HypnoSissy: Educated to be Pegged


Summary: Cock sucker’s training is advanced to hypno videos on anal sex.


-This is a hypnosis story with potentially influential subliminal messages within it.

-The story also contains hypnosis video scenes.

-So if you begin behaving differently after reading this story and all your friends start pointing fingers, don’t come crying to me: you’ve been warned.

Note 1: Thanks to hfernandez1983 for the story idea and the intriguing revelation that hypno sissy videos exist in the first place.

Note 2: Of course, all participants are at least 18 years old.

Note 3: Thanks to Tex Beethoven and Robert for editing.

Note 4: This sixth story will make more sense if you first read the first five. But in case you don’t have time, or read them a while ago and need a refresher:

HypnoSissy 1: Becoming a Cocksucker

A cocky 18-year-old high school senior, Brian, tries to seduce a pretty college girl, Rose, but instead is seduced by her. Rose, after allowing him to go down on her a couple of times, gives him a USB with a dozen videos that she assigns him to watch (unknown to him they are hypno-sissy videos) and gradually he begins to get curious about sucking cock and eating cum. After watching all 12, Brian is summoned to Rose’s college dorm and before the night is done, he sucks his first cock and swallows his first load of cum.

HypnoSissy 2: Becoming a Cum Slut

Brian, having had his first cock, is given by the beautiful, mysterious Rose a second set of videos to watch. Watching the second set, his hunger for cock builds until he meets a stranger at lunchtime in a van, and then is taken to a gloryhole by Rose where he gets to suck on five very different cocks.

HypnoSissy 3: Big Nerd’s Cock

Brian spends the day after the gloryhole visit desperately trying to avoid the nerd he’d sucked there. Of course by now his hunger for cock and cum control his very being, and in the end he succumbs to the nerd, one he’d bullied for years. After sucking and swallowing the cum from this nerd’s big cock he learns a shocking secret… he’s Rose’s brother. The chapter ends with Brian receiving a new USB from Rose.

HypnoSissy 4: Cum Cravings

Brian watches four more training videos, each reinforcing the proposition that he’s a cock sucker and his natural purpose is to serve. After four days, Rose picks him up to take him to a special sex party where he serves six men and is given a circle jerk baptism (sprinkling, not immersion) before serving another man. After watching a few wild sex acts, he sucks one more cock for the road; he then gets a business card from a mysterious stranger who orders him to text him tomorrow. The chapter ends with Rose fucking him in the car and deciding he’s ready for the next step in his training.

HypnoSissy 5: Ecclesiastical Sucking

Brian goes to meet the mysterious stranger, who is a Minister in a very unorthodox church. Brian’s job interview is to suck two cocks, which he aces easily. He then is trained in the art of cock sucking by the church’s GILF secretary before he gets to fuck and come in her ass. The chapter ends with Rose inviting him over for some new videos.

And now the next part of his training begins in HypnoSissy: Getting Pegged

Late Sunday afternoon I arrived at Rose’s with a rock-hard cock and filled with anticipation.

She was watching television, her legs spread open as a girl who was completely dressed licked her.

“Hey, baby,” she smiled.

“Um, hey,” I said, looking at the girl between her legs.

“So… ready for your next videos?” she asked.

“Um, sure,” I said, finding these videos exciting even though they’d turned me from straight into a cock sucker. A cock sucker who craved cock pretty much 24/7… even after having already sucked multiple cocks today. So I was happy to feel my cock rise at seeing Rose, and especially seeing her with someone between her legs.

“Once you’re done watching these, I’ll let you fuck my ass,” Rose revealed.

“Oh, my,” I said, the idea making my hard cock flinch.

“But you mustn’t touch your cock at all until we see each other again,” she added, and then smiling broadly, “except as strictly necessary when you pee.”

“May I still suck cock?” I asked playfully, although I was asking a serious question behind the question. Oddly, I wasn’t at all ashamed to ask that question with a stranger between her legs.

“All you want,” she smiled. “In fact, I have a hunch you’ll be worshipping a lot of them now.”

“According to Minister Michael, I will be,” I smiled.

“And Eugene has regular loads to deposit in you,” she added.

“I can’t believe he’s your brother,” I said.

“Slow down, slut,” Rose ordered.

“Sorry,” the girl said.

“So, go watch the videos. Only one a day. No more,” she instructed.


