How I met my exhibitionist wife

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How I met my exhibitionist wifeHow I met my exhibitionist wife (A true story)I had been on assignment in a southern state for several months and already had a reserved seat at the Holiday Inn bar. Every night I would get reasonably drunk and refresh my infatuation with the piano bar singer. She was exceptional for such an unexceptional place and I missed a life changing fork in the road with her but that is another story. I had been separated from wife 2 for some time, living with my boss and good friend in California. One night I took my assigned seat and the guy to my left started up a conversation like we were old friends. He had just closed a million dollar deal in each of several states. We have all encountered this type, totally self-absorbed, totally boring and totally bull shit. He said that he was waiting for a real fox to deliver a letter of recommendation from her boss. My response was yea sure, whatever.He had one thing right. In she walked in her very short red dress and she was stunning. He moved over a seat and she sat between us. She gave him the draft letter and he introduced me to her like we had known each other forever. My response was visceral and I think hers was too. This was one of those rare occasions where you look into each other’s eyes and know. I gave her my best jokes and even quoted some Robert Service which I had committed to memory when by brain was still absorbent. She was separated from a boring, poorly educated guy with zero sense of humor and was living with her girlfriend. She said she had not laughed so much in years.The jerk pointed out what he perceived as grammatical error and she promptly ripped him a new one. Being from the British Isles she had an outstanding command of the English language and did not suffer fools at all. We left together. I walked her to her car and as she turned to say goodnight, I put my hands just below her short skirt, slid my hands up to her ass lifting her skirt and lifted her off her feet (she’s 5’-2”). I mashed her against her car and my swollen dick was pressed against her mound. This, in retrospect, was a bold and risky move and could have been disastrous but it wasn’t. She opened samsun escort her mouth and our tongues got to know each other. She damn near came. We agreed to meet for breakfast the following morn. She would “knock me up”, as the brits say, tomorrow.She arrived at about 6:30 AM and I opened the door buck naked. She smiled and came in. There is a joke that goes like this: What does it mean when you are fucking a woman and her toes are curling and uncurling? You forgot to take off her pantyhose. That’s exactly what occurred. I was humping her with her panty hose on and I damn near broke my dick. She left for work with a smile that implied YES.That evening, the implied YES was consummated. She is multiply orgasmic and claimed that she had never had a real orgasm in her life, which I believe. She came 6 or 8 times and when she finally collapsed on the pillow, she began to explore the air above her with her hands. She described seeing various vivid colors which she could feel. This state of ecstasy lasted 5 minutes or so and then she said a black presence came from her peripheral view and devoured her colors. I have never experienced this in another woman and if anyone has I would like to hear from you.She moved in with me at the Holiday Inn and we commenced an incredible love affair. One evening over dinner we were exploring our kinks and she told me that she had always been an exhibitionist. She would sunbath naked in her back yard when she knew her neighbor was watching .When her husband would see her he would rush out to cover her up. She would claim surprise, cover up and wait until he went to work to tease the neighbor again.My kink as Candaulism, deriving sexual pleasure from exposing your mate sexually to others usually without their knowledge. This kink had manifested itself in my first two marriages. I had taken many naked photo of each lady (both beautiful) and made detailed 8X10 prints. I left them on top of the garbage like I had discarded them and watched as the garbage men discovered them. They would drive to the next stop and the driver and the loader would examine the prints and split them up. They wound up pinned to the wall of the garbage escort samsun dump entrance shack where everyone in our community had to have seen them. This was a great turn on for me.I should describe her to you, although you can see all of her in the pics and videos. 5’-2”, blue eyes , 120 lbs, small, firm tits with nipples, when aroused, that are like pencil erasers, and a full darkish bush although topside she is blonde . Take a look.I suggested a game we could play. Let’s expose her to our bellman who was a young stud. She would be on her side with the covers pulled up “carelessly” with her ass toward the door, exposing her cunt and ass. The bed was only 4 or 5 feet from the door. I would call for room service breakfast and would be shaving when he arrived. I would call out to come on in, the door is unlocked. She was all in and we fucked wildly that night in anticipation. She was on her right side and the covers arranged with her cunt and ass exposed toward the door. Her right leg was straight and the left knee pulled almost to her chest. I gave a last inspection and you could see everything, hair, cunt, ass hole. He arrived with breakfast and I yelled to come in. He opened the door, pushed the tray in and came to a dead stop, not 5 feet from her ass. I was watching him in the mirror pretending to shave. He just stared at her ass and everything else for what seemed a very long time while I pretended to shave not paying him any attention. I told him to put the charge on my room number and watched as he slowly backed out with his eyes devouring her ass. She demanded to know every expression on his face and was he getting a hard on. We fucked ourselves blind again. That night he was our waiter and he stopped dead in his tracked when he saw who he would be serving. She was very talkative, asking questions about how long he had lived here etc. and flirting with him, touching his arm several times in a flirty gesture. Must have driven him crazyAfter this we started leaving our blinds open at night. We were on the ground floor adjacent to the parking lot. We left them open only about an inch or two to look like we had made a mistake not closing samsun escort bayan them completely. Many times we were fucking in bed and watched a shadow stop adjacent the slit and stay there. Over the many months we were there, no telling how many people watched us fuck or watched her running around naked.We started hanging out at the Holiday Inn pool on weekends. There was always a group of young studs watching her. She had this faded two piece bathing suit nearly worn out. I suggested that I break the elastic around the legs and stretch the suit wide open. She was up for it. When I finished, the material would ride way up exposing her cunt hair. You could see from one side to the other. The top was also very loose and when she bent over you could see everything. That’s the beauty of small tits. We joined the usual stud group one weekend and she stretched out, pulling the suit material away from her cunt. There must have been an inch of clearance from the material and her hair. She sports a full bush. The guys exchanged glances and pulled their deck chairs right next to her. She had on sunglasses and pretended not to notice their stares. She chatted away seemingly oblivious to their stares and would lean up occasionally for me to apply suntan lotion to her back and give them a good shot at her tits and nipples. Lumps were rising in the stud’s pants as well as mine. Again she wanted to know their every glance and we fucked.My boss started to worry why my report was taking so long. He was my boss but also my roommate and fellow woman chaser. I told him I had met someone. He decided to come out and see for himself. I suggested to her that I would pick him up from the airport and bring him back to the motel. She would be naked at the mirror leaning over applying makeup. That’s exactly what happened. I opened the motel door and let him enter first. She turned, naked and said hi to my boss and continued to work on her face. He was struck dumb. I got us drinks as he sat about 10 feet from her watching this incredible naked woman leaning over, with everything showing, legs slightly spread, working on her face. When she finished she came into the room and right in front of him proceeded to climb into a blouse and skirt. She almost never wore a bra and this night left off the panties. He later wound up fucking her but that is another story.They retired our room number at the Holiday Inn when we left.