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I would give my right arm to fuck her this time. I was going to fuck her at her home. Just like I fucked my friend Tamer’s wife Olga in her own house.This time I was sure her husband Cemal was in their stationery shop.That is, Sengul was alone probably. I was leering at her sexy leg.. And, her high black shoe’s hard heel voice were being heard.That stiffened my penis badly.I was absolutely going to fuck Sengul’s leg at any cost . Her transparent black shiny pantyhose had made me crazy. The head of my penis was getting wet slowly. The sexy legs which are in black pantyhose of that cold and serious woman had driven me crazy. I was absolutely going to fuck that leg. Last time, I have fucked her foot in the elevator. Looks like it’s gonna be pretty tough this time. Because she knew what I wanted and how I did. Probably, she will resist and push me about that. Actually, Sengul’s ass used to seduce me till I see her legs and fuck her sexy legs in the elevator of their apartment. Her ass still seductive but her legs changed my idea. I fucked her foot hard in the elevator last year. Probably she hasn’t forgotten that day. I had come all over her leg and foot. She was wearing black pantyhose that day too. I had come to all over of her left foot sole. Her left foot sole was full of my sperms. She was rubbing her foot on the elevator’s floor to dry it. She was so angry because I came to the sole of her foot. She didn’t expect that I would ejaculate to her foot directly. She was walking towards the building which she lives. Even this woman’s walk seemed was edgy. At least it seemed that way.But her edgy and serious gaits were turning me on. It would give me a lot of pleasure to come at this woman’s foot.There were about ten meters to the door of the building when she noticed me.She noticed but kept on walking. Obviously, she didn’t want to talk to me.Even she began to walk faster. But, I caught up with her.-Hello !She looked at me but she didn’t stop. She kept on walking.-I must talk to you !-No , go and talk to Cemal ! (Her husband)-But , I need your assistance.-Go samsun escort and talk to my husband ! I can not be assistance to you. I told you that before She stopped and looked at me with hate-I did not say to Cemal what happened in the elevator !-But I didn’t force you . You accepted and we did together.Okay , go now !Now I had to play my cards.-That’s exactly what I was gonna talk about !-That day my phone’s voice record was on. But , I didn’t do it on purpose. I don’t know. I’m not sure but I feel not good.If you don’t be assistance to me I may send this record to Cemal. You know your husband is a very angry man.That last sentence brought her to knees. She was so afraid of her husband. Her face expression changed. She looked around. She seemed to accept that.I looked down at her legs lustfully. With a very low voice I said ;-With your foot again, okay? But this time not in elevator, at home. we’ll do it right behind the door. It won’t take long.She never spoke and began to walk towards the building’s door. I was following her And I was staring her ass and legs while following her. They were living at fourth floor. She opened the building’s door and walked towards the elevator. There was nobody in the building. She pushed the fourth floor button in elevator.I was continuously watching her hips and ass. I approached her thoroughly. She was not looking at my side and she was not talking at all. I slightly touched her left hip. And I began rubbing her hip slowly over the dress with my penis. She was at the corner of the elevator.With a very low voice she said;-What are you doing !I was keeping to rub.-Your hips make me crazy.Her face expression was desperate. I slightly forced her to turn towards the wall of the elevator. Now I was behind her and she was keeping the wall with her both hand. I began rubbing my penis over her ass. I was pulling her hips against my penis.And I was rubbing slowly up and down with my penis.With a very low and desperate voice she said;Stop it, stop it.I was squeezing her hips and pressing my penis strongly. She was looking down at the floor of the elevator while she keeping the wall with her both hand. The elevator had stopped. But I was still rubbing.-You’re hurting me !I pulled her skirt up and began to caress her calf and legs. My penis was very big and stiff under my pants now. She had finally noticed my penis .My penis was between her ass’s cheeks completely. I was rubbing up and down.I was doing that over her dress.She screamed with a very low voice and very short. Because she had completely felt my penis.-Ayy ! what are you doing !She was afraid that neighbors would hear.I kept her left hand and directly brought to my penis. Keeping her hand I began to caress my penis with her hand over my pants. She understood what I want. And she started caressing. She was caressing my penis slowly and reluctantly up and down.over my pants. I was still behind her and she was keeping the wall of the elevator with right hand while caressing my penis with left hand.She was probably ashamed. She escort samsun screamed again with a low voice when she felt my penis completely in her left hand. She was ashamed mixed with disgust.