In Your Dreams


“I had a dream about you last night.”

I looked up and across the table into her spectacle framed green eyes.


She had slightly, although somewhat pleasantly, surprised me with her declaration as she sat down to drink her coffee and light a cigarette.

“I hope you enjoyed it?”

Her eyes twinkled and a lascivious grin spread across her slightly chubby face.

“Oh I did, I enjoyed it very much, but I’m not sure about you.”

I had not imagined myself being propositioned in such a way during my coffee break and I was flattered by the way the conversation was going.

“I would love you to tell me all about it, you never know, maybe one day we could make your dream come true?”

“Well, it was a bit of an odd dream I suppose, and I guess it’s pretty unlikely, but we were……………..”

She stopped talking as the door to the smoke room opened.

“I swear if I have to spend another day in that damned packing room I will jack this fucking job in for good!”

I raised my eyebrows and tried to convey a disappointed look,

“better get back to work.”

I winked at Roz before standing up to leave.

“Glad to hear you are having a good day Helen, I’ll leave you two girls in peace to plan the demise of the management.”

Helen scowled and sat next to Roz, “Fucking men!”

And with that I left and went back to my office.

I had been working with Roz for about six months and although her conversation had often been spiced with sexual innuendo, it had never been any more than that of several others of the female employees. It was just a bit of fun to get you through an often tedious day in a food factory.

I sat at my desk wondering about the content of Roz’s dream and if some day it could indeed come true for her and at the same time resolve unfulfilled fantasies of my own.

Roz was a fairly plain looking girl, about thirty pounds overweight for her five feet two inches, but she was not unattractive.

Not someone I would think of settling down with, but certainly someone I could easily share a dream or two with.

Her prime attribute was her personality. She was very easy to speak to and extremely difficult to offend and she called a spade a spade.

At thirty seven years old she was 3 years my junior and like me, was married to an older person and had a teenaged son and daughter.

For the rest of the day I found myself periodically bringing her to mind and looking forward to her account of her nocturnal fancies. It was obviously of a sexual nature and as my home sex life was in a bit of a lull at the time, I planned to extract the most I could from the situation.

I didn’t have long to wait.

The very next day we, by chance, elected to take our morning coffee break at the same time. Disappointingly there were several others that chose the same period so we were not able to discuss the details of my role in her sleeping fantasy.

We were however able to sit opposite each other and, when I announced my intention to return to my daily chores, to my surprise she discreetly passed me three folded pages of notepaper which I gratefully accepted and placed in my shirt pocket.

I opened them at my desk and read in graphic detail how we had somehow been engaged to babysit for her granddaughter and once the young baby was fast asleep in her cot had taken full advantage of our time together.

I had seduced her, I had quickly discovered the absence of panties atop her stocking clad legs and relished her overly moist sex with an enthusiasm that I would find challenging to aspire to.

I developed a throbbing erection as I read on about her genuflection and impassioned oral stimulation of my genitalia.

I wished that the content of my dreams was as stimulating as her chronicle of hers.

We made love; (Yeah in your dreams) I chuckled to myself, as I pumped into her, piston like, until our licentious union achieved its orgasmic peak.

She finished the piece with xxx and a request.

(Btw, how big is your cock?)

I spent a lot of time in the remainder of the day in contemplation of how I would reply to her essay, finally deciding that a short allegory of my own would be most appropriate, and determined that I would set about writing the piece at some time that evening.

As luck would have it, I was left alone at home that evening for a few hours. My wife had gone to visit her parents and my kids were both out at friend’s houses.

I found it a relatively simple task as I was using her story, and the accompanying boner that it gave me, as inspiration.

It detailed a visit that I would pay to her and the passionate and steamy embrace that would ensue the second we stood behind her closed front door.

How I would explore every contour of her body as we stripped each other naked in the hallway.

How I would lead her to the living room and ravage her on the sofa.

How I would eagerly lap at her most intimate fluid.

How my penis would explore the full depth of her vagina and push into her cervix and bring her to Samsun Escort orgasm after exhilarating orgasm.

