Italian Teases/Pleases Black Ch. 06

Big Dicks

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Carmina knelt before Kirk, looked up into his quizzical eyes, smiled devilishly and asked …

“Do blow jobs count as quickies?”

As her knees touched the floor, she began stroking his quickly hardening cock through his trousers and began unzipping them.

She reached inside and slid her fingertips over his bulge and tried to wrap her fingers around his thickness. She tried unsuccessfully to pull his now rock hard member through the slit of his briefs.

“I’d better slide your pants down so I can get to it.”

“You like sucking cock?”

“I rarely do it for my husband … Only when he’s drunk and demands it. But I never swallow his bitter spunk, because he tries to force me.”

“So why do you want to suck mine?”

“I dreamed the whole weekend about whether I could fit you in my mouth and I knew you wouldn’t force me to do anything I didn’t want to.”

As she slid his trousers down, she said “Hmm, I see you like to wear nice underwear too. Are these silk?” and began rubbing her cheeks against his groin. She tugged his snug black boxers down and began planting kisses on his cock moving slowly from the base up to the bulbous head.

She wrapped her hands around his shaft, stroked slowly, pursed her lips and pecked the throbbing head of Kirk’s rock hard cock.

She rocked back on her heels and looked down at her hand holding his now throbbing cock. “What a beautiful cock!”

“It so big … so black! I love the contrast of colors – your black and my tan!”

She began rubbing his cock across her face. “So smooth! And so very hot!” planting soft pecks up and down the shaft, “So hard!”, “So thick!”

“Its perfect! Who could ask for a better job benefit?” She began swirling her tongue around the shiny purple head, then planting soft kisses as she spoke.

“Its better than insurance!” She traced the thick veins of his member with the tip of her tongue.

“Its so much better than vacation!” She cupped his large testicles gently and planted soft kisses on his sac.

“Its much nicer than occasional time off with pay!” She lifted his hard cock, squatted lower to plant gentle kisses on the underside of the pulsing rod that now seemed the center of her universe.

“And best of all, its ALL MINE – the best perk ever!” As she swirled her tongue around the head of Kirk’s now seeping cock.

“Those Kadıköy Olgun Escort other women in the office can guess how it feels, but I’m the only one who really knows!”

“Your cock is my own special fringe benefit!”

Her lips glistening with a coating of clear precum, her tongue flicked quickly over them.

“Ummm, that’s sweet!”

She rubbed each cheek slowly up and down his shaft before settling back on her heels and opening her mouth.

“Now I want you to fill my willing mouth with my hot sweet benefits!”

As her now stretched thin lips attempted to surround the head of his cock, her eyes widened noticeably as she gazed up to his face in wonder. With a bit more effort and a slight thrust of his hips forward, the head slipped into her warm mouth.

She began bobbing her head on him as her hands slowly pumped his meat. After several minutes, beads of perspiration on her forehead and upper lip betrayed the level of her exertion. Kirk began pumping his hips a bit faster and she rose slightly on her knees to grip his ass cheeks as he pumped.

Kirk increased his pace and the depth of each stroke plunging deeper into her mouth. As he slid deeper she gagged slightly signaling a need for air. With each deeper stroke she became more acclimated to the tip of his thick cock coming into contact with her tonsils.

Her hands slid away from his cheeks and cupped her tits. She began alternating rolling her hard nipples between her fingertips and pinching them tightly.

Her brow was furrowed as he looked down on her sweat covered face. Reluctantly she withdrew his cock from her mouth. “I can’t do it. I can’t make you cum. My jaws are too tired.”

“I’ll have to help you then won’t I baby?” he crooned sliding his hand around his cock and pumping it slowly directly in front of her face.

She watched mesmerized as his strokes quickened. She slid one of her hands into her pants and Kirk could see her forearm flexing in unison with his quickening strokes. Her other hand cupped her breasts and squeezed her red-tipped nipples.

She began thrusting her hips against her hand and whimpering as her orgasm neared. She stiffened and sat more upright as she came. Her hips humping and gyrating, face contorted with her lips curled into a snarl she groaned loudly. “Arrrrraaaaaggggghhhhhh!”

Her eyes were fixed on his cock and the blurred pace of his hands. They flew wide open when the Kadıköy Sarışın Escort first rope of hot thick cum rocketed into the air. It struck her in the middle of her forehead and began streaming down either side of her nose.

