In Her Erotic Mind


Author’s Note: This is another story inspired by my Lit friend, Lucia (a.k.a. Gimme_Your_Load). I tried to imagine the psychodynamics of her desire for cum, and put it into story form. I gave her the chance to preview the story before I submitted it to Lit, and she gave it a definite thumbs up. In fact, she said she would be pleased if I would name her as the “willing sperm receptacle,” that inspired the work, and I am happy to oblige. I want to mention that I always appreciate feedback (public comments and PMs), and votes from my readers, and if the story is a favorite, please click the appropriate button. Thanks! The story begins, below.


She has considered appearing in a porno. The thought of all those cocks spurting all that semen turns her on. That’s because she gets it: She understands that an erection is among the highest compliments a man can offer a woman. We all say we want to be attractive. Well what does that mean, really? When you strip away the romantic claptrap, what’s left is arousal. We want to arouse each other. So that throbbing, dripping hard-on proffered to her is a man’s way of saying, without reservation, “I want you. Here is the proof. Please. Take it into your beautiful mouth.”

And if one erect phallus is a compliment, makes her feel attractive, feel desired, what does that say about two? Or twenty-two? For her, the excitement grows exponentially. The idea of manisa escort a room full of men wanting her, craving her, who will do anything to feel their cocks slide into her mouth, or encircled by her hand, or pumping slippery between her breasts, or thrusting into her cunt, excites her almost beyond description. She wants all of it, all at once, over and over again.

It makes her feel beautiful. It makes her feel like a goddess. But not some pristine and untouchable virgin statue. No, the iconography here is darker. Something else awakens in her: the desire to be used. The goddess is a slut, a thing to be penetrated, and marked with cum. She wants to melt into oblivion, into nothingness, as the spurting cocks splash load after load onto her face and hair, into and all over her body, and especially into her mouth. No longer a person, she becomes a mere accessory whose sole purpose is to induce orgasmic, warm, white, jets, from an endless gathering of men.

She often watches videos that portray this now openly acknowledged desire that pulls at her thoughts. It’s an undercurrent that can slip away with the routine tasks of daily living, only to suddenly bubble up again when she glances at any man on the street, or at the park or the grocery store, whom she might find attractive, wondering what it would be like, and would he mind, if she walked over to him and, mavişehir escort with hardly a word, took his hands and pressed them to her breasts, her nipples hardening to his touch while she rubbed his crotch through his jeans, feeling his penis swelling, and straining to rise? Would it be alright if she took him to where no one (or hardly anyone) could see, so that she could unzip him, stroke his cock, watching it drip onto her hand, until it was time to drop to her knees, and slip him into her insatiable mouth? She would work him in and out, in and out, tasting his slight saltiness as it mixed with her saliva. Occasionally, she would slip him from her mouth, so that she could admire her work, see the phallus wet and shining, veins purplish, as it pulsated in her hand. She would see the gratitude in the man’s eyes, and it would give her a sense of both love and power. She would return him to her mouth until she sensed he was near climax. Then she would pump the shaft furiously with one hand, and offer her now exposed breasts with the other, until the cock exploded with drenching shots of jizz on her face, and into her open mouth (tongue out, like a porn slut’s), and on her breasts. Moments later, her own climax would wash over her, with the slightest touch of her clit by her own fingers.

But there is another dynamic at work in her erotic mind. If she appears menderes escort in a video, sucking and stroking a forest of erections, the ejaculate running down her face, her breasts, her hands, arms, belly, and cunt, there will be thousands more men viewing her, lusting for her, and there will be thousands more erections. The men will gaze upon her, dreaming of entering her mouth, as they spurt jet after jet of jism into the air, or, if they are among the fortunate, onto or into their own lovers. Around the clock, there will be men aroused, erect, ejaculating an endless river of cum. All of it because of her. A cumslut for thousands. She writes out these fantasies in story form for online magazines, and masturbates thinking of them, over and over, each climax becoming the foreplay for the next—that is when she’s not actually sucking cock and getting fucked.

And so it did not surprise me when today, she said to me, “I think it’s time that I make this dream, this obsession of mine, a reality. I want a roomful of men surrounding me, all of us naked and aroused, with a few women there as fluffers, part of the scene. I will drop to my knees, I will take cocks into my mouth, pump cocks with my hands, get fucked and jerked off onto, endlessly. I want sperm to rain down on me until I am completely coated with it. I want men around the world to see this on webcam and video, stroking and cumming until the universe is an ocean of semen. You know I’d been dreaming of this, long before we met at the park, when I took you into my mouth, before I even knew your name. And so I’m asking you; I’m begging you. I need to be a total slut, drowning in cum. Will you help me? Will you make it happen?”

And I said, “Yes, I will.”