I helped my girlfriend get the guy not fiction

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I helped my girlfriend get the guy not fictionThe hotel was really nice, in the canaries, near the Hard Rock Cafe. we went for the bed and breakfast option rather than full board. It had a pool with an outdoor bar area if you wanted to chill, or you could use your room keycard if you wanted to access the beach which was pretty much exclusive to the hotel.It was around the second day of our two week break, and we decided to have a day around the pool drinking, and catching the sun.We’d been there a couple of hours, drinking, laughing and generally having a great time.Well i was sat facing my girlfriend Tina, with my back to the pool, and something or someone seemed to catch her eye. I spun my head around to see what it was, but it was so busy all i could see were other couples and family’s enjoying there holiday. I thought nothing of it.But it kept happening, almost like she was checking someone out. we’ve always talked very openly to each other, so i lent forward and asked her, “what do you keep looking at?”,” Ahh nothing she replied.”But, I’m sure she was checking someone out, Ive done it myself…. I know that look….. when your checking someone out, they look at you so you quickly look awayI would like to point out we have a great sex life, we chat about what turns each other on, we often talk about previous experiences, and our fantasies etc. Mine involve, obviously, FFM threesome also watching her and another guy. I know, some may find that weird. I love seeing guys gooning over her when we’re on a night out….Her fantasies involve getting with another girl, and and she finds my fantasies of her with other guys a huge turn on.We have never found the right opportunity or situation, to maybe act out our fantasies though.After quite a heavy night of partying, we woke a slightly hungover, but headed down for breakfast anyway.Now, I’d forgotten about the roaming eyes the day before, we were sat eating our breakfast, when i noticed she was looking again, constantly over toward another table, about 4 o’clock from me just over my right shoulder.I gave it a few minutes, then ever so casually turned to see if i was right…. was she checking someone out?…The only possible candidate i could see was this guy, sat with this young girl, she must have been his daughter, so I’d guess he was early to mid thirties.He was well dressed and groomed, he looked like he took care of himself (he looked like he visited the gym regularly) no bodybuilder, but as Tina would say fit.I turned back to Tina, and said quietly with a cheeky grin, “that’s you you were checking out yesterday at the pool isn’t it..?”“i could have been” she replied, blushing…We finished breakfast and left, Tina walked in front of me, she looked good in her cropped top and short skirt.he glanced up and down at her as she passed. And i have to admit that turned me on, as I’ve mentioned already i love seeing guys checking her out.Later that afternoon we went back to the room to shower and generally lounge around before getting ready to go out, Tina was in the shower, i was laying on the balcony, wearing the hotel robe drying off in the sun, after taking a shower, I was thinking about her checking out this guy constantly, and even him looking her up and down at breakfast. Jesus i was turned on..She walked out wearing the her robe the same as me. Now I’ve said we always talk openly, so i just came out and said…..“Ive been thinking about you and this guy Tina”,She knelt next to me, “have you?” She said, as she slid her hand under my robe. “Ohh!!!” she squeaked, with a sexy giggle, “is it that what has made you soooo hard?”“Yes it is Tina” i replied.. “you do like him don’t you Tina?….” i asked. “yeahh…….. i guess i do” she said dreamily.While gently stroking my cock.“Maybe a little holiday romance for you Tina, Would you like that?”“Mmmmmm, maybe….. would you?” she quietly asked. “ i would Tina” all this time she was knelt next to me stroking my cock..“you want me to do this to him?” She said in a slow sexy voice… I nodded “aha.. ““how about this?…” she started to lick my cock and then suck it … “yessssss” i breathed..My god i was in heaven. She carried on sucking. “…….and maybe this?”She stood niğde escort up opened her robe, stood astride me, and lowered herself onto me..Fuck she was dripping, her cunt was red hot…. while she was riding me, she whispered into my ear, “you want me to fuck him like this?”“Fuck yesssss”, i said… fuck it felt so good, her riding me like that… “I’m thinking about him right now” she said..I was so turned on, i couldn’t hold on any longer, shot my load in seconds… with that she giggled, pecked me on the lips and winked at me… “ill think about it” she purred…A couple of days passed, we did the usual holiday stuff, day trips, beach, drink etc..and we did keep seeing him around, every time we saw him we would give each other a nod and wink. We decided we’d stay at the resort bar tonight, and have a quieter night, we had been partying quite hard.. i was ready, Tina was taking ages, as girls do, make up, hair, various outfits. So i told her i was going down to the bar, I’d see her down there, she said she wouldn’t be long.. ha yeah right i thought.I went to the bar, it was packed. All the tables were full…. Shit to late… i thought..but then i noticed in the corner….. he was sat at a table, with his daughter…. should i ask if we could join them at there table?….. Every where is full after all …. hmmm my devious mind was in overdrive… fuck it i thought, and headed over….