It’s Gonna Be A Long Summer Part 1


It’s Gonna Be A Long Summer Part 1Before I begin I should say I am about 6 feet tall 185 pounds. 50 percent Greek and the other half being Irish and English. ————————————-School has been out for 2 weeks now and initially I was estatic. Elated. But as most summers tend to go boredom crashes down rather quickly and I find my mind wandering. Sometimes I literally wander around the house just looking for something- anything – to do.And when I get bored (not unlike most teen guys my age) My hands wander towards my cock. I am a very horny person and it doesn’t take much to get me aroused.Normally I have to use my imagination to masturbate because the computer in our house is, for whatever reason, is in my mom and step-dad’s room.But since it is summer during the day nobody was home! My sister is at her boyfriend’s house! The computer is all mine!Since I do not normally get this fine oppurtunity to watch porn I take full advantage. At first I go and read some stories to really get myself in the mood. After I get a nice hard-on I start to pull up some videos. Oh this was glorious! Beautiful! I was sick and tired of having to use my imagination for masturbation. Nothing beat this. I was really taking my time with this masturbation session. So I took a couple breaks. During one of my breaks I noticed my mother’s hamper by the door. I notice her used golden colored panties sittting at the top.Typical situation right? Used panties. We have all seen it. In porn videos or stories. Its the oldest trick in the book. Often times in these videos or stories the guy sniffs the panties and the smell is intoxicating. In most cases leading to the fella cumming into them.In many cases in these videos the dude gets caught by someone.My mind was racing. These were my MOM’S panties for crying out loud. But I also couldn’t help but be curious as to what used panties smell like. I was curious. I was curious and horny.Also, It wasn’t as if my mother wasn’t attractive.She a deep shade of auburn hair that have always found beautiful. Even at 42 I often catch my friends eyes wandering towards her still rather supple 36C cup breasts. Standing at about 5 foot 6 inches in height, I would geuss istanbul escort she weighed around 140 pounds. So there was a nice thickness to her. I must have sat there for twenty minutes contemplating this predicament.Eventually I gave in and reached for my mother’s used panties, sat on the bed and raised them to my nose to give them a deep whiff. WOW! They smelled wonderful. The reaction in my cock was instant. It raised itself to its full potential of nearly seven inches and a decent thickness to it. Once I started sniffing them there was no stopping me. My mind went primitive and I felt like a b**st, paying no mind to my surroundings or the possible consequences. The smell was just overwhelming. I was licking them and sucking out her female juices she left inside them. All the while masturbating with the intent on shooting my load into them.I must have been a minute from blowing my load when the door opened up and my step-dad walked in to the room.I must have been masturbating for hours! He doesn’t get home till 4:30 and I started on the computer aroound noon!He saw everything. I panicked and tried covering up with a blanket on their bed but if I was being honest with myself I knew it was no use. This entire situation was hopeless. I was busted. I immediately scolded myself for being so stupid. Worse yet my step-dad and I already do not get along so I knew he was only going to make this whole thing a nightmare.Once I covered up I quickly looked over towards the computer and to my horror all the porn was still open plain as day. This seriously couldn’t get any worse. I was straight up panicking.On the verge of tears I looked up at my step-father and stammered, “Vince please I know this is bad..””Shut up! I am thinking!” he yelled.I was scared. I had no idea what he was about to say. He looked mad obviously. His mind was racing, I could tell. He was already sweaty from working out in the sun all day. He owns his own landscaping business so he always comes home tired and takes a two hour nap. But today instead of a cozy bed to deal with he found me jacking off in it.He has always landscaped. He has the body for avcılar escort it at six-foot three inches tall and roughly 220 pounds. His job keeps his body toned and tanned. He has jet black hair and a biggish Italian nose.Finally, after a long while, he spoke with an evil grin on his face. “You are in a tough spot huh Dave?”.I gulped. “Please don’t tell my mom! I am so sorry just please keep this a secret!””I have a deal for you”I just stared.”You see Dave I come home tired everyday. With your mother so busy with her new promotion she has no time to fulfill my needs. Every man has needs Dave. But I will no longer waste time giving a speech.” What he does next catches me completely off guard.He slides onto the bed and traps me between his legs. He smells of sweat and dirt. The next thing he says is in a whisper right into my ear.”I won’t tell your mother of your perverted little secret as long as I can use you as my cum bucket. Anytime I want you. Your debt will be payed off by the end of the summer. What do you say Dave?”At first I was shocked. I thought of just saying no but I knew I had no choice. If he told my mother she would never look at me the same again. My mother and I have a great relationship. I don’t want to ruin it. So really the answer was simple.”Fine”. I say.He rolls off me and lounges back on the bed with a smirk. “Unzip me”.I reluctantly move over and nervously, with shaking hands grab his waist and find the small zipper of his jeans.I then undo the button pull down his blue striped cotton boxers. His cock is semi-hard already and smells of salt and sweat. I find myself staring.”We don’t have all day.” He says, getting impatient. Slowly I grab his meat and start to move it up and down using his own sweat as lubrication. This whole situation is crazy. I honestly can’t believe its happening.After only a few strokes he is rock hard. This obviously turns him on. Once fully erect I see his impressive girth. Just topping eight inches and significantly thicker than I am.”I want your mouth.” he orders.I knew it was coming so I don’t take too long to get moving. I just wanna get him to blow his load and be done with it.I center myself şirinevler escort in front of him and lower my head towards his giant mushroom head. Pre-cum leaking from his pisshole. I put the giant head in my mouth and slide in and out playing with it. The pre-cum tasted mostly of salt as does the head. I find myself wondering what the real full-on load will taste like.Soon he tells me to go deeper so I oblige. I am three inches down his salty shaft and realize I can’t go on much deeper. He senses it and rudely shoves the back of my head nearly all the way down. I was annoyed at first but now I see its easier to go deeper now. I start to go deeper down now because I know thats what I like from my past girlfriends and it makes me cum faster. I need to get this over with.All the while I hear groans of pleasure from Vince. He is loving it.Soon my nose is buried in his short, trimmed pubes. I gag slightly. Not too much but a little. I let his cock sit in my mouth and deep in my throat for a few seconds before I raise my head and start bobbing my head at a steady pace, varying depth and pace trying to get this guy off!In the room all you can hear is Vince’s soft moaning and the sounds off me slurping and sliding all over his now slobbery cock. “Wow boy, you have some skills with that mouth.” he whispers in pleasure.His moans come more rapid and louder I now he is a few minutes- maybe seconds -away from blowing his jizz down my throat. Before he does though he pulls out his cock and pushes me onto MY back and puts his balls in my mouth trapping my upper body with his legs. I am forced to suck his salty balls. Juggling them in my mouth with his still hard cock sitting across my face. I receive his testicles for a few minutes then he slides his cock back in and starts fucking my moth vigorously. So fast and deep. So fast. At this point my own saliva is being flung all over the place. All of a sudden he shoves his meat in my throat the deepest it can go and I know his thick load is about to spray down my throat. Finally It happens I feel him shudder inside me and the first wave of cum flows out and soothes my sore throat. It tastes odd. And yet again, salty. It slides down my throat wave after wave. It must have been a record. I know I never came that much. In the middle of him cumming in my mouth the front door in the living room opens up and footsteps steadily approach the bedroom. My mother is seconds away from seeing my step-fathers cock deep in my mouth!And I thought this couldn’t get worse!Part 2 ?