ingrid 2

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ingrid 2strained backward against Ingrid’s grasp. We were locked in equilibrium for a second. She shrugged and suddenly let go. Thrown off balance, I jerked backwards and my bound arms prevented me from recovering. I rocked unsteadily for a second before crashing down on my side. I twisted onto my back in an attempt to get up but Ingrid planted her foot on my chest, pinning me to the ground.”Need a little persuasion, Gabriella?” Ingrid said in a cheery tone. “I’m glad to see my little slut still has some fight in her. Andre, help me flip her over.”Before I could react both of them were on me. I was rolled onto my stomach and my legs were stretched out. Andre knelt down straddling my head. His crotch pushed my face down into the pile of the carpet making breathing difficult. Most of his weight rested on his knees which were driving down onto my bound arms and shoulders. My torso was crushed into the floor. I quickly lost use of my legs as Ingrid sat down on my calves. She began to pick at the knot on the rope binding my upper arms together. A small wave of relief rolled over me as the pressure came off my shoulders. It was short lived.Ingrid spun around and sat on my thighs and grabbed my ankles. She pulled them up so my knees were bent at right angles. I began to kick and jerk around as best as I could. I bucked my hips and thighs upwards to knock her off. I rolled from side to side. No matter how hard I threw myself into the struggle she remained firmly astride me. I tried to twist and turn under Andre’s weight but that was doomed from the start given the lack of success I’d had with the much lighter Ingrid. Still I kept fighting. Ingrid finally just slid forward and sat on my knees, effectively pinning my ankles to the ground.I had broken out in a light sweat and was panting by the time Ingrid had my legs tightly bound. A stack of neat coils of rope were wrapped around my lower legs from the ankles to mid calf. Ingrid had cinched the ankle tie by passing the tails of the rope over the wrapping in opposite directions several times. Ingrid tugged hard on the tails. My helpless legs were jerked as she tied the ends off. The knots had been tied on the front side of my legs at the base of the shins. I came to realize later that this ensured they were impossible to reach with my bound arms. Ingrid had been talking the whole time.”I’m putting you in a hog tie, Gabi. As you will soon see, this position starts out as merely uncomfortable. But over time it will become painful. Your muscles will cramp from being locked in strenuous position and your joints will hurt from the tension.”She paused in the lecture. I felt her get off my legs and heard a drawer open. I couldn’t see what she pulled out but it became obvious when I felt more rope being wrapped over top of the cinch between my wrists. At the same time Andre backed off me and slid his hands under my shoulders to grasp my breasts. Using my tits as hand grips he lifted up, raising my torso off the floor and forcing my back to arch. Ingrid pulled down on my bound wrists, drawing them over my ass and forcing them into the crevice between my cheeks. My hands were nestled in the hollow formed by my thighs. Ingrid lifted my feet up off the floor. Using all her weight she folded them back, pressing my calves onto my thighs. She looped the tail of the rope she had just tied around my wrists over the cinches of my leg bindings. When Ingrid had finished, my wrists were tied to the underside of my ankle tie. My heels pressed down on the edge of my bound hands. I was left in what felt like some extreme yoga position. My body was locked in an arch. My shoulders and lower thighs were pulled up off the carpet. I looked like a human pretzel.”Trust me Gabriella; in a while you will be begging to go down on me. An added bonus of this little lesson in pain is that I don’t need to be here. Since we haven’t put you in a particularly severe hog tie, and rest assured we can put you in ones far more severe, it will take time to soften a feisty one like you up. Andre and I can go downstairs for breakfast. See you later sweetie. Enjoy your time alone!”Ingrid got up and headed to the kitchen. Andre went off to the bathroom leaving me alone in my bonds. I tried to get more comfortable. No amount of wiggling helped. I had little leverage with both my shoulders and legs pulled off the floor. I flailed around with my fingers, looking for the knots that held my ankles and wrists together. Ingrid had carefully tied them well out of reach. There would be no relief from the relentless strain on my body. I couldn’t even find a comfortable position for my head. The ache in my shoulders increased sharply any time I rested it on the carpet. Holding it up stressed my neck muscles. I kept trying to kick out my legs to release some of the stiffness caused by their folded position. The connecting rope jerked painfully on my wrist bonds with each kick. All the ropes held fast.The tension of the hog tie locked my arms in a rigid v behind my back. This also pulled my shoulders back and down, painfully stretching the muscles and tendons in my upper chest. My breasts were tender from Andre’s rough handling and the nipples still tingled from their earlier punishment. Ingrid was right; this was going to hurt. Exhausted, I lay still. I soon found that there was little relief in that. My legs were cramping from being folded up so tightly and my shoulders were throbbing dully. I struggled simply to move my helpless limbs for whatever minimal relief that would bring. This caused the tight ropes to dig deeper into my skin. The skin burning on my wrists was the only result of my efforts to get free.Andre emerged from the bathroom and stood over me. I felt him squat down. He grabbed my right arm and leg. With a quick tug, I was flipped