I think we should Talk Chapter 2

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I think we should Talk Chapter 2Chapter 2I awoke all by myself Sarah had obviously moved upstairs and left me to sleep down in the living room. I was still in the cuffs with the spreader bar between my knees. I could feel the ring around my clit. I looked down the topical she had put on me had worn off. It looked strange my clit was much larger than I had ever seen it. I got more excited as looked down at myself and the ring began to ache a little. I had an extreme need to pee. I sat up wich was not easy and hobbled my way to the rest room. I realized I would not be able to wipe myself after I peed and the upset me to say the least but I could not wait until Sarah woke up so I went anyway.I sat there on the toilet for a while and I heard Sarah bounding down the stairs. “Mandy? Where are you?”“I am in here.” I heard myself say. I was still turned on and this ring was driving me crazy. “Come back out here and I will take those cuffs off. I gotta get ready for work.” I got up off the toilet and waddle out toward her. She pointed to the floor right in front of her and I moved the as quick as I could considering. The smile on her face as I moved her war was really pissing me off.Sarah unlocked one of my hands first and I shook her off and let myself out of the rest of my bonds. “Well somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.” “This ‘ring’ is driving me crazy!” I sat down on the other end of the couch. I really wanted to reach down and remove it but I knew better.“You will get used to it just try to ignore it.” She was very dismissve. “ I can always put a little more of the topical on there if you want me too but it stays on!”“You told me what that will do if we keep using it. I don’t want that.” I was using a nasty tone.“Ok well it is up to you. Now I have to get ready for work. What time is your first class?” Sarah’s voice was casual almost sweet and that was pisssing me off too. “Ten o’clock but I am not sure I can handle it today. I will be fidgiting around all day as it is.” My whole mind was fixated on the ‘ring’ Sarah ran up the steps and I heard the shower come on. “Come on so I can give you your shower Mandy, unless you want to smell like that all day.” I got up and started up the stairs. I was beginning to realize she was not backing off anything she had said yesterday. I could feel myself getting excited as I walked up the stairs. I was walking funny with that ring and my clit. I don’t know why it just felt so strange. I climbed into the shower and Sarah started washing me down. I melted into her touch. “That’s better Mandy. This is all going to work out. In a few Days the ring will be bearable.” She was kissing me on the neck as the water ran over our bodies. Her washcloth wander down my body to my pussy. “If you cum when I touch I will punish you horribly so concentrate on something else.” I tried and fortunately she finished quickly at least she was not trying to torture me. Sarah got out of the shower and I let the water run over me for a few minutes trying to calm down the I stepped out of the shower and into her waiting towel.I looked at Sarah while she dried me. “Do you really want to ruin me?”“I don’t know what I want yet honestly. I do however know what you want and I am giving that to you right?” She pulled my face up and looked me in the eyes.“Yeah I guess this is just way more then I ever thought it would be.” I was scared and she could hear it in my voice. “I have feelings I have never felt before too. The conversation I had with Keri yesterday opened up a whole world for me. The power is incredible I really like it.” Sarh sat down on the bed and pushed down to kneel in front of her. She lay flat on her back and moved her pussy to the edge of the bed. I knew what she wanted so I just leaned in and started licking her. “Take you time I can be a little late today.” Then she moaned a little and her fingers were playing in my wet hair. My hands were up on her thighs and my knees were spread wide. I felt her moving her toes across my legs. “Please don’t tease me Sarah” I sounded like I was begging because I was. “Ok Mandy I wont but you have to let me put the topical on you.” Now it was either be teased and forced to humiliate myself or risk her making my clit numb forever. I didn’t know how to respond.“How often can we use that before it will hurt me?” I was almost crying.“I don’t know Mandy but I would imagine a lot over a long period of time Keri says she has been using it on Lisa for a long time and she can still come if Keri lets her.” Sarah was matter of fact about it. “Ok I guess.” That was all I could say I went back to licking her and she began grinding her pussy into my face. Sarah came really hard and then got up and went into the bath room.