Jehovah’s Witness Wakes Me


Jehovah’s Witness Wakes MeMany years ago my wife and I moved into the country in Northern Arizona. We bought fifteen acres of land and planned on building a house. We moved a small (8 feet by 29 feet) trailer onto the site and I got a job doing shift work which would allow us to slowly build the house. The problem was when I had graveyard shift. We have two c***dren who were in primary school then, so when I came home from that shift around 8:30 a.m. the wife would feed me breakfast then if it was summer time, she would go with the little ones into the big city sixty miles away to visit her parents or go to the movies. The only bedroom in the trailer was for the k**s. My wife and I had a roll-up mat on the floor that we would use for a bed. We would roll it up and out of the way when it wasn’t bed time.It was a day in early June when she was already gone. I always slept naked and I was two hours into sleep when I was awakened by a knock at the door. I looked at the clock and saw it was just after eleven a.m. Groggily I said, “Who is it?”I heard a female voice say, “Jehovah’s Witness!” I pondered the situation for a bit. I didn’t like anyone coming to try to sell to us, and especially religious ones like the Witnesses. I said, “I was sleeping. I am working graveyard shift now and this is when I sleep.” There was a moment of silence then the voice said, “Have you heard the word of the Lord?” I guess she figured I didn’t need sleep as much as I needed salvation. I decided to take care of the situation for all time.I stood up and opened the door. Standing there in her church lady dress and heeled shoes was Julia, the wife of a man in the nearby small town who worked with my wife at the hardware store. He was in a wheel chair having caught polio when he was in his mid twenties. Julia was clutching copies of the Watchtower and other papers to her waist. She hadn’t properly seen me yet because of the screen door. I opened that door and she looked up at me, recognizing my face as I said, “Hello Julia. I’m afraid you have caught me at an awkward moment.” She looked down from my face and her eyes widened as she realized I was naked. The situation had made my cock swell up and stand there throbbing. She couldn’t take her eyes off of my cock.Finally I held a hand out and said, “Well you’ve seen me in all my glory. You might as well come inside and I can make you some tea. She looked at my hand then finally took it and I helped her step up into the trailer. I pulled a small stool to where the bedroll lay and Julia sat down. “Hot tea or Iced tea?” She was staring at my cock and finally realized I was talking to her.Quietly she said, just above a whisper, “Hot.” I made her the tea and handed her the cup. I leaned against the counter as she sipped the tea and tried to keep her eyes on my face. Her gaze dropped quite a few times though. There was silence between us which I broke with, “How long has it been Julia?”Her eyes fluttered as she lifted them back to my face and asked, “What?” I shifted so I was now standing so close my cock was just about a foot from her face. I leaned forward, put a hand under her chin and lifted her face to look at mine. “How long has it been since you’ve had a hard cock inside of you Julia?” Her face had already been red, but it became crimson with that question. Several tears slid from her eyes. She shut them and,in not seeing me, whispered, “Almost…well he got sick…it was…s*******n years ago…oh no…eighteen years ago.”I released her face. She opened her eyes again and stared fiercely at my face trying to keep her eyes there. I took her cup from her and asked, “Did you think you would never have that intimacy again Julia?” She nodded her head.I moved a hand to my prick. Her eyes followed the movement. “My wife and the k**s are in town and won’t be home for another three or four hours. I would love to help you with your problem Julia. You are a beautiful woman and I have thought about you often, especially knowing fethiye escort your situation. You know what I am talking about?”She nodded her head and whispered, “Yes.” I continued, “If you wish it to happen we can do this right here right now.” She nodded her head almost automatically at the words. You have a choice. Stay here and I will use this cock to fill you up inside…or you can leave and we will neither of us ever speak of this.”Her head kept nodding so I asked, “What do you want Julia? Stay here? Or leave?” Her eyes didn’t leave my cock until she seemed to make up her mind. She looked at my face and said, “Leave.”I said, “That is fine, but, this will be the only chance we will ever have to do this.” She stood up briskly then and, clutching her papers stood up and stepped to the door. Her hand accidentally brushed against the tip of my cock since I was not giving her all the room she might need to get out. I saw the shiny slime of my precum on the back of her right hand. She stepped down the step to the ground and I watched her walk unsteadily to her small twenty year old car. I closed the door to the trailer and looked out the small round window of the door at her. She was sitting in the car and it seemed she was crying. After ten minutes of that I knew she was going to be coming back to the trailer.I remade the bed on the floor, fluffing up the pillows. As