James’s Party Sue gets used


James’s Party Sue gets usedJames called me while I was at work inviting Sue and myself to his 40th birthday party, well I suspected it was just an excuse to get his leg over Sue again and claim another pair of her wet panties as a trophy.We hadn’t seen James for the best part of a year, Sue had decided dogging wasn’t her thing, well not regularly anyway and I was getting my thrills exposing her in public, although if truth be known I was always looking for a way to have her taken unknowingly, as the night she unwittingly took James at the glory hole.I had tried over the last two years but to set something up unsuccessfully and she wasn’t as naive any more, well not entirely.James new I didn’t just want him turning up every so often and just using Sue, although I am sure she would be ok with it, he new what turned me on though.“James, I was hoping yourself and Sue might like to come over to mine next Saturday for a few drinks and some nibbles it’s my 40th.”Oh I don’t know “James,”look I have invited a few mates “ oh I see! “No, there are three mates and two couples, Rose and Jennifer and their husbands, Sue met them the other year at the wedding”I know you James, he interrupted again.” Well I have come up with something that I know you will like, i have set up a glory hole in one of the bedrooms and have a plan that will let you see Sue duped, that’s as well as my getting some action but I’ll need your help.”If I ask her James she’ll be suspicious straight away, why don’t you call her and if she mentions it to me I’ll encourage her,Ok I’ll call her this afternoon and we’ll take it from there.That evening over tea sue told me she had a call from James.” James phoned me today” did he, what’s he up to these days,” he has invited us to an informal drinks party at his place for his 40th birthday” If I know him he just wants a birthday fuck.“ No he has invited some couples we met at the wedding I think it’s all above board” yeah right.” So you don’t want to go then”, when is it, this Saturday. Well we haven’t been out for a while so I suppose if your up for it,” yeah I think it will be nice to meet up again”, you know he’s going to try and get in your knickers,” mmmmmm”I’ll tell him were coming then, well ok if you want.James rang me the next day,hi mate, your coming then !Sue text me, yeah she seems quite keen. What have you got in mind ,well I have made a door up with a glory hole in it and fitted it to my bedroom closet, it runs next to the closet for the spare room and they separate the two rooms.I don’t under stand,” well the I have done some work so that if your in the spare room you can enter the closet and I have removed the partition between so that its one closet with a door to each room. I still don’t see how that leads to Sue fucking someone unknown.Look trust me, they will be at the party so not strictly strangers but Sue wont know its them, all will become clear on the night, you just have to play along with me.Ok whatever, I cant believe i am doing this, i am not sure she will be up for anything untoward and she’ll be on her guard.” It will be fine.Saturday came and the first sign that there would be some fun, Sue went shopping and bought new lingerie, it was a set consisting of a half cup black bra with dark red embroidery and matching pants that were quite full, sheer at the back and front with some embroidery across the front and matching suspenders. Then I noticed she had bought a matching thong as well. Why two pairs of pants I asked,” just in case, I’ll bring a pair in my bag” Well that confirmed she wasn’t going to miss a chance of James’s cock.Sue dressed in the new lingerie and chose the thong to wear; she looked hot in the new outfit teamed with black stockings with lace tops. She put on a fairly new party dress, it was black but it had sparkly bits through the material, the skirt part was pleated from the waist and relatively short. The top of the dress was high around the neck but there was a sheer panel in the front with lace and you could see her clevage. The back also had the same shear material and lace at the top of her back and it zipped down the back. Sue teamed her outfit with clack heels in suede with and ankle strap and peep toes decorated with a black bow.Wow you look hot, arnt you a bit over dressed,” no I don’t think so” well i am sure James will be impressed, she ignored my comments. We arrived and James took us through to his lounge and introduced us to his three friends,Pete,Chris and Les who of course I remembered as Jame’s dogging mate,The two couples we knew from a wedding we attended.James had some music on and there was loads