“And on Friday night you’ll be in for karabağlar escort the time of your life.”

“I can’t wait,” I replied, knowing that whatever she had in store for me would be thrilling… she somehow always knew exactly what I needed even before I did.

“See you Friday,” she said, our brief time over, and she handed me a USB.

“Can’t wait,” I repeated.

“Me either,” she smiled, as she put her hand in the girl’s hair.

I reluctantly exited.

Headed home.

Plugged the USB into my computer.

Clicked on video number one of five.

My cock was hard even before it started.

It was ten minutes of women taking it in the ass.

God, it was hot.

No music.

No woman talking in the background.

Just anal fuck scenes where each girl was in complete euphoria with a cock plowing her ass.

My cock raged.

I had to use all my will power not to touch it.

But, and I don’t know why, I needed to obey Rose.

Once it was done, I wondered about its purpose.

Was she preparing me to fuck her ass?

I was definitely ready for that.

I have to admit that unlike watching porn a couple weeks ago where my focus would have been completely on the women, I balanced my attention between each woman’s moans and expressions and the delicious-looking cock pounding her back door.

I didn’t admire the woman.

Her looks.

Her body.

Just the pleasure she was receiving from a yummy cock.

This, of course, made me hungry, yet I had no quick way to obtain a cock.

So, pathetically I texted Rose: I’m hungry. Do you have Eugene’s cell number?

She responded almost immediately: He’s sitting right beside me. We’re at our parents’ for dinner. If you’re starving, there’s a gloryhole bathroom on the college campus, but it’s only black bulls using white cock suckers and bottoms.

I responded in a heartbeat: Perfect! Where?

She texted back: Male bathroom on the top floor of the Engineering building. Be warned: sometimes you have to wait a while, other times it’s a cock buffet.

I texted back, already getting ready to leave: Thanks.

She texted back with a wink emoji and the words: Happy sucking.

I drove to the college.


Walked to the engineering building.

As I entered I realized it was Sunday.

Who would be in a non-dorm college building on a Sunday?

At suppertime?

Yet I took the elevator to the top floor.

I exited the elevator.

I wandered around a bit until I found the bathroom.

I paused.

Was I really going to enter a bathroom to suck strangers’ cocks?

My raging rod said I most certainly was.

Yet I remained frozen in indecision.

For two or three minutes I didn’t move.

Until I was startled when a voice from behind me asked, “Hungry?”

I looked back to see a big black guy walking towards me.

“Um-I-um,” I babbled, knowing he knew why I was here.

“Follow me, timid boy,” he said. “I’ll get you your chocolate fix.”

He walked past me and I mindlessly followed him into the bathroom.

“Great timing,” he said, as we entered the empty washroom.

I didn’t say anything as he leaned against a sink. “First time here?”

I nodded.

“You want to suck my cock or get fucked?” he asked bluntly.

“Suck you,” I answered quickly, wanting to make it clear I wasn’t a bottom… even though I was called one earlier today. I had to admit the idea had recently become a curiosity… but one I wasn’t ready to explore… one I was likely never going to explore.

“Well, come and get it, boy,” he said.

I went to him, dropped, unbuckled his belt, which for some reason was more humiliating than sucking him was going to be, unzipped him, and pulled down his jeans and underwear to unleash a big, fat, semi-flaccid black cock.

“You like?” he asked, as I reached for it.

“It’s huge,” I said.

“Thanks,” he chuckled, amused at the look of awe on my face.

I leaned forward and took the fat head in my mouth and slowly began bobbing.

“Take your time,” he said helpfully. “Get accustomed to its size.”

I actually moaned in response.

I had no idea how doing such an act could make me so horny.

My cock wasn’t being touched.

It was begging to be touched.

Yet my focus wasn’t on my cock but on this huge BBC hardening in my mouth.

I couldn’t tell you what was my favourite part of being a cock sucker.

I loved being on my knees… it felt so natural… it felt like home.

I loved a cock in my mouth… my mouth being stretched… a cock hardening in it.

I loved the act of bobbing… it was therapeutic… it was, again, natural.

I loved serving… worshipping… pleasuring.

I loved hearing a guy moan… grunt… dominate.

I loved the explosion of cum… in my mouth… on my face.

I loved the natural humiliation… karaburun escort a straight jock isn’t supposed to suck cock… a white guy isn’t supposed to suck a black cock.

And yet I loved it all.