“Come on in here, Mandy.” I walked karşıyaka escort slowly into the bathroom and she was sitting on the toilet with the glass vial and a qtip in her hand. I spread my legs and stood in fron of her. “This is really for the best. Now I don’t have to worry about you breaking the rules either.” I felt her touch the very tip of my clit the qtip then nothing. Actually not nothing more like relief and relaxation. I felt myself smile and I leaned over to kiss her. “I knew Keri was right. If you really want to go without orgasms then this is the way to do it.” She was kissing back now very patiently . “ I Just want you to be happy and I am in lust with you not being able to cum.” With that she got up and started doing her hair and makeup. “I am still horney as hell just so you know.” I said this just to tease her back.“I know that sexy but now there is nothing you can do about it.” Sarah winked at me. I smiled at her I felt better now. I went down stairs to get me something to eat. Atleast I could go to class now without bouncing around in my chair all morning. “How long is this stuff supposed to last?” I was wondering if I would make it all day. “About Eight hours, babe. I will put some more on when I get home.” Sarah wanted to use that stuff on me real bad. I went to the kitchen and made myself a g****fruit and some coffe. I was sitting in my usual seat when she ran by kissed me on the head and bounded out the door. I was still nude and I looked down between my legs. My clit was big and hard now still and I wondered why since it was numb. My pussy was wet but I knew why that was.I have never been able to get off on penetration so I knew it was even less likely now that there would be no stimulation to my clit. I was tempted to try anyway but I did not want Sarah to catch me. Besides my excitement was bearable in fact it was enjoyable so I figured I would just ride it out for today. My clit was bulging out beyond the ring quite a bit and I was wondering if it was too small but I studied it closely and there seemed to ba enough blood getting to it. I ran upstairs and found the glass vial and the qtips in the medicine cabinet but there were no labels on the vial at all. If I wanted to know what she was using on me I was going to have to ask her. It smelled like antiseptic I was tempted to put a dab elsewhere on my body to see what happened but I didn’t. I replaced the bottle in the cabinet. I put on a pair of panties and a bra. Then I looked at myself in the dressing mirror. My clit was bulging against the tight pantie but I could not feel it. The ring was also visible and my nipples we like nails sticking straight out. I grabbed a couple bra pads and stuck them in. and pulled on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. I was off to class. My day went pretty much as always. I got back home before Sarah I was still horney as all get out. I sat down in the living to study for tomorrow. I had a lot to do so time past pretty quickly but I felt the effects of the topical wearing off. Worse than that I had to remove my jeans and panties because my clit had been rubbed raw against them. I was spread out widely on the couch and tears were running dowm my cheeks when Sarah came thru the fron door. I was in a lot of pain and my clit was on fire. “Whats wrong Baby?” I tried to explain but I just could not. Sarah ran upstairs and grabbed the topical and a qtip and came back down. She pulled my put forward and did not make me stand up. She did blow lightly on my clit which made me jump before she touched the qtip to the end of my clit. Instantly the relief washed over me. She giggled when she saw me relax then set set about examing my tortured clit. “Wow that must have really hurt huh?”I nodded my head. “ I did not think about the jeans and my panties rubing against it all day”Sarah was still giggling. “I guess you wont make that mistake again huh?” “Fuck you Sarah that really hurts. I am not sure this is so cool you know.” I was extremely pissed at the calouse way she was looking at this. “Calm down Mandy it is just a little raw. The whole world do revlove around your clit. Besides it not like you were going to be using it anyway. Just for that little outburst you are gonna go a week atleast before I even consider allowing you an orgasm.” She was looking straight at me. “On your knees right here.” She pointed at the floor in front of her. I moved there. She reached under her skirt and pulled her panties to the side. “I am so mad at you right now.” I started licking her.