of booze, everyone was chatting away, James interrupted and said he was going to bring some food in and who wanted a top up. As he headed to the kitchen he asked Sue to give him a hand and off she followed, I was just beging to wonder were they had got to (well what they were up to) when James brought a fresh round of drinks and Sue followed with a couple of plates of food. Sue said she was just going to make up some more bits in the kitchen, Rose and Jenifer offered help, no its ok James and I have it in hand, and they disappeared for at least another 10mins.I was dying to know what they were up to especially as I new James food was all pre prepared but stayed chatting in the lounge.When they returned Sue had a nice glow to her cheeks and she seemed to take care with her skirt when sitting. We all dove into the food and the night went on with all downing quite a lot of alcohol. James had put the music off and put a DVD on of a well-known comedian, which was going down well.An hour latter after the dvd was over, Rose and Dave said they had better be off home as it was nealy midnight, to which Jennifer added us too i am afraid as we need to let the baby fethiye escort sitter off, James showed them out and returning said “well you’re the only woman left Sue, we will have to make sure us boys don’t leave you out” Sue blushed, she knew hew was being naughty.Sue was sat on the sofa alone now Les, Pete, Chris and myself on kitchen chairs, James had been sitting opposite the settee in a leather easy chair that was quite low. On return he suggested Sue try his comfy chair and the lads could sit on the more comfortable settee and armchairs before asking me to help him put the chairs back in the kitchen. Out in the kitchen James told me all was going to plan,” you need not worry he said Sue is well hot” Whilst in the kitchen earlier he confided he had put his hand up Sue’s skirt. She lifted it showing of her new panties and told him when they were wet she was going to give them to him as birthday present.He told her we better get them wet now then as I cant wait any longer for my present. James laid her back on the table moved the panties aside and finger fucked her, placing the panties back until she had delivered our food and on their return to the kitchen he said he fulfil one of his fantasies.” What was that”, he laid her back again and panty fucked her, pulling her thong down low on her hips so that he could push the triangle of material deep into her pussy drenching it. James reached into his pocket and pulled out the still damp thong, he replaced it saying yes, she is sitting in there opposite those three with no panties on and in that chair her knees will be up in the air, if she parts them the least bit the boys are going to get a nice view. I could feel my cock hardening; James went on to say all’s going well and that Chris and Pete will be leaving in a minute and winked. What! The front door will open and close but they will be in the spare bedroom and closet he said. Just play along, I have a few things to arrange in here then I’ll be back, you go and catch a look at your Mrs and the boys.I walked in the lounge and straight away, I could see Sue’s stocking clad thigh as her pleated skirt fell away from underneath her as she was sitting forward and her knees were parted, Sue had had a good few drinks and i am sure she was oblivious to the guys leering, as their gaze was toward her and the TV beside her.I am sure her mind was occupied with thoughts of James’s cock.James returned, who wants another drink. Pete and Chris say no they had to work the weekend and should go, as they were up early. As I chatted to Les I heard the door open and James bid them farewell before it closed again.James came in well its just us then, what games can we get up to, I know how about who’s cock is it!Sue’s eyes widened, oh I forgot that’s not fair said James, Sue cant tell one from another, I wondered what he was doing goading her wont get her pussy out, Sue embarrassed in front of Les said yes I can. Then Les joined in oh no cant, Sue looked at him agog, James said I forgot to tell you Sue that Les with me the first night we met Sue went red, he wasn’t, oh yes he was.Well I can tell the difference I just never looked that night,ok said James we’ll put it to the test then, grabbing Sue by the wrist he lead her across the hall to his bedroom.We stood opposite the closet door, James picked up a blindfold off the bed, Les and hubby go in the closet and you put this on,” I am not wearing that, I am not sucking their cocks “ said Sue. I looked at James, its going wrong already I thought,Ok then they go in the closet and take it in turn to stick their cocks through and you pick out which is hubbys,”Sue what then”, well you suck it and fuck it.