over onto my side. This brought some instant relief as the tension of the hog tie eased a bit. I felt Andre’s hand massaging my left breast. The tight arch of my bound body thrust my large breasts out, offering them to his rough handling. His other hand was forcing its way between my thighs, a finger probing for my slit. I felt my body responding to his touch. The skin of my face burned with shame.”I love your tits.” said Andre. “What are these puppies, D cups? Ingrid and I are going to have fun with them later. Oh, thanks for the blowjob. That was very nice.””At least one of us enjoyed it” I blurted out; mustering whatever defiance I could given my utter humiliation.My left nipple exploded in pain as he pinched down hard and twisted, holding it in an agonizing position. Suddenly my pussy felt as if it were on fire as he yanked on a clump of my pubic hair. I yelped in pain. He continued for another few seconds before releasing me. Waves of pain radiated out from my nipple and my mound. I gasped in an attempt to absorb the pain.”Is everything okay up there?” Ingrid called from the kitchen.”I’m good” replied Andre. “I was just giving my birthday present an attitude adjustment.””Well use something to gag her if you’re going to make her scream. We don’t want the neighbors wondering who we’re torturing in here.”For some reason I had expected Ingrid to tell Andre to leave me alone but instead she condoned his assault on me. I slumped in misery at Ingrid’s abandonment. This felt worse than when I was crawling around on my knees trying to give Andre head. Once I got past the emotional impact of her words, I was chilled by what they implied. Ingrid had suggested gagging me and used the word torture like it was something she intended to do to me.Being gagged was something I hadn’t contemplated. Ingrid was right. I could scream and attract attention if I really wanted to. We were in a suburban townhouse on a quiet Saturday morning. Neighbours would hear me. A gag would remove that last little bit of freedom from me; rendering me truly helpless.Andre wandered off downstairs without future assault or gagging me but not before flipping me over onto my back. I groaned in agony as the tops of my feet were pressed into the floor. My arms and wrists were crushed underneath me. My head was forced back leaving me staring at the ceiling. I could see the rising and falling of my breasts out of the bottom of my eyes. The muscles on the front of my thighs were pulled taut and the strain quickly turned into a burning pain deep inside. On the upside, the discomfort caused by the tight strictures binding my limbs seemed lessened in light of the agony caused my weight crushing down on my arms and legs. I needed to find relief fast or I’d be screaming to be allowed to eat Ingrid’s pussy in seconds.I rocked from side to side which caused even more pain. It was surprisingly difficult but eventually I gained enough momentum in one direction to tip over onto my side. It was instantly more comfortable but I suffered from pins and needles in my arms and legs for a few minutes. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take even with the less intense position. On the other hand, I still wasn’t resigned to the alternative.( link opens in new window )Sex with another woman was part of my “forced” bondage fantasy. I’d dreamt about this very situation many times but my captor was always a fantasy image rather than a specific real person; certainly not Ingrid. On the other hand I loved her and she is truly beautiful in both personality and physical appearance. Suddenly the idea of sex with someone I care for as much as I do Ingrid was not as disturbing as it would have been a few short hours ago. Plus I knew I was beaten, I was going to be going down on Ingrid regardless of my feelings.After what seemed like eternity, I heard some noises coming from my bedroom. My two captors were talking in hushed tones. A few minutes later Andre left the house and Ingrid came down the hall to me. She paused in the doorway and gasped.”Oh my god, Gabriella, you look stunning. You should see yourself. A babe with curves like yours is perfect for bondage. A hog tie really accentuates those magnificent tits of yours. I could do you right now.””Please Ingrid” I moaned. “I’ll do what you want. Please untie me.””You have to do better than that. What is it you want to do for me? Come on, let me hear you beg to eat my pussy, you stupid slut.”Oh god, she wasn’t going to make this easy on me. I fumbled for the words. The throbbing ache that racked my body was great motivation to overcome my reluctance. I really wanted to be untied and I didn’t care what I had to do. Besides, it was a little too late to begin worrying about my dignity. I looked up at Ingrid standing over me. She was fully clothed and free. I was almost naked and bound lying at her feet.”Please Ingrid; I beg you, let me eat your pussy.””That doesn’t sound like you put much effort into that. Try again you worthless whore.””I beg you, Mistress, please let me bring you pleasure with my tongue.””Still pretty lame but because you’re a novice I’ll overlook it; just this once.”She stripped off her shorts and top leaving her naked except for a robin’s egg blue thong. She looked more beautiful than ever. Her lithe body was gracefully sculpted, definitely a feminine form but strong at the same time. I was sure Ingrid could physically control me even in the absence of ropes. I felt the power her form exuded and was thrilled by it. The more submissive I felt, the hornier I was getting. Ingrid sat down on the floor and spread her legs wide. She pulled the thong to one side, exposing her pussy lips and gently tapped them with a finger.”I want your tongue right her, now.” Ingrid growled at me.She was only a couple of feet away but it was impossible to reach her, bound as I was. I struggled to move