I was almost finished doing that I heard footsteps in the gravel outside. They stopped in front of the door. I looked at my clock and waited. About five minutes later there was a sharp rap on the door. I opened it. Julia pulled the screen door open and stepped up into the trailer. She moved to me and we put our arms around each other and kissed. It was a kiss of passion long unrequited from her. Tongues exchanged caresses against each other as I felt her cool hands move onto my chest. She moved her fingers into my chest hair and explored my nipples, then she slid them down my belly. She opened her eyes then and looking into my face asked, “When will Melody be home?” I looked at the clock and said, “We have just over three hours Julia. Plenty of time for all you need. She looked at my cock, her hands still on my belly, and asked, “May I touch it?””Of course you may Julia, but first let’s get your clothes off. She unpinned her hat from her hair. I reached behind her, my cock pressing into her crotch, and unzipped her powder blue dress. She slipped out of her shoes and was standing in front of me now in her church lady bra and panties all white. Her panties were soaking wet in the crotch. I undid her bra and her small brown tipped breasts came into view. “You have lovely breasts Julia.” I moved my right hand to her tits and then pulled on her hard nipples. “I love your tits and your nipples are beautiful!” She giggled at that. I sat down on the stool and slipped my fingers into the elastic of her panties. I slid them down and found her beautiful pussy, lightly covered with curly hair. I moved my face to her there and the scent from her excited pussy was perfume to me. I looked up at her face and said, “I need to taste you Julia.” She smiled a little smile and nodded her head. She put her fingers in my long hair and whispered, “I have thought about you many times Peter when I saw you in the hardware store. You are so strong and…and…I had to pray many times not to have the thoughts that I always did have when I saw you. I confess that I had moments alone when I saw your face when I closed my eyes and made myself feel good.”I moved my fingers to her slit and traced it lightly. The juices there were at the outer surface and my fingers soon were wet on the tips. I licked her slit gently until she moved my head closer to her and pushed her groin against my face. My tongue slipped up inside of her. Her hips moved slightly as she felt a tongue in her for the first time in years. Soon she was moving her hips harder against my mouth and when she came she howled. I stood escort fethiye up then and held onto her, pressing her naked body against mine.”I want to fuck you now Julia.” She nodded her head, her eyes looking into mine. “How do you want it honey? On your back, on your hands and knees, me on my back and you sliding down onto me?” She was quiet for a while then asked, “Is there enough time…that we could do ALL that?” I laughed gently, kissed her and said, “Yes Julia, there is plenty of time for all that.”She nodded her head, pulled away from me and looked at the mat on the floor. I want to be on my back the first time Peter. I want to see your face looking down into mine.” I kissed her and held her hands while she descended to the ‘bed’ on the floor.She opened her legs and I knelt between them. “I use crude words Julia. I will use them whether you like them or not.” She nodded her head and looked at my cock. Reach down with your fingers baby and spread your cunt lips open for me. Her face jerked at that then she grinned slyly as she did what I requested. I saw her red fingernails as she pulled her lips apart. The light in the room glistened off the juicy inside of her. I held my prick in my hand and said, “Tell me what you want Julia.” She looked at me curiously. “Tell me exactly what you want me to do to you.” She looked nervous then said, “I want to feel you inside of me Peter.” I was relentless. “What do you want to feel inside of you? Is it my cock?” She nodded her head. “Do you want me to push my cock into your cunt?” She bit her lip and nodded her head again. “Then say it.” I held the tip of my prick just inches above her open slit. She soon realized I was not going to fuck her unless she asked for it. I saw her take a deep breath and in a small voice heard her words, “Peter, I want you to push your cock inside of my….my…cunt.” I smiled at her and asked, “How far inside do you want my cock Julia?” Fiercely now she growled, “Fuck my cunt with your hard cock Peter. Shove your cock DEEP inside of me!”I pressed the head at her opening and then both of us watched as I slowly but relentlessly pushed it all the way up into her cunt. Her head rocked back on her neck when I bottomed out inside of her. She was gasping. I moved my mouth to hers and my tongue snaked inside of her mouth as my cock started moving slowly at first out and then in. Finally I was pounding her for all I was worth. Her cunt was very tight considering she had had three offspring years ago. She was sobbing and laughing. Her first orgasm was wrenching, but was nothing to compare with the second and the third. I came inside of her on her third orgasm.I collapsed onto her and she had her arms around me. Then she jerked and said, “Oh my God!” What have I done?” I sort of expected that and said, “We