It’s Complicated

Alice Miller

Happy to finally be free of that stuffy classroom, Jaylyn James bolts out the door and towards the student lounge. History was her least favorite subject and to no ones surprise, it was also the class with the heaviest workload. She was starting to regret putting it off until her senior year, but she didn’t see reason in taking the class in the first place. After graduating college, she was going to pursue her career in writing. She wasn’t sure what type of writing, but she was sure that she’d never have to write about something that happened eighty years ago.

To add to her already steep mountain of homework, midterms were right around the corner, which meant long nights and lots of caffeine. She’d have to study extra for History because not only was there an exam, but also a twenty page paper due prior to the exam. It was enough to make her want to scream.

While walking through the flooded halls, a heated Maxine Burrows storms past muttering furiously under her breath, which could only mean one thing, he wasn’t far behind.


Cohen Pierce was bored rigid of this university and everything associated with it. Pierce had a talent for making the best of any situation if needed, but MSU was, in his mind, not worth the trouble. If it weren’t for his controlling father, he would be on the other side of the map attending the University of his choosing.

Before Pierce was born his father had his entire life planned out for him down to the jobs he’d take upon graduating. He was expected to run part of his father’s business. Life definitely wasn’t going the way he wanted, his only release was Hockey and he was damn good at it. Becoming captain of the team as a mere sophomore was something he valued because it had nothing to do with Jack Pierce, his father.

Pierce sat back in his chair and out of habit ran his fingers through his almost shoulder length wavy hair, when his thoughts were suddenly interrupted by someone brave enough to not only invade his personal space, but more than that, sit on his lap. He immediately opened his eyes to see the one person he thought he was rid of. His mood went from fed up to pissed off. He actually entertained the thought of throwing her across the room.

“Pierce baby, I’m beginning to think you’re ignoring me” Maxie whined tracing circles on his chest.

“I am.” Pierce said taking her hand off his chest.

“Why baby? I know you enjoy our little meetings just as much as I do.” She said grinding her ass into him.

Truth be told Maxie was good at what she did, but frankly, it was the only thing she was good at. Her overt sexuality got her just about anything she wanted. Every guy on campus knew her name and she made sure of it. She played the game and played it well. With the right amount of cleavage, she could have nearly any guy on campus falling at her feet. Maxie’s mistake was thinking that Pierce was one of those guys. He would make sure she never made that mistake again. There were plenty of able-bodied women willing to scratch his itch, all that aside, Pierce was over her and he needed to get his point across. One thing for sure he was going to miss Maxie’s lips wrapped around his dick…almost.

“Get the fuck off my lap,” he said giving her a slight shove that sent her storming down the hall and out of his way…if Kadıköy Ukraynalı Escort she’s lucky. Looking up, his green eyes returned from their dark cloudiness and back to its usual liveliness when he spotted, the person he could never tire of, walking in his direction.

Pierce and Jaylyn have been friends since middle school. Not only friends, but best friends. Growing up and living on the same street, nothing or no one could separate them not even now. They did just about everything together. They also went through some of the toughest times together. When he had no one Lyn was there. She was the first one there when his father drank too much and started to beat his mom and him. Lyn always left her bedroom window unlocked so Pierce had a place to escape to when it got really bad. The breaking point was when his mother finally left his father and, in the same breath, left her only son without word. She was there.

In high school, he experimented with several different drugs and started to skip out on school. He was disconnected to the point where he didn’t care about anyone, not even himself, but Jaylyn was there and she helped him through it. No matter what, she was always there. Senior year they both had plans to go to NYU and they were both accepted, but his father had other plans for Pierce and forced him to MSU. Jaylyn, despite Pierces’ protests, followed him to MSU saying, “New York can wait; besides you would die without me.”


“I saw Maxie, what did you do to her?.” Lyn said sitting her tall 5’9 build across from Pierce.

“All these year and you still think so little of me. I’m hurt.”

Pushing her next to black shoulder length hair behind her ears, she says,

“Cohen Pierce hurt? Who knew?”

“Ha Ha.” Pierce said, once again sitting back in his chair letting his brown hair fall over his eyes.

“What are you doing here? I thought you had a class this hour stop looking at me like that.”

“Like what? I do have a class this hour. I left early.”

“Like that! You know I hate it.”

“You love it.” He said with a lazy grin.

“You’re not as cute as you think you are.”

“The ladies love me, so I must be doing something right,” he finished with a wink.

“Whatever ugly.”


Jaylyn couldn’t help but laugh. Having Pierce around was home to her no matter where she was. She was happy she came to MSU with him. If she didn’t listened to him, her college experience wouldn’t have been enjoyable. She liked him being around, it gave her a since of security…a better since of security than the one she lost when her parents divorced. Even though Pierce had his own family issues, he made time for her. It was Pierces’ shoulder she cried on when her older brother Jackson died neither of her parents wanted to acknowledge that reality, they chose to act like he never existed. It tore her apart because other than Pierce, Jackson was all she really had.

That was around the time she met Stark, her on again off again high school ‘sweetheart.’ She was young and in her attempt to replace her brother she circled ‘yes’ for the first jackass that came around. Stark treated her like shit he cheated on her and verbally abused her. It wasn’t until the day Pierce accidentally walked Kadıköy Üniversiteli Escort in on Stark physically abusing her did he step in. She knew Pierce didn’t have to think twice, in the two seconds it took for him to lay Stark out. Even then Pierce wouldn’t let up. Stark got it back tenfold. If Jaylyn didn’t step in Stark would be dead and Pierce behind bars.