with no success other then I managed to flip manisa escort onto my belly which increased the tension in the hog tie.”Well, well, still doesn’t look like your ready for this.””No please I am, I swear. Please can you move closer to me?””You need to learn key rule you dumb cow.” Ingrid snarled, “Slave girls don’t tell their owners what to do. A little longer in that hog tie will help you remember that.”I couldn’t take it. I begged, pleaded, moaned and whimpered to no avail. Eventually Ingrid tired of the noise and pulled something out of her dresser drawer and something else out of her laundry basket. She was back in front of me holding bundles of fabric. I quickly realized each hand held a several pairs of panties. She sat down crossed legged behind me. Ingrid gently but firmly rolled me onto to my back. My head was cradled on her thigh. She looked down at me.”These are clean.” She said holding up her right hand. “And these are not so clean”.She shoved her left hand into my face, pressing the fabric over my nose. The scent of her on the dirty panties was powerful. There was a floral fragrance to them with a strong undercurrent of the bitter smell of a woman’s juices. I twisted my head to one side to get away from the offending undergarments.”One of these sets is going in your mouth. If you open up nicely and let me gag you I’ll use the clean pair. If you want to be difficult I’ll force the dirty pair in that sweet mouth of yours. It’s your choice.” Her eyes sparkled, just daring me to defy her but I was broken.I thought about my situation for a second and accepted the inevitable. My surrender caused a wave of passion roll through my bound body. I closed my eyes and parted my lips. I wanted Ingrid to see my body language and kiss me. Instead I felt silky fabric pushing into my waiting mouth rather than her tongue.”That’s a good girl but just a bit wider.” She cooed as if coxing a reluctant c***d to eat.I complied. Ingrid leaned in and quickly stuffed one pair of balled up panties deep into my mouth. She was packing the second pair in when I realized she had tricked me and was filling my mouth with her dirty underwear. I retched at the thought and began to choke a bit. I got it under control, no thanks to Ingrid who had continued to pack a third pair into my mouth even while I gagged on the first two. I tried to indicate my displeasure but only a muffled mew escaped.”You really didn’t think I was going to mess up four clean pairs of panties with your saliva, did you?” Ingrid smirked at me.When she was done, the first pair was lodged deep into my mouth, filling the area at the top of my throat. The second pair was stuffed into my right cheek and the third into the left one. The final set was packed into the middle between the ones crammed into my cheeks. My entire oral cavity was filled with fabric. At least one pair had lace trim on it which tickled the back of my throat causing me to cough a bit and begin to choke again. My eyes were filled with tears before I could get back under control.Ingrid held up a long silk scarf and tied two overhead knots, one on top of the other, at the mid point. She jammed the ball formed by the knots into my mouth until it was lodged behind my teeth. The wad of her panties was packed more tightly into my mouth as a result. The tails of the scarf went behind my head and were knotted tightly. There was enough leftover for another few wraps around my face. Ingrid wound the tails in opposite directions covering my lower face in broad bands of silk from my chin to my nose. I could still make a sound but it came out as an unintelligible gurgle, mainly escaping from my throat rather than my mouth.Ingrid stroked my cheek with the tips of her fingers. Gently tracing the contours of my face, she stared down at me wistfully. I was surprised at the intimacy I felt in acquiescing to being gagged. The physical act, particularly when Ingrid’s fingers probed into my mouth to stuff in the panties, was strangely erotic even while stripping away my vestige of freedom. My surrender was complete. Butterflies churned in my belly and the heat between my thighs rose as I savored Ingrid’s dominance.”Another thing you need to learn is that even if you do beg to my satisfaction it doesn’t mean you get to work right away. Your failure to comply earlier means extra punishment. I’ll let you go down on me after I’ve ridden the bike for a bit. “Ingrid stood up and walked over to the exercise bike standing in one corner of her bedroom. She climbed on naked save for her thong and inserted the ear buds from her mp3 player. She began to peddle at a steady pace. The long muscles of her lean tanned legs flexed and relaxed as they spun the pedals around. A beam of soft sunlight spilt across her torso. Her small breasts barely broke the flat contours of her svelte body. Long pale nipples stood erect in the cool air of the townhouse. She lay back in the seat of the recumbent trainer and closed her eyes. I wondered if her power over me ignited the same erotic tempest in her than my submission did in me.I thought back to how I had wished she would kiss me. I wondered what it must be like to have those full soft lips brushing against mine. The tip her tongue gently tracing over my lips while her hand gently but firmly cradles my chin. Slowly her tongue probes into my mouth. I respond, seeking out her tongue with mine but she quickly pulls back and tightens her grip on my chin. A sternly arched eyebrow over those sparkling blue eyes tells me that Ingrid will be kissing me and not the other way around. I close my eyes again and part my lips expectantly. Her tongue drives into my mouth like a torpedo and…I’m brought back to reality by a muted thumping noise on the floor. My eyes jerk open to see her bare feet in front of my face.I had lost myself in my reverie and not noticed that she had stopped riding the bike