How we would lie together for just a few short moments before our passions were aroused and our celebration of sensual enjoyment would begin again with renewed vigour.

I finished with kisses as she had done and added;

(Btw, my cock is uncut and 8 inches long. Do you ever shave your cunt?)

I was a few minutes early arriving at work the next morning and decided to have a smoke outside the factory gates before entering as it was a fine and warm summer morning.

Before long I saw Roz walking toward me, so I retrieved the folded papers from my back pocket and passed them to her as we walked together into the factory.

She had a cheeky almost childlike grin on her face as she took them from me and thanked me. In my view she had grown from, just another one of the girls, into something extremely desirable and I hoped that her response to my composition would be a favourable one.

As we entered the main door I looked behind me to check if anyone could see, and then gently squeezed her right buttock as an intimate, but friendly, gesture before we parted company at the bottom of the stairs to go to our respective changing rooms.

I paused briefly to watch her ascend; my eyes fixed on the broad backside whose fleshiness I had just fondled.

Her tight black leggings that clung to her rump like a second skin displaying her ass crack to fine effect and leaving very little to the imagination as to how it would appear in the flesh.

I wondered at just how easily I was being filled with desire for her and how, just the thought of her, caused a profound stirring in my loins.

I had to mentally shake myself before I entered the male locker room to retrieve my white coat, and concentrated on my day’s rota of meetings, quality control and the problem of the two tonnes of goujons that were being returned as unsatisfactory, in order to clear my mind of her and return my penis to its flaccid state.

Although we both walked to and from work we took different routes but I decided that, on that evening, I would walk with her as our break times had not coincided all day and I was extremely curious to find her reaction to my note.

We only actually lived about ten minutes away from each other and I thought it would give us an opportunity to chat on the way.

I felt slightly guilty and more than a little conspicuous as I loitered just outside the factory’s main door as the workforce filtered by me at the end of their shift. Constantly shuffling through my pockets and walking back and forth in a feeble attempt to make it look as if I had forgotten something.

When Roz finally emerged I gave her a smile which she returned, and walked with her to the gates.

“You don’t normally come this way John.”

For some reason, that remains unexplained to me, I lied.

“Um, I have to pick up a bottle of wine, and there is an off-licence at the end of your street.”

She actually thrilled me when she said, with a very girlie giggle,

“I hope you don’t plan to lead me astray and take advantage of me?”

“Is that a warning or an offer?”

“It’s whatever you like to make of it John.”

At the top of the hill we stopped briefly at the pedestrian crossing, waiting for the lights to change before crossing the busy main road.

“I hope you enjoyed reading my story as much as I enjoyed reading yours Roz?”

It seemed a long time before she replied,

“Did……….um… I mean would you, I mean, oh fuck, what the hell, would you like to do it with me?”

She seemed embarrassed at what she had just said and I have to admit to feeling a warm glow in my face.

“Yes………I think I would….I mean……… for fucks sake what’s up with me? I would really love to do it with you.”

I wanted to grab her there and then, and hug her and kiss her, and I have a feeling that she wanted to as well, but we were in a public street and we both knew that whatever we done had to be performed in seclusion.

“John?” She looked up at me with questioning eyes,”Is your cock really eight inches long?”

I confessed that indeed it was but was taken slightly aback by her response.

“Fucking hell John, that’s nearly as big as my vibrator.”

We were both still laughing as we turned the corner into her street but her face became more serious as she looked up at me and asked,

“How can we possibly meet? Most of the time it is impossible for you to visit me at home and I suppose it is just the same for you, but we really must do something. I’ve got a feeling that we could really enjoy some time together.”

I had to agree with her but we had almost reached her house and we needed more time to talk about it.

I considered the situation for a short while.

“How about if we get up for an early start in the morning and take a nice slow walk into work together?”

Work in the factory was always available for people that wanted to start or finish an hour or two early Samsun Escort Bayan or late, so it would be no problem to explain our early departure to our respective partners.

“I could meet you at the bottom of your street if you like?”

“Ah, don’t know if that’s a good idea as I think Linda is working early tomorrow, and she may be passing by. What about if I meet you outside the Methodist church in the High Street?