“You know I am going to have to come up with ways to punish you other than denying you orgasms since that is what you wanted in the first place. I already have a few ideas and belive me you wont like them. “ Her fingers were playing in my hair now karşıyaka escort bayan and I was beginning to think this was part of the game for her. “How do you think I should punish you for yelling at me like that. I am doing this for you and you are not going to get away with being a bitch just because you are gettting exactly what you wanted me to do in the first place.” “Come on Sarah I am sorry for yelling I just had a bad day that is all. This is hard to get used to.” For some reason it did not feel quite right apologizing but I didn’t want her to punish me either whatever that means.“I actually felt sorry for you when I came in here you looked so pitiful. But now I just want you to learn a lesson.” She was still playing with my hair and her voice sounded so sweet I think she was getting off on the though of punishing me.“ I know how much you hate to be humiliated. So however I punish you should be humiliating.” She paused for a few minutes I now think it was to give me a minute to use my safeword if I wanted to but at the time it never even occurred to me. When I did not respond she pulled my hair hard “ stop licking and open you mouth. Just be glad I peed right before I came home.” With that I felt I stream of piss enter my mouth. Not a lot just a little but she was holding my head tightly in place. “Swallow” I did what she said I was in shock the love of my life had just pissed in my mouth to punish me. I could not even think straight. Her grip on my hair loosened and I wanted to jump up and punch the crap right out of her. “Finsh me so we can eat dinner.” Sarah pulled my face back into her pussy and I started licking her again. I could taste her pee and I was crying while I did it but I did it. “You should watch how you talk to me from now on Mandy. I read all those little stories you have saved on your computer. I also read the really nasty ones you wrote yourself. I know what is going on in that little brain of yours.”Sarah came she was on a power trip now I had let her do something really nasty to me and she had enjoyed it. Worse yet she was right I enjoyed it on some level too. Sarah jumped up from the couch. “Grab a skirt and some panties and lets go get something to eat I am starving.” I jumped up and went upstairs. First thing I did was brush my teeth I almost puked I was totally humiliated. Then I grabbed some panties and a blujean skirt. When I got back down stairs Sarah was standing there with a jar of vaseline. “Pull up you skirt , Babe.” I did what she said without thinking she got a dab of the jelly on her finger and pulled the fron of my panties down. She wiped the jelly on my clit and snapped my panties back into place. “That should help keep that from happening again. Now let’s go get pizza.” We went out and got pizza just like nothing had happened I was still having troubel even looking at her. Every once in a while I felt like I was going to cry. For the most Part I knew it was all part of the game but I just could not let go of the fact that she had peed in my mouth. I found myself wondering if I still loved her. Worse if she still loved me. When we got back out in the car I did cry. I cried all the way home. I stole a glance at her once and she had a shell shocked look on her face. It was the same look young c***dren get when they know they are going to be punished but they don’t know how yet. “ I love you Sarah.” I wanted to make her feel better but I don’t even know if she understood the words for all the sobing I was doing. Tuesday and Wednesday went pretty smooth. Sarah and I were talking and getting along good. We were using the topical pretty much around the clock. Once in the morning once in the afternoon and once at night. Everytime we would put it on and then I would give her an orgasm. I was turned on all the time but the pain was all but gone for those two days. On Thursday I decided to try and go without the evening application. I was starting to worry about the long term effects of using it all the time. I was still fidgeting around a lot but it was bearable. Sarah was smiling a lot watching me squirm but all in all it was ok. I knew I would not be able to sleep very well but I was determined to try. “Keri and Lisa are coming over tomorrow night.” Sarah announced. “Oh ok fine.” I had never met Keri and to my knowledge Sarah had never met Lisa either. “Whats the plan?”“I guess we will go hit a couple clubs then come back here. Keri is a really nice person and I thought it would be nice for you to hang out with someone who shares our interests.” She had a huge smile on her face and I knew she was upto something.