Jennifer’s New Boyfriend

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Jennifer’s New Boyfriend(MMF, MM, forced, inc)Jennifer was any man’s dream. At 20 she was the perfect specimen of a female, a petite woman whose blonde hair and blue eyes reminded one of her Viking heritage and lustful play in bed. And David was no exception when it came to appreciating her charms. Their relationship had been a little lopsided from the beginning. Since he’d met Jennifer about four weeks earlier, she’d pretty much run his life for him. Telling him what to wear, and were they were going to eat, and what club they were going to go to in the evenings. David didn’t really mind that she was bossy. If he really wanted to admit the truth, he’d have to fess up to the fact that her bossy ways secretly turned him on. He would never admit it out loud but a little bit of bitchiness was something he craved in a woman. So it was no real surprise when Jennifer demanded that they stay home one Saturday night and mess around. David had expected that she’d want to go out on the town, but was pleasantly surprised that she wanted to be with him all by themselves. It didn’t take long before the young couple was in the throes of passion, with of course Jennifer making all the aggressive moves. Having made David strip buck-naked some time ago, it didn’t take too much effort to get him to lie back on the couch and let her have her way with him. David loved it when she sucked him off. She really knew what she was doing with her mouth and probably had, had a lot of experience doing it if the wonderful feelings she was giving him were any proof. David lay back and watched this lovely woman bobbing her head over his crotch enjoying the warm moist feeling of her mouth and tongue working him over. It didn’t take long before he felt himself ready to cum. David never told Jennifer when he was about to cum. It was one of the few things that he did to get ‘even’ with her for being so bitchy all the time. When she started to gag from his cum shooting down her throat he always felt a since of power over her. And besides, he didn’t want her to stop and pull away, he wanted to make her swallow it. True to form Jennifer had no idea when he was ready. That is, until she felt David grab her hair and he shoved his pulsing cock deep into her mouth. Then she began to gag as David unloaded gush after gush of hot sticky cum down her throat. Jennifer knew why David always ended up forcing her to take him and frankly she didn’t mind it at all. She too had a secret, she liked to be dominated and this one little show of force from David never grew old for her. She only wished that he’d be more of a man and force her to do other things too. Jennifer was the way she was because of her c***dhood experiences and couldn’t help the way she treated David and for that matter all her previous boyfriends. She’d grown up in a very strict fundamentalist family whose patriarchal dictator father never let any indiscretion go unpunished. Jennifer could never do anything right for her father and could never get away with anything. She was always being punished. This wouldn’t have been too bad except that her perfect younger brother was always held up to her as the ‘perfect’ c***d. When Jennifer was 13 and her brother sexually accosted her in her own bed one weekend when their parents were away at a religious retreat, she thought that ‘this’ would surely make her father realize that his son was less than perfect. She’d even let him force her just so she could use it against him. But when their parents finally returned home Jennifer couldn’t bring herself to tell her father about what her brother had done. She tried to, but her brother Jason was so confident about her not being believed that she lost her nerve. That was the beginning of her i****tuous love life and her need to get even with any boy that was ever attracted to her, and many a male had been. With her angelic blonde good looks, she attracted them by the carload. Finally Jennifer moved out on her own, but the visits from her brother didn’t stop. At 20 she was used çankırı escort to being dominated by her younger brother, she was used to doing anything he told her to do. And now it even gave her a kind of perverse pleasure to do as she was told. Over the past couple of years Jason had begun to get really kinky in his demands. Many nights when Jennifer was getting ready to go out on a date, Jason would insist that she fuck him several times. Sometimes only moments before the doorbell would ring. Once he was screwing her while her date was waiting at the door pushing the bell over and over again. David had met Jennifer’s brother and he didn’t like him much, and Jason knew this. As a matter of fact Jason didn’t like David all that much because he knew that David was screwing his sister. It made him a little jealous to know that another man was getting into his pretty sister’s panties. And that’s exactly why what happened, happened. ***That Saturday ‘stay at home’ wasn’t arranged because Jennifer didn’t want to go out on the town, or because she wanted to spend the evening in bed with David. That evening was arranged by her brother, and used to doing whatever Jason told her to do, Jennifer unquestioningly obeyed. Earlier that afternoon Jason had a little talk with his older sister, “Baby, I want you to get him tied down to the bed and I want you to have it