I WILL Have You Ch. 04


For Anonymous11/5 and ALL my fans. I pretty much hit a state of depression and didn’t even feel inspired to write. I’m not a writer at all, just decided to put a story up one day. I’m working on me and decided to finish what I started. I’M SORRY!!! I do work full-time and I’m also a full time student but I will do my best to keep up with my story. I PROMISE you won’t have to wait another 2yrs for an update!!!

“Then why don’t you get to know me and quit running from me. When have I ever given you any reason to be afraid of me even though you’ve only know me two days?” Damien asked her.

He walked towards her from the door having noticed her apprehension the whole time he’d been there and wanted nothing more than to be back at his home holding her. She backed up as he continued to walk towards her until her back met Eddie’s patio door. Damien didn’t stop until they were pressed chest to chest. He then leaned down to her right ear and said in a deep husky tone:

“You’re not getting away from me. If you want to date or slow things down, then fine we’ll date. I still need your help so you’ll be at work tomorrow morning. We’ll also have out first official date tomorrow.”

Chloe shivered and whimpered the whole time as she felt his breath whispering past her ear. As soon as “You’re” came out his mouth her panties were soaked. She was so attracted to this man but she wanted love, she wanted what she read about in her romance novels late at night. Yes that’s clichéd but she wanted it! So she was going to take it.

Damien felt her body shudder as soon as he started talking. I’ve got to have her he told himself. I won’t stop until I do.


“Chloe??” he asked again

“Yes Damien,” she was finally able to breathe out.

“Oh my fucking god,” he quietly said in her ear. “Please say that.”

“Yes Damien,” she said again with more confidence.

As soon as the “en” was out her mouth he grabbed her hips and pulled her against the instant erection she gave him when she moaned out his name, and kissed her. It was a kiss of immense passion and hunger. He grabbed her nice round ass and squeezed it until she moaned in his mouth. He let her ass go and while he ran his left hand up her body to grasp her breast and pinch her nipple he slap her ass cheek with his right hand then rubbed and squeezed to ease the sting.

“Fuck Damien,” Chloe moaned out as she tore her mouth away from his to grab some air.

“Yes, we’re about to,” he breathed into her neck as he started unzipping her jacket.

“NO!! We can’t!! Did you forget where we are??” she managed to squeak out with her eyes wide open.

He took a moment to stop leaving hickeys on her neck, raised his head and looked around istanbul escort and saw all the bright colors and pictures of men posing in uniform.

“I remember now thank you.” He adjusted her clothes and then backed a few feet away from her. “I can’t be around you right now if we’re going to go slow.”

“You’re right and I think we should hold on the sex for a little while to become better acquainted.”

Is she fucking serious???? No…we can do this. I don’t want to ruin anything so we’ll wait……a few days.


“I hear you love.”


“I’ll see you later. Go find something to wear tonight and I’ll be at your apartment at 7 to pick you up.” He said as you took out his wallet to hand her one of his many credit cards.

“Umm…thanks but no thanks.” She said as she shook her head and waved away his hand. “I make my own money and very nice money at that, I can very well buy my own things.”

He shrugged his shoulders and put his card back in his wallet. He smiled on the inside as he found something else to admire about his woman. Woman? YES! MY woman. His past “acquaintances” would’ve broken their neck trying to snatch his card out of his hand.


Chloe had just finished a long bath in her whirlpool tub after having spent 3hrs in the mall with Eddie looking for the perfect dress. She walked out of her bathroom after putting on her favorite lotion Sensual Amber from Bath and Body Works, and stood in front of her floor length mirror in her bedroom. She pulled down her dress off the hanger and step into it. It’s a yellow satin A-line, v-neck halter dress that left her back completely bare down to a centimeter above her ass. It had a side split up to her hips that played peek-a-boo as she walked with whoever was watching and a rhinestone broach in the front holding the two pieces of fabric over her breast together to gather and tie behind her neck. Once she had her dress tied, she sat down on her bed to slip on her crystal embellished closed toe platform heels. Only mascara and eye shadow for this girl. She thought to herself as she applied her subtle yellow eye shadow, wasn’t too bright to have clown eyes but wasn’t to light to not be noticeable on her brown skin. She kept her naturally curly shoulder length hair the way it was, with a few tendrils hanging here and there; she’d pinned it up to take her bath. As she stepped out her room to grab her clutch off the table by her door the bell rung. She looked up at her wall clock to realize it was 7 on the dot.

She swung the door open and was met by Damien standing on her stoop and a limo in the background with the driver at the open back door.

