How I Found Love in Prison Ch. 03


For an entire week Jake left me alone at night. My plan had paid off. He became a gentleman and allowed me to heal since his first night with me. And most importantly, he kept me as his, not allowing anyone else’s advances. I slept well, though still anxious of the day when he’s had enough and tries to enter me again. I decided to prepare myself well for the next time he comes to me. Each night I would finger my bum, try to get soft and supple. Sex with Jake was amazing, but I dreaded the pain thereafter. I got into the habit of lubing myself before bed each night, using extra lube just in case Jake wants me. I stole a cucumber from the canteen and would often walk with it inside me, to open my bum up and not get any pain. After some days of practice, I think I finally got the hang of it, and began to enjoy it. I found a sweet spot in my bum that turned me on so much, I actually got tempted to ask Jake to come join me.

But I resisted.

Prison showers are both a scary and soothing place. A fully open room, multiple hot showers, men all naked next to each other, and enough steam to conceal any naughtiness that some get up to. For a soft and delicate man like me however, it was wholly a scary place. While Jake protected me everywhere else and others feared him, in the shower they got more zealous and daring. It was Saturday and as soon as I got naked and stepped into the shower room, I would get rubbed and touched and spanked from all sides. I tried to quickly make my way to be near Jake, my protector, my man.

Jake’s physique was extraordinary. Ooh what a man! Despite not being gay, I would get lost in the sight of him stretching in the shower, the water trickling down his hard muscles, dripping off his hairy body, running down his bronze back. As hairy as he was, I don’t think I’d want him any other way. He was to die for. I once realised the awkwardness of my staring and put my tongue back in my mouth. I’m not a gay man, I reminded myself.

“Hey Jake’s bitch! Today you’re with us!” said a group of daring thugs.

“He’s not a bitch!” shouted Jake. All were surprised. Many had become tired of Jake’s preference for me and began to question if Jake should be their leader in prison.

“You’re gone soft Jake! We need to harden you up, along with your bitch!”, and with that they ganged up on us.

Jake was a hardened fighter. Bakırköy Escort He reminded them of the beast that he was. He beat them all up, throwing them against the wall and stopping just shy of breaking anyone’s bones.

One found a broom and tried to beat Jake with it, but I rushed in between. I rushed to protect my man, and I took the broom beating, till Jake was able to turn around and beat him down as well.

All retreated, leaving just us in the shower. I held him, checked where he took hits, and massaged him. “You took a beating for me?” he asked in surprise.

I looked towards his chest. He was much taller than me. I looked down modestly and subserviently towards his chest. “You protected me, not just my body but my honour as well. You wouldn’t even let them call me a bitch. Thank you.”

He held my cheeks and lifted my face up. And with that, he kissed me. Our first proper kiss. The first time I tasted a man’s lips and tongue. His beard brushed against me. I began to blush, and my knees got weak. He held me firmer and tighter. What a strong firm man! I kissed his chest where his heart is. “There’s more to you than just crime” I told him.

Our moment was then cut short as the water cut off automatically and we had to go. Our worry for each other continued the whole day.

Gosh, could I be gay? Am I falling for Jake? Gay was a sin to me. It’s against the Bible. I was only doing this to make my prison life better, I thought. But now I feel so weird, so different. I loved women, and gay was a choice and I chose it. I hadn’t even thought about a woman the whole week since Jake entered me and I made a deal with him by swallowing his load. Gosh, that load of his was a spell. It’s only been a few days in prison, yet now I’m craving him madly! Now I feel as if I have no choice. This is who I am now. I’m falling for Jake and there’s nothing I can do about it, but fall.

We had a quiet evening in our cell, surprisingly. Jake was now well groomed, his beard trimmed, and he smelled fantastic since our shower. I was confused as to why he was aloof with me. At night he just laid in his bed. I was all ready for him. My bum was clean and lubed. I also shaved my arms, thighs and my crotch. I wanted to contrast with his brutish tough look. I wanted to be soft and warm and welcoming for him. In my view, someone’s Bakırköy Escort Bayan gotta submit in bed, and it would be me. I’ve never gone to so much trouble for a girl, yet I was doing all this for him.

