I love the rain


Rain, man do I love the rain. You get to stay in your pyjamas all day and watch movies with a blanket around your legs and a steaming cup of hot chocolate or coco in your hands. Rainy weekends are the best. Especially if you are 15 years old with your best friend who works all the time, home alone together all day. My best friend- Josh- is a construction worker (in training), on wet days he comes over to my place until the weather clears or just takes the day off. At 17 he’s quite a handsome, strong, muscular man who is far from his old unatractive stage. Being 15 and 17 we both no all about sex and where babies come from but Josh is always there if I have questions. Which is great because if I had a girl as my best friend I dont really think she would take me seriously. Also being 15 I have started developing and am
becoming a women, my breasts are bigger and my hips have delicate curves and my pussy has a nice patch of hair covering it. I also am very aware that Josh has noticed me becoming a women. In the mornings when I walk down the stairs for breakfast wearing nothing but
the shirt I sleep in and panties I catch him staring at my beasts and in between my legs (he stays over most nights). The truth is- I kind of like it. His stares make my pussy tingle and I get very wet down there, I kind of hope that one day he will notice how wet I get because I can tell when he gets horny, his erect penis makes a tent in in boxers. I no it’s wrong to get those feelings, I tell my self every day that he’s your best friend, get over your self but something in my mind keeps telling me that I have to do something about this that will make it perfect for both of us. Ejecting another DVD from the DVD player and replacing it I sat back down, curling back up for another 2 hour movie while the rain
poured down out side. The next second Josh came bursting through the front door soaking wet, “Josh!” “Hey… Mind getting me a towel?” Getting up from my seat I paused my movie and got him a towel,
handing the towel to him he said thank you and rubbed it over his face and through his hair. “Dude, your getting the floor all wet, go dry your self in the bath room or something.” Sitting back down and playing the movie I didn’t notice him leave the room. 15 minuets later he remerged wearing jeans and his favourite AC/DC t-shirt. Slumping down on the
couch beside me he threw his arm around my shoulder. “How was work?” I asked, “fine, wet, cold, busy, the usual. How was your day?” I smiled “movies and pajamas” we both laughed, sighing I lent my head on his
shoulder. About half an hour later into the movie the leading roles were getting very close with each other, and soon enough they were having very hot, hardcore, un-censored sex. I felt Josh shift un-comfortably beside me, staring up at him I could see that he was
trying very hard to focus on something else, looking down I could see a tent in his jeans. I swallowed, seeing this made my pussy very wet, “Josh” I whispered, “are you okay?” Staring his gaze towards me
our eyes met and the only thing şişli escort you could hear was the two lovers on screen hitting there orgasms. “Yeah, everythings fine, I just ah…. Have to go to the bathroom” Smiling, he stood up, being very careful to shield his erect cock from me he turned to leave. Turning
to I gripped his wrist and held him in place, “Maybe…. Maybe I can help you with your need-to-go-to-the-bathroom dilemma” Smiling I let go of his wrist and trailed my hand down his hip towards his pelvis and openied his fly with one quick movement I stroked my hand
across his rock hard cock. “What are you doing?” He yelled at me,
removing my hand he threw it back at me and ran from the room, a few seconds later he came back into the room fully dressed and ran straight back out into the rain- Slamming the door behind him I could
hear his truck start and drive away. Swallowing what I had just done I turned back to my movie, I wasn’t really watching it but it was due back at the video store tomorrow so it was a waste if I didn’t watch
it. Subconsciously my hand had found it’s place under my pajama
bottoms resting in between my still wet pussy lips. When the two main characters fucked again my middle finger slid easily in and out of my moist fuck hole and my thumb slid across my clitoris making me jump
and shutter quietly. Groaning in pleasure I inserted another finger and quickened my pace, chewing on my bottom lip to stop me from crying out I pictured the two lovers on screen where me and mJosh. Shuttering heavily I cummed on my hand. Drawing it out of my pussy I
lifted my hand up to my face, inspecting the wet, sticky, sweet
smelling cum on my hand I placed the two fingers on my tongue and sucked them clean, doing the same with my thumb. I must of fallen asleep after that because the next thing I remember is waking up to thunder coming from out side my bedroom window. I didn’t no what time
it was. I had thrown my clock out the window two weeks ago when the bloody alarm wouldn’t turn off. Sitting up right, I suddenly recalled what had happened yesterday. Groaning I threw my legs over the side of
the bed. Looking down I realized that I wasn’t wearing any pants and my bra had been thrown aside on the floor. Shaking my head I wondered if all the hot chocolate had gone straight to my head. Standing up I
walked to the bathroom and pretty much everything was a routine after that. Toilet, shower, brush teeth, clothes, breakfast. Throwing a
clean shirt over my head I walked down the hall and into the kitchen. I hadn’t seen Josh this morning hes usually over raiding our fridge by now, maybe he went straight to work
again? In this weather I doubted it, did he even come back last night? Chucking a piece of bread in the toaster thoughts flew threw my mind, was he avoiding me? Why can’t I remember how I got to bed? Why did I
wake up with no pants on? Getting some butter out of the fridge my toast popped. Sitting down to eat I decided that I wasn’t in the mood to watch movies again today, I felt like doing something else.
