How To Tame The Rough


How To Tame The RoughIt was a holiday, I was to move to my cousins house. I took bus from Tata to that place. It was an eve. The bus was going in speed. but slowly it has started dragging. Then finally stopped. There was some problem.I have started fearing. I was a young girl .Even though tall and in sari a, i was only 20 years old. I was offered a share taxi to go to my destination..There were 7 people in it . there were two ladies. All others was ready to walk since their places were near by. I have to reach 15 more KMs. I was happy that i was not alone in the car. When the car has started ,slowly people have started to go. finally i have reached 3 km near my place then the last two along with the lady also have gone out. I could see my village and even have started smelling it. I have collected my lug ages and was ready to get down.suddenly the car was stopped by another car in front. The road was blocked.Then i saw two people have come to me and has simply taken in to that vehicle. Before i could react they have closed my mouth and has started going to an unknown destination. I was tied up and took as if a luggage and has thrown in to a room. .Then i heard some one is talking . Chokri hamara haath mem aagaya. aap aayiye. Na Na. kuch nahi hua,koyi daraar bi nahi. Thik hai achai hai. ekdum mulayam our gori hei . Hum kuch nahy kiya. thik hai. they have stopped talking. I could know that they are going to present me to some istanbul escort one. or I was taken by the order of some one.I was a beautiful girl, one of the best in our college. I have a soft slightly plumb body with tallness. My color was known as” buttery’ mulayaam in college. Many was attracted to me but i have never allowed any one near.. I knew that I will be married to a good and rich man in due course. My family was a rich and famous one so intact i was happy. One full day was over. They have given food and water. They have shown a gun and told me to keep quite. The house is in the top of a hill and have none for miles. so be careful and just cooperate. sahib is very soft to beauties so be a good girl. later I came to know that It is their method to grab ladies from car or even bus. In any case they will leave them after use. There was no case of injury or death. Out of the 3 people there one was a old man ,probably the cook. He has become a friend.He told me that he has a girl of my age . But poor man he is under them and no choice. i was told that last week a private car was bought with 3 passengers. All were tied up for a week. The girl was only 17 and her mother was about 35. Both were very beautiful and from rich family. They had to stay in the same nasty room. Probably that was the first time they have stepped in such a floor. In that avcılar escort case the father has tried to attack our Saab and made him injured. as a punishment his wife and daughter were enjoyed in front of him . I still hear his cry in my ears, the old man has told me. He told that she was enjoyed by all the three for many times . The girl was used only by him since she has obeyed him. .I was happy that I am alone. He has consoled me that in my case I have to simply surrender him and try to suck him if possible even with out his command. That will make him happy .Just do as he says.Then you can go in the next day. I was thankful to him and was ready to do so. next day morning he has come I was asked to take a bath and i did so and went in in a single towel.. Then i was taken to him . A dark tall man with many gold ornaments,and dothiy Broad chested and with a beard. There was no dresses on his torso. He also have no Under garments.I simply fell at his feet. He has looked me and was making his tongue out and was licking his lips. Two boys were still in the room. I thought he was fearing me. When I have touched his feet he has asked them to go. The door was closed. He has removed his dhothi. I saw a long and sturdy piston as the hood of a cobra.I Have just taken it in my mouth for sucking as per the advice of that cook. He has pulled my hair and made me to suck more. Them i have şirinevler escort got the first sperm s in me. It was with a special smell but salty I have consumed a part and the rest has flown to my breast. Later he took me to his bed and with out much formality has just pressed my boobs and thighs for a short time and has introduced in me . It was a real painful experience. But I have tried to control and has licked him on his face ,and has puled his hair.I have told him that i am happy and requested him to do more. He was very happy. We had a sleep till @ P M. Then he did once more and asked me to take a bath . I have dressed up and then he took me in his car to my place .I was dropped in the road and told me good bye. I was given a gold sovereign with the head of’. as a present . It is still with me. I am thankful for that old cook for helping me. Who knows if i was resisted i would have been used by all the nasty fellows.Even now when I used to go through that area I used to thank for my first fuck which was so smooth as doing by my husband, No force and with care.. That was my last bus journey. We are very rich and even feels ashamed to travel even in a caravan. .Flight was the common travel for us.Some time I used to think of him and want to find him out. It was a easy thing now. But to bring him means to bring that experiences .who knows it may create problem in this life. Let me better go as it is. As I have done with him That is life. one has to move with the flow.Am I angry with him ? if he is brought in front of me shall I be able to punish him,? I think I may not do so. That may be because he has not hurt me .or I have enjoyed it as my first deflowering. Any way now we have 2 k**s and happy. That gold coin is in my collection smiling at me.