JaneyJaney came home from school and stomped upstairs. The 16-year-old was still angry that her mother had secretly married and moved them to the other end of the country away from her friends and to a new school she hated. She has made few friends and was struggling in classes as the school taught different subjects to the ones she had done before.She also really disliked her stepdad. She saw how he looked at her. Undress=ng her with his eyes. He never missed a chance to hug her or squeeze by. She knew sometimes he was erect when he did it. She had also lost panties. They rowed often and this seemed to make him more determined to make her uncomfortable. He would openly state at her legs and boobs and when her mum wasn’t around would make comments about how sexy she was and she must enjoy all the cock she gets at school. Janey was still a virgin and had no boyfriend and his comments made her feels worse about that.She had started to explore her body and would sometimes masturbate thinking of some of the sexy boys at school and occasionally a girl as well. She loved how it felt when she came and loved how wet she got. She had heard friends say how et their boyfriends got them. She knew she kadıköy escort was not a classic sexy girl she was short and her legs with a bit thick and her boons not big but she had a boyfriend at her old school but never did more than kiss and cuddle although he wanted more.She was lying on her bed when the door opened it was Jim her stepdad. He leered at her as she sat up she knew had seen up her skirt. He told her that her mum had had to go away for a couple of nights for work. It was short notice but she had no choice. He smiled and told her it would be nice for them to get to know each other, Janey shuddered at the thought. He told her tea would be ready soon.They ate and he told her how lucky she was. Her mum was happy and the house was nice and she should be a bit more grateful. Janey mumbled a non-committal response. Jim was now getting cross. He told her he was fed up with her shit and stood up and grabbed her and pulled her towards him. He sat down and pulled her over his knee. She could not believe he was going to spank her. She told him to fuck off and that he was a pervert. He pulled up her üsküdar escort skirt exposing her tights and panty covered arse. She thought she heard him moan. His hand came down hard. She screamed. He laughed and carried on spanking. 6 more times he came down her screams turned to whimpers. Jim was now hard as rock and panting. He ran his hands over her sore bum ad Janey whispered for him to stop. He told her if she said anything he would spank her gain but next time on her bare arse. He continued to stroke her. His hand running up her thighs and sliding along her crotch’ despite herself her body reacted and she could feel her pussy moisten at his caress. Jim made her stand up and he pulled her to him she struggled but he kissed her his tongue invading her mouth. Unlike her ex-boyfriend Jim had stubble and he felt manly. His hands ran over her body. She hated what was happening but did feel good being touched. Jim pulled away“you cock teasing slut. I have been so horny to have you since you moved in. You’re mum is a good slut and does as he is told but she is not as sexy as you,”Janey was shocked at his words,She said her mum would kill him.He laughed, tuzla escort “your slut of a mother knows my plans for you. She isn’t working she is staying at my mates right now she will be letting him fuck her arse. That’s what he paid for.”Janey could not believe her ears . Jim was around 20 years older than her mum. Was in his mid 50;s and her mum mid 30’s. her mum was sexy and she j=knew men liked her. She had no idea that she was Jim’s slut.Jim took her upstairs to his bedroom.He told her to undress to her bra and panties. She said no and he shouted “fucking does it bitch or I will rip them off”She slipped off her clothes and he looked at her.“mmmmm better than I imagined.”By now he was naked he was cubby and hairy and a cock stuck out. She was find out later he was not massive at around 6 inches.He moved to her and kissed her lowering her to the bed one hand explored her boobs in her bra stroking her now erect nipples. He removed the cotton bra and sighed in happiness as he moved his lips and sucked at her sensitive nipples. Janey did not want to enjoy this but moaned as his tongue and lips explored her.Now a hand was sliding in her panties. Janey instinctively spread her legs and Jim laughed. His rough fingers began to move on her now slick pussy. She felt amazed at how good it felt ad he fingered her tight hole and clit. She had never felt like this and after a few minutes of his expert manipulation she felt an orgasm building. She screamed as she came.Jim looked at her“mmmmm good slut. We will have some fun”TBC?