“Are these seats free?” I asked “do you mind if we sit here”..“Of course you can” he answered in what I’m guessing was an Italian accent..We introduced ourselves, “ i am Antonio, and this is Anna, my daughter”.. “I’m mark, pleased to meet you”. I ordered a drink and offered to get a round in, and he accepted…“So English?” Antonio asked “yes” i replied… “and where’s your wife… girlfriend this evening” he questioned in the Italian accent i just knew Tina would love…I paused before replying… maybe a little white lie i thought, deviously…..“Tina???? Oh, she’s getting ready… she won’t be long….but…err..she’s not my wife or girlfriend….. were just great friends.. I’ve known her all my life” i said….. “I see so, your not a couple” Antonio said.. “ohh nooo” i laughed.There.. in one sentence I’ve made my girlfriend available for him… in one sentence ,I’ve given Tina the option, should she choose to go for it, “ and your wife?” I asked“Oh we separated, when Anna was a little girl”….. perfect i thought….Tina always looks fabulous anyway, but on a night out she always looks stunning, and this evening was no exception, i noticed her coming down in the glass elevator. I couldn’t wait for her to see who i was sat with. She walked into the bar, she looked amazing, really short black tight dress,that perfectly showed off her long tanned legs, her hair in a pony tail. Dark eye makeup. Not to heavy, just right.. i could feel my cock growing… amazing..God i hope she doesn’t kiss me when she walks over, i thought, blow my cover story straight away..As she walked over her eyes glanced at Antonio, then to his daughter, and then to me and she stoped dead in heart tracks. I quickly blurted out “Tina….. this is Anna and Antonio”.She just gave me this look as if to say wtf.. and walked over to the table, said hi to Anna, she then put out her hand to shake hands with Antonio, “nice to meet you”. Antonio took her hand and kissed it… very smooth.. i thought… we sat down and she kicked me under the table, and said “you twat” quietly into my ear.. after the initial shock…and slight awkwardness from Tina… we were all in fact starting to get along very well, drinking, joking, chatting. i have to admit Antonio was flirting heavily with Tina, and she seemed to be lapping it up, his daughter very sweet, and quiet but she started yawning, she told her had she was tired and wanted to go to bed.We said goodnight, Antonio said “buona notte” which i guessed was good night, kissed Tina on each cheek, and off they went…“ I cant believe you did that” Tina quipped, “It was busy, there was no where else to sit…..anyway i thought you’d like, meeting him….you seemed to enjoy meeting him” i said laughing,“I did but that’s not the point” she said blushing and rolling her eyes,“ niğde escort bayan ohhhh yeah’ i said, “by the way….I’ve told him were not a couple, were just really close friends…. we have been since we were k**s”…..“WHAT?”“Don’t be mad…. i just thought one little white lie… should you choose too….. or if not too… well lets just say…either way he’s non the wiser, it just gives you a choice… you know, if you want to.. well you know, just think about it ok”“Hmmmm okay” Around 30 minutes passed and i saw Antonio walking back our way alone…“Just nipping tho the toilet” i said quickly, “okay, babe” she said oblivious to the fact he was coming back, i wanted to give him a few moment to work is smooth, Italian charm on her alone..I was in the toilet, didn’t need a piss, I couldn’t piss a had a raging hard on. My heart was beating furiously, i was shaking, dizzy. Wow this was great…Calm yourself down i said to myself, get a grip…. not cool NOT COOL…..About 10 minutes passed before I’d sorted myself out, so i took a deep breath and headed back…He was sat right next to her, he must have thought I’d gone… Tina looked over at me as i walked back, her face was a picture, she looked, like i had felt minutes before. As I approached the table Antonio stood and apologised for taking my seat.. “no no no” i said, “it’s fine you sit there”.I sat down at the table, where Antonio was sat before, and he was there sat next to my Tina, positioned diagonally on the seat so as to almost face Tina. My god and he fas full on chatting her up, and i could see she was loving it… even if i wanted to stop this, I couldn’t now the break lines were truly severed… and gathering pace…the ball was totally in Tinas court. She was now in control of where this was leading..We were chatting, drinking, laughing. every now and then he’d stroke her leg. She was starting to look at him the way she looks at me. You can read her eyes like a book.He lent forward and whispered something into her ear, she pulled back looking at him thoughtfully, and pursed her lips, as if making a decision. “I’m going, for a cigarette, ill be back in 2 minutes” he said…Tina looked at me,her eyes sparkling, and said “are you sure about this Mark?”“Of course babe” i said “are you?”She nodded, “ I think so”.“Sorry….But, with his daughter asleep in his room, antonio has said we must use our room, is that ok with you?”“Of course babe, its ok, i understand, text me, when I can come back, ill head out to the strip”Antonio returned from his smoke, and sat back at the table..Tina lent forward and whispered back to him, kissed him on the cheek, then she looked straight at me…Jesus i nearly came in my pants there and then. She’s so fucking so hot…..She finished her drink, looked at Antonio, and said very sexily.. “shall we go upstairs?”