“That’s it, gradually take more,” he coached me as I slowly bobbed on his cock, now fully erect.

Nine inches… give or take.

So delicious.

It was like I was in church… worshipping a higher power.

For a couple of minutes I bobbed.

Gradually taking more and more of it in my mouth.

Although not coming close to taking all nine glorious inches.

“Yeah, you’re a natural cock sucker,” he groaned, which made me feel so good. I was making him feel good. And although a couple weeks ago such a statement would have led to his getting punched in the face, now I reveled in the compliment.

I was a natural cock sucker.

Now I wanted to become an amazing cock sucker.

A ball drainer.

A cum catcher.

I was startled when a voice behind me said, “Good, we have a cock sucker here.”

“It’s his first time,” the owner of the cock in my mouth said.

“Then let’s give him a grand welcome,” the guy behind me said.

“He’s just a cock sucker, not a bottom.”

“For now,” the other voice said, before adding, “come get me hard, cock sucker.”

I allowed one glorious black cock to slip out of my mouth to turn and see another glorious, albeit smaller, black cock before me.

“Nice,” I said, marvelling at the sheer blackness of his flaccid cock.

“Show me you’re worthy,” he said, as I took it in my mouth, again reveling in the sensation of a cock hardening in my mouth.

“Don’t ignore me,” the original guy said, as I blindly waved my left hand around to locate his nine-inch snake and begin stroking it.

“A good cock sucker needs to be able to multi-task in here,” the owner of the current cock in my mouth explained.

“I think he’ll be here often.”

“That’s usually the case,” the second guy said as his cock stiffened completely in my mouth.

“Back to me.”

My mouth free for a moment, I joked, although it was partially true. “I could live in here.”

This made them both laugh as I resumed sucking cock number one and stroking cock number two.

And for a good few minutes that’s what I did.

Sucked one cock.

Stroked the other.

Back and forth.

A cock sucking yoyo.

Loving to hear them moan.

Loving to bob on their cocks.

Loving to please two cocks at once.

Listening surreally as they talked about an upcoming test they had, and a chick they planned to double team next weekend.

These weren’t two gay guys.

These were two black men using a white cock sucker to deposit their loads.

Knowing that enhanced my submission.

I loved being there just to please.

Finally the original guy grabbed my head and began face fucking me.

“Yeah, show whitey who’s in charge,” the other guy said.

I focused on breathing through my nose as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth, although never shoving all nine inches in.

In fewer than a couple dozen thrusts, I was swallowing his load.

A rush of exhilaration coursed through me at succeeding in finishing the task in mouth. The same rush I got when I made a big play in a football game. Weird, but true.

When he pulled out, I quickly turned to the other cock, which also began face fucking me, his seven-inch cock going balls deep inside me… literally… his balls bouncing off my chin.

Although sucking cock was exhilarating, being face fucked… used… was the ultimate euphoria. The more humiliating it was, the more it stimulated my core.

Yes, I knew this was pathetic.

I was a man.

A jock.

A future college star, perhaps even NFL someday.

Yet… yet… this was more fulfilling than anything I’d ever experienced.

It was a bigger rush than a big play… a huge victory… scoring a hot chick.

This was who I was.

He was grunting and I was expecting to swallow a second creamy load when instead, he pulled out and painted my face with a massive warm load.

“Oh yeah, fuck,” the guy grunted as he coated my face.

Once done, he asked, “So what year are you in?”

“I’m a senior,” I answered, keeping my eyes closed as both eyelids were coated with cum. I then added in case they thought I meant in college, “in high school.”

“No way,” one guy said.

“Are you eighteen?” the other asked with a hint of concern.

“I am,” I said, remaining on my knees before them.

“Good,” he said.

“Should we invite him to the next bottom bang?” the other asked.

“He’s not a bottom,” the original guy pointed out.

“He will be,” the other guy said with as much certainty as Greg had in the church earlier today.

“He does seem like a future faggot,” the nine-inch cock owner agreed.

“Definitely a two-hole slut,” the seven-inch cock owner assessed.

Having such assumptions made about me was humiliating… yet it was hard to argue karşıyaka escort with cum all over my face as I remained on my knees after servicing two cocks.

The seven-inch cock stud said, “If you want to be a part of a massive ganging where white bottoms get fucked by dozens of BBC, come to Sigma Pi Phi at 10PM on Saturday.”