“It’s a deal; I’ll be there at ten to six.”

“I will look forward to it John, see you bright and early tomorrow.”

“Oh, by the way, I normally just trim, but I will shave it for you if you like.”

“Trimmed is fine Roz, see you in the morning.”

She went into her house and I walked on but at the top of the street I paused for a while before deciding I deserved a small celebratory drink, and went into the off-licence, thereby freeing myself from the pang of guilt I had felt when I lied to Roz.

Morning didn’t come soon enough, it was a beautiful day and even at five a.m. the sun was shining strongly through the bathroom window as I showered and shaved.

I even turned the attention of the razor to my scrotum and trimmed by pubes.

I was also scolded by my wife for whistling, which is something I reserve for dressing to go out of an evening, and never do in preparation for a days work.

I chided myself for being so ignorant of the simple things that can betray a cheating husband to their wife.

I tried not to sound too cheerful as I pecked my wife on the cheek and said goodbye before I left home.

I was five minutes earlier than I needed to be, but this worked out well as Roz was early too and our paths crossed a couple of streets before our designated meeting place.

I think her mood was almost as buoyant as mine and we were instantly discussing how we would set about finding somewhere to experience our intimate encounter.

We turned into a back alleyway. I was hoping to find at least a few moments to steal an embrace and share a kiss, but I felt that we were still too public and vulnerable.

It was Roz that suggested that we explore an alley that led down the hill about a quarter of a mile from our workplace.

It was walled but overgrown with trees and bushes on either side of the steep steps that led down the hill, and completely deserted apart from ourselves.

We descended a dozen steps and then simultaneously stopped and held each other in a crushing embrace and kissed.

Her lips were soft and warm and her tongue instantly probed my open mouth, at first relaxed as it traced my lips, and then long and firm as she emulated coitus with it.

Our tongues wrestled frantically, exchanging saliva.

I sucked at her tongue; she sucked at mine.

I pulled her top lip into my mouth, gently nibbling on it.

We pushed against each other, my rigid manhood enjoying the pressure of her crotch on its throbbing length.

I slipped my hand inside the waistband of her leggings and under her panties, my middle finger pushing into the crevice and finding its way over her anus to her rorid sex.

She pushed her bottom backward causing my finger to engage with her clitoris as her hand began rubbing hard against the rampant bulge in my trousers.

I opened my eyes and noticed an entrance in the wall that was a few steps down from where we stood.

Reluctantly pulling my hand out and breaking our kiss I drew her attention to the gap and suggested we investigate.

About four feet in from the alley, there was a gate, it had become unattached from its hinges but remained standing, precariously supported by the branch of a tree that had been left to grow behind it.

I peered through the narrow gap between it and the gatepost to see a long forsaken and neglected garden.

I pushed on the gate.

It opened just wide enough for us to squeeze through.

We both surveyed the area and found that we were not overlooked and immediately resumed our coupling.

We kissed even more fervently than before and Roz fumbled with the button and zipper of my trousers to free my swollen prick from its undesired confinement and after our lips parted company, pulled them along with my underpants down to my knees.

I swiftly tugged her leggings and panties into a similar position and returned my hand to attend her increasingly moistening cunt as she bent and lowered her lips onto my swollen and tingling glans penis.

She pushed eagerly against me as I easily pushed two fingers inside her, rapidly vibrating them in the hope of bringing her to orgasm before I ejaculated.

She was just so incredibly adept at giving head, and I was so incredibly excited that I knew I would not be able to constrain myself for much longer.

I cupped my other hand behind her head, stroking her hair, caressing her ears, and encouraging her to take my whole length into the warm, wet embrace of her throat.

My other hand was so soaked with her vaginal effusion that I was able to push four fingers inside her, causing her to moan with pleasure Escort Samsun and push even harder against the intrusion.

“Oh fuck Roz …Roz………..oh fuck….I’m gonna cum.”

Her only response was to suck harder at my cock.