“Sue” no I am not falling for that, I know your game it will be Les’s. cock both times Ah I have thought of that, James produces a red bingo dabber, you mark hubbys cock they come out and whoever has the mark goes back in and you pay the forfeit.Sue, “ what’s that “ suck it and fuck it! I am not doing that Sue said, so we’re right you can’t even tell your own husbands cock. Yes I Can, I am just not putting on a show for everyone. Well said James if your so sure, if you pic hubby you can pick a forfeit for us and you don’t have to fuck hubby in front of us but if your wrong you have to fuck and suck Les and be our blindfolded slave!No! It’s a silly game anyway, look said James even if you can’t recognise hubbies cock you have a 50/50 chance to pick him, come on don’t be a party pooper.Truth be know Sue was horny and wanting James’s cock, she knew full well James would have planned to have her used when she agreed to invite but she couldn’t resist James’s lure. After all it would just be James when she picked hubbies cock out and she was confident she could do that even in her tipsy state.Well ok then! Les and I stripped to go in the closet, Sue trying to get a good look at our cocks.I went in first followed by Les and James turned the light on, James shielding Sues view shut the ply door quickly. Sure enough the closet was long and Pete and Chris were at the other end. Chris swapped places with me; he had something in his hand another red bingo dabber!Sue complained outside, come on then cant you decide who’s first. Les stuck his semi through the hole, there was a pause “ok next” Chris stuck his semi through ooah Sues voice changed. (James had picked two clean dogging mates whom he new at average dicks like mine and Les’s)Swap again she ordered, she was taking this real serious, Les stuck his out again. Err Err swap again said Sue; she couldn’t believe she couldn’t recognise it but she plumped for Chris and dabbed his cock.Chris nodded to Les and handed his dabber to him and Les dabbed his cock as Chris withdrew to the other end of the closet.The door opened and Les and I exited, Sue looked escort fethiye down at my cock,”no mark”, she glanced over at Les and seen the splodge of red. James grinned, handed Les a flannel to wipe it off and turned to Sue. Well well! Said James, I was right, you’re in the closet then Les.Les smiled and entered with the flannel, once inside he handed it to Chris who quickly wiped the red dot away and pushed his cock through the hole.Sue knelt down taking a long look at the cock, did she see a difference, the answer came as she leant forward taking it between her lips and began slowly bobbing on and off the tip of his cockshy went to town on it, slurping vigorously up and down his shaft. I think her intention was to get him close to the edge as she could so that he wouldn’t be able to fuck her for long. Sue pulled off his cock, it glistened and Chris’s veins stuck out,”that’s ready “ she said and got to her feet turning and rubbing her knees, as she did Chris’s cock disappeared and was replaced by another that was noticeably different, not so veiny and dry. Sue was to busy trying to gather her full skirt out of the way and positioning her self back to the door. There was no hesitation as she dropped a hand between her legs holding the dick up as to her pussy as she pushed back onto it and it slipped into her wetness with ease. There was a muffled groan of pleasure from the closet as she rocked back and forth onto it. I took my cock out and stroked it as I stood next to her ass watching the cock slip in and out of her pussy coated in her juices. James had his cock out and was presenting it to Sue’s lips, she wrapped her right hand around it and took his head in her lips plunging ever deeper down his shaft, and she was steadying herself with her left hand on his hip. James took hold of her head and began fucking her mouth matching her rocking rhythm. It was an awesome sight her ass cheeks banging back against the door and her red nail varnished fingers wrapped around James’s cock, I wonder who’s cock was in her now Pete maybe Les.No matter knowing she was being tricked and not knowing was doing it for me, my cock was harder than ever. Sue pulled of James’s cock, looking back at the door holding her ass back against it,There was a groan from the closet, Sue was taking her first load of the night and a look of satisfaction for whatever reason came across her face. She pulled forward and the cock fell from her shaved pussy sporting a string of