did it Julia, you needed it and so did I.” She was crying now, “No, no it’s not that. You put your seed inside of me. I CAN’T get pregnant. I can’t.” I put my hands on her face and said, “Julia, six years ago I had a vasectomy. There is no seed in my semen. You can’t get pregnant.” She stopped crying and started laughing and said, “Well then let’s get on with it. Can we do doggy now?” I laughed and helped her get up on her hands and knees. There was a full length mirror against the wall. I laid it sideways so we could watch ourselves fucking. That was how my wife and I used that mirror.Julia’s cunt was dripping semen so I placed her panties right under where she dripped and we both watched in the mirror as my board of a cock pushed into her. Julia was into it now. “Oh fuck me Peter. Fuck me with your hippie cock. Fuck my cunt.” The sound was so juicy with her being so wet and my cum inside of her. I saw the white wet frosting on my shaft as I pulled out and pushed into her. Julia put her face on the pillow and with her hands pressed her clit against the slippery shaft fucking her.”You are so hard inside of me Peter. My cunt is so full of your COCK.” My balls slapped fethiye escort bayan against her fingers as they pressed on her slit. I lasted much longer this time, but eventually the time came and so did I. She had come repeatedly during the long fuck. I held her hips tight against my groin as my semen spurted deep inside of her.We collapsed forward and were soon asleep. Her ear was next to my mouth. After a while I awoke and looked at the clock. We still had several hours. I whispered, “Wake up lover. We have time for more. What would you like?”I saw her eyes flutter open. “Do you think I could suck your cock Peter?” I told her that would be wonderful. I took her panties then and said, “I am going to push these inside of your cunt so semen and cunt juice doesn’t get all over the blankets. She thought that was a good idea and watched as I balled them up and pushed them inside of her. She got onto her knees and I checked to be sure there was no leakage.I stood up then, my cock creamy with the mixing of our cum. I wasn’t hard yet, hanging down like a limp eel. She put my entire cock into her mouth and started moving her tongue around on it. The spark of lust started then with my prick and we both felt the blood start pumping into the limp cock. My prick grew fatter and longer inside her mouth until the entire cock was hard and inside her mouth.She grasped my balls with her hand and started moving her head back and forth on my shaft. The gagging sounds she made were very hot. She didn’t let that top her and she stroked my cock fast with her hand as she fucked it with her mouth. Finally I warned her I was about to cum and she stopped. Looking up at me, in a tiny voice she whispered, “There is just one thing. I have never done it, but I want to do it now.” I nodded my head and guessed. “I have never fucked a woman in the ass Julia. Is that what you would like?” She nodded her head as if she were ashamed of it. I said, “It would be wonderful for both of us to have our first anal together.” I had her get onto her hands and knees again. I slid a finger into her cunt and when it was covered with jizz and cunt juice I painted that against her little rosebud. I swirled the tip of my finger around it and then pressed it inside of her. She gasped as my fingertip then my entire finger moved into her. I fucked her with it, getting the juices into the place that had no juices. When that was done, I shoved my prick into her cunt and fucked her for about a dozen strokes getting my cock coated with the slippery juices there. After I pulled out I put the pantie plug back into her cunt. “Spread your ass cheeks wide apart for me Julia.” She did that and whispered, “Slut…would you call me slut? I have always wanted to feel like a slut.””Spread your ass cheeks slut. I want to drive this hard prick into your slutty asshole.” She looked into the mirror as well as she could in that awkward position with her hands back there. I pressed the spongy head of my prick against the tight sphincter and pressed it inside of her. I was surprised how tight it was having never fucked anyone in the ass before. My cock moved juicily into her tight hole. When I was all the way inside of her I said, “All right slut. Tell me what you want me to do.”She laughed and growled and said, “Fuck my slutty ass Peter. Use your hard hippie cock and fuck my slutty ass!” So I did. I felt like I was fucking a virgin or how I imagined that might feel. She soon moved her hands from her ass cheeks and now was fingering her cunt. I could feel her fingers pressing up to feel my shaft moving into her ass. She was yelling and crying and coming when I shot off inside of her ass.We lay there for several minutes then she said, “I think I need to go now Peter. She stood up then and got dressed. The panties remained balled up inside her cunt. When she looked like a church lady again we kissed. She told me how much she appreciated what I had done for her. Wistfully she said, “I would love to do it again sometime.” She kissed me long and sweetly then stepped out of the trailer without a backward glance, got into her car and drove away.I found out the next time we met that she continued going door to door spreading the word.