I Love My Wife

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I Love My WifeI awoke to the most heavenly sight. My gorgeous wife Kate was sitting next to me, slowly taking my cock in and out of her mouth, alternating between licking my sensitive pereneum and gently stroking me. “Good morning baby”, she said, with the most gorgeous eyes and smile. I love when she wakes me this way. Kate is 5 ft 7 in, and weighs about 125 lbs. She has sandy brown hair, with a gorgeous face and skin, eyes, the whole package. A great ass, stomach, legs, and some of the nicest natural c cup breasts I have ever seen. Sound too good to be true? Well, its true. I am a lucky bastard, and for some reason, and I have no idea why, shes with me. We are both 32 and been together for 11 years. I just lay back, with my arms crossed behind me and her continue. “Thanks for waking me up. What time is it?” She doesnt answer. Shes a little busy. Thats okay, because I am getting close to being incoherent anyway. She starts picking up her pace, knowing how close I am to cumming. I am getting really close when she starts stroking my balls and rubbing my asshole while concentrating her efforts on the sensitive tip of my cock. She knows this sends me over the edge and I get the familiar sensation like my cock is going to explode, and she knows it. OH MY GOD, I am cumming so HARD. I start shooting my cum into her beautiful mouth and she looks up at me with those eyes. She swallows every drop. I just emptied my balls intro her throat and she took every drop. Wow. “Mmmm, I love your cum, its so sweet. I want more…” With that, she starts slowly working on my cock again, not ready to let me lose my erection. She starts sucking again, while gently inserting her index finger into my ass. “Does that feel good, baby?” Of course it does and she knows it. “Do you like my finger in your ass?” Any momentum I güngören escort was losing after cumming is back and I am hard as a rock again. She then gets up and takes her bra and panties off, and straddles me, guiding my cock underneath her beautiful body. She is visibly wet, and works some of her wetness onto the tip of my cock and sinks down onto it. It goes right in and she arches her back and her eyes roll to the back of her head. “Oh baby, I needed this cock so BAD…” She starts off slowly then starts working up to a feverish pace, bucking wildly on top of me. “Please baby, fuck me from behind!” She then crawls off of me and gets on all fours. I get on my knees behind her and grab her hips, pulling her back onto my cock. She absolutely loves it when I pull her hair. She likes it rough, but not too rough. “Yes, pull my hair!” She starts forcefully slamming back on me. I reach around to tease her swollen clit, and she loses it. I can feel her orgasm around my cock. She starts gripping my cock with her clenching pussy which sends me into my second orgasm. I start cumming and filling her with my warm seed. “Oh God, I want more”, she says. I need a break to recover for a second, but she isnt giving me one. She then reaches into the bedside table drawer and grabs a vibrator and some lube. She then grabs a glass dildo that is specially contoured for anal sex. She applies a little lube to the vibrator and starts easing it into her pussy slowly, as it is much larger and thicker than my 7 inch cock. Then she applies some lube to her glass dildo and starts pushing it into her ass. She is masturbating and going for her second orgasm, which is approaching rapidly, I love watching her cum. I start nibbling on her neck and sucking on each delicious breast, perspiration starting to lightly form escort güngören on her gorgeous, glistening body. She smells of sweet body lotion and tastes indescribably delicious. She starts bucking wildly, and I watch her furiously moving the dildo in and out of her tight ass leaving the vibrator to buzz away inside her pussy. She then asks me to direct to glass dildo in her ass so she can focus on her clit. As her second orgasm approaches, she buries her teeth into my leg and comes so hard that she breaks skin. She may loook like an angel, but after being with her for 11 years, I know she has a little bit of devil in her too. I may have put it there or it may have been there all along. She catches her breath and closes her eyes. Almost thinking she had drifted to sleep, she says “are you ready yet?” I am ready. I have been ready. After watching her delicious orgasm, working her clit, pussy, and tight ass, I am in need of her yet again. “Oh, I am ready.” With her laying beside me, I position just behind her. She knows what is coming. Hell, she prepared for it. I direct the tip of my cock right at the beautiful rosebud between her gorgeus cheeks. She takes a deep breath into preparation/anticipation of what she knows is coming. I gently press against her tight backdoor and wait. Not quite ready yet, I dont want to hurt her, I get some more lube. I work it into her ass with first 1, then 2, then 3 fingers. If she can take 3 fingers, she can take my cock. I then reposition, with more lube on my erection. I start pressing again, and this time, I feel resistance, then I feel her ass give way. “Oh my fucking god”, and with that she puts her hand on my side, to slowly guide me. I stay motionless for a second to let her adjust. “Ok, keep going” she says. I start to oush deeper into her, again stopping güngören escort bayan to let her get used to the feeling, then deeper again until I am all the way in. “Fuck me with your ass, baby” I say to her. First, I know she likes to be in control, amd second, with anal, I know she will fuck me as hard as she can take it. I lay still, while she starts moving her ass back and forth against my hard cock. “Fuck, that cock is so fucking hard, I dont want you to ever take it out of me”, she groans to me. Knowing now that she is comfortable, I grab her by the hips and start gently pressing in and out, pulling her to me. I start whispering in her ear while sucking on her neck. “How do you like getting your ass fucked, you little slut?” I try to control my pace, knowing I wont last too long in her sexy little ass. “You know I like it baby. You know what I like.” She reaches behind me and starts carressing my balls, and the closer I get to cumming, the more she squeezes them in her hand. I am so close to losing it. I try to slow down, but she is having none of this, and starts pushing back against me, trying to continue the pace. I try to hold on, but I cant fight back the orgasm, and announce I am about to cum. “Dont fucking pull out of me, I want you to empty your balls in my ass!” She starts stroking my balls, and moaning. She is working her clit with her other hand, on her way to another orgasm of her own. I start really fucking slamming into her, and she starts to cum. She starts to scream something barely coherent. All I can make out is that she is cumming, and to fill her ass with my cum. She starts clamping down on my cock as she cums, and sends me over the edge, I start filling her ass with my cum, as I thrust into her deep, one last time, pulling her tightly to my body. i am holding her close, and she is still writhing in my arms. “Fuck, that feels so good!” She slows and catches her breath. Both completely spent, we both stat to drift off to sleep, my cock still inside her. I love when she wakes me up this way. I love my wife…