-Ayy ! someone may come now !I stepped back and she pulled down her skirt and walked towards the door of her flat.I was staring her ass and legs while she try to open the door. I was touching her ass from behind while she open the door.-Ahh don’t do. Neighbors may see us !I was not talking. I was rubbing continuously from behind.She opened the door and we entered home. It was a very new house. There was not so much furniture. She last time checked and closed the door. I began to caress her hips without waiting. I crouched and pulled her skirt up completely. with low voice tone I said;-Keep your skirt up !She was keeping her skirt and watching down.She asked with fear;-What will you do ?-I told you I wanna do your foot and leg.I began kissing her legs and calf towards down.She was moaning faintly.-Ahh.. what are you doing !I was kissing the part of her left leg between knee and ankle.Holding her left leg I slightly forced her to raise her leg.She understood what I want and raised her left leg slowly.I slowly took her left shoe off and put it on the floor. She was watching.And I wanted to place her left foot on my pants where my penis was. But she was resisting a little. I was trying to place her foot on my pants but she was pulling her foot back. She was holding the wall with right hand and holding my shoulder with left hand when I was at crouched position.-What are you doing ! don’t do that !-With your foot ! only touch and caress it with foot ! It won’t take long !She wanted to finish that as soon as possible. She gave up resisting and asked;-how , like this?And she slowly placed her left foot on my pants and began to rub my penis over itShe began to caress my penis up and down with short and fast foot movements.But this time I had a surprise for her.I slowly tried to pull her pantyhose down. She kept her pantyhose and resisted.-What are you doing !I again forced her to pull pantyhose down. I was pulling down and she was trying not to take her pantyhose off. There was a fight between her and me.But I was slowly pulling her pantyhose of her left leg.She was resisting but I was pulling stronger. Finally I took her left leg pantyhose off from her left foot. She was still holding her right leg pantyhose not to take it off. Her legs were exactly as I desire.I began to pull her left leg towards my pants to place her left naked foot on my penis. Her legs were really very fuller. But she was resisting. There was not speaking any more.Meanwhile I was trying to unzip my pants while I try to pull her left leg towards my pants.Finally I unzipped and took my penis out. She was screaming short while she resist not to place her foot on my pants.-Ayy !My penis was completely erect. I spitted at my palm and began to masturbate it.I was forcing her left leg to put her foot on my penis.I grabbed her left leg tightly and forcibly placed her naked samsun escort bayan foot on my naked penis.My friend Cemal’s wife Sengul’s naked foot was on my naked penis. I was pressing hard her naked foot against my penis. She was looking down at the point where her foot and my penis were.I was formally fucking my friend Cemal’s wife Sengul’s foot now. Furthermore, I was doing that at his home. I was fucking her left sole and heel. She was trying to pull her foot back. But I was holding her leg strong. There was no sound in the living room.There were only the voices of the struggle between her and me.She was screaming with low voice. And she was looking at point where her foot and my penis were. She was trying to pull her foot back from my penis. She had understood that I was gonna explode on her foot.-ahh.. ayy..!And I was looking at her naked foot that was on my naked penis. Her naked left foot was completely touching my naked penis. I began to come with a big explosion to the left foot heel of Sengul’s. I was trying rubbing my penis against her heel while I come. But that was difficult because I was keeping her foot with force on my penis. -ffff.. She was screaming short and low.Ayy..!She was desperate. I was ejaculating to her naked foot. She screamed slightly while I come to her foot. I was ejaculating continuously.And I was trying to keep her naked foot on my penis.She was watching my ejaculation and trying to pull her foot back.But it was too late for her. Her left foot sole and heel was full of with my sperms. My sperms were dripping on my belly and groin. I was still keeping her foot on my penis. And I was still coming. Her heel especially was full of my sperm. And I was continuously coming to her heel.I was shaking with pleasure .I had ejaculated completely. But I was still shaking with pleasure. I released her left leg slightly. She slowly raised her foot up. But she was keeping her foot on air.She didn’t know where she must put her foot because it was so wet.Angrily ,she pointed to the drawer of the closet next to me. She wasn’t talking to me. Probably there were napkins there. Yes I opened the drawer and the napkins were there. I gave her the napkins.She began to clean her wet foot angrily. She was silent.I was so afraid that she was going to tell her husband about it. Because I had done what I want. I’d like to continue to fuck her in the next days. But she didn’t know that of course. 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