Wow….she’s so fucking beautiful. How the hell does she escort bayan expect me to keep my hands off her???

“Hi,” Chloe said after she watched him look her up and down slowly, and twice, with the look of pure animal lust in his eyes. He looks so good. He was wearing an all black tux with no tie and the first button undone.

“Hi.” He said in his naturally smooth deep voice. “Are you ready to go?”

“I am,” she said as she stepped out her door and turned around to lock it. They then turned and made their way to the limo.

GOD she’s going to kill me and leave me with blue balls as she does it. This dress is unbelievable. One of us will be handling that later.

They had a nice chat on the way and at dinner learning a little bit about each other’s family, where they grew up and how they got to where they are now. She learned he graduated from University of Pennsylvania Law School, an only child, 32yo; his parents are alive and well living in a suburb outside Pennsylvania both from old money that he tries to see at least once a week. From her he learned she had one sister married with twin boys she absolutely adored, her parents were married and had moved to Canada a few years ago that she goes to see once or twice a month and had graduated from Yale and was 28.

She was sharing a memory of her babysitting the twins when her sister and brother-in-law took a weekend vacation when she realized he wasn’t laughing anymore and she was doing all the talking. She looked at him to find him staring at her across the seat with the most open eyes she had ever seen. She saw pure lust, love, …wait back that up…love??? And hunger and boy was he hungry for her!

“Damien? Are you ok??” she asked him.

He continued to look at her for a few more seconds and then,

“Come here.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. We’ve been doing really good so far and you know that—

Before she could finish her sentence he had reached over, grabbed her arm and pulled her to his side of the seat, hip to hip. He then decided to pick her up and set her on his lap, straddling and facing him.

“You have been torturing me all night long. I can’t handle it anymore,” he said in a low tone as he breathed into her neck and smelt her tantalizing scent that he had come to love so much in such a short time and decided to make it a mission to find out what it is so he could buy her everything made in the scent.

As soon as her body had touched his she melted and when he put her on his lap her pussy creamed. She just knew she wasn’t going to be able to resist him and was going to let him touch her and she couldn’t wait for him to find out she had no panties on…

All she could do was hold her breath Kadıköy escort and watch as he slowly slid his hands up her thighs. One was on her bare leg where the split was and the other was gliding on the top of her dress on her other leg. Each had a different target. He watched her face as his right had made it to her hip where the split ended and his hand stopped. When it did she let out a breath and then looked up to meet his eyes. As soon she did he kissed her like she’d never been kissed before. It was full of pure hunger and passion. He tightened his hand around her bare hip and with his left hand took a fistful of her hair and guided her hair where he wanted it. He trust his tongue in her mouth in such a sensual way that she just knew it was how he was going to be fucking her and she swore she had a mini orgasm as she shuddered.

Damien felt the shudder go through her body and up on her mouth to suck on her neck. He then took his hand further up her bare thigh and cupped her mound. He groaned at what he found.

“Geez Chloe. You’re so fucking wet,” he groaned into her neck. He bit it and then licked away the sting.

“Damien…mmm,” She moaned as he laid his fingers flat against her stomach and started rolling his thumb around her clit.

“I fucking love it when you say my name but I love to hear you moaning and screaming it.”

He sped his thumb up as her moaning got louder and she gripped his hair by the fistfuls. He kept a hold on her waist with his other hand as she withered around on his lap. Her gasps of breathe and moaning were turning him on endlessly. Just as he was reaching to untie her dress-

Uhhm “We’re here sir.” He heard the driver clear his throat and say over the speaker. Of course Chloe heard him also and went rigid.

They both turned their heads and looked outside to realize they were outside her building with both not knowing how long they had been there. Damien knew for his driver to interrupt that they had been there for some time. Damien turned backed to face her first and with a groan put his head on her chest. He really only wanted to take her into her condo and fuck the shit out of her but he would respect her wishes…for a little while. He lifted his head, pulled his hand out of her dress and put his thumb in his mouth. He then put two fingers back into her pussy as she moaned and looked at him with hooded eyelids, and twirled them around. He brought those fingers out and put them into his mouth and licked them clean. She groaned and her eyes closed further if that were possible. Before he could put them back in for another go she grabbed his wrist, held it and then kissed him. Now it was his time to groan. She pulled back, grabbed her clutch and stepped out the limo without another word.

The driver had been standing outside the limo so after she shut the door he escorted her to her door, where he saw her safely inside and made his way back to the limo where unbeknownst to him his boss was vigorously stroking his dick in the backseat.