I watched as she allowed me to face fuck her; the entirety of my spittle covered cock pumping increasingly faster into her mouth, covering her chin with drool.

My buttocks tightened as my seed forced its way through the length of my excited shaft.

Convulsion after convulsion overtook me as my sperm pumped from me into her throat.

She clawed at my arse cheeks as she tasted the first blob of my spunk, then pulled them apart and forced the tip of a finger into my rectum causing me to push forward even further and crush her nose against my pubic hair.

Her lips remained tightly sealed around my pulsing shaft as I emptied myself inside her, still sucking at me as it slowly lost its rigidity, but finally letting it leave her mouth with a plop.

She took it in her hand and looked up at me as she slowly stood, and licked her lips before saying,

“Fucking hell John, I hardly had to swallow that. It went straight down.”

I pulled her head toward me and kissed her deeply, tasting my cum on her lips then looked her in the eyes.

“That was fucking amazing Roz, did you cum too?”

“Oh fuck, you bet I did………….three times!”

I lightly pushed her away from me and looked down at her hand still fondling my flaccid cock and then saw her neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair. I cupped two fingers between her legs and scooped out some of her juice and raised them to my lips to taste.

She ran her tongue between them to share her musky lubricant with me until I slipped them out of the way and our tongues joined together once again.

I know I shouldn’t have done it, and I feel guilty for doing it, but I had to, I had to look at my watch.

“Oh fuck.”

“Roz!…… Oh shit…’s almost a quarter to seven.”

I pulled up and refastened my trousers as she rearranged herself and then she flung her arms around my neck and kissed me even more passionately than before.

She was a fantastic kisser and I really wanted to reciprocate but we were supposed to start work at 7am and we would need five minutes to get there at a fast walking pace.

Fortunately Roz understood perfectly and we quickly squeezed back through the gate, almost skipped down the steps and turned onto the main road at the bottom, finally arriving at the factory gates with just three minutes to spare.


Later that morning I did my rounds of the factory, performing the health and safety role that was an integral part of my job as quality assurance officer, and found Roz assigned to packaging at the end of a production line.

It was an ideal opportunity to talk to her as she was working alone.

“Roz, I’m sorry.”


“Yes sorry, I feel I have used you.”

“Um, excuse me, but didn’t I use you too?”

The feelings of guilt that I had been experiencing since our early morning encounter began to disperse.

Although I was very pleased that Roz had assured me that she had achieved three orgasms, I still felt that she had serviced me like an unpaid whore and I hadn’t come anywhere close to making her dream come true.

And then there was the guilt of having cheated on my wife.

I had spent several moments trying to remember times when she had given me a blow job equal to that which I had received from Roz that morning and they were all in the dim and distant past and in our courting days when she was the hottest sex partner imaginable.

“I suppose you did to a certain extent Roz, but I do feel that we didn’t really fulfil either of our dreams and fantasies.”

She laughed, then displayed a more serious expression.

“Are you trying to tell me that this morning was the first and last?”

“Oh shit, no, at least I sincerely hope not”

“Then I will gladly accept your apology on the condition that you will arrange another meeting for us where I will enjoy more use of you.”

“Same place, same time tomorrow?”

She agonizingly contemplated my question before questioning me.

“Did you notice the porta-cabin at the bottom of that garden?”

I had noticed the dilapidated structure but hadn’t given it any thought as my mind was concentrated on more urgent matters, but I could see that it could potentially be of use to us.

“I did, yes.”

“Maybe we should check it out tomorrow?”

I agreed with her, but became aware of our current situation and the inordinate amount of time I was spending with her.

Factories have a way of conjuring up all sorts of rumour and speculation about any liaison between opposite members of sex, or indeed, members of the same sex in one or two circumstances. The merest hint of any attraction between members of staff can have catastrophic and completely unfounded results.

“Tomorrow it is then.”

“Could we make it a bit earlier?”

“Half five?”

“Suits me.”

I left her and resumed my duties, ensuring that I spent more than my usual time with some of the other girls, in order to dispel any chatter about the attention I had given to Roz. Then I admonished myself for allowing my paranoia to get the better of me.