and was standing in front me. Her right foot was tapping impatiently on the carpet and her arms were braced on her hips. Ingrid glared down at me.”Are you ready now, you dumb slut?” She growled.I nodded vigorously and made what I hoped sounded like groveling. My return to realty had also brought back the pain of my bonds. I realized I’d do pretty much anything at this point if it meant getting untied. I groaned as Ingrid walked away from me. Surely she wasn’t going to punish me any longer. She stepped into a pair of black leather pumps with 5 inch heels that were lying near her closet. She picked up a small digital camera from the dresser.Ingrid raised the camera and snapped off a couple of photos of me, lying semi nude and hogtied on her floor. She knelt down beside me and began to remove the gag. My mouth was dry and pasty by the time all the packing was gone and most of my saliva along with it. I rasped out a plea over and over again as she stood back up and fired off a couple of more shots.”If you’re really that keen then show me how good you are with your tongue on my shoes.”She shoved a very elegant shoe under my face. There was no hesitation. The stringent bondage had gone beyond uncomfortable and was painful. I was going to do whatever it took to get untied. My tongue caressed the leather. A slightly dusty taste invaded my mouth as I cleaned the unseen grim from city streets off the shoe. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was bound lying helplessly at the feet of an incredibly dominant woman, debasing myself, and hoping to please her enough so that she would allow me to go down on her. It thrilled me.I struggled to reach further up her shoe. I wanted to kiss the exposed top of her foot. Wiggling in my bonds my lips finally delicately touched her bare skin. My mouth was still, gently resting on Ingrid’s foot, hoping for approval. A wave of pleasurable submission rolled over me. I was keenly aware of the extraordinarily intimate connection between me, the submissive and Ingrid the dominatrix.”Keep you tongue out and on my shoe but twist your face so you’re looking up at me.”So much for the romanticism of the moment. I couldn’t make eye contact with her. My primal signs of submission prevented me. I did turn my head as she asked though. She took another couple of photos. I had no doubt they clearly showed who the naked whore was licking Ingrid’s shoes. I groaned inwardly at my debasement even as I turned my face so I could go back to work.My lips caressed the leather of her shoe. She tilted her shoe up off the carpet, exposing the sole. I knew what she wanted. My tongue snaked across the gritty leather sole. Eventually Ingrid kicked the shoe off. I felt her bare toes press against my mouth. I yielded my mouth to her foot. I began to gently suck on the toes, my lips forming a gentle seal around Ingrid’s foot. She let out a passionate moan but still continued to click away with the camera.”I’m just going to upload these to my website. It’ll be an insurance policy to make certain you’re completely under my control even when I don’t have you bound. If you don’t behave to my liking then I send out the photos to all our friends. Some of them will be shocked to see what a dirty slut little miss conservative Gabriella is.”She wouldn’t really do it. At least I didn’t think so. Suddenly it struck me she had said “some of them” and not “all if them” referring to our friends. Why wouldn’t they all be shocked to see my like this? Did some of them know this was a fantasy of mine?Ingrid pulled her foot out of my mouth. She quickly stepped out of her thong and lowered herself to the floor. Long lean legs were spread out on either side of my bound body. Ingrid grabbed a clump of my hair and yanked my head up off the carpet. She wiggled closer to me until my face was buried into her pussy. I was stunned for a second at having my face jammed in a woman’s crotch. I knew I couldn’t hesitate any longer but I didn’t know what to do. Finally my brain kicked back in and planted the thought I should do what I liked to have done to me.( link opens in new window )I twisted my head to one side and began to gently kiss the silky skin of her thigh. She gasped at the first one and wrapped her legs over my shoulders squeezing my face into her leg.”You have my permission to keep that up for a while you slut.” Ingrid murmured.I moved my head as much as her clenched thighs would allow. I brushed her skin gently with my tongue between kisses. Ingrid’s body began to respond. Her hips began to roll slightly and a sigh escaped her lips. I was having trouble breathing as her thigh was pressed over my mouth and partially obstructed my nose. I twisted my head in an attempt to get my nose free and wound up with my face pressed into her pussy. A sharp tug in my hair encouraged me to get to work. Without giving it another thought my tongue pushed through her public hair. It had been inevitable since Ingrid had first tied my wrists in the hallway; I was going down on her.I tasted the faint hint of saltiness from another woman’s pussy for the first time. I moved my tongue up and down just inside the moistened lips. I was in no rush. I hated it whenever a partner of mine raced to my clit like he had something better to be doing, particularly after I had just gone down on him. I gently pushed the tip of my tongue up and down, loving the slick texture of the delicate skin. I risked a glance up and saw Ingrid’s gracefully sculpted body lying out before me. The spikes of her heels jabbed into my back as her legs moved in response to the rising passion. I slid my tongue down seeking the rim around the entrance to her passage. I slowly swirled my tongue on outside for a few seconds before a sharp jab of heels encouraged me to get on with it.I slid my tongue deep inside escort manisa her. I slowly withdrew it and then