cum, standing legs planted apart she asked me to unzip her as she held up the skirt of her dress, she didn’t want her party dress staining. I unzipped her took hold of the skirt as she lifted her arms in the air and I hoiked the dress over her head before laying it on the bed.Turning back, the cock was gone from the door and Sue was kneeling taking James’s cock once again, the closet opened and Les emerged whispering in my ear Pete enjoyed that! We feasted on the site, of Sue in stockings and suspenders bobbing on James’s cock, her fleshy white tits flopping up and down in her bra.Les knelt down behind her and slipped a couple of fingers between her legs massaging her cum leaking pussy smearing the juices over her bald mound, flicking them in her making her gag and miss her stroke on James pulling off him.James pulled Sue to her feet, lets go to the kitchen I want you across the table, Sue smiled “that sounds nice” James led her through the hall toward the kitchen and Les and I followed. Entering the kitchen I could see James had prepared a few things, there was a sheepskin rug on the long pine table and I noticed a pile of ropes on the sideboard. Sue hadn’t noticed the ropes; she would never agree to any bondage at home, I could feel my cock twitch as mind raced.Sue asked why the rug, James told her it was just for her comfort and helped her up, she lay back but her legs dangled uncomfortably with her pussy level with the front of the table to allow access. James quickly positioned a chair at each table leg for her to rest her feet on.James picked up the ropes and Sue immediately protested that she wasn’t being tied, James reassured her that it was to stop the chairs moving, as he tied a slip knot around her ankles through the chair backs securing her to the table legs. He moved up the side of the table leaning over kissing her before slipping another loop around her left wrist raising her arm and attempting to secure it to the table leg. Again Sue complained, James told her he wouldn’t do it tight and that it was just a birthday fantasy. Sue surprised me by agreeing as long as they weren’t tied tight, James secured both wrists to the far table legs, her arms above her head but loose enough for her to move her arms although not far enough for to reach down to her head, she was now bound helpless.The three of us stood at the end of the table admiring her knees spread wide her high heels resting on the chairs, those sexy stockings covering all but her soft white thighs which framed her now gaping pussy showing a coating of juices, her stomach rising and falling with deep breaths of anticipation.Sue was spread wide and helpless for whatever James had in mind, he pulled the blindfold from one pocket and as expected Sue complained bitterly. No I am not wearing that! James ignored her protests as he went around the table to place it on her,” James I am not wearing that” and she tried to wriggle and move her head, she continued protesting and James removed something else from his other pocket, it was her thong, James bunched it up and pushed it in her mouth and continued to apply the blindfold. James told her it would heighten her senses and if she stopped wriggling about he would remove the gag. Sue calmed and lay still accepting her fate, James pulled out the thong.Now unable to fethiye escort bayan see James sent Les for Chris and Pete who were patiently waiting in the bedroom. When they entered the kitchen they both grinned from ear to ear, Sue asked what are you doing, James told her we were just sorting out who was going to pleasure her first, he whispered to Chris and Pete to help themselves and told Sue the boys are going to warm you up for me. Chris stood between her thighs and started rubbing his cock up and down her sticky pussy lips; she flinched at first touch but then relaxed. Pete had made his way around the table and freed her tits pulling her bra up over them and set about sucking her nipples. Chris had the head of his cock between her lips pushing it up and down its length teasing her hole, and then he took aim and pushed the head in her vagina pausing there and taking hold of her hips. He thrust forward ramming his full length into her in one go, Sue gasped and her bindings went tight as she pulled her arms down.The waiting had Chris worked up and he went at her for all he was worth, pumping in and out vigorously he was on a mission. He lasted longer than I expected before he tensed deep inside her and released is sperm accompanied by a few short jabs of his hips. Pete had made is way to the end of the table to replace him but Les stepped in as soon as Chris withdrew. Chris’s cum never