I lost my virginity to my mother

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I lost my virginity to my mother*AUTHORS NOTE: Some of the events entailed in this book have actually happened, and others are completely fantasized.I HAD SEX WITH MY MOM.Here is the story of my sexual experience and encounter with my own mother.It was a cool september day, and I had just turned 15. For my birthday, I had gotten some makeup, a couple T-shirts, and a condom as a joke from my older brother, joking around that I’d be having sex soon. Which I thought was never going to happen for a long time, I was 15, and had only had one boyfriend, and the farthest we had gone in 6 months was me giving him a handjob. I wasn’t sure what it was, but something about having someone else’s hot, sweaty body against mine, having another mans juices on and in you, just seemed gross and undesirable.Anyways, I was walking down the hot and crowded hallways on an unusually busy day at school, and then I saw a guy and his girlfriend making out on a bench. I stood there pretending to look at my books, but secretly looking at the steamy couple. I was fascinated at how they could just throw all the staring k**s aside, and show their love for each other in front of the whole school. When the bell rang, I found myself walking to class picturing the couple having hot, passionate and sweaty sex. I imagined the blonde haired girl bent over her bed, sweaty bangs hanging loosely down onto her forehead. Her whole body moving back and forth, as her boyfriend pushes his thick, throbbing penis in and out of her wet vagina. She’s moaning at the big cock penetrating her tight pussy, and he lets out a****l-like grunts. Then, suddenly I bumped into someone on my way to class, and all my books went flying, which promptly pushed my sex fantasy aside.When I got home, it was really cold inside my house, so I decided to put on a pair of wool socks. But, I couldn’t find any in my dresser, so I went into my mother’s bedroom to see if she had a pair clean. I opened her sock-drawer and started rummaging through it to find the socks, I absent mindedly searched through the drawer, trying to feel out wool socks at the very back where I couldn’t see, when I felt a plastic bag shoved in the back.I pulled the kocaeli escort heavy bag out of her dresser, wanting to explore the contents of the mysterious bag, so I sat down on her hard bed, and started to open the plastic bag. The first thing I pulled out was a long, fat rubber purple dildo, I sat there shocked, for about 10 minutes.My mom and dad had been divorced for about 7 years, and she hadn’t had a single boyfriend since then, but I never thought about her pleasuring herself, or getting satisfaction, the thought never even crossed my mind that she might get horny sometimes.I put down the rubbery dildo and starting grabbing other things out of the bag. First, I grabbed a couple bottles of edible body paint, which made me feel a tad uncomfortable, then I grabbed a bunch of tangle cords, each of which was attached to vibrators. I untangled each of the vibrators from eachother, and tested to see which ones worked.I had never used any masturbating tools before, I mostly just rubbed my clit, and more often than not I would dry hump a pillow or blanket, and get a mini-orgasm.Experimentally, I put a long plastic vibrator against my clit, and started to rub and press down vigorously. It was like no other feeling in the whole world. My body started to shake, and I got suddenly very hot, and sweaty. Instinctively I put my index and middle finger into my very tight vagina, stretching it a little bit, and starting pulling them in and then out. Loud moans escaped my quivering lips, still using the vibrator and my fingers to masturbate, my moans got louder and louder, and my body began shaking intensely, until I felt this amazing wave of sexual pleasure go through my vagina and body. I laid there, thinking about my very first orgasm, and then I knew that this would be something I needed to experience daily. I cleaned up my mothers sex toys, and then went downstairs to do my homework.When my mom got home, I felt like she was a whole different person. Every time I looked at her, I couldn’t help but picture her laying on her bed, using the purple dildo and vibrator, she seemed like a whole new woman- a sexy, horny sexual one. I was now very curious and anxious escort kocaeli to see her body naked, and see her in action with those toys. When she announced that she would be taking a shower, I jumped at the opportunity to see her naked. She closed the bathroom door, and hopped into the hot shower. Quietly, I opened the door, and took a peek inside. Through a crack in the shower curtains, I saw a long thin body, with I’d say 36D breasts, and a clean-shaved vagina. The next day, I anxiously ran home from school, getting very excited to do a little more experimenting with the bag in my moms sock drawer.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MOTHER’S POINT OF VIEWI was glad that I had the day off today, I was able to get many dreadful chores done before my daughter, Ally, got home.I was sitting in my office on the computer, when I heard the front door open then close, and someone walked inside. I assumed it was Ally, so I called out to her. “Hey Ally, how was your day at school?”I didn’t here an answer.So, I got up to see if it was actually Ally or not, when I head someone shuffling through my dresser, I peaked through the door to see me daughter, pulling my secret bag out of the drawer, with an excited look on her face.I witnessed Ally pull my white vibrator out of the bag, and pull down her jeans and underwear, and put the vibrator on her vagina.Shocked, I considered bursting through the door to catch her in the act, but then as she starting using her fingers and vibrator to masturbate, I began to feel my own vagina tingle and throb. Not realizing what I was doing, I slid my hand down my pants and started to get off at the sight of my 15 year old daughter masturbating with my toys. Then, all of a sudden I burst open the door, with my nipples hard as ice, buttons undone on my pants, and fingers wet with cum. Ally shot her head up in surprise, then a look of embarrassment took over her face. Not saying a single word, I walked over to the bed she was lying on, and spread open her legs even more then they were, and took the vibrator out of her hand and began to masturbate her vagina for her. Loud, squeaky moans fell out of her mouth, with a look of worriedness on her kocaeli escort bayan face. I reached my hand under my stomach, and started rubbing my clitoris, getting an amazing feeling throughout my whole body. I then put the toy down, and lowered my head to her vagina opening, and bashfully stuck my tongue inside of it, thrashing it around her vagina. Ally’s whole body was moving around, and she was now moaning louder then ever, and I thought she was about to climax. I pulled my wet nose and lips out of her vagina, and looked up at her, she looked down on me and said, “Mom. why are we doing this?””Don’t worry baby, It’ll all go back to normal after.” Was the only reply I could think of. I got up and walked over to my closet, and pulled out a double-sided strap-on dildo, that I had been keeping for special occasions with my best friend, Jenna.I slid one end of the strap-on into my wet vagina, and strapped it onto my smooth waste. Then, I lowered my hips onto my daughters, every so slowly sliding the other end of the dildo into her. I could see the pain on her face, from being a virgin, and I knew it was hurting her, but I was just so turned on that I couldn’t bring myself to stop. Then, with one large thrust of my hips, the dildo went all the way into Ally’s tight pussy, as she screamed in pain. Throwing all motherly natures aside, I began to push the dildo in and out of my daughter, feeling and seeing her vagina stretch before my eyes.Ally yelled out in pain, and tried to get up and leave, no longer enjoying our fun little game, but I grabbed her arms roughly and pinned her to the bed, loving the feeling of the strap-on inside my horny vagina. She screamed and yelled, trying to leave, obviously not being pleasured by my little surprise, but I wouldn’t let her go. I could see juices dripping out of her pussy, with a tint of pink from her virgin blood, getting me even more excited. I pushed with all my might in and out, in and out, until I moaned so loudly I thought the neighbors would her. It was such an intense orgasm that I thought I might die, my pussy was dripping with cum, all over Ally’s hurting vagina. After I was done, I pulled out the dildo from Ally’s pussy. and unstrapped it from my waist, and put it back into my closet. I walked back over to my bed, collapsed onto it, and watched Ally scurry out of my bedroom naked. I smiled to myself knowing that I would forever have my daughter’s virginity.