“Don’t go knockin’ the product before you’ve sampled the goods”


“Yea supply and demand Darlin’, the ladies demand and I supply.”

“Once again…Ew.” Jaylyn said turning her nose up. “Oh! That reminds me, Allison says to call her.”

“See what I’m saying? Demand and Supply.”

“What’s up with you two anyway? She seems to really like you.”

Pierce sits up raking his hand through his hair revealing the remnants of a black eye.

“There’s nothing up. I just fuck her.”

“You’re a dog. You should start treating her a little better. She likes you”

“Damn, it was good while it lasted.”

“So you’re done with her, just like that?” Jaylyn said resting her elbow on her knees.

“I don’t know yet. She’s a good ride,” he said matching her sitting position.

“One of these days someone is going to drop you like that.”

Ignoring her statement, he asks,

“It’s Friday, what are your plans? Ignoring your boyfriend again?”

“Shut up I don’t ignore him. It’s just crazy with school and work plus midterms are right around the corner. What am I supposed to do? Besides, he’s just as busy as I am so he’s not trippin’.”

“Don’t you have somewhere to be besides my business?” Jaylyn said crossing her honey brown arms.

“Actually I do.” Pierce said standing up, “The Ice.”


Moments like this made Pierce regret renting out the apartment on the top floor. Each step sent unsavory jolts of pain directly to his side. After fumbling with his keys Pierce practically stumbles into the living room of his off campus apartment. Practice was tough, it always is. Not due to the fact that for the most part it’s a contact sport, but as a result of the fact that both the captain and assistant captain were soon to graduate, which in turn meant the titles were up for grabs. Nearly every guy on the team wanted it and all together nearly every guy deemed it necessary to act out and over play the game. Unfortunately, for Pierce and his assistant captain, John, it meant taking gratuitous beatings from underclassmen trying to prove themselves worthy.

Closing the door behind him Pierce throws his body armor against the wall and with a slight limp heads for the shower. His ribs were surely bruised he knew that fact on impact. He was incredibly familiar leaving the ice with some kind of bump or bruise It was inevitable and became second nature to him. During every game and even in some practices he was used to having a few guys on him at once, all trying to eliminate the strongest player from the equation, but Pierce was ruthless on and off the ice, which earned him the well deserved title of the Spartan Hot Head. In actuality, Pierce was his father’s son and if he didn’t get anything else from his father he sure as hell inherited his short temper. The same temper landed him in anger management classes in high school, which were proving to be Kadıköy Vip Escort an obvious waste.

Walking in to his bathroom Pierce stripped down and headed for the shower, pausing in front of the mirror to eye the extent of tonight’s practice. His 6’3 frame was slightly hunched over with an obvious sheen of sweat covering his body. His powerfully built shoulders were a nice shade of red that led down his frame, stopped at his abdominals, and almost immediately led to a dark purple shade at his ribs. Junior, Dayton Wells was proving to be a rather strong player on the Ice, but if he wants the title like he says he does, being a good player is just not enough there’s more to it than merely having a “C” on your jersey. Any other practice Pierce would have handed it back to him times ten, but Wells was to start in the coming match and he couldn’t afford him being hurt.

Still looking at his reflection Pierce took note of his damp hair sticking to his face and forehead, noticing that the once black eye he was accustomed to seeing almost gone entirely. Hunching his shoulders to his painful physical state, he groaned and finally stepped in the hot shower only to hear his phone ring subsequent to stepping in. Pierce ignored it knowing that this was it for the night.


“Guess who.”

Startled away from studying Lyn, on impulse brought her hands to the ones covering her eyes and immediately knew who it was.

“Denzel Washington?” Lyn said smiling.

“Better than Denzel,” He said tilting her head and kissing her deeply.

“I don’t know about better, but you definitely rank.” Lyn whispered against Devin’s still parted lips. “How’d you know I was here?”

Taking the seat next to her Devin answered saying,

“It wasn’t hard. You’re always in the library.”

“Well I’m happy you found me.” She said giving him the once over.

“Good Come home with me.” He said.

Lyn loved looking at her man. He stood at 6’0; his complexion was that of milk chocolate with a pair of deep brown eyes to match. His hair was kept short which Lyn always thought complemented his facial structure as opposed to the deadlocks he had when she met him. She always enjoyed his company and it didn’t hurt that he was fine as hell, but fine wasn’t enough to pull them out of their drought. A few months ago Pierce and her went on an emergency trip back home, just for the change in environment. Devin didn’t want her to go, for one he didn’t like Pierce and for two he thought they spent too much time together for them to be just friends.

The way Devin saw it Jaylyn was his girl and she was supposed to spend most of her time with him and for the most part she did, but he also wanted her to stop talking to Pierce. He was really falling for her, but every time she had a problem she would she would go to Pierce and not him. It pissed him off knowing that he would never live up to the bond she had with another man. During the time she left back home, Devin found comfort in other women as payback. He figured if she was going to cheat then so was he.

“I can’t go back to your place. I have too much homework plus I have to get up early for work. Let’s go to Pierces match Friday. We can go to The Lounge after.”

Devin was obviously irritated with how Pierce seemed to ease his way into everything. Before Devin could answer, his phone went off. It was a text from another girl, maybe his weekend wouldn’t be a total loss. It would be easier for him to just end things with Lyn, but he figured that having her around come in handy.

“I’ll catch up with you later.” He kissed her on her forehead and left.