pushed back in. I curled the tip of my tongue so I could caress the inside walls of her tunnel. I kept up a steady slow rhythm but soon my tongue and jaws began to ache at the workout. I tried to pause for a rest but the heels dug painfully into my back. The message was clear; no stopping!I was encouraged from the growling moans that were escaping Ingrid’s lips. They were familiar as Ingrid had been rather nonchalant about closing the door to her bedroom when we lived together. The sounds Ingrid was making told me she was close to climax. I worked my tongue harder now trying to move her along faster and hopefully get me untied sooner. I heard what I recalled was the pre-orgasmic moan and turned my attention to the rough nub of her clit. Ingrid growled and grabbed my hair, slamming my face into her pussy. She rocked her hips up and down, riding my tongue with her clit; literally humping my face to a body paralyzing orgasm. She tensed for a second as the wave of heat spread throughout her pelvis. Ingrid let out a loud sustained moan as her body jerked then relaxed as she lost herself in the orgasm.Finally I dared to stop licking and give my tongue a rest. It had never been so extended and active for so long before. It felt like I’d strained tissue in it and my jaws were cramping. I had to snort air in through my nose as my mouth was completely obstructed by Ingrid’s very moist pussy. I could feel a film of her juices on my face. Their taste filled my mouth. The mélange of sweat, pussy and a hint of floral body wash filled my nose. And I really hurt now. Between the bondage, Ingrid’s heels in my back and my aching mouth, I was spent. Ingrid sensed this and struggled up into a sitting position. She took this opportunity to snap off a few more pictures of my face buried in her crotch.She swung her legs off my back and pulled away from my face; at last! I gulped air and lay my head on the floor, finally finding some relief for my aching neck that had been bent back the entire time I was performing on Ingrid. I felt her hand brush some of the tousled hair from my face. She leaned in a gently kissed me on the cheek.”That was incredible. Are you sure this was your first time? Has my little Gabi been keeping naughty secrets from me?” She gently teased me knowing full well I wasn’t.She began to untie me. A wave of relief swept over me as the rope holding me in the hog tie was gone. I found it difficult to straighten my legs out due the numbness from being locked in such a rigid position for so long. I was surprised at how fast Ingrid was able to get the rest of the ropes off. I was actually a little disappointed when I felt my wrists untied. Minutes ago I was desperate to be released but I felt a sense of loss as I gained my freedom. Actually it wasn’t much freedom immediately as I was a little stiff and sore from the bondage. My limbs were numb from being locked in a rigid position for so long. My hands and fingers tingled as the circulation returned to normal. God, Ingrid could tie tight ropes.My mistress didn’t wait for me to fully recover. She stood up and gave me a gentle kick in the thigh.”Get up you little cunt licker. You’re a slimy cum covered slut. Go have a shower.”I groaned as I picked myself off the floor. I tried to straighten out the slip that had fallen below my breasts and ridden up my legs. A sudden jerk of my hair yanked me to a stop.”Take that slutty lingerie off now. My slaves are only allowed to wear clothes when I decide. You’re going to be naked a lot this weekend; trust me. Now go clean up and be done in ten minutes.”I noticed she had started to download the photos from her camera. I gave up any thoughts of resistance. I stepped out of my slip and padded off towards the bathroom down the hall. She had a valid point. I was a cum covered slut. I smiled to myself at the thought. It was true, tight bondage had provided me the freedom to do things I wouldn’t normally do. I wondered what Ingrid was going to make me do next.I closed the door to the bathroom and caught my reflection in the full length mirror on the back of the door. I looked rough yet sexy at the same time. Almost subconsciously I crossed my wrists behind my back. My curly chestnut colored hair fell in a tousled mass of curls to the tops of my breast on one side and the shoulder blade on the other. The curve of my full breasts was accentuated by having my hands behind my back. I was happy with the results of my return to an exercise routine (yet again). I’d managed to get my curvy body under control and back to a 36-26-36 figure. I longed to be 16 again when my figure required no maintenance. Actually no, it isn’t worth the drama of being 16 again.My face is both a blessing and a curse: big round brown eyes under dark arching eyebrows, full cheeks and what my mother called a “sunny smile” that caused dimples. As a result I was called cute by most people. The term felt a little patronizing. It always seemed to suggest I wasn’t to be taken seriously. It stuck with me through university with the exception of Ingrid. She called me “sultry” but I didn’t see the mysterious sensual beauty that description implied. Cute was the down side. It was also the upside. Early on I had learned how to exploit my innocent looks, and made use of them regularly in the working world. They weren’t so innocent now though. There were little patches of dried semen on the skin of my face and red marks from the gag.I stepped into the warm spray of the shower and just stood there, letting the soothing water run over my tortured body. The skin of my elbows, wrists and ankles had red grooves marking where the ropes had cut in. I rubbed soap gently on my battered breasts. The skin was discolored in spots from rough handling. The nipples burned slightly when I brushed them with the cloth. They were still tender from Ingrid’s and Andre’s attentions. The