How Chastity Changed My Life


My name is Mary and I am 45 years old. I am ok looking, nothing that spells out sexuality in any obvious way.

My life changed dramatically last year when my husband Mike started to work as an accountant for an all female sex toy company; that is owned and managed by Lisa who is a very sexual and sexy young lady.

Lisa is 26 years old; tall and thin. She has a great body; the kind of body that turns heads on the street, the kind that get men hard on the beach, the kind of body all women dream about having.

Lisa started every day jogging for 45 minutes. She went to the gym 3 times a week, and the results were obvious. She had a toned, sexy body and her long dark hair complimented her amazing looks.

She loved sex and sexuality. When she was 24, she started an online store for sex toys. As her business grew, she hired more people and firmly headed an all female company of 12 employees. That is, until she decided to hire Mike, my 48 year-old husband.

Mike and I have been married 20 years. We never really had what one would consider a very active or very exciting sex life. We used to have sex once a week until 3 or 4 years ago, and now we have sex maybe once a month. Being both working people, it was enough for both of us.

Mike wanted to work closer to home, and Lisa’s need for an accountant was perfect, a win-win deal. His professional interviews went very well and Lisa liked him. But before she gave him the job, she asked him to meet me. She told Mike that since this is an all female company, not to mention that it is all around sex all day long, she wanted to chat with me to see if I am ok with him working there.

Mike thought it is a strange request, but it did make sense and was more than reasonable.

I gladly agreed to go meet Lisa. I thought it was nice of her to make sure the wife is ok with her husband working in such a place.

I met Lisa on Friday, in her office. It was a big office with sex toys all over; dildos, vibrators, anal plugs… you name it, everything you could dream of, she had it. Lisa was dressed very sporty; tight yoga leggings and a tight top. It was obvious she had nothing underneath. Although, I am not attracted to women, Lisa’s appearance and all the hard, long dildos all over made me quite aroused.

We talked for about an hour. Lisa was very nice; I felt very comfortable with her.

“So Mary, are you ok with Mike working for me?” Lisa asked.

I nodded and told her that I am very comfortable with her and the job. Mike is an accountant, after all, he doesn’t really have anything to do with sex toys.

“Well Mary, I have one requirement that I insist upon, if Mike comes to work here.” She said, and looked at me seriously.

“What is it, Lisa?” I asked, curiously.

Lisa opened her drawer, took out a box, put it on the table, and pushed it toward me.

“I require Mike to wear this to the office, without any exception.” She said.

“What is this, Lisa?” I asked.

“See for yourself. I will need you to be responsible for this.” Lisa said.

I opened the box. There was a metal thing that looked like a small cock. “What is that?” I asked.

“It is a chastity cage.” Lisa replied.

“I will need you to lock Mike’s cock in it for the office every day. I can’t tell you what to do outside of the office hours. I need your commitment to put this cage on his cock every day before he goes to the office and keep the key with you. You see, Mary, I don’t want Mike to get hard during the work day. It is, after all, a place where sex is in the air all the time and there are 12 ladies in here”.

I blushed, as I took the thing in my hand. It was a bit heavy, but I liked the design.

“Do you understand how to put it on Mike’s cock, Mary?” Lisa asked.

I wasn’t sure. It was obvious from my expression. Lisa smiled, and took out a model of a cock. “Let me show you.” She said.

I watched carefully. I was getting more and more aroused by the sight of Lisa caging the silicon cock. My panties were soaked with my juices. Lisa demonstrated the caging as if it was her cock being locked. She knew I was aroused.

“My boyfriend is locked 24/7.” Lisa said, once the silicon cage wad finally caged.

“His cock is under my control completely.” She added.

“Oh wow, he is in this cage all the time? … hmmm… how does he pee, how do you have sex, how…” I threw questions in the air.

“Step by step, Mary. I see this is turning you on; I will teach you everything you need to know.” Lisa said, smiling.

“So, do we have a deal Mary?… Mike’s cock is Çeşme Escort going to be caged for work. Can I trust you.” Lisa asked.