“Sounds good to me. I so need at night out to just relax.” I decided to play along and see where this was going. I still had my safe word so if it got escort karşıyaka to crazy I could use it. Sarah was sitting on her end of the couch and she pushed her butt to the edge. “come over her and help me out Mandy.” I knew what she meant so I went and knelt in front of her. “Take my panties all the way off tonight I want to go slow and enjoy it I had such a herd day.”I could feel my clit get even harder then it already was and I did as she asked. I licked all around going slow and trying to give her as much pleasure as I could. I was feeeling great myself. I was getting exactly what I wanted but without the topical my clit was knawing at me for attention.“You could come tonight if you wanted to Mandy. You have been so good the last couple of days that I think you could persuade me to allow it.” My heart started pounding when I heard her say that just the thought of an orgasm was making me crazy. Then it occurred to me what would she want me to do to persuade her.I looked up without stopping what iwas doing. I nibbled on her clit just a little to let her know I was interested. I felt her foot brush across my thigh and start rubbing my pussy thru my panties. “I really have to pee” I stopped licking but I did not move. I bet my eyes where the size of saucers I knew exactly what she wanted. “I know it sounds awful of me but I really got off on it last time.” I just started licking her again. It really was not that bad and she did cum like I had never seen her cum before. I could not belive I was considering it. “Just squeeze my thight when you want to too start and stop and when I am done I will let you have an orgasm.” I felt my hand move to the inside of her thigh. The look on her face was priceless. “Be sure you stop me when you need to swallow we don’t want to make a big mess.” I felt my fingers tighten up on her thigh as I moved my mouth into position. This was actually going to happen. I was going to let her pee in my mouth. Not a little like last time but completely. I actually wanted it. What would she think of me once she did this to me. How could we possibly ever be equals again. I would forever be the girl who let her piss in my mouth. I wondered if this was a test to see how low I would go. I looked into her eyes. Her fingers were playing in my hair not like last time when she held my head in place. I squeezed. Probalby harder then necessary. I heard her moan. Sarah tilted her head back and I felt the warm stream enter my mouth. It was so horrible I squeezed again. The Stream stopped and she looked me right in the eyes as I attempted to swallow. Once I got it down I squeezed again and sarah actually laughed as her spray hit me in the throat again. I tried swallowing while she peed but it got a little messy so I squeezed again.This time she stopped quicker and I swallowed it without to much of a problem and squeezed again. I pressed my mouth right up against her trying to keep the mess under control. When she stopped peeing I licked her clean. Then I went to work hard on her to make her cum. Sarah came hard. She did not say anything nasty to me. I was a little disappointed it got me so excited last time when she did. Sarah jumped up and pushed me back on the flor she laid down next to me and started kissing my ears. “Play with your clit you little piss drinker” She was whispering into my ear and my hand flew to my clit. I touched it for the first time in days it felt so much bigger but it definitely was no where near as sensitive as it was. I was rubbing hard and Sarah leaned down and spit on it. “That should help.” Then she whispered in my ear some more. “Don’t worry I will lay here with you for as long as it takes for you to cum. She reached over and started pulling my nipples. First one then the other. Sarah was working them pretty hard.I could feel myself working up to a huge orgasm. I was so humiliated. I wanted to cum so bad. I Rubbed and pulled and even pinched my clit. I twisted it and the pain brought me closer to my goal. I started to beg her to pinch my nipples hard and she did. Then I felt her mouth on mine kissing me as I frantically trid to achieve orgasm. “ Don’t worry baby if we cant get it tonight we will try again in a few days.” I was no where near ready to give up.I could tell she was getting more and more excited by my lack of success. After about a half hour I thought I was getting close. “This is the hottest thing I have ever seen. Watching you do this is amazing.” After another ten minutes had passed Sarah was kissing my neck and ears. “Maybe we need to let that stuff wear off a little longer a day or two or something.” I was desperate and hearing her say a day or two made it worse. Then it happened slowly at first. Then my stomach cramped and my feet went up in the air. I felt the liquid actually squirt out mf me. I herad it hit the sofa. There was so much of it. I cried and shook. Sarah was sitting up now looking down at me with a huge smile on her face. “I guess that was worth it, huh?” I actually pased out after I heard her say that.