HOW TO DETERMINE IF YOU ARE A PANTY BOYIf you do not share in this particular fetish, which is to wear panties, I suggest you search for a more appropriate story. This little epistle has nothing erotic in it besides the discussion of our “boys” that love to wear panties.In my my long held opinion, based on nearly 60 years of wearing panties, that this is how we should define what is known as a panty boy. If you disagree with my opinions please feel free to comment regardless of how long you have been defining yourself by your desire to wear panties.First and foremost a panty boy does not restrict himself to panties only. So if you love all things female that does not exclude you from considering yourself a panty boy. For many of us our first step across that fine line of what society considers appropriate was a panty. And it probably wasn’t a panty we purchased new for our use. And regardless of what other female undergarment you wear on a particular day or night you would most likely start with a panty.Second, a panty boy is NEVER determined by the age when you began this journey. istanbul escort For many of us it began in our younger years, but others may have stumbled across that line later in life. No, age is not a determination, nor does the term boy determine your current age. For those of us who started at a younger age it is probably very likely we are still that age in our mind when we find a panty that we MUST have.Third, being a panty boy is NOT tied to a desire to be a girl or woman. That is something entirely independent of the basic definition of panty boys. I would suspect that many transgendered folks (generally mtf) may have started out thinking they just love the fit, feel, and look of a panty on their body. Or that they migrated to panties because they knew exactly what form their body should have been. At some point the transgendered folks would drop the term panty boy for a panty girl if their remained strongly attached to that as their favorite garment. (I could be way off base here so don’t scold me if my avcılar escort opinion is politically incorrect)Forth, a panty boy has NEVER seen a panty style that they did not want to at least try on. Yes, a serious panty boy has favorites and their standards. But when panty styles, fabrics, and colors change a true panty boy would feel compelled to explore them just to be sure he was not missing something. Take a thong for instance, I dislike them and don’t even regard them as a panty. But you see that is my personal bias. In my definition of a panty there should be a full back so there is the sensuous feel of the garment all the way around. But think of the cheeky panty, now that is a newer style that has great merit.Fifth, a true panty boy does not limit the number of panties in his collection. Just because he has one pink panty does not mean he can’t own a dozen pink panties.Sixth and perhaps most telling if you are a panty boy, is that it took you longer to look at the pictures attached to this than it did to read it. That truly means you are şirinevler escort a panty boy because not only did you look at style, color, and fabric, you looked for your favorite detail. These details include such things as a tiny little bow on the waistband, ruffled elastic at the leg openings, or embroidery designs. Yes if there was a bra on the picture you also looked to see if there were matching details so that besides color they were truly a matched set. And no one will hold it against you if you fantasized about having the full set and not just the panty.Look at the pictures attached to this little piece and tell me you would not crawl across broken glass to have one or more of these. And while we are looking, what about one of these pretty petti-pants. It seems to me if you are a real panty boy you would love to have one or more of these to wear over you panties, right?If you have studied the pictures and strained your eyes for the details of each piece in this picture and imagined what it would be like to own it to wear you are a panty boy. It doesn’t matter if you desire to wear any of these panties 24/7 or just for a short time in the privacy of your happy place (basement room, garage, bedroom, or whatever) then you are a panty boy at heart. I stand ready to defend my opinions and it is my sincere hope that you enjoyed this little thought piece on my favorite garment, PANTIES!!