Hubby and me have his friends and my brother over


Hubby and me have his friends and my brother overthis happened last week and I am getting ready for a similar night tonight…this was a chat I just had, thought it would make a good post…sorry if there are typo’s, I was masturbating at the time;)staplegun123mmmm… here I am was my hubby’s friend…My brother Sean…He was the only one who would take pics when we had a little sex party…gotta love my b*ois this your b*o cock in your mouth or hubys cock?say helo to your b*o,tell him he have great sisterstaplegun123it’s my brother…me and my man had a bunch of his friends over to have sex, I asked if I could invite my brother and he said ok…staplegun123my man knew my brother, and thats how we met…so technically he is my Hubby’s friend…i cant whait to see more picks later.but you can tell me how was on that party?did you fuck with b*o after you suck himstaplegun123Well…it was a looong night…did you want to hear about it all or just my brother…I did get fucked alot…it was sooo goodif you have time,tell me all,if you dont just tell me about your b*o,and i would like to ask you,do you ever think to make some video whit him,or him and your man together,just dont tell noone that is your b*o,i would looooove to see how you swalow him.wish you have yahoo msn to chat therestaplegun123I will make a vid with him, but he is married so he doesn’t want his face in it…you will know it’s him because he will be wearing a condom…he always insists on it with me. i will tell you about the party…btw, we are having another tonight…few hours from now:)staplegun123Well, the night started out when my man and about 7-8 friends from his football team(and a friend from work) showed up. we also invited our neighbors(who we just learned likes to swap). she invited a few of her friends(1 girl + 2 guys) and istanbul escort my brother sean. Everyone got there and I came out in this begam to serve the guests drinks…we put on music, and porn in a few different rooms…there was even sports onjust you with mens or group with girls too,and please hury with b*o i have internet just more 15 days,wish your man can film that party tonight,to see my sister face covered in sperm and how she lick pusies of others girls,omg how i wish i can join tonightstaplegun123then we came up with a game(we made a spinner that had choices with dildo, deepthroat, rim job, get tied up) where all a guy had to do to play the game (called Samantha;) was do a shot…then he could spin. I was giving hand jobs and blow jobs while everyone watched…a few went into the other room with our neighbors…two of the girls were strippingstaplegun123my brother was watching them and then came into the room i was in and did his shot…he spun and it lannded on kiss/grope…which sounds boring but it wasn’t …everyone knew he was my brother…they were turned on…we kissed and i love the way his tongue explores my mouth…then i reached down and rubbed his cock through his jeans…everyone went crazytaplegun123then jeff and our neighbors went back to their apt to fuck…as he left, he looked at me and all of these guys getting their dicks out and touching me and said”your welcome…be a good little whore for my friends”…I love him…staplegun123suddenly, it was just me and about 10 guys and a 2 girls…I just went into the kitchen and dropped to my knees, handed my dildo to the blonde girl Jen and told her to fuck me with it…then her friend took it from her and started to fuck me…soon i pulled her avcılar escort on the floor and we scissored our legs and started rubbing pussies while we licked Jens cunt…the guys went nuts…pretty soon I got bored of pussy…I needed cock….I reached my hand out to Sean and pulled him over, before I could do anything to him, the two girls took him off to the side.staplegun123he seemed happy, so I left him there. I turned around and got back on my knees…”make a line” I started to suck all of these cocks…it was just blowjobs for a while but then a guy kneeled down behind me and i felt him slide his cock between my ass cheeks, trying to find my wet pussy….then he was in and i was surrounded with cocks…I loved itstaplegun123we made it into the living room and I was passed around for about two hours…I loved it….a few times, I had a cock in each hand, one in my pussy and 3-4 infront of my face, that i was almoust to cum herestaplegun123I wanted a dp so bad, but at first the guys were nervous of toughinbg balls…but they got over that…one of them sat on the couch…i sat on him…slid his cock in my ass and sat all the way back…leaving my pussy wide open…I knew it wouldnt take long b4 someone jumped in my pussy….i was filled…then i reached my hands out for cocks…i couldnt get enoughi want to see your mouth and face covered in hot sperm,wish i can give my litle s*s right nowstaplegun123just then, jeff came back…I remember seeing him smile, stroking his cock, watching me with two of his friend inside me, then swithcing with the others to my mouth, hands, tits…He loved it…I saw our neighbor Melissa stroking his cock for him…I came again…then I felt the guy under me go into my pussy and then next thing I know i have two cocks going in and out of my pussy. most of the time şirinevler escort i didn’t even know who was using which hole…I didn’t care…just needed more cock…the only rule was that there would be no swallowing…but I had to break that rule a few times;)staplegun123I was sooooo tired after all of this that in the end, a few of us just layed around, smoking pot and drinking wine…Pretty soon, it was me Jeff, My brother Sean and Jen(the one he was fucking)…I said i was going to take a bath, and Jeff said he wanted to fuck Jen…she was up for it, so I asked Sean to help me out in the tubstaplegun123He came in with me and started to run the water for me like he always used to. I picked up the camera and asked him to take pics of me…he said he would…so those are what u saw…soon, i saw his cock moving in his boxers, so i started to play with it…like i did when we were k**s…i don’t know why, but i wanted to play with it like i was 5…poking it, flicking it…feeling it grow in my hands..staplegun123 I kissed it…like smooch kiss….then a nibble…then i started to suck it… stopped taking pics, but He stood there as i sucked his cock…he said”luv you s*s” i came right there…didn’t even think I could cum anymore after the night I had…but my brother did it…then we went into my bedroom and I climbed on his face and he ate me soooo good…I had to sneak a pic he climbed on top of me and I felt him slide in me…then he said…”shit, wait a minute”…he put on a condom and slid back inside of me…I love the way he feels on top of me…then just as he was about to cum he pulled out and snapped off the rubber and exploded on my tits, neck and face…it was really runny and salty, i could tell he came a bunch before, but it still felt and tasted so good…then we cuddles up, my head on his chest, his hand on my ass/ puss between my legs…we dozed off…then jeff came to bed and just laid on the other side…i was inbetween them both…I felt sooo good