How I met my GF, and her daughter and stepson

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How I met my GF, and her daughter and stepsonHow I came to meet my GF, and eventually her Daughter and Stepson……who now live with meMy situation began when after a divorce, I was in need of a place to live for a while. On the suggestion of a mutual aquaintance I spoke with a lady under his employ, who might be able to accomodate me for a while. We talked briefly and she offered to let me stay at her place, as her two c***dren were at friends for the summer in Baltimore MD. I followed her home after she finished work and she welcomed me in and showed me around. That evening we went to a dance and had a good time getting to know each other. About 2AM we returned to her house after several hours of dancing and drinking and we were both ready to crash. As we walked down the hall towards the bedrooms I asked her where I shoild sleep. She opened the door to her bedroom and said “You can sleep in here, my bed has plenty of room.”I was speechless for a moment, expecting to use one of the other rooms, not share her’s! I said “OK, if that works for you it’s good for me.” She turned down the covers then began undressing at the side of the bed before me. When she got her dress off she grabbed a nighty and stepped into the ajoining bathroom and closed the door. I started to undress when suddenly the bathroom door swung open. As I looked up I saw her facing the wall mirror as she removed her bra and panties and put on her nighty, oblivious to the door being open. I quickly pulled on my gym shorts and attempted to cover up my growing bulge. She turned around and saw me looking at her, I said “Sorry, the door just opened on its own.” She said “I don’t know whats wrong with it. Sometimes it doesnt latch.”As she walked out of the bathroom the light made her nighty almost invisible turning it see through. It was as if I had Xray eyes, I could see her naked body underneath. Her breasts were round and perky, not too big but hatay escort with tiny hard nipples poking upward. A dark patch of hair was prominent below and my cock was now nearly at full salute and very obvious in my flimsy shorts. As she moved to turn out the light I saw that she was taking a good look at my cock straining under my shorts. She looked up at me with a smile and turned out the light and slipped into bed. I got in as well and said “Goodnight, I had fun at the dance. Thanks for letting stay here.” She said “I had fun too. Its been a while since a man showed me a good time, thank you.”We lay there in the bed for a few minutes without speaking. I made some adjustments to my cock trying to keep the tent from showing. By this time my eyes had adjusted to the dark and I realised the light from the full moon was shining in through the window above the bed. I looked over at her and found she had been watching me while I was making my adjustments. She smiled and said “Is something wrong, you seem restless?” I said “No, I’m just trying to get comfortable. Sorry if Im disturbing you.” Without a word she reached over placing her hand directly on my throbbing boner and started to rub. “I bet I know how to help you, if you don’t mind.” I let out a moan as she tightened her grip on my cock and slid closer to me. I turned my head towards her and our lips met, beginning a long passionate kiss. I put my hand on her hips gently moving back to her firm ass then slid up her side to her breast cupping it in my hand and teasing the nipple. Her fingers work thier way up to the top of my shorts, slipping underneath to my stiff cock and began gently stroking on it. I moved my head towards her chest and sucked her right nipple through thin nighty, responding quickly to my touch it grew hard between my lips. My hand slides across her taught stomach and down her inner thigh carressing it slowly, up and down several hatay escort bayan times before I reach the soft mound of hair covering her pussy.She begins trying to get my cock out of my shorts as I tickle her pussy lips with my fingers. As if by command we each removed our clothes. Now totally naked in the moonlight we embraced, wrapping our selves in a tangle of arms and legs rubbing our bodies together. With a quick roll she was on top of me, her hands holding down my arms as she ground her pussy back and forth on my cock and balls. Her perky round breasts with those pointy hard nipples dangled in my face when she leaned down. My mouth searching to find a nipple to suck as she pressed closer. I could feel the heat of her pussy on my shaft as it slid across it. Then without warning she got up, turned around into a 69 position planting her pussy in front of my face and began sucking my cock deep into her throat. I lifted my head and drove my tongue between her wet pussy lips flicking all around tasting her sweet juices. Gently probing with my tongue I find her clit and I lick at it and it begins to get bigger and harder till it’s like a tiny penis almost an inch long. She moans as my lips surround it and I begin sucking on it, flicking my tongue back and forth across it. She squeezes my cock with both hands as she raises up pushing her cunt against my face,moaning louder. She said as she got up “I need your big hard cock in me now. Fuck me and make me cum!” Stradling me she guided me into her hot wet pussy and slowly sank all the way down on my throbbing shaft. She sat there for a few seconds squeezing her tits in her hands then slowly she began to ride up and down grinding her clit against my cock. Putting her arms down onto the bed for support she started pumping me faster, every stroke engulfing my cock and making little slurping noises as it went in and out. She was giving me a damn good fucking escort hatay and I started getting that feeling in my balls that lets me know I’m getting ready to cum soon. I pushed her off of me and got up behind her for some doggy style. As I neared her juicy pink pussy guiding my cock with my hand precum began to ooze from the tip. I rubbed the tip of my cock across her waiting lips spreading my precum around. As the head of my pulsing cock enters her pussy I pause, then with a gentle thrust I’m fully inside her. As I pull back slowly I feel the muscles in her pussy tighten, squeezing my cock with a grip like an octopus. I pushed in again as her muscles rippled over my cock drawing me deeper. I had never felt anything like this before and it was amazing, like being sucked and massaged and fucking all at the same time. Rythmicly I plunged myself in and out of her amazing magical pussy until she cried out “Im cumming, fuck me hard.” That was all I need at this point to push me over the edge. Arching my back I thrust deep as my balls began to empty. My cum exploded with a huge squirt followed by another, then another until there was no more, I lost count after 5. We laid quietly on the bed when we had finished, sweaty in the moonlight with only the sound of our heavy breathing echoing in the room. After washing up we cuddled up together in each others arms and fell asleep. When we woke up the next morning we were still holding each other close. When my eyes met hers my cock began to stir and was poking against her as if demanding attention. She quickly responded to the persistant nudges and moved down to give me a good morning blowjob. Fortunately niether of us had to work that day and except for a drink or bite to eat we never left her bed. As the summer passed the time drew closer for her Daughter and Stepson to return home from thier friends in Baltimore. When the day came that they returned it was such a surprise for me. Her daughter Lisa was absolutely gorgeous, I had only seen pictures of her much younger, she was 18 now and WOW was she hot. I jerked off twice that afternoon imagining what her sweet body looked like naked….End Part 1