The first guy added, “But be warned if you do come, you’ll be there both to suck cock and get fucked.”

“A lot.”

“By BBC.”

My cock flinched in my pants at the idea of a black frat house using me.

“You interested?” the second guy asked.

“I think so,” I answered, the idea both cock throbbingly exciting and yet ass tearingly terrifying.

“Don’t worry, we’ll train that white boi pussy to take any size black cock,” the second reassured.

“Okay,” I said.

“If you decide to come, the password to get in is… ‘Bottom boi for BBC’,” the second guy added.

As I heard a zipper pulled the first guy said, “I hope to see you there.”

I asked, still in my mode of utter submission, “Will you fuck me?”

“Once you’re well gaped,” he laughed softly. “Trust me, you don’t want my cock to be your first.”

“He’d tear you apart,” the other laughed, as I heard another zipper sound.

“I’m just a faggot for you,” I said pathetically, desperately wanting their approval, even as I couldn’t believe I just seemed to have offered my ass to them.

“Then come on Saturday, and we’ll come in you,” the second guy quipped, before adding, “see you then.”

“I’ll be there,” I committed.

“You’d better be.”

I was then alone.

I sat up.

I scooped cum from my eyes.

I ate it.

I cautiously opened my eyes and then scooped the massive wads off my cheek, chin and forehead.

It was then I realized I had no idea what my second cum donor had looked like.

I could encounter him somewhere and would have no idea I’d sucked his cock, although he probably would.

That was both scary and exciting.

I washed up.

I left the bathroom.

Returned to my car.

Drove home.

The entire time wondering why I’d agreed to a bottom gang bang.

I was a cock sucker.

I wasn’t a faggot… even if I’d called myself one in the heat of the moment.

I definitely didn’t want to get ass fucked.

That was an out hole only.

Yet I did want more black cock… I did want to go to that party on Saturday.


I was getting way too obsessed with cock.

As I savoured the taste still in my mouth, I decided I needed to control myself.

I was becoming addicted to everything cock.

It was my nicotine.

I needed to be able to control these urges.


My self control lasted until I arrived at school the next morning.

Camry texted me: There is a cock waiting for you at the glory hole.

I texted back without even thinking: I’m on my way.

Four minutes later, I was in the room and Camry greeted me as she stroked a cock poking through the hole, “Hi, cock sucker.”

My face went red at the label.

I didn’t say anything though, I just walked to the wall, lowered myself before the hard five-inch cock and took it in my mouth.

“You like that, Mr. Parker?” Camry asked as I bobbed.

“Oh yeah, is he new?” he asked.

“He’s just discovering his love of cock,” Camry said as she reached around me and rubbed my cock through my jeans.

“He’s a natural,” he said, just like almost every other guy I’d sucked, as I devoured his entire cock.

“One of the best in the school,” Camry said as she rubbed my cock and tugged on my ear.

“A nerd?”


“An athlete?”




“Nice,” Mr. Parker, a guidance councillor, said.

As usual, having people talk about me while I had a mouthful of cock was humiliating… which made it stimulating… as was Camry rubbing my cock.

I could feel my balls boiling and remembered I wasn’t allowed to come.

I suddenly pulled back and said, “Please stop, Camry. I’m not allowed to come.”

“Brian?” Mr. Parker asked.


“Yes, sir,” I admitted sheepishly, my voice pretty easy to recognize.

“Crazy,” he said, surprised to discover it was me on the other side of the wall.

“Get back to sucking, cock sucker,” Camry ordered, enjoying humiliating me.

“May I keep sucking you, sir?” I asked submissively.

“Sure, Brian,” he said, still sounding quite surprised it was I.

“Thank you, sir,” I replied absurdly, taking his cock back in my mouth.





Consumed me.

I bobbed on his cock like it was the last cock I would ever suck.

Deep throating his cock with each forward bob.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned.

Someone else said, although it was rather muffled and I couldn’t make out who it was, “Does the cock sucker have time for one more?”

“He definitely will,” Mr. Parker spoke for me.

Of course he was right.

I would easily be late to class for cock.

For cum.

Camry purred, “You’re going to be very popular, cock sucker.”

“Yes, very popular,” Mr. Parker grunted before depositing his creamy cum down my throat.

Fuck, I loved the sound of ‘THE GRUNT’. The one that told me someone’s cum was imminent.