I’d Do It For You

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I’d Do It For YouA poem of hope…it was the basis for my story “The New Years Eve Dance”…I’d Do It For YouI spotted you as you entered the room,Found your friends and took your seat,My mind captivated by your charms,You were someone I just had to meet.I mentally rehearsed my lines,As I wandered over to say hello,I just had to give it a shot,For you I surely needed to know.You smiled at me as I approached,Your eyes sparkled in the light,Looking even better as I got close,Everything just felt so right.We talked as if we had met before,We both felt at ease from the start,Your beauty and charm held my gaze,As you worked your way into my heart.Time passed quickly as we continued to talk,We were both having such a ball,It was little surprise when I suggested a date,You gave me your number and told me to call.Quite elated when I went home that night,As I lie awake in bed,I could not help but think of you,Or get you out of my head.Knowing soon we’d meet again,Just the two of us, you and me,Just pass the time over a bottle of wine,And discuss what we could be.I call you up and arrange a date,Dinner at a local romantic place,As I drive on over to pick you up,I’m imagining your lovely face.When I get to your house and ring your bell,You greet me at the door,I can’t help but think of how good you look,Or of what may lie in store.I open the door as you get in the car,We drive to the eating spot,I can’t help but glance over at you,Thinking how you look so hot.We park the car and I walk you on in,Taking your soft hand in mine,I can’t help but feel so very proud,To be with a girl so fine.The hostess shows us to our seats,A quiet table just for two,I can’t help but think how good it feels,To be with a pretty girl just like you.The conversation begins to flow,Just like it had before,Soon the jokes and laughs begin,Of you I never bore.The waitress comes to take our order,For our drinks and our food,Your eyes reflect the candlelight,Which sets a romantic mood.In a little while our dinner is served,Everything is just right,Again gümüşhane escort bayan I notice how lovely you look,In the soft candlelight.When we finish and the table cleared,We talk as I stare at your pretty face,I want my time with you to continue,So I suggest we go to another place.We agree to go to a local nightclub,To enjoy dancing and a band,We make our way from the table,As I offer you my hand.When we get outside, under the moon,It’s hard for me to not stare,As you look so lovely in the moonlight,Reflected in your hair.We get to the club just across town,We walk hand in hand to the door,Again my mind is starting to race,With thoughts of what’s in store.As we enter into the crowded room,Once again I feel so proud,To be with the prettiest girl of all,The finest in the crowd.We wander over to the bar,And find ourselves a seat,But pretty soon we’re on the floor,Both moving to the beat.Your arms around me as we move,Holding me so tight,I can’t recall a single thing,That ever felt so right.Our movements locked together,As if they seemed to rhyme,Our bodies dancing cheek to cheek,Just two partners in crime.While moving to the music,Bodies in a gentle sway,No words needed to be spoken,Nothing we needed to say.Our undulating motions,Hip to hip we were wed,Had more to say than any tale,Or mere words ever said.Our continued rhyming movements,Thinly disguised as dance,Told of a story yet to be told,Hinted at future romance.As we danced away the evening,Generating a lover’s heat,Once again our gazes locked,And our eyes again did meet.We both knew we had to move along,As we gazed in each other’s face,After a few loving words exchanged,You suggested we go to your place.Hand in hand we ran back outside,Like teenagers on a date,Both knowing there was more to come,An inescapable fate.Once again we went to the car,And made that fateful drive,Both of us thinking the same thing,Both anxious to arrive.We parked the car in your driveway,After what seemed such a long ride,We got to the door as you escort gümüşhane got your key,We both ran to get inside.Once inside our passions soared,As our eyes again did meet,What mutual attraction had started,Ended in kisses so sweet.We kissed and touched that lovely night,As fires began to burn,Both wanting to find the things,For which we both did yearn.Fondling like k**s on a date,With more touching and soft caress,We lead each other up the stairs,Both starting to undress.We stand before each other face-to-face,And pull each other tight,I hold you close as we lock lips,With a teasing little bite.Finally away from the maddening crowd,So glad we are alone,I continue kissing down your neck,As you softly emit a moan.I continue with my soft kisses,Going down your chest,Taking my sweet time as I stop,To fondle your breast.I give attention to each nipple,A soft delicate bite,Again you emit a soft moan,As you savor your delight.I continue with my advances,Working carefully with my lips,What I don’t get with my mouth,I touch with my fingertips.I slowly move my hand downward,Towards the waiting prize,As I slowly move my fingers,Between your creamy thighs.My head moves slowly lower,Slowly heading south,What I miss with my fingertips,I handle with my mouth.My fingers enter your waiting canal,I gently start to pet,My attention seems to be working,You seem to be quite wet.I see where more attention is needed,As I hold you by the hips,I bring my head closer to better serve,As I start to lick your lips.As I continue my sucking,You are starting to squirm,Still holding you tight,My tool is getting firm.Your arousal undeniable,Your moans soft and low,You respond to my every touch,As your juices start to flow.I position myself between your legs,As I spread them nice and wide,I gently position my engorged tip,As I prepare to go inside.I slowly enter your waiting canal,It feels so soft and tight,I start to push my way on in,Soon with all my might.My motions start to escalate,Soon I‘m on a roll,My pumping takes gümüşhane escort on a new zest,As I start to lose control.I start to pump, I start to hump,Soon I start to pound,I’m getting my daily exercise,Entering your mound.I’m a man on fire, I’ll never tire,Doing everything I can,I want to be your lover,I want to be your man.Soon I explode as I shoot my load,I fill you with my cream,You call my name, as you came,Like a perfect dream.We take it in stride, this perfect ride,We were privileged to share tonight,Soon we are lying side by side,Under the soft candlelight.Again we talk of the moment we shared,What brought us together in this special time,And how we became the perfect pair,Like partners in the perfect crime.We lie side by side talking for hours,And agree that we should do this again,Making plans for our near future,Talking about our where and when.Talking about how fate brought us together,Like two passing ships in the night,How just a casual glance could bring,On something that just felt so right.How two people once so apart,Could somehow meet as we have done,Could spend a simple evening together,And somehow join together as one.We discuss our special circumstance,Was it luck, or just some chance?That two people should happen to meet,And make each other so complete.Like two ships that pass in the night,We loved as one with all our might,Because one of us took a chance,We shared this special lover’s dance.And knowing that we’ll do it again,Just two creatures who became friends,Who somehow shared a secret desire,To dance amidst the raging fire.And before their special evening was done,Would dance together and become one,And our dance amongst the raging light,Would somehow become our special night.A privileged dance few people share,There’s nothing else that can compare,And of all the gifts from up above,There is nothing greater than the gift of love.Of two people who laughed and dined,Whose lives somehow intertwined,And how perchance two lives could mesh,And start off something so new and fresh.And wipe away all the tears,And wash away all the fears,And wash away all the dirt,And wipe away all the hurt.Two ships just pass in the night,Experiencing something that feels so right,If there was only one thing I could do,I would do this, I’d do it for you.12-20-09b.