.He didn’t Finnish his drink, he stood up, looked at me and said “goodnight Mark , and thankyou for sitting at our table, this evening”. “My Pleasure”, i smiled and winked. As she left the table, she looked deeply at me and mouthed the words thank you, and gave a really sexy wink. She turned, and they wandered off with linked arms, toward the glass elevator, i watched them enter the elevator, i watched it rise to our floor, her on tiptoes, arms wrapped around his shoulders, kissing him, the elevator door opened then they were gone..It was around 3 am, when i got the text. And on my way back i remember thinking to myself, ill let her tell me all the details, when she’s good and ready. I’m not going to ask, Ill be cool…I approached our room door, and knocked.. the door swung open.. she was stood there hair ruffled, eyeshadow smudged, but still hot as fuck!! She grabbed me with both hands pulled me inside, kicked the door shut, and pined me to the door kissing me hard, her tongue wrapping around my tongue, tearing off my jeans, grabbing my cock squeezing it and rubbing it.She dropped to her knees, and started sucking and fucking me with her mouth, Jesus it was like she was possessed.with the nights drinking it took longer for me to cum, but she wouldn’t ease off. I felt the pressure building up.. and up.. and i came in her mouth, down her throat, I hadn’t niğde escort produced that much cum come since my late teens.. she stood up. Pulled me toward the bed and collapsed, within minutes she was in a deep sleep. I laid there thinking, wow whats happened to my Tina, this is insane, i loved it..my balls drained and aching like I’d been kicked in the nuts….I awoke to Tina jumping onto the bed, smelling fresh from the shower… she sat on my stomach kneeling astride me, now i know, i said i wouldn’t ask, but i had to say something… thinking back i could have said something better ha. “Nice time? I said.She reached behind her back, ok hold of my cock, stroking, and with eyes half closed looking fucking horny as hell, just nodded up and down slowly, “ohh yessssss, very nice thankyou”, she purred “sorry i just sucked you off, last night, my pussy was full of Antonio , I’m all clean now”.She raised her ass, aimed my cock towards her pussy, and lowered down onto my cock.. her pussy felt so good, warm and moist. She was slowly rocking up and down, we were nose to nose, eye to eye. “Do you want me to tell you all about last night, mark?”she said slowly, still slowly wanking my cock with her pussy.“Yesssss, Tina”,“ okay….. we were kissing in the elevator” she said,“I know, i was watching you”…“Mmmmmm, he carried me to our room, then he stood me in the middle of the room…turning me around, looking at my body, he stood behind me, and told me to raise my arms….and unzipped, and removed my dress, he held me close, feeling my boobs, stroking my stomach and slipping his hands in my panties.. i lowered my arms.. and he lifted them back up. He said, ill tell you when you can lower your arms, I’m going to lick every inch of your naked body first. He stood in front of me and pulled down my panties, lifted one foot out to them. And placed my feet slightly apart. He put my panties in his pocket.he stood up and unfastened my bra, and lifted it over my raised arms. He then starting at my neck licked and kissed all over my body, it felt so good mark”All the time she was telling me she kept riding me slowly, the same pace… i was in heaven..“ he said i can lower my arms, and sat me at the end of the bed..and started to undress. He was standing in front of me in just his boxers, i could see his cock pushing against the fabric, he told me to take them off.. i pulled them toward me first and reached in side, mark, he was huge, my mouth dropped, i looked up at him, he smiled and said, you like yes? I just nodded, mark… i just sat there playing with it, stroking it, looking at it it was hypnotic, i was squeezing it, i saw some pre cum glistening at its tip, i wiped it off with my finger, and rolled it between my thumb and finger to feel the silky smooth texture, the sucked my thumb and then my finger, as i gazed up it him, i held his cock with both hands and pulled it toward my mouth and licked his tip, it tasted sooo good mark”By this time Tina had slowly increased her pace on my cock, she pulled herself off me, grabbed a couple of pillows and knelt at the edge of the bed, still on the bed, her feet just over the end, with two pillows under her body, presenting her self beautifully, shit she looked so inviting..“This is how, i asked Antonio to enter me the first time mark, and its how I’d like you to start on me now…”I opened her lips with my thumbs and she reached around and guided my cock into her pussy, as i pushed forward she pushed back.. starting slowly then gathering pace, until i was pounding her hard her ass making clapping noises with each thrust against my skin. She was howling like a banshee with cries of fuckk yessss yessss.I was imagining her and her other man the night before.. which sent me over the edge.. i could feel the signs of my climax welling up through my stomach. Building and building.. when just as my feet started tingling, i pulled out and an arch of cum shot from my dick covering her ass and back…I rubbed it in, over her ass and pussy massaging her back using my cum as lubricant..I fell onto the bed and laid next to her… she laid next to me hugging me like a kola bear…“Would you like to do this again Tina?”, i asked… “for sure, i may even get a girl for you next time”“Mmmm I’d like that” i said with a smileI’d say this holiday to Tenerife has made us stronger as a couple.. and I’m sure Tina will agree that our first experiment like this will stay with us all of our lives