How women undress

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How women undressI do a lot of voyeur videos, initially testing techniques and cameras on my wife in our home. She was totally unsuspecting and would have gone ballistic if she knew. I now set up my new micro recorders in our guest room and bathroom to catch visitors who stay the night or visit the bathroom to urinate or shower.Watching other people’s secret videos from locker rooms, store changing rooms and beach cabins I am always bursa escort amused how the ladies undress. Little things catch my mind. How the dress can be lifted over the head or dropped to the floor. Then what comes next, the brassiere or knickers? Usually it’s the bra and that lovely flop of tits onto the chest (if they’re sizeable), the revelation of often erect nipples and the subsequent constant and delicious wobble escort bursa with every slight movement.Maybe they have taken off their top and leave jeans or a skirt, so those are unclipped, unzipped and lowered often with that cute shimmy when they are tight fitting. Now at that point, maybe the panties were dragged down a little, so do they leave them there? No – they are always pulled back up as if to seem tidy and correct, bursa escort bayan even though they are the next thing to remove.Then it’s down to the final disrobing and it seems to be a big decision at any time, wherever they be, that moment of complete nudity. I love it if they have their back to me at the time and maybe it’s a thong or string and when the tiny garment is lowered, there is that moment when the gusset that has nestled so closely to their soft, sweaty, juicy pussy pouch seems reluctant to leave its musky scented crevasse and finally pings down to reveal the fat plumpness of her vulva, before she straightens up tall and supremely naked.Love every moment