“Yes, yes.” I replied.

All I wanted, at that moment, is to go home and get Mike hard, have him fuck me and put this sexy chastity device on his cock. I was horny like never before.

I took the box and rushed home. Mike was watching TV. I put the box on the sofa near him, went down on my knees between his legs, took his cock out and started sucking it. Mike was surprised; he had no idea what made his shy vanilla wife so horny. He got hard from my sucking. I undressed quickly and sat on top of him, taking his cock in me. I humped his hard cock and came almost immediately, time after time. After about 10 minutes of wild sex; like we never had between us, Mike exploded in me. I waited for him to get soft and climbed off him.

“You got the job Mike, but Lisa has a requirement. Your cock needs to be in chastity all the time.” I smiled as I said that. I wanted to have full control.

I opened the box and started caging Mike’s cock, using his cum as lube. Mike was so surprised and exhausted and did not resist.

“I will wear the key on my neck, between my boobs, ” I said, staring at his caged, cum covered cock.

I took a picture of his cock with my phone and sent it to Lisa with a message, “Mike is caged as you requested. Thank you, Lisa.”

Lisa replied immediately. “Mary, I see you are a fast learner. Good for you, girl. BTW, great idea using his cum as lube. I might try this one on my boyfriend, when I let him cum that is, lol, the poor thing did not cum for a month.”

I went to the shower, thinking about what Lisa wrote. A month is a long period of time for a young man, especially one that lives with a woman like Lisa. I was very curious to learn more. I felt like Lisa opened me up to a world I did not know about.

Mike kept complaining about the chastity; he didn’t like it. He kept telling me that it is completely unnecessary and it is more than enough to use it only during the work hours. But I made up my mind to go all the way; I loved the power it gave me. I loved the sexy feeling I had all the time… all my senses were simply aroused.

Mike started to work, knowing he is in chastity made me feel good. I had the key between my breasts all the time, I wanted to tell everyone that my husband is in chastity, but I kept it to myself. Lisa was my new best friend, she knew my secret and she was my mentor.

I called her while Mike was at work to see how it goes. “Hi Lisa, how are you? How is Mike coping?” I asked , eager to hear the answer.

“Mary, good to hear from you. Mike is doing fine. The girls in the office appreciate the fact that you agreed to cage him. Mike was a bit embarrassed to learn that all the girls knew, but he will get over it I’m sure.” Lisa said.

All the girls in the office know. I blushed. My heart was racing, it excited and aroused me. I started to get wet just from hearing that.

“Lisa, I must ask you something.” I said.

“If your boyfriend is in chastity for a full month, how do you … I mean, how …”

Lisa understood my question. “Mary, I will give Mike a package for you; it will give you the answer. Don’t use it all at once.” She laughed and hanged off.

When Mike returned home from work, he gave me a big box. I rushed into the bed room to open it and see what is inside. There was a letter attached…

“Dear Mary,

I packed a few things for you. Every woman needs to have those sex toys for her sexual pleasure and to enable her to take charge of all sexual activities in her relationship. I am a big believer in Female Led Relationships; you already made the first step by putting Mike in a chastity cage. I marked some toys you will need down the road to complete the transformation. I will help you with this process, feel free to ask me anything.

Yours, Lisa.”

The box contained a dildo, a vibrating wand, a clip-on dildo that was quite big, a set of anal plugs that were marked as Lisa mentioned in the letter and a strap-on set that was also marked.

I picked up the phone and called Lisa. “You can not imagine how wet I am right now Lisa.” I said, once she answered.

“Oh, I know exactly how you feel Mary, you feel strong and vital.” Lisa replied.

“Yes, yes… and so aroused, I don’t know what took over me.” I said.

“You are discovering your sexuality again Mary. It is never too late. Go on, use the wand now, let me hear you.” Lisa encouraged me.