done by 9 o’clock.” Jennifer nodded her pretty head obediently with a mounting since of excitement. ‘What did her perverted brother have in mind this time,’ she wondered silently. She obediently set about to do as she was told. ***David was a little surprised when his girlfriend pulled out the nylon cord and whispered into his ear, “I’m going to tie you down to the bed so you can’t get away, then I’m going to do really nasty things to your body and you won’t be able to stop me.” She looked deep into his eyes and then pushed away with a giggle and took first one hand then the other and tied them with a loop over the headboard. A rush of adrenalin made David’s heart race and his cock stand proud, throbbing in time to his heartbeat. He’d cum in Jennifer’s mouth only five minutes before but this new twist was making him painfully hard. As Jennifer was completing the knots at his ankles David heard the doorbell. When Jennifer got up ‘naked’ from the bed he quickly said, “Jenn don’t answer that, c’mon I’m tied up naked on the bed, now’s not a good time to be answering the door to some stranger.” But Jennifer just gave her boyfriend a long look before answering, “It’s not some stranger David,” and she walked out of the room. David was frantic now, he realized that he was really tied to the bed and couldn’t get loose. This was not good. Then he heard voices and struggled to look at the bedroom door to see who was there. ‘What the fuck was Jennifer doing? Why would she let someone in while they were having sex?’ Then to his shock he saw Jennifer’s little brother walk into the room. “Hey Davy how’s tricks?” Jason asked with a smile on his handsome face. “What the fuck?” David yelled, his dick wilting and his face blushing bright red with embarrassment and humiliation. “Don’t worry Davy, we just wanted to try something new and exciting. I bet if you just relax you’ll even enjoy it.” Jason said and laughed. Then to his unbelieving ears David heard Jason say, “Okay Jenny honey show me how you fuck him will yeah?” Jennifer obediently walked over to the bed and stood beside her trust-up boyfriend. “He isn’t hard any more Jason,” she said with disappointment in her voice. Jason grunted and came over to look. “You know Davy I can see why my sister likes to fuck you so much. You have a nice body and that cock of yours looks like it’d be a pretty good size when it’s hard.” Jason reached out and began to fondle David, massaging his limp cock and squeezing his nuts gently between his fingers. David just looked up at him then at Jennifer. Then in anger he said, “What the fuck are you doing? What are you a queer?” David instantly regretted his çankırı escort bayan words when Jason painfully squeezed his balls in his fist. “Ouch, oh fuck, please stop it, stop it, ouch!” “Now Davy old friend, you’ll be much better off if you just don’t say anything else tonight. And to make sure that you don’t get into any more trouble I’ll just have Jenny love put something in there to shut that cake-hole of yours.” Jennifer silently picked up her discarded panties and with David struggling to try and avoid her she stuffed most of the material into his mouth. “Here Jenny love take this length of rope and tie your panties tight,” Jason said. David looked up at the brother and sister, now wondering if he would survive this night. Jennifer was acting strangely, like nothing he’d seen before. Gone was the bossy, bitchy attitude and it was now replaced with a complete adoring submissiveness. David could only watch as Jason walked up next to the bed and reached down for his dick again. David was determined not to go along with Jennifer or her queer brother. The last thing he wanted was anything to do with another man, and especially this fucking jerk, and now that included his weird sister too. But David didn’t have a choice in the matter, he was tied to the bed and no amount of struggling would help him out of this situation. Jason continued to stroke David’s dick. Finally he said, “Well, it looks like Davy isn’t gonna cooperate. Jenny love, help me twist Davy over and then I want you to crawl under him and fuck him for me. Get him really hard get him really horny for me baby.” David struggled uselessly as the brother and sister twisted his body over so that his wrists and ankles crossed. He even tried to kick at them when Jason undid one ankle so that they could reposition his legs wide open again. Then in a detached sort of why David lay quiet as his pretty girlfriend (the fucking pervert) crawled under him, pushing him over on his side then pulling him on top of her. All the time David was aware of Jennifer’s brother watching them from behind. Then Jennifer began to rock under him. At first the weird situation made it so that nothing she did could even remotely turn him on. But after a while his body began to betray him and his cock started to grow. And when Jennifer felt him growing she reached down between their crotches and positioned him at her soaking wet slit. David flinched when he felt Jason’s hand shoving at his cock. Then as Jennifer began to thrust up at him David could feel her brother’s fingers feeling between his cock and her pussy as Jennifer pushed and pulled. It almost felt like Jason was jacking him off as his fingers moved in unison with Jennifer’s movements. David didn’t want it to happen, but couldn’t help himself, he was hard and no matter how much he tried not