Hospital Bathroom Encounter

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Hospital Bathroom EncounterI work EMS and have had some very interesting experiences in my job. Some people say EMS stands for Extra Marital Sex and it can be like that. Working in highly emotional situations late at night and in close quarters creates emotions and feeling. Relationships can develop and then after friendship flirting and finally possibly a hot and heavy sexual relationship that can only be described as pure lust. Such was the relationship I had with Cindy.Cindy and I were about the same age 38 years old, both of us unhappily married working too many hours for too little pay, for a company that found it easier to fire and hire someone new than to actually handle problems. She was no more that 5’3 110 lbs with 34 A tits but her ass drove me crazy. It was firm and small and fit my crotch perfectly. She liked to ride me and her ass cheeks had just enough padding to soften her frantic bounces. We worked the afternoon shift that started at 1 pm that went for 12 hours. By the time our day was done we were both too tired to go home to bed just to get up and get ready for the next shift. We spent time going to motel rooms making love with a passion reserved for young lovers but us being together made us feel like we were 20 and we fucked liked rabbits. We would drive around kaş escort our hands in each others laps teasing and fondling each other. We went on several calls were I had to hide my hard on and her panties were more than damp. One day in the middle of a hot summer as the evening finally brought on cooler temperatures we were dispatched to a hospital to take a patient home from there. We brought the stretcher to the floor only to find the patient wasn’t ready to go and had another 45 minutes before she could. We decided to not tell our dispatch and relax until the patient was ready to go. We told the nurse at the desk we were going to get something to eat and we left the area before she changed her mind. Cindy who was always open about her sexual feeling said, “The playground is open and kitty wants to play.” In English it meant she was horny and she wanted to fuck. Not wanting to miss an opportunity I quickly formulated a plan. All over the hospital single stall bathrooms were on every hall and floor. I told her to go into one but don’t lock the door, when no one was looking I would enter the bathroom like normal and then we could fool around. She smiled and said to give her an extra minute or two then join her so I got a quick peck on the cheek and she ducked into a nearby restroom.I escort kaş stood pretending to read a letter on some cork board and then looking left and right nonchalantly enter the restroom and locked the door. I was greeted by a huge hug around my neck and a deep tongue probing kiss. My hands went to her ass and I realized she didn’t have her pants on. She was down to her t-shirt and thong panty and I grabbed a handful of ass cheek in each hand and pulled her into me. Our kiss lasted long and hardI fondled her ass and she could feel the hardness growing through my uniform pants. She turned suddenly and put her hands on the sink. She wiggled her ass on my crotch and said, “Are you going to let him out to play?” My pants came off like I had pulled a rip cord. Dropping my pants and underwear to my boots my cock sprang out rubbing against her shapely ass. My hand went to her moist thong and I slid it to the side. “Yes kitty wants to purr” she whispered I grabbed the length of my cock and guided it into her hot shaven pussy. “Oh yes fuck me” she moaned she thrust back and my entire cock buried into her. My hands went underneath her t-shirt lifting her sports bra and her tiny titties went into my hands. I thrust forward pulling her onto me as I tweaked her nipples and rolled them in kaş escort bayan my fingers. They were sticking out like pencil erasers and I began to rock my hips sliding my cock in and out of her pussy. She moaned and urged me on as she dropped a hand to her clit and spreading her legs open wider furiously rubbed and groped her clit. I fucked her the way she liked, hard and deep. She moaned again as she began to cum. Her ass wiggled on to my thrusts I let go off a tit and wrapped my arm around her skinny waist and pulled her on to me. She stood upright my cock buried in her pussy and we looked at ourselves in the mirror. I again exposed her titties to the mirror playing with her nipples her hand tapping her clit with little slapping noises as I pushed and thrust into her. I was going to cum. We stared at each others eyes in the mirror as I burst into her pussy. This triggered her orgasm and I had to hold her up as she convulsed almost hitting her head on the sink. Wave after wave of cum left me and her pussy clamped on. We panted and a quick rush of sweat rose from her skin. Still locked like this she turned her head and we kissed until I softened and removed myself.Gathering paper towels and rinsing the smell of sex from us she knelt in front of me and kissed the head of my dick thanking it for a good time. I straightened myself up and dressed she hid behind the door as I calmly stepped out into the hall. After a few minutes she emerged, cleaned and smiling we returned to our stretcher.