Her mouth flew open as if to say something but was interrupted by the second burst which flew directly into her mouth. She coughed and gagged but was preempted by his filling her mouth with hard black meat and pumping stream after hot creamy stream of cum inside. Her cheeks puffed with each stroke and spurt. She tried valiantly to hold it all but the next spurt sent streams of cum dripping from the sides of her mouth, running onto her chin and dripping onto her chest.

She cupped her hands and caught the stream of cum dripping from her face trying to avoid arriving home with cum stained pants. Her hands were filling and her wedding ring was again coated with Kirk’s jism. She held her hands wide away from her body and struggled to stand. Recognizing her predicament, he bent, tucked his hands under her armpits and lifted her to her feet.

They walked up the stairs to the nearby powder room and, standing behind her, he flipped on the lights.

“Oh my goodness! I’m completely covered! So much cum! Do you always cum so much?”

“More or less.”

“That’s why my panties were still so full when I got home last week. I couldn’t put them in the hamper so I hid them to make sure Hubby didn’t see them!”

Then, gesturing to the cum moustache she was sporting, she mimicked a popular TV commercial – “Got milk?”

“Yep, there’s plenty more Man Milk where that came from!”

Still unsteady, she pressed her hips against the sink and did something that surprised him. She swirled her tongue across her lips to remove his cum … and swallowed – just what she’d earlier proclaimed she’d never done. She didn’t stop there as she licked her hands clean swallowing frequently and scooped the remaining cum from her tits and swallowed it too.

She triumphantly opened her mouth to show that it was all down the hatch and squealed “I did it and boy are you ever sweet!”

“That’s another first for me! I somehow get the feeling that I’m going to have many more ‘firsts’ with you. Hmmmm … maybe one day you’ll put me on the floor and give me a Man Milk bath from head to toe?”

“Your wish is my command!”

“I really like it that you don’t force me into anything. I’m starting to emerge Kadıköy Şişman Escort from my conservative cocoon. I want to fully explore my sexuality with you!”

“I’ll try not to disappoint!”

“Fat chance of that! For the first time in my life I’m feeling sexually alive!”

With that comment, she wiped her face with a cloth and asked Kirk to retrieve her purse from the living room. When he returned and handed it to her, she opened it and retrieved a small brown paper bag. She opened it and withdrew a bar of soap which she preceded to open.

“This is the brand I use at the gym. Is it OK if I leave it here so I can shower after you’re done ravishing my body?”

“Of course, that’s a good thought!”

She then removed a small box from the bag before crumpling it and tossing it into the trash.

“I’d better leave this too!”

Not recognizing the box, he frowned.

“Its douche so I won’t go home leaking your cream and needing to keep hiding my panties!”

“You seem to be thinking and planning ahead.”

“Yes, in hopes that you’re going to let me come back. Gio and I run together most days but he works late on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I hope you’ll let me get my workouts here on some of those days?”

“But of course!”

“Good!” she smiled, “I’d love that!” as she turned and started down the stairs to the garage.

Kirk kissed her deeply, opened her door as she slid behind the wheel. He opened the garage door and she started to back out.

She stopped, rolled down the driver’s side window and stuck her head out slightly. In a conspiratorial tone she whispered “I’m going to Victoria’s Secret this weekend to buy some things. Any particular color you want to see me in?”

“Surprise me! And you can model them for me any time you like!”

“And that I will lover! And THAT I will!”

With a finger wave, she backed out blowing and air kiss as she drove away.

Kirk chuckled as he closed the door – “Emerging from her cocoon indeed! From conservative assistant one week to insistent mail woman the next, to energetic cum swallower the next!”

“Now next week she’s got me looking forward to her lingerie modeling phase …!”

After she departed, his conversation with Carmina was still resonating in his head as he relaxed in his leather Charles Ames chair, feet on the ottoman and sipping wine as Grover Washington’s mellow sounds massaged his ears.

“First she claims she never swallows but in less than an hour she’s proclaiming her love for hot, thick and sweet Man Milk! Wow!” Kirk mused.

His reverie was interrupted by the phone ringing.

“Hi Sweetheart …!” It was his fiancé. Kirk heard the nervous inflection in her voice and sensed something was amiss.