But what? It was still raining. Finishing my toast I decided that I was going to do some work on the computer, yeah, some work could clear my head. Walking into the office I sat down in the big comfy chair and switched the computer on. Drumbing my fingers on the desk I waited for
it to turn on a load properly and for the broadband to conncet.
Loading safari I logged in to face book and brought up a new tab. All of a sudden an old web search popped up and it was time stamped for last logged in was last night. To my utter and complete surprise it was a web search for young girls being fucked. Well well well, Josh
did enjoy it. I heard the front door to the house open and shut, I hurried and stummbled to close down the web search. Josh walked into the office about a spilt second after I shut it down. “Oh, hi” I tried my best to keep my voice sounding normal and calm. “Hi, -” He cleared his throat “- How has your day been so far? Eaten anything yet?”
Raising an eyebrow I answered “Yeah, a peice of toast” Oh my god, its like he thinks nothing ever happened last night. “Josh, we need to talk about what happend yesterday” He looked at me then, his eyes were
different, I noticed that he was also standing in a particual way. It was almost like if I made one wrong move he would run. “Nothing happened yesterday” “your in denial.” He stormed towards me then, and for a second I swore he was going to hit me. Grabbing my arm he spat
“I most sertently am not in ‘denial’, you are becoming a little slut” appaled at him I smiled, “well, arnt you the smart one?” Taunting him I drew my self in closer, “I found your web search, you really should learn to delete your internet browsing history.” Blushing a deep shade of red he pulled away from me, but I followed,
keeping in his face, taunting him. He was my best friend so I knew exactly how to push his buttons for my advantage. “What browsing history?” “Dont play games with me Josh, I no you enjoyed yesterday… What I
cant put together is why you ran out on me when I was just getting started” Reaching down I grabbed his crotch through his trousers, smiling when I felt a nice hard cock waitng for me. “This is wrong!” Groaning he pushed his groin towards me when I started to massage the buldge in his pants. “Oh god, fuck that! Come here you little slut” Pulling me towards him he shoved me on the floor of the office, standing over me his pulled his pants off, and to my great pleasure he wasnt wearing and boxers. His cock sprang free, and my god
it was big, it was probably as wide as my wrist and about 8 and a half inches long. Lying on the gound staring at his dick made me wetter then I think I have ever been before.
He moved onto his shirt next, basically tearing it off his body. It’s like he was the incredible hulk but horny not angry.
I decided to wear a skirt this morning, no panties on under neath. Kneeling down over me, I hiked my skirt up to my waist and then grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. I didn’t bother to wear a bra either. He grabbed and pulled on my breasts before he tugged on my nipples drawing them in one by one to suck them hard. Groaning he chewed on one until it stuck out like a hard rock and then he gave the same treatment to the other one. I felt his dick slide up against my pussy. Parting my lips with the tip of his cock I felt them move apart and his dick sit perfectly to the entrance of my fuck hole. “Your so hot and wet” he moved his hips in slowly and I drew my legs apart exposing an easier access, wrapping my legs around Josh’s ass I pulled the tip of his cock into me untill I felt it hit my barrier of becoming a women. I winced and cryed out in pain as my legs wound tighter around him and I pulled him in further. Because he was so big it felt like he was tearing my pussy in two. “Want me to stop?” he asked, “NO!” I cryed out, “Just let me get use to it…” I was breathing heavily, Josh was staring at me, I brug my lips up and kissed him, fire works went off in my head. The kiss became hurried and heated, our tounges became a battle of passion. Lost in the pleasure of the kiss Josh begun to slowly thrust in and out, getting deeper inside of my pussy with each thrust he made. I moaned in side of his mouth, breathing faster I broke the kiss and moaned loudly, Josh planted his hands ither side of me and I wraped my arms around his kneck and let the plesure of the fuck wash over me. “Fuck me faster” I moaned, Josh’s thrusts became faster and harder, a sweat broke out from his forhead, grabbing his lips again I pulled him into me, my breasts and my nipples crushing against his cheast. ”Ahhh fuck me…” ”Josh…” Moaning, I pushed him over so I was stradiling him. Josh reached up and grabed my breasts, twisting both nipples between his fingers I bounced up and down on his dick, crying out in pleasure I climaxed hard and long, it was like a tital wave, it racked my body, my pussy paulsed and milked Josh’s cock, as I slowly came down from my climaxed I kissed Josh with every bit of energy I had left, collapsing, Josh pulled it out of my pussy, it felt empty without his big dick inside, getting up, I bend my head over his still hard dick and I eagerly dropeed my head onto the cock and set to work, pursing my lips I slupd noisilty at the droplets of precum. I put out my tounge and pushed the tip of it firmly to Josh’s cock, flicking my tounge around the top, I place a hand on the shaft and slowly pumped my fist up and down. Josh grabed my hair and groaned, ”that feels so good.”
I began to work my whole mouth over the head of the cock, I bobed my head up a and down a bit, I took my other had and grabbed his balls, groaning out loud he said ”Im gonna cum,” pumping my fist faster and sucking his dick he shot his load straight down my throat, gagging I took his dick out of my mouth as spert after spert of his cum landed in my hair and on my hands. Bending back over to lick his dick clean it, I quickly licked my tounge around it and then let it flop out of my mouth, I lay back and yawned… ”That was amazing” I said to Josh who was breathing heavily on the floor beside me, ”it defintly was.”