had time to ooze out as Les slowly pushed his length into her and took up a steady pace.Sue moaned with pleasure as he squelched back and forth, her nipples had reddened and stuck out proudly, James rubbed his hands over her belly and up to her tits, talking all the time telling her how hot and wet she was and how he was looking forward to getting his Big cock into her cum filled pussy. She let out a series of squeals and shouted out oh god oh god as she had a massive orgasm brought on by James as much as Les’s cock.I couldn’t believe the sight before, was this really my wife of late our sex life had been sedate but her she was spread before five guys being used as a cum slut. I was living out my fantasies but was she enjoying it, she had a lot more to come. I told myself she must of known deep down that she was going to be used by several cocks coming to James’s, she must just from past experience. Les grunting and reaching his climax awaked me from my thoughts and as he did I noticed Sue tense up but no yells, she had another climax.Les took his time, holding himself inside her for a minute before slowly pulling out his stiffening cock; it flowed out with a load of cum that dripped down onto the kitchen floor.Sue took a deep breath and seemed to relax,” give me a moment James” she said, obviously expecting him next but Pete was already lining up, he paused waiting a minute slowly winking his cock before moving his cock to her gaping hole that was slowly contracting. Pete nudged her hole and Sue let out a pleasing mmmmmmmexpecting James, Pete pushed forward slipping in with ease to his full length.Sue tried to reach her blindfold as she asked who’s that, James said the boys aren’t satisfied yet and Pete began stroking in and out, she moaned but it was obvious she was a bit tense and must have been wondering if Les and myself could both recover this quick but she settled as James kissed and fondled her breasts. She was breathing heavy and Pete took up a good speed slapping into her thighs, she yelled out fuck fuck F*** and came again, Pete continued grinding into her through her orgasm.Pete looked back at me mouthing he was near, I readied to replace him quickly, he pulled out his coated cock and I slipped into her open pussy. What the F*** Sue said who’s that, I said its me honey! She raised her head as if to look down but it was useless with the blindfold. I pumped into her sloppy pussy lubricated by all the cum, it soon worked up my shaft and as I looked down I could see I coating her lips and mound as it oozed from around my shaft.I looked up to see Sue rubbing her head against her upper arm trying to dislodge it, James got Pete and Chris to move to the head of the table out of Sues line of sight and kissed her as he removed the blindfold, she was struggling to adjust her eyes, her lifted to look down to her pussy, seeing me pumping into her and Les cock in hand James to her side she had a quizzical look on her face.I could feel my load swelling inside me as Sue lowered her head back to the table but as she did she rolled her eyes upward to see Pete and Chris, I let go just as she blurted a load of expletives,”You Bastards I knew it “ she said as I pulled out of her.James said yeah but too late, Sue lay there eyes closed as we gathered to watch our handy work seeping from her gaping hole forming strings that broke away and landed in globs on the floor.James slipped three fingers into her scooped out more cum to drip to the floor before mopping juices from her pussy with his trophy thong, We untied her legs to her relief and James moved between them feeding his large member slowly into her, Sue gave out a few ahgg’s as she took his full 9inch length. As she began riding her she wrapped her heels and legs around him, a smile came back to her face and we untied her wrists,James hooked his arms under her legs pulling them upward as he humped into her, her moans turning to squeals as she orgasamed again but James continued. the rest of us groped at her tits and body, until another orgasm welled inside her ,she became very vocal screaming out “James yes yes yes fuck me” This sent James over the top and he add his load into her.Sue had to give a few blowjobs before using James’s shower and dressing with her spare panties. James phoned a cab and we had some coffee while we waited.In the cab Sue asked if I had known, I said no I didn’t but I assumed that James had planned for Les to join him. I told her I had warned her but she was the one that wanted to go. NO MORE WAS SAID BUT SHE WAS STILL LEAKING CUM IN THE MORNING AND HER PUSSY WAS SWOLLEN FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS.