How Grandmother Kept Her Cool

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How Grandmother Kept Her CoolMy grandmother lived in the guest cottage on our property when I was a teenager. It had been a long hot summer. Too hot to do anything other than laze in the shade. I sat beneath the willow tree in our back yard and watched her as she bent and weeded the flower bed close by. Her amazingly plump breasts dangling in her loose house dress had the unexpected result of hardening my adolescent cock. I was a virgin and hungry to know what sex was all about, but too shy to approach a girl my own age. My sex life consisted of masturbating behind the closed bathroom door two or three times a day imagining what a woman’s nipple felt like, or the sensation of actually pushing a hard cock into a receptive and eager pussy. My only porn was the hidden fold-out from an old playboy I had found in the neighbor’s garbage. But the pert girl-next-door nipples never seemed to excite me as much as the mature hanging slope of an older woman’s breasts. “It’s too hot to be out in the sun like that,” I said to her, seated in a grand old wooden Adirondack chair in cut-offs and shirtless.”Don’t worry, dear, your grandmother is going inside to cool off in a minute. I have a fool proof method. You’re lucky you can lounge around without a shirt on, your grandmother can’t get away with that”Back then the guest cottage did not have central air and the old window unit in the bedroom did little more than blow more hot air inside, so I wondered what her plan was.”What’s that, maybe your method will work for me?” I couldn’t help thinking that she wanted me to ask, that she had something in mind, but I was too naive to actually realize what was happening, to know that unadulterated lust was about to dictate my actions.”I’m going inside, getting naked, and covering myself with a kıbrıs escort big wet towel to take a nice cool nap.” She smiled and walked by me on her way back inside and left the inner door wide open with only the screen door shut to keep the bugs out. Upon reflection, I have to say that she looked directly down at my crotch as she passed and surely saw the bulge in it, but all I could think about at the time was her full body, naked beneath a wet towel, behind a wall a mere twenty steps away.”I think I just might ride my bike over to the pool in the park.” I didn’t know how else to react, I certainly wasn’t going to say sounds great granny, wish I could join you. Now back in those days, in our town, nobody locked their doors and I had been accustomed to entering the guest house to spend time with my grandmother without knocking or otherwise announcing myself, she had been living there since I had been three or four, so it was never a problem for me to pop in for a visit whenever, and I was going to go to the public pool, I mean where else did I have to go. We lived in a mid-sized Midwestern town without much of anything going on. But I sat there and nourished my erection with thoughts about my grandmother naked and waited. I kept thinking to myself, why would she tell me that she was going to take off all her clothes, why didn’t she even bother to close the inner door, even though nobody else was around, both my parents worked and my older sister was babysitting a block away.I finally decided to get up and my cock pulled me to the guest cottage door. I opened it carefully, making sure that it closed without a sound. I was barefoot and bare-chested, donned in cut-offs without any underwear, having been too hot to add another layer. I tipped-toed through the kitchen kıbrıs escort bayan to see my grandmother’s bedroom door open wide and her laying on the bed naked covered by the wet towel with her eyes closed. I crept closer. It was the first time that I had seen a naked woman’s body in the flesh, the wet towel molding to the shape of her pendulous breasts beneath it. I entered her room holding my breath, my cock harder than it had ever been before, I unzipped my cut-offs and it sprang out. I thought if only I could just touch her breasts with it, feel what a woman’s soft supple skin felt like against my cock head. I lifted the towel and placed my cock tip against her nipple, I remember being amazed at how young and fresh her breasts looked and the ecstasy of my cock resting on her skin and then she moved.I leaped back ashamed and begin to stuff my flagging hard-on back in my cut-offs, but her hand stopped me and grabbed my cock with gentle pressure, her hand was so soft and so sure.”Do you like my body?” She gazed up at me, stroking my dick.”Yes.” I closed my eyes, still wanting to run, thinking that I had committed an unspeakable crime, worried that I could be arrested, that my sister would come home early, that I would be discovered.”Do you want your grandmother to teach you about a woman’s body and how it works?” She continued to stroke me with one gentle hand and cupped and fondled my balls with the other.”I, I want…””You want what dear?” She took her hand off my balls still stroking my cock with the other and removed the towel, her zaftig body pink and smelling of lilacs, her legs spread with a tuft of gray pussy hair and the fresh pink insides of her vulva wet and filling full of blood.”I want you.” I could feel myself turning red from head to foot.”Good, escort kıbrıs because I want you as much as you want me, dear, a woman can feel so lonely and unwanted after her husband passes.” My grandfather had been dead for over three years at the time and I missed him too. It was as if I were doing something to help her remember what it was like to make love. “It can’t be wrong, I mean, if we both want to…” I couldn’t finish, I really didn’t know how to articulate what I wanted to say and decided to speak with my actions and body. I removed my cut-offs and got into bed with her. “No dear, it isn’t wrong, but it is something that no one else will ever understand, so this has to be our little secret.” She kissed my lips and I remember what a sexy sweet kiss it was as she opened her mouth and I climbed on top of her body and felt the fullness of her pressing against every inch of me. “I want to teach you everything and you aren’t going to learn it one day or even thirty days. Are ready to be your grandmother’s student and learn what a woman really wants?” She spread her legs and guided my raging cock into her wet pussy, I couldn’t believe hot tight and glorious and sexy wonderful it felt and began to pump immediately like a horny dog and exploded within a minute. It was like an out of body experience, to cum inside my grandmother, she beneath me, her full breasts heaving, her sweet smile, and then her gentle kisses.”That’s what I expected, don’t worry sweetheart, you are going to be hard again in a few minutes, that’s the beauty youth and we are going to do everything slower and take our time.” I might have fucked her four times that afternoon, I know for sure it was least three and the rest of that summer was a glorious summer of discovery, until the fall came and she didn’t get up one morning and my mother found her there cold to the touch. She taught me everything and for the rest of my life I have hungered for mature, zaftig women, women who want to take their time, women who smell like lilacs.