I waited and waited for him to get off his bunk and join me in my sheets. But nothing. I finally got up, stood at the bed, got level with his heard above, and shook at him.

“Jake, Jake!” I shook and spoke silently. He turned around to reveal that teary eyes.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, surprised.

“I’m, I’m sorry. For the other night.” Jake began. “I should have been more gentle on you. I saw your sheets and your pain that morning. I’m sorry. I’ve done many bad things in here, and out of here”.

He was no longer this tough beastly man that everyone in prison fears. At that moment, he was soft and vulnerable. I began to understand that he was only being tough so people don’t mess with him in prison. He beat up and even actually raped others before, just to maintain respect, and now he was sick of himself. He was overwhelmed with guilt. I’m not sure if I had anything to do with it, or whether he was just broken from the time of his solitary confinement.

“Hey, it’s okay. I forgive you. It was my first time anyway. It was always going to pain”, I consoled him.

“I’m not stupid. I know you’re just doing this for protection. It’s quite sneaky of you but I think it’s a good plan. I just want you to know that you don’t have to try too hard anymore. I’ll protect you until you’re out of here. You won’t have to worry about serving my desires in exchange for protection and loyalty. I’ll protect you.”

Before he could turn away, I held his face, and kissed him as deeply as I could. “I admit it started out that way, but I feel different now. I want you Jake. I think I’m falling for you”.

His heart was pounding strongly.

“I want you now. My door is open. I’ll be down waiting.” I then leaned and kissed him as I stroked his dick under the sheets. I whispered in his ear “Dry your tears and come love me. Tonight I wana see your face”.

And with that, I undressed, got under my sheets and waited dutifully for my lover, my man. He got down, got in bed with me. He cuddled me, and held me tight, and kissed me. His hairy chest was as a pillow for me, soft and scratchy. He held me tight and Escort Bakırköy firmly and kissed me deeply. Oh the tongue of that man filled my mouth. I felt penetrated in my mouth. He knew he was big and heavy for me. He supported himself as he got completely on top of me and we stared at each other deeply. My dick was so hard looking at this great strong hairy beast on top of me. He kissed me and went lower and lower like a gentleman, kissing my neck and chest and waist and then kissing my dick. It was much smaller than his. He licked and sucked and massaged it. I almost came but managed to make him stop.

I then arched my bum towards him. I was still scared as to whether I’ll be able to take him this time, or whether I’ll feel pain again. But then he really shocked me. He looked at the soft smooth bum that he had violated once before, that he had abused and ravaged till bleeding. He looked long and got close to it. Then he did the unthinkable.

As I laid on my back enjoying him and waiting for him, I felt in surprise as his lips and tongue kissed my bum. It felt so amazing. He wanted to respect me and love me. And he drove his tongue into my bum and wiggled it deeply. I felt like exploding. I sweated, half embarrassed, half scared. What if he doesn’t like the taste? But then he only went deeper and deeper, reassuring me. What an angel!

After teasing me again and again, my beast finally got on top and entered me. He moved gently, careful not to cause pain. He was so gentle. So slow. So patient. He knew I was new to all this. I was inexperienced in making love with a man. So he took charge well.

As I got more and more used to it, he moved more readily, more deeply, pushing deep into me. My eyes rolled back in delight. I no longer whimpered. I wasn’t that tight sissy virgin anymore. I knew how to take it now.

“Ah! Oh my lion! Oh!” I blabbered incoherently as I grabbed him with my arms and legs and pulled him deep as he loved me. I was no longer a sissy. He roared like a lion, and I was his lioness. The whole prison heard us, heard our love. Our moans echoed through the walls as he erupted in me. As he ravaged me, his hairy body rubbed at my dick. I rolled back my eyes as I began to erupt as well, all over us.

Tiredness overcame us. We were wet and sweaty, of one flesh in union. He began to pull out but I didn’t let him. “Stay in me my love, please”. And so we remained connected as we gazed at each other, kissing gently and sweetly, rubbing cheeks, caressing each other. I finally let him out and he got on his back, and I laid in his arms for the rest of the night, deeply in love like we’ve never known before.