Indoctrination Part 2

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Indoctrination Part 2Please…please…please may I cum Master? My fingers dig into her clit harder and faster as my thumb pushes deeper inside her. I see her ass cheeks clench around the anal plug and her legs begin to tremble. Yes my pet, you may cum. Her moan is long and low from deep within as she reaches her climax. Her head jerks back as the spasms over take her. I reach around and pinch her clit between my thumb and fore finger as I thus two fingers into her juicy pussy. She moans and bucks as my finger drive in and out of her. She struggles against her bonds as she racked with her orgasm. The waves of pleasure begin to recede and slumps over the back of the chair her breath is ragged as the last of the konya escort spasms subside. I move around from and take her by the hair pulling her face up. “Thank you SIr…thank you Sir”. Her face is flushed and her her hair wet with sweat. I push my crouch forward and rub the fabric of my pants over her mouth. She gives a moan as she traces the head of cock through my pants. I unzip and my hard cock springs out. I gather her hair tightly in my hand and slowly push my hard cock between her full lips. Slowly I push my cock in to her hungry mouth. I go deeper and deeper into her wet mouth, pushing the the shaft to back of her throat. Look at me I command and her eyes click upward. I begin to get a nice rhythm escort konya pumping my cock back and forth. I push my shaft deep until she begins to gag and reach down and pinch her nose closed as I keep my hard cock lodged at the back of her throat. I feel her begin to struggle and I tighten my grip on her hair holding her locked in this position. She struggles harder as she runs out of air. I finally pull out from her mouth and she gasps for breath. I look into her eyes and ask her do you want more? “Yes Sir” she replies. Yes Sir what I say. “Please may I have more Sir?” Yes my pet you may have more. I reach under feeling her full breasts I cup them in my hands and knead them. I place her nipples between konya escort bayan my thumb and fore finger pulling them. They become hard and erect at my touch. I concentrate on her nipples, pulling them, pinching them. She begins that low moan from down deep inside of her again as I stimulate each nipple. I retrieve two sets of chop sticks and remove from the package. I spread the sticks apart and trap her right nipple between the sticks and secure it with a heavy rubber band. I do the same to her left nipple. I tie a string to each chop stick and pull it tight and wrap it around her big toe, pulling it up. This stretches each nipple taught. I move back around and rub her nice plump ass. I give the plug in her ass a tug and pull it out stretching her tight little ass open as the plug comes out. Her head jerks up as the plug stretches her open and that pulls on her nipples. “Aaaahhh” she gasps as she discovers that everything is now connected.