Jan Story 2


Jan Story 2Story 2 by JanThis one is going back to when Jim and I were getting to know each other. I had been divorced for a few years and was enjoying the dating scene. We had spent some time talking about each others likes and dislikes. Well when Jim let me know he loved seeing a woman in a short skirt, I got excited. I hadn’t worn a short skirt in a very long time and now I have a chance to be with a guy that likes that.I had dated a few guys before Jim, that had made some comments when I wore a skirt that was above my knee. Needless to say, they didn’t last with me very long. I actually didn’t have very many short skirts at that time, but I decided to wear one for Jim the next time we went out.Jim picked me up, and noticed right a way that I had a skirt on, and that it was short. Jim complimented me on how good I looked, and let me know he was pleased to see me in a short skirt. I got the feeling though that he was not really satisfied with it. I started thinking, oh no, here is another guy that doesn’t like the idea of me wearing short skirts in public.Well, we went to a nice restaurant and had dinner. Jim was being very nice to me, but I could still sense that there was something that he wasn’t saying. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I came right out and confronted him with it. I looked him straight in the eye, and I asked him if he had a problem with me wearing a short skirt.I was braced for the worse, and his response was just not what I had expected. He looked at me and said, “Well, Jan I guess I should have been a little more clear about that. Yes, I appreciate that you wore a short skirt for me tonight, but I what I really meant was I like mini skirts, or should just say, the shorter the skirt the better.Needless to say, I was relieved. Then I looked at him, and asked, is there anything else? He lit his cigarette, and said, you don’t want to hear it. Well, that is just not good enough for me so I pushed it. Jim took a drag off his cigarette, and said, well Jan the shorter the better, and I like it sometimes without underwear. I said is that all, and smiled quite a bit.I had worn mini skirts before, but I had never taken the chance of wearing one without my panties. I thought about this, and thought it might be fun to at least try that. Well, konak escort the next day, I had Jim take me to a local mall. We have about 5 of them within a half hour from our home. We went to three of them before I found what I wanted.Jim was enjoying the hell out of our shopping spree. I only got three mini skirts, but it cost me $210.00. Then I got a few tops, and while I was trying them on, I asked Jim how he felt about bra’s. He looked at my chest, and said, I like sexy bra’s, but I do prefer a woman being bra less most of the time. So I tried them on without my bra, and came out of the dressing room to model for him.Let me tell you guys something. With tits this size, it is not easy to find a top that I can wear bra less with out being toooo obvious. We had a fun time doing this too. I would come out of the dressing room, and some guy would be waiting for his wife to go try on her stuff. I would come out, and I mean come out and Jim had eyes as big as oranges. But this guy standing off to the side, had eyes as big as cantaloupes. He just stared and stared at me. I looked down, and my arolea was showing on my left tit.Then I looked up at the guy standing there, and he looked at my face. When he realized that I had caught him looking at my tits, his face got red and he turned around. Jim had this big smile on his face and I asked him if he liked that (the guy looking) and all Jim could do was shake his head in approval. I went back into the dressing room, and put on another top. You guessed it, this one was about the same.I came out this time, and the guy was standing behind one of the racks of clothes, but he was looking my way. Jim checked me out, and was very pleased. I made sure that my arolea’s were both showing, then went over to a spot where this guy could get a very good look. I started going through the clothes on the rack, and found a reason to bend over, and both tits fell out of my top. When straightened up, this guy was staring like he had never even seen tits before let alone these big uns. I walked over towards this guy, and he just stared at my tits. I was standing in front of him, about three feet away and I asked him if he thought the top looked good. He studdered, then said yes it does, boy I wish my wife would konak escort bayan wear tops like that. Then I slowly put my tits back into my top, and went back to the changing room. Yes I did get that top.We had some more shopping to do, and I asked Jim if he would like me to wear my new clothes while we were shopping. He thought that would be fun, so I changed into the clothes I had just bought. I had on my black pullover, and my white guess skirt. We stopped at a Coney island, and had something to eat. I went to the rest room, and took off my panties and put them into my purse. We sat there and talked for awhile, then we left.I had forgotten that I had taken my panties off, but when walked out the doors of the mall, a real nice cool breeze shot up my skirt, and boy did it feel good on my pussy. At first, I became very self conscious of my panty less pussy, and kept holding my skirt down. We got in the car, and headed for another mall.Again, I had forgotten that I had taken off my panties, and as I walked towards the mall entrance, I felt a breeze on my pussy, soI kept reaching down to make sure nothing was showing. I gotta tell ya though, it really feels good not to have panties on under my skirt. It doesn’t take much of a breeze, and it gets my pussy excited.We walked around the mall for a long time looking for more skirts and tops. We couldn’t find anything that we were happy with, so we decided to look at shoes. By this time I was enjoying myself. We went up the escalator to a shoe store, and I didn’t reach down to pull on my skirt once. When we got to the top, I turned around, and there were a couple of men looking up, and boy did they have big smiles on their faces.Well, we got to the shoe store, and looked around then after deciding which shoes I wanted to look at we sat down. A very nice looking guy around 25 came over to wait on us. He brought over one of those stools to sit on in front of me, and measured my foot. At first, I put my hand on my lap to hide my pussy. He came back and gave me some footies, so I could try on the shoes. As I was slipping them on, he was getting a small look up my skirt, but I am sure he didn’t see my pussy. But the thought that he might excited me.Then he put a shoe on my foot, and escort konak he sort of pushed my foot just a little higher in the air than I think he needed to. I got up and walked around, looked in the mirror, then sat down to try another pair on. He put his hand on my ankle, and raised my foot, took off one shoe, then put on another one. Again, I walkaed around and look in the mirror. I came back over to the salesman, and asked him to put the other shoe on.I sat down, and this time I was sitting on the edge of the seat. I put my foot up on the stool, and he took hold of my ankle and raised my foot to take off one shoe, and put the other on. I put my foot on the floor, and asked Jim what he thought about the shoes. He looked down at the shoes, and all of a sudden got this REAL big smile. I looked down, and got REAL excited. I had one foot on one side of the stool, and one foot on the other side of the stool. At first I kinda froze, as I realized, my legs were spread quite a bit, and my skirt was above my hairline.Of course this being my first time going around panty less it wasn’t just hair showing. I reached down and pulled my skirt down to cover my pussy, then looked at the guy, and said I’m sorry, I forgot I didn’t have panties on. He smiled and said “you don’t have to apologize, I’m enjoying the view”. Needless to say, I was getting turned on. I decided to try on another pair of shoes, and I when I came back to the salesman, (still sitting on the stool) I pulled my skirt up and sat down, and you guessed it, I spread my legs so my pussy showed. I was starting to get wet I was getting so turned on. The salesman went to ring up my shoes and I quickly talked to Jim about what was happening. Jim was having just as much fun as I was. His cock was as hard as a rock, and when the salesman same back with my shoes, I noticed he had a bulge in his pants too.He sat on the stool, and I leaned over and thanked him for looking at my pussy. Just as I said that one of my nipples popped out. He smiled as I pulled my top up, and spread my legs even farther apart. Then Jim and I got up to leave, and the salesman tapped me on the shoulder, and pointed down. I looked, and when I stood up, my skirt did not come down, it just stayed there above my hairline. I pulled it down and Jim and I left.Well, we both found that we enjoyed other men looking at me. We spent the next week talking about it, and made plans for the future. If this is the kind of stories you guys like, then there will be more, and you’ll find out what Jim and I planned.