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HOT PANTS 1HOT PANTS 1A hot hot day, and so many calls to make – and my cock is driving me nuts. Why do I get so sexed up when the temperature climbs? Maybe I’m on heat!No doubt about it. I’m burning for a fuck. My stiff cock is standing up out of my pants banging against the steering wheel while I’m driving and my balls are throbbing with hot spunk. I’m pulling myself as I thread my way thru the traffic and I can smell the heat coming up from between my legs. And I’m dreaming of … woman. Sliding into her, hot and wet, legs opening, cunt juice, kissing, holding, crazy fucking, breasts – ah, I love a woman’s breasts… wish I could pull over and finish myself … but no way. I’m late for my next appointment.Anyway, I’m sick of Mrs Palmer and her five daughters, I want a woman, a real woman. I love fucking myself sometimes but right now I’m hungry for a woman’s body!Like that one there! Look at her! Standing outside the grocer’s in the busy shopping strip, obviously waiting for someone. She’s wearing a backless brown halter neck top and white shorts – so short you can see the curve of her arse cheeks, and it is such a fuckable arse I nearly shoot a big thick load just looking at her! She’s not young, late thirties or early forties perhaps, good figure, maybe Greek – and very very fuckable. I’m stopped kırıkkale escort at the lights and I want to jump out of the car and chat her up – and she turns and looks at me as the lights turn green! I just have time to wave as I take off – and she waves back. FUCK FUCK FUCK! Just my luck.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!On my way back, an hour and twenty later I’m looking for her and funny, but I somehow almost know she’ll be there … and she is!I park the car, wave to her across the street and she comes over. I make no bones about it, I strip her with my eyes as walks towards me, my eyes hot on her crutch.‘Do you know me?’ she asks.‘Not yet,’ I say. ‘But I want to.’We fool around with the chit chat for a couple minutes but we both know what we want – and that we are going to get it. I love that feeling.She got into the car and we took off. It’s a two seater and the hood was down. Her legs were stretched out in front and slightly parted, her hair was dark, and she looked straight at me as she lifted her arms showing me her armpits rich with the thick curly hair there, as smoothed her hair.‘Where are we going,’ she asked ‘I hope you’re not going to **** me.’‘Not unless you want me to,’ I said ‘Oh. So what are you going to do?’ she asked.I pulled over and stopped in a vacant block. It was out kırıkkale escort bayan of sight but not private enough to fuck, but I was so desperate for it I had to have some.I’m going to lick you,’ I said. I’m going to lick every inch of you.’I turned to her pulling her into me my mouth finding hers and kissed deep deep down into her mouth, as hungry as mine … her lips so soft fucking me and her tongue sucking and licking down my throat.‘Baby,’ she said. ‘Show it to me. Show me your cock! I want to see it. I want to see your cock.’I undid my pants, pushed them down, then slid my briefs down, letting my lazy big cock slowly rise until it was pointing up and hardening, stiffening while she watched, the big blue head shiny with cock syrup, the shaft thick and angry-red with the veins bulging blue and knotted.‘Oh, look at it,’ she said. ‘Look at the size of it! It’s a lot bigger than my husband’s – and my boy-friends,’ she added with a giggle.I shuddered as she touched it, a blob of clear juice sliding out of the eye of my prick, jerking and close to cumming at the touch of those cool cunning fingers gently wrapping round my turgid stalk and her bending to brush the smooth head with her lips, the tip of her tongue licking the sex-oil fresh from my sweating, swollen balls…‘Oh fuck,’ escort kırıkkale I said. ‘You’ll make me cum!’She sat back, untying her top and taking it off. ‘Yes. I know,’ she said. That’s what I want. Don’t you?’ She was teasing me now, lowering her breasts down until her big dark nipples were pressed against my aching cock. ‘I want that lovely thing between my tits,’ she whispered. ‘Like this,’ she said as she slid over and trapped it there, squeezing it between the soft sexy flesh and smiling up into my face. ‘C’mon babe,’ she said. ‘Come to mummy. Fuck my jugs.’Ahh! You should have seen it! This big thing, so red-hot angry it was almost black thrusting up from the valley of the soft white hillocks of her breasts … and her head as she lowered her face to it, watching it and taking the head into her waiting mouth each time it rose up, sucking at it as I fucked harder and harder and she spat on it, sucking and slobbering as the lubricant poured from me … and I came. Gasping, grunting, fucking, and pumping my spunk, feeling it pushing and blasting its way up deep from within my bursting balls Over her tits And face. And down her throat while she sucked the hot white cheese from my sperm sacs.And she raised her smiling face to me, the spunk glistening in her mouth, blasted over face and sliding down her tits and she held a cum covered tit up to my mouth pushing the nipple in .’Lick it babe,’ she said ‘lick it all off. Suck it clean and kiss me.’ And she put her spunky, sperm-filled mouth to mine, ‘ Suck it darling. Suck your cock-cheese off me.’ To be continued