I watched them !!

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I watched them !!I’d been out on the town with some friends and by the end of the night a couple of them pulled and buggered off leaving me, my best mate Mark and his stunning girlfriend Sam . Mark and sam asked if i wanted to stay at Marks house as his parents were away for the weekend as it would mean catching a taxi on my own , costing me a small fortune. Mark said that he would drive me home in the morning , so i agreed. We all got in a taxi, Mark sat next to me and Sam opposite me her long brown hair almost covered her 32d tits . She was hot ! I knew why Marc never thought about cheating on her as some of our mates had done on their girls ! Stunning face, body and long legs that were silky smooth . Mark noticed me glancing at her sexy legs. She’s got a pussy as smooth as those legs haven’t you sam ! Sam winked at me and said that she and Mark prefer her shaven completley bald down stairs as they have better sex ! Show him Marc said > Sam opened her legs , her short skirt that was more like a belt if you asked me parted with her legs to reveal that she was commando ! My cock twitched and then my heart sighed as she reclosed her shaven haven ! Damn i thought ! Marc your a lucky bastard getting to lick and fuck that ! He licks and fucks my arse too Sam nevşehir escort blurted out , her drunkeness starting to show.We got to marks parents house , paid the taxi fare and went inside.By now it was nearly 4 am and we all went to our bedrooms. Mine was in a loft conversion as the other spare bedroom was being redecorated ,Mark and sams opposite that room and the bathroom was on the ground floor meaning a hike for me ! I got undressed down to my boxers and crashed on my bed and drifted off to sleep . I awoke after what seemed like an eternity but was only about 20 minutes needing a piss.I crept down the stairs not wanting to wake the others and went into the toilet, after pissing i crept up the first flight of stairs and noticed Marks door was slightly open and a soft light emerging from within. My curiosity drawing me to the door, I peered inside and was greated to Mark sprawled stark bollock naked on the bed and Sam sucking his hard cock. I watched as Sam licked his shaft and head not missing anywhere, Mark was groaning as she bobbed her head up and down , her free hand groping his ball bag! My cock was so rigid it almost hurt, i pulled my cock out and began wanking myself off as sam expertly sucked his cock.I began to wank my cock escort nevşehir harder and using my free hand to play with my balls and rub my arsehole a little, Suddenly Sam began to deep throat Mark and i nearly blew my load as his cock disappeared down her throat! She face fucked his cockfor all she was worth, I could sometimes hear her gag when she bottomed out on his fat member ,pulling away to give his cock a wank with all the spit that had rushed after her gag reflex .Although i could see i wanted a better view so i gently pushed the door open more hoping it wouldn’t creak! It didn’t, she carried on sucking his cock but moved into a 69 positiongiving me an incredible view of his cock being throat fucked as he tongue fucked her shaven pussy. After a few minutes of this she stopped sucking and moved over him but still facing towards the door, she looked straight at me! Shit ! Did she see me, no she couldn’t of it was dark in the hallway i thought! I continued to watch and wank at the same time as Sam in a demanding tone told mark to tongue her arsehole, Sam began moaning loudly as Mark rimmed her tight shit hole. Fuck me this girl was smoking hot in bed, A few more minutes passed and she got on top of Mark reverse cowgirl style, I had a nevşehir escort bayan great view as she impaled herself on his thick hard cock. She rode him hard , how is he able to hold back i thought. I want it up my arse she commanded before she slipped his pussy juice and spit coated cock out of her pussy and aimed it at her brown eye. With all that natural lube his cock nudged it’s way slowly up her tight hole before ending balls deep. I had enough this was all to much for me to take and i opened the door and walked in! Sam looked me straight in the eye and began to bounce up and down Marks shaft, Mark didn’t know i was there ! I dropped my boxers and wanked my glistening shaft as Sam rode Marks knob, Sam shuddered and came loudly , her whole body convulsed in orgasm and this sent mark over the edge , grunting loudly and emptying his hot cream deep into her rectum! Sam ushered me away and i pulled my boxers up and left the room quietly. I got back to my room and began wanking . It didn’t take long before my cock erupted sending my hot cum all over my body and face ! I cleaned myself up and fell to sleep.The next morning Sam gave me a cheeky wink but nothing was ever mentioned about me watching , not that Mark would of minded but it was our secret! Later on Mark dropped me home and told me about what he had got up to last night ! Little did he know i had seen and heard everything! I faked it and grinned , saying he was a jammy bastard and he should marry her ! He did marry her and they are still together !