I took the Çiğli Escort wand out, got undressed and put it on my clit. I took a deep breath and started it. Wow, the sensation was unbelievable; it made my hips move. I was soaked. My moans grew stronger. I was in heaven. I forgot about Mike being in the living room. I forgot about Lisa hearing everything over the phone. I just moaned and moaned; getting closer and closer to an explosive orgasm.

Mike opened the door just as I came. “Mary, what is going on, have you gone mad?” He asked.

I smiled, and moved the wand to vibrate on my ass hole. “Mad? No, no. Quite the opposite. I just had an amazing orgasm.”

“Take this thing off Mary, let me cum too.” Mike said.

I smiled at him, “No! You are not getting out. You are in chastity only 3 days, it is hardly enough.” I said firmly.

Mike was surprised. He stood there a few more seconds and left the room. Then, I remembered that Lisa is still on the phone. I felt a bit embarrassed that she heard everything. “Hi Lisa. I am a bit embarrassed.” I said, coming back to my senses.

“Don’t be, it was amazing to hear you cum. I am all wet now. And the way you handled Mike, wow, what can I say, you do learn fast girl.” Lisa said.

“Make him cum this weekend, Mary. Give him a hand job, tell him that you are going to do that but he is not allowed to cum. And then tease him slowly for at least 30 minutes; edge him, get him close and back off and then make him cum while reminding him that he is not allowed to cum. Once he cums, cage him again and tell him that he was a bad boy and he needs to be punished for that. Tell him that the next time you might consider letting him out is after 4 weeks in chastity.” She added.

“Oh wow, Lisa. This is so exciting, I love it.” I said, and we ended the call.

The next few days were quite regular, aside of Mike complaining about his chastity caged cock. I took Lisa’s advice and reassured him that this is good for both of us and that I will take care of him on the weekend. When the weekend arrived, Mike was eager, like never before. I took my time, took a long bath, shaved my pussy completely. I felt very sexy. It felt so good to have this level of control.

I called Mike into the bathroom, his cock tried to get hard in the cage once he saw my shaved pussy; it was such a turn on.

“I will take your cage off now. I am going to shave you and then give you a nice hand job, but you need to promise me one thing.” I said, smiling at him.

“What is it, Mary?” Mike asked.

“You are not allowed to cum. In any circumstances, you do not cum, understood?” I said.

“What?… Why? I don’t understand…What?” Mike seemed confused and frustrated.

“Cage off, shave, great hand job, no cumming. Very simple, Mike.” I replied, firmly.

“Should I take the cage off? Yes or no?” I asked, making sure he understood.

Mike nodded, in agreement.

I took the chastity off; he got hard instantly. I took my time shaving his cock. It looked so much better without the hair. I felt sexy and strong having his erect manhood fully in my control. Once he was completely shaved, I opened my mouth and took most of his 7.5 inches in. He moaned and held my head. I stopped, and started going to the bedroom. Mike followed.

I sat on his chest, my ass facing his face and started working his cock. He was very excited. Whenever I felt he is going to cum, I backed off, letting him calm down. After about 30 minutes, I reminded him that he is not allowed to cum and started to rub his cock slowly. Mike exploded, the cum burst out like a fountain, he moaned with pleasure while I smiled to myself… he has no idea what is coming. I took the cage, and put it on him. Than took a picture to share with Lisa.

I moved back till my ass he was on his mouth, started rubbing myself on him, his tongue came out and licked me to orgasm.

“You came without permission Mike… you will be punished for that. The cage stays on for at least 4 weeks now.” I said as I climbed off him and went out to the kitchen.

I sent the picture to Lisa with one word – Success!

Lisa replied with a picture she took. It was of her wearing a strap-on with one word – FLR!

I felt strong and sexy. After all, I came 5 times since I put Mike in chastity and it was only the first week. I never felt like that, I wanted more and more.

Lisa became my best friend and mentor. We talked almost every day. I started joining her in the gym, it made me feel good and look good, my body toned and I started wearing Foça Escort sexier outfits; tighter and more revealing. It was an amazing feeling. Mike complained less about the chastity with time. Working for Lisa and having the new me at home made him more and more submissive.

After 3 weeks since I made him cum, Lisa and I were in the showers at the gym. She said that it is about time to have Mike wear a butt plug. “His ass needs get used to being penetrated if you want to fuck him with the strap-on next weekend.” She said.

“I brought a butt plug for each one of us as well. I love to have one in me and I think you need to get familiar with anal pleasures, Mary.” She said, smiling at me.

She took the plugs out of her bag and put some lotion on them. “Bend over in front of me, Mary. I will insert yours, then you can insert mine.”

There were 2 young girls, about 20 years old in the showers. They watched us, but I didn’t care. I just bent over in front of Lisa. She opened up my ass cheeks and pushed the plug in. It was so sexy, I loved it. Then Lisa stood up and bent over, opening her perfect ass wide as I pushed the plug in. We got dressed, smiled at the two young ladies and left the gym.

When I got home, I had Mike bend over in front of me. I inserted the smallest butt plug I had in the box and told him that we will work up the size every two days. He didn’t resist. He started to understand his place.

All the ladies in the office asked Mike about the butt plug. He was very embarrassed about it. They knew the real reason, being all dominant women in FLR relationships with their male partners.

On Friday, I met with Lisa to get some tips and ideas. I wanted the sex we are going to have, Mike and I, on the weekend to be perfect and to finalize my dominant position in our relationship. Lisa explained how to use the strap-on, how to detect that I am hitting the right spot, his prostate, and how to make him cum.

“But the key thing, the most important thing, is that once he ejaculates, he must eat the cum, all of it. Once he eats his cum, you are done with his training. He will be in subspace completely.” Lisa said, as I listened carefully getting more and more aroused.

On Saturday morning, I went to the shower, shaved completely, and came out to the bedroom naked. Mike loved what he saw. I looked hot and sexy, working out shaped my ass nicely, my hips got thinner and I lost the little extra fat I carried over in the last few years.

I took a dildo and the vibrating wand out and said to Mike. “The dildo is for my ass and the wand is for my clit. Make me cum, dear”.

Mike was very obedient, as I pulled my legs up to for him to have access, he positioned himself between my legs, lubed the dildo and started inserting it into my ass. I moaned and squeezed my breasts. Once he was almost in, he started using the wand. I was in heaven. I came strongly after a few minutes. Mike stopped the wand and started eating my wet pussy, he was eating me like a sex crazed man. I knew at that moment that my life changed forever, Mike is pleasuring me like he never did and he is enjoying it. I came a few times and stopped him. I pulled him up and gave him a deep loving kiss. His eyes were soft; it seems he loves his new position.

“Let me pleasure you now, my love.” I said.

Mike smiled and thanked me. “Go stand near the desk and bend over, I am going to fuck you now,” I said with a big smile.

Mike did as I said. As I put the strap-on on my hips. It looked so amazing and powerful, I had an 8-inch cock for him. I lubed it well and approached Mike’s virgin ass.

“Are you ready to lose your virginity love?” I asked.

“Yes please, Mary, please.” Mike said, desperately.

I penetrated his ass slowly, but firmly, as Lisa explained. His moans were clear; he loved it. Once I was in all the way, I paused for a few seconds to let him get used to the size. Then I started moving in and out, fucking him in the ass while his cock twitches against the chastity cage. He moaned strongly and I know he is going to cum, and I worked my hips firmly to give him this pleasure. Mike came strongly, all the cum that was stored in him for 4 weeks burst out of his caged cock.

I pulled out. “Clean it up Mike, eat all the cum right away.” I ordered him.

Mike looked at me as if asking me not to insist, but he realized he has no choice. He bent over and started licking his cum. He ate all of it, as I ordered, without a word of complaint.

I stood there strong, holding the strap-on like it was my hard cock, watching my submissive husband eating his cum. I loved it.

A year after, we are in an FLR relationship. Mike is in chastity all the time. I let him cum from time to time, just for fun. All our friends know about the nature of our relationship and I believe all the wives envy me, lol.

Lisa and I are best friends.