soap ran down my belly and between my legs. I gently lathered my pussy. I gave into my unfulfilled arousal and started to finger myself. Suddenly the door burst open. I was caught!”You’ll pay for that later you slut.” Ingrid said in a quiet stern tone. “Get out of the shower now.”She held open a bath sheet.”I dry your body from now on; after all it belongs to me not you. Turn around and cross your wrists behind your back.”I did as I was told; not surprised at the longing to have her tie me up again. Ingrid wrapped the towel around me. She hugged me tightly from behind. Her hands rested on my breasts, holding the towel in place. My crossed wrists were trapped between our pressing bodies. The heat in my loins flared up as I relaxed into Ingrid’s grasp. I felt helpless and secure at the same time.”Having fun?” Ingrid asked in a teasing voice.”Ah, well, um”. How could I articulate what I was feeling; horny, scared, thrilled, dominated, objectified, debased and most definitely wanting more of it.”When you had me tied up all I could think of was getting untied but now I wish you had some rope with you. I can’t believe what you’ve awakened in me. I crawled around on my knees so I could suck some guy’s cock that I hardly know and not to mention having my first lesbian experience with you. You’re exposing some sort of inner whore for the first time. It feels liberating to have it out. Also, this has been the most intense sexual experience I’ve ever had and I haven’t even cum yet. God you’re good at this domination thing. Do you tie up girls often?””Lot’s of men but nope, you’re the first women. I’ve dreamt about it a lot though.”I was taken aback at Ingrid’s confession. I’d always imagined her to be liberal in her sexual preferences. I had certainly suspected she was bi but didn’t have any confirmation of that, until now. Then it hit me. We were both virgin female bondage playmates. This was really special for both of us then. The very fiber of my body glowed at the thought of this unique shared experience. I wanted; no I needed more.”What would you do in these dreams?” I asked in a hushed voice.”Oh things far too intense for a total bondage virgin like you.””Such as?””You little hussy, you’re coy aren’t you? Well things like much more stringent bondage than you just experienced, maybe some predicament ties, breath play, spankings, whippings, invasion of every one of your orifices, public humiliation…basically total domination. I couldn’t do that to you.”The list thrilled and scared me at the same time. Part of my bondage fantasy did involve physical abuse. I wondered if I wanted to experience the true pain of being whipped by Ingrid or should it remain an unfulfilled fantasy. But then, could I pass up this opportunity? It was with Ingrid, my best friend. I could trust her and she could trust me.”Please Ingrid; let me do this for you. At least let me try. Think of it as mutually beneficial. Don’t forget this has been a dream of mine as well. Although, I never saw you as my captor in that dream. But I love it that it is you. When I think about it, it really only could be you.””Kneel!” was her only response.I obeyed and knelt at her feet, keeping my wrists crossed behind my back. I looked down at the floor and felt very small next to Ingrid. She tenderly toweled dry my hair for a minute or two in silence. She switched to a brush and gently ran it through my tousled locks.”I’ve always envied your hair. I wish I had thick curly hair like this; actually your hair and your tits. Those mounds are just stunning.” I blushed.Ingrid worked my hair into two pony tails on either side. It Ingrid seems to have two dominant modes. One is an almost maternal, tender taskmaster like when she gagged me and now. The other is the scary icy bitch that made me lick her shoes or practically tore my nipples off. It didn’t really matter which one she was using; my will meant nothing in either case.When she finished my hair was in two loose thick pony tails on either side of my head. They were held in place with tight bands of hair elastics. Ingrid moved around me and got something from the cabinet. I frowned when I saw what was in her hand.Ingrid held a dental floss dispenser. She sat down on the edge of the bathtub and began to gently roll my left nipple in her fingers. I gasped in pain as it was so tender but the pain ebbed and the nipple hardened in response. When it was firmly erect, Ingrid looped a few turns of dental floss around the nipple’s base, pulled them tight and tied the ends of the floss together.( link opens in new window )”That will keep your nips nicely displayed for all to admire.” Ingrid said as she repeated the tie on the right one.It hurt at first but the pain faded and was replaced by a feeling of heightened sensitivity. I couldn’t believe she had just tied up my nipples. I hadn’t even thought you could do such a thing. Needless to say the increased sensitivity in my breasts rekindled my horniness. I thought I’d explode if I didn’t cum soon. Ingrid didn’t care as she had other plans for us.”I’ll think about your offer to be my sex slave. I have to decide if you are worthy. I’ll admit it is enjoyable to see you act like little bitch in heat though. It’s time to get dressed. We’re going out.”She grabbed my crossed wrists with one hand and wound the other around one of my ponytails. I was twisted around and marched into my bedroom.I was surprised to see all my belongings gone. It dawned on me that when I heard them moving around in my bedroom earlier they had been getting rid of my luggage. As I looked around I realized my situation. Everything was missing; my clothes, money, credit cards, id, plane tickets. I was stranded. I saw Ingrid smirking at manisa escort bayan me when I caught her reflection in a mirror.”It’s just another layer of insurance for your on-going obedience. Andre has taken everything over