innocent babysitting


innocent babysittingHer family lived a few doors away. She was 15yrs old her sister was 13years old and they lived with their mum and her boyfriend. I knew who the mum was, she told me she was going on night out in a different town and wouldn’t be back till the next morning, she couldn’t find a babysitter and asked if i would just do it for a little bit of money, being nice i offered to do it free, she was delighted and showed my to her house, and introduced me to her 2 daughters i would be babysitting, chelsea the elder and chloe the younger, i already knew who they was and they knew me, we are neighbours afterall.The time is now 10.30pm and the mother, Liz, started to makes moves on her late saturday night out with her boyfriend.After a while i watched a movie with both the girls, Chelsea the elder ordered her sister to go to bed, and so she did and then she went out the room herself leaving me alone in the front room. 10min later she came back, but oddly she now was wearing a very short black skirt and a really small tight top which to my amazement exposed how big her tits really was, i asked her if she was planing to go out or something, she replied no, its just what she felt comfortable in she said this in a very seductive manner, i thought anadolu yakası escort nothing of it and carried on watching the movie.With her just sat there with such an skimpy outfit on i couldn’t help but look i kept telling myself, she is too young i shouldnt be looking. It didnt help my eyes where no fixed on her legs, slowly i looked furthur n furthur up to her skirt i could see she was wearing red underwear, i moved higher up thinking there is no harm in just looking slowly to her tits they looked soo appealling and perky i couldnt stop staring at her cleavege which it seemed she was doing on purpose i looked up to see whether she had spotted me looking, she had her finger in her mouth, smiling she said to me ‘i know you want me, come and get me’. i told her no i can’t she is still to young, she now got closer and sat next to me and with her teasing eyes was glancing at me and then my body and below, she then whisper, ‘my mom is not coming til tommorow to whatever u want’. I was now really excited but still resisted er temptation she layed me bak and we both lay next to each other on the sofa. She started asking me if i had a girlfriend and that she had once had sex before, i still tried ataşehir escort resisting, she started telling me about what she would get up to with and say no boy met her standards, as she ws saying this her hands started to go down to my jeans, she started to unbutton them, i could help but allow her to continue she was making me really hot now. She said all she wanted to do was see how big my cock was. I allowed her to do just that. She was amazed by the size of my dick and said no boy in her school was ever this big, she started to hold my cock and rub it up and down now in a soothing action and whispered ‘relax, its play time’. It felt amazing i was amazed by the hand skills this young girl possesed. She then exclaimed ‘i want to taste it’ she started to go down i could see her pretty little face with her toungue she started to lick the tip of my cock, wow for a 15 yr old she really knew how to work it, she then put my cock in her mouth, it felt really wet and warm ‘mmm wow this actually does taste good’ she remarked as she was blowing me. While she had my cock in her mouth she started to take her skirt of and her pants she was now naked from the bottom down. She started to move up and told me she wanted to ümraniye escort know how it felt to have her pussy licked.She moved up so her pussy was now on my face as she starte to tell me to lick her, i did as she said, her pussy tasted real good, from the bottom to the top i used my toungue to taste all the wetness of her pussy. As i was doing soo she was moaning for more, i know got my toungue and started to put it inside her pussy, with amazment she screamed ‘yes i like that’ she moaned. I no had her toungue inside her pussy, she then started to move up and down as if she was fucking my toungue.Suddenly the door opened her sister walked in, wearing noting but her underwear, she didnt seem surprised and wanted to join in. Chelsea got off my face with an angry look told her sister to lean againt the sofa, she did just that, she was 13 and her breast where no where the size of the elder sister, now i was too horny to let her young innconcent age get in the way of my pleasure, chelsea then said to her sister, ‘you hav never had cock before have you?> this will be your first lesson.’ she the looked at me and said ‘i want u to fuck her face, hard’. she had such an inncoent looking face but with her fingers she started was telling me she wanted me to aswell. with no hestation i put my cock into her mouth. Her mouth felt alot smaller, but it fit in, she then spat my cock out and shouted ‘facefuck me hard’ i stuck my cock back in, and with her request i started to put my cock in and out of her mouth faster and faster, it felt amazing…Post if u want me to continue..