HomecummingHomecummingI had been away with work for a few months and had just arrived home, the flight had been brought forward 24 hours and I never told Emma this as I wanted to surprise her. I had spoken to her a couple of days ago and knew that the k**s were going to be out for the night at a friend’s. This was so Emma could have a night out before I arrived home.It was 11pm when I walked through the door, it was good to be home finally, but I didn’t know how much longer Emma would be. I put all my bags in the cellar, and just took my wash kit, went immediately for a shower and lay in bed naked waiting for her return. I picked up her net book to kill some time.About half hour later I heard the door open, “yes this is it, I thought” but I could also hear other voices, men and women. It wasn’t a problem sounded like she had invited people back for a drink, this was good as when Emma has had a few drinks she lets herself go in bed and sex is wild and dirty!At around 1230 I heard the door again and people were leaving, Emma would be coming to bed now and I got a hard-on just thinking about it. But I was wrong, after 20 minutes or so, I decided to check what she was doing as I couldn’t hear any more voices. She was probably just on the internet checking email or something and as I didn’t want to spoil the surprise I very gently opened the bedroom door and tip down the first couple of steps, as from there you can see into the whole living room. She was watching porn and by the looks of it she was playing with herself. I watched as she threw her head back eyes closed her dress around her waist showing her white stockings and suspenders, and thong pulled to the side.“Why was she wearing those on a night out?