how he was feeling, and Jim told her pretty overwelmed, but very horny about living out his fantasy. She smiled and said whe just wanted to make sure he was comfortable with it before calling Kyle up, who was waiting in the bar downstairs. Jim told her he was and they decided to just wing it and see how things played out. Dana did however buy some pink lingerie for Jim if was into wearing it, and Jim got hard at the thought of being a little sissy! He changed in the bathroom as Dana texted Kyle and changed herself into some very hot lingerie!Jim stayed in the bathroom until Kyle arrived and nervously walked out in front of them, dressed in a pink body stocking and pink frilly briefs. As his wife and panty buddy giggled at him he could feel his face flush, and his dick harden! He stood there as Kyle layed on the bed and Dana got up from the chair and started stripping off. She told Jim to kneel at the end of the bed and watch her be pleasuerd by a real man, with a hot body, and a big cock. When she was down to her panties, she climbed on the bed and started kissing Kyle, helping him remove his clothes. He could feel his dick start seeping precum as Kyle’s massive prick was freed from his underwear. Kyle was 32, 170lbs, well built, and had a thick 9″ cock, big saggy balls. He too was married, but he sometimes cheated on his wife, and an opprtunity like this didn’t just happen everyday, so he had to take advantage of it! Now he was glad he had, as Dana started working her way down his front taking his cock in her mouth and gagging herself with it! He just layed back and closed his eyes, not thinking of Jim at all, kneeling at the end of the bed, looking ridiculous in that pink lingerie, and enjoyed kütahya escort bayan the oral stimulation his hot wife was giving him! This bitch certainly knew how to give head!Dana knew Kyle had a huge cock form his profile on xhamster, and was looking forward to seeing it in the flesh! As soon as it sprung out from the confines of his briefs, she wanted nothing more but to suck it! She kissed her way down his tight flat stomach, eyeing his prick all the while as she held it in her tiny hands, slowly working the foreskin up and down the bulbous head. When she finally got her face near it, she could feel the heat comming off it and quickly took as much of it down her throat as she could bear. She gagged a few times, and eased back a bit, wanting to make the experience last awhile, as it had been 17 some years since she had a cock of this magnitude in her mouth! She was in the first year of college, and was dating a jock named Phil. He was hot, and had a 8.5″ prick that satisfied her to no end! But Phil was an over-bearing asshole and she dumped him a few minths prior to meeting Jim. The first time her and Jim had sex, she was disappointed at his 6″ dick, but decided he had other qualities that made up for it, after all, sex wasn’t everything, and she always had her dildos! Jim once asked her about the size of her ex’s cocks and she saw no point in telling him the truth about Phil, as she figured he’d then know he didn’t satisfy her as well as her ex, and lied telling him he was the biggest. Now as Kyles huge prick was stretching her mouth she realized how much she missed having a big cock to suck and fuck! Dana needed to cum bad and decided to let her husband lick her clit and bring her to orgasm.Jim watched as his hot wife sucked Kyle’s massive piece of meat, and rubbed his dick through his sissy panties, feeling the wetness from the precum. When Dana told him to get behind her and eat her cunt, he jumped up and did exactly that! He couldn’t believe how wet her pussy was! Never in the 15+ years they’d been together, had she ever gotten this wet for him! The juice was running down the insides of her thighs, and there was a huge wet spot on the bed beneath her! He started tonguing her clit, and it inly took a few seconds for his wife to start cumming. It lasted forever! Jim kept licking her until she finally told him to stop as it was getting to raw! He had made his sweet bride cum before by eating her out, but it was never this intense! He returned to the end of the bed and waited to see what would happen next.Kyle throughly enjoyed his blow job from Dana, and was now ready to fuck her. He grabbed her by her tiny waist and lifted her up onto his cock and let her pussy sink around it! It felt amazing! For having two k**s, she was very tight! He figured it must be from years of only being fucked by Jim’s little dick, and smiled inwardly. Dana was now bouncing up and down like a mad woman on his cock and she had a couple orgasms in the process, yelling out for Phil. After several minutes of her riding him, he lifted her up and place her in a doggystyle position and started plowing into her! Again, Dana called out Phil’s name and Kyle didn’t really care, and just fucked her tight hole harder! He grunted at Jim to get under them and watch a real cock fuck his wife and when he felt Jim’s nose hit his ballsack, told him to lick it. This was all too much for Kyle and he soon came, filling Dana’s cunt with his hot cum. As he pulled out, a glob fell onto Jims cheek and he told him to lick it up, before making him suck his dick clean.Dana was completely satisfied for the first time since Phil, and basked in the afterglow! She looked under her at her husband as he sucked and licked Kyles flaccid cock clean. When he was done she had him scoot up under her and she sat on his face and pushed the cum that was inside her out, into his waiting mouth. She could feel him suck at her well fucked hole, trying to get every last drop out and smiled to herself at how much of a sissy her husband really was! When Jim had her cunt all cleaned out of Kyles cum, she got up and showered, Kyle joining her a few minutes later. They washed each other and rinsed, toweled off and she saw him to the door. They kissed and he left her alone with her husband.She walked over to Jim and layed beside him. They kissed and she could taste the cum on his breath. After they broke the kiss she told him to shower and meet her at home as they had a long drive the next day, but they’d talk about what had happened then and figure out how far they wanted to take this whole cuckholding thing!