to his place. Good luck finding that. I’m really not sure I need much insurance though. You seem pretty willing to dive into the deep end all on your own. Get dressed.”I noticed the clothes laid out on the bed for the first time. They were a matching halter top and mini skirt. Neither piece had a lot of material. There was no underwear.”I saw this last week and thought you’d look amazing in it so I bought it for you. It’ll make a nice change from that frumpy business women look you have all the time.”Frumpy I thought to myself. That was a little harsh. Ingrid was right though. These were the complete opposite of my more conservation fashion sense.”Come on bitch get going. You’re the one that is all eager for that total dominance thing. Here’s a little sample of what it can be like. We’re going for lunch and then to do a bit of shopping. You’re physical assets are going to be on display so all can see what a slut you really are.”I picked up the clothes and confirmed what I already new. I was going to be showing a lot of flesh. The design was 1950’s vintage. It was raspberry colored with white polka dots. I usually take either a size 6 or an 8 depending on the cut but this outfit was definitely a size 6 and a small 6 at that. The square cut bust line only reached part way up by breasts, showing a lot of chest and cleavage. It ended well above my navel leaving my entire mid riff bare. My breasts pushed out against the tight fabric; hardened nipples stood out like little beacons. The matching skirt was light cotton that stopped well above my knees. I was certain most of my thighs would be exposed as what little skirt there was would ride up when I sat down. What was really striking about the outfit was its bright color and polka dots. I looked like some men’s calendar girl from 1955. Ingrid wasn’t done with me yet.”On your knees” she ordered.Once again I was kneeling at her feet. Ingrid circled me, inspecting me. She reached inside the halter and re-arranged my breasts, making them even more obvious. Ingrid took the opportunity to caress each of my bound nipples gently. Aroused, I moaned softly. A tube of lipstick appeared and Ingrid applied the raspberry colored gloss to my lips. Now my lips matched my outfit. She finished by tying white ribbons around the base of each pony tail. Ingrid knew how I bristled at being called “cute” and she had dressed me to look “cute”; cute but slutty.”I’m going to get dressed now. You are going to wait here like an obedient slave. Face the wall and spread your arms and legs.”With a little prodding Ingrid left me standing in the classic police inspection spread eagle. She actually began to frisk me as if she were checking for weapons.”Isn’t that a little unnecessary, Ingrid?” I asked. “You know I’m not hiding anything.””A mistress does not need a reason to inspect her slave.” She hissed in response.Her hands continued to run gently over my body. I twitched in response. Her finger tips danced over the bare skin of my rib cage and I jerked slightly.”Ah yes, little Gabriella is ticklish isn’t she? That’s something I’ll file away for later. Now you better be in this position when I get back or there will be consequences.”I felt butterflies take flight in my belly in anticipation of what was to come.Once again my body began to ache from being held in position. My legs were pulled far enough from the wall that I was forced to lean heavily on my arms. Not only were my legs pulled out behind me. Ingrid had kicked them wide apart; well past shoulder width which increased the strain. Thankfully it wasn’t long before she came back into the room, dressed and holding a pair of white high heeled sandals.She wore a tight black t-shirt. The word “bitch” was written in rhinestones across the front. The khaki tan pleated shorts that she had on were cut high enough to show off most of her gorgeous long legs. Her round tight ass looked great in them. A pair of black canvas high top runners completed the ensemble.”Put these on.” Ingrid ordered as she handed me the sandals.Damn these things are high I thought to myself. They were white open toed leather sandals with 5 inch heels which were about 4 inches higher than I normally wear. There was actually very little to the shoes other than the heels. Two narrow straps across the top of the foot held them on. There was also a narrow strap that rose from the heel and ran around my ankle. I straightened up and was surprised to tower over Ingrid. I thought it was a little odd that Ingrid would have me in shoes that made me taller than her. But then I saw what she was doing. Ingrid ensured the focus would be on me when we were out as more attention would heighten my humiliation. She sat down in a chair and patted her lap.”Put your hands behind your head and come here.” She instructed.I hesitated when I got beside her, unsure of what she wanted me to do. Was I supposed to sit in her lap, I wondered.”Come on sweetie” she prodded gently “Over my knees, I have to spank you.”Uh-oh I thought. I knew Ingrid was testing me as I obeyed and awkwardly bent over her knees. She held my hips in a firm grasp and steadied me as I tried to lower myself without my arms for balance. I felt her pull the short skirt up to expose my naked cheeks. I’d never been spanked before by anyone. I was amazed at how humiliating the position was, even without the hitting.”My preferred method of errant behavior correction for attempting to cum without permission is a whipping. It’s usually 30 to 50 lashes depending on my mood and the degree of the transgression. But I can’t whip someone as sweet and innocent looking as you. However, I have no qualms about a good old fashioned bare handed paddling. I think we’ll go with 20 for trying to cum without permission and another 10 for offering an unwanted opinion when I frisked you. You will count the swats and if you lose count we