to, his body was responding to the stimulation that this brother/sister act was performing on him. Jennifer picked up the pace and David began to feel his excitement rise. He didn’t want this to be happening but he had to admit to himself that he was fully aroused and the restraint and inability to stop them from r****g him was secretly fueling his lust. David stopped daydreaming about restrained sex when he felt the bed jiggle. He tried to look over to see what Jason was doing but Jennifer held him around the neck and all he could tell was that her brother had climbed on the bed and was kneeling over them. Then he almost vomited with fear and loathing. He felt Jason fumbling around near his butt. ‘What the fuck was that queer pervert going to do now?’ he wondered, trying to scream at them both. But only muffled moans escaped the tight gag blocking up his mouth. ‘Oh fuck Oh god! The bastard’s gonna fuck me in the butt! Oh fuck NO!’ his mind screamed because he couldn’t get much noise out around the gag. David’s eyes began to water as he felt the first searing pain of Jason’s invasion of his rear hole. ‘God,’ he thought, ‘it hurts so bad!’ And it did. David could feel Jennifer’s brother escort çankırı wiggling round on top of his back. He knew when Jason had worked his cockhead into his butt opening. ‘Fuck it hurts,’ was all he could think. Jason was frantically trying to penetrate Jenny’s boyfriend before she knew what he was up to. He realized that she might not like what he was doing. But Jason had been thinking about just this event ever since he’d met Jenny’s boyfriend. David had that smooth hairless skin that always attracted Jason. Usually it was found on girls, but what the hell, he’d poke anything that appealed to him. Doing a sandwich with Jennifer and David was what had been running through Jason’s head for weeks now. As he thrust home all the way to his balls he could hear the Wesson oil he’d used as lubricant squishing against his crotch and David’s butt cheeks. It was so perverted. He could still feel Jennifer’s valiant efforts to thrust up against David’s cock, although she was now trying the lift two male bodies and wasn’t being too successful. David was screaming into his gag and jerking around trying to dislodge Jason’s deeply thrust cock from his rear end. Finally Jennifer noticed the extra weight and the distress that her boyfriend had written all over his face. Then she noticed her brother who had just begun to hump into her boyfriend’s butt. At first Jennifer was shocked to see him screwing David’s butthole. Jason had made love to her so many times before that the thought of his dick screwing a male butt made her feel like she couldn’t ever let it back into her cunt again. But it also excited her, the dominant side of her came out when she saw the distress in David’s eyes as her brother ****d him from behind. Jennifer in a moment of inspiration rolled Jason and David over onto their side and scrunched down to take David into her mouth again. She was wildly excited by what her brother was doing to him. If the truth be known she had always been turned on by the thought of two men ‘doing it’ with each other. David couldn’t believe what was happening to him. His girlfriend was wailing away with her lovely mouth, keeping his dick stiff against his will, while her brother was fucking his butt. David could feel Jason’s slimy cock penetrating him deep down inside. For a momentary flash he wondered if this was what women felt like when they were getting screwed. The pain was pretty much gone by now. The sensations were more of a numb rubbing feeling as the nineteen-year-old queer boy thrust away in his butt. And with the hot moist mouth still working on his intensely ridged cock it wasn’t long before David lost all control and began to cum with a rush like he’d never felt before. As David jerked and squirmed relieving himself in Jennifer’s mouth Jason could feel David’s orgasm as his butt muscles tensed and relaxed with each ejaculation and this brought him to a head too. Jason groaned as he came deep in David’s asshole. David closed his eyes in disgust tinged with lust as he realized that a guy had just emptied himself in his bowels. But even that humiliation couldn’t stop the pleasure that his own cum in Jennifer’s mouth was giving him. ***Finally it was over. Three bodies lay panting for breath, two loudly and one muffed through a gag. After a few moments Jason reached over, (Still firmly embedded in his lover’s butt) and pulled the rope loose that held Jennifer’s panties in David’s mouth. David didn’t say a word. Even when Jason finally pulled his still hard dick out of his butt he just lay there. Epilog: Normally that would have been the end of Jennifer’s relationship with her boyfriend. It had happened before when her boyfriend’s realized that she was screwing her brother on the side. But in this particular case, after David had a chance to recover and realized how much fun that evening had really been. Well, let it suffice to say that instead of just Jason taking advantage of Jennifer’s ‘boyfriends’ now there were Jason and David too. And I’ll bet you can imagine how much fun they had with Jennifer’s new boyfriends from that day forward. THE END Author’s note: If this story sounds familiar it is because I wrote it in 2001 under a different author handle. I have revisited the story, fleshed it out and republished it here. AB