will start back at zero. Keep that in mind for future behavior correction sessions. Oh and remember that old saying, this is going to hurt me more than you, forget it. I love the rush of power I get from inflicting pain. It’s almost as good as an orgasm. You, on the other hand, are going to hurt. Now count.”The first blow surprised more than hurt. The next one stung at first and then began to burn. I yelped. The blows were distributed in a regular cadence all over the globes of my ass. After the tenth swat, Ingrid began to revisit areas that had already been hit. The sting was more intense on the each subsequent blow. The room was filled with the sound of her hand smacking my vulnerable ass cheeks. I kept count and tried to stifle the whimpers between blows. Tears rolled from my eyes. I began to rock my hips in her lap, trying to find some relief. I broke position and covered my buttocks with my hands after a particularly sharp blow.”Do you want to stop?” Ingrid asked. “If you really want to help me fulfill my fantasy you’ll have to be able to take more than this. It’s up to you.”Covering my ass had been an entirely instinctive reaction. I quickly moved my hands back to their position, my fingers interlaced together at the crown of my head.”Thank you.” Ingrid said in an officious tone. “That will be an additional 10 spanks.”My ass felt like it was on fire by the time she was done the full forty open handed slaps. The entire area hurt and I wasn’t looking forward to sitting down on it soon. I was happy that I didn’t have any mascara on as tears streamed out of my eyes ran across my face. If that was a spanking what was a whipping going to feel like, I thought.”Come on; get on your knees, right here. That’s a girl.” Ingrid was clearly in the maternal mistress mode.I knelt facing her and slightly to one side. She ordered me to cross my wrists behind my back as she gently pushed my head down into her lap. Long delicate fingers caressed my face. Ingrid wiped my tears away. She gently whispered praise to me for being such a brave little slave girl for enduring the spanking. I was inwardly embarrassed to find her approval important to me. I wanted to please and my obsequiousness only fueled the desire to be Ingrid’s fantasy sex slave. She lifted my head from her lap.”Back in a sec.” She said and left the room.I heard drawers opening and closing in her bedroom. She returned in a few minutes carrying a coil of thin white cord and a small blue velvet box. Ingrid casually tossed the rope onto the bed. My heart fluttered when I saw it. The box contained two large gold hoop earrings which Ingrid inserted into my ears after removing the simple gold ball studs I always wore. She then picked up the cord.”Stand up and pull your skirt up to your belly.” She ordered, shaking out the coils.I did as she ordered. Ingrid folded the length of cord in half and wrapped it around my belly, just below the hemline of the skirt. She maneuvered the line so the loop was at my front and pulled the loose ends through it. The tails were then pulled down between my legs. Ingrid pinched the cord at the point it reached my labia and pulled it out. She tied three or four overhead knots beside each other before pushing the cord between my legs. I felt her reach around behind me as she pulled the tails upwards causing them to dig into my pussy and deep into the cleft of my ass. I staggered a bit as Ingrid jerked hard on the cord. The knots had been strategically tied so they now pressed hard into the tender flesh of my vagina. The nub of one knot sat squarely on my clit. That one worried me the most in light of Ingrid’s order not to cum. She tied the tails of the cord to the loop circling my hips. It was as if I wore a rope thong.”That should cause some fun. Now remember there is a severe penalty for cumming without my permission. And this time I’ll use a whip. You’ve had your one warning already. Now put your skirt down and fold your arms behind your back. I want your right elbow resting in your left palm and vice versa. Unless I tell you otherwise, you will keep your arms there the entire time we are out. Let’s go.”I followed Ingrid meekly out of the room. The first few steps confirmed my suspicions about the rope cleaving my pussy. It was going to stimulate me with each step I took. The knots rolled back and forth over my sensitive and moist flesh. It seemed to cut in more deeply with each step. My breasts jiggled as I walked causing my nipples to tingle as the fabric of the halter rubbed them as. All my attention was focused on three hot spots; my breasts, my pussy and my burning ass. Ingrid was a cruel bitch. She was going to use my mounting urge to cum against me. I hoped we weren’t going to be doing a lot of walking.Ingrid’s jeep was parked in the attached garage. The hard shell roof was off and the doors had been removed. Ingrid followed me around to the passenger side and helped me up and into the vehicle. My arms were pressed into the seat back. Ingrid wrapped the safety belt around me, the chest strap buried deep into my cleavage. It snapped shut and she tugged backwards on it, removing all the slack before it locked in place. I was welded to the seat. The light cotton skirt rose up my legs, exposing my thighs. I shuddered when I realized that the jeep had little protection against the wind and I couldn’t prevent my skirt from catching the breeze and exposing my naked pussy. My ass was sore from the spanking and the hard seat of the jeep was uncomfortable.Ingrid hopped in the driver’s seat. She dug a black baseball cap out from a pocket in the door and a pair of gold rimmed aviator’s sunglasses from the glove box. The engine kicked to life and we backed out into the bright Saturday morning of a summer weekend in the suburbs. I wondered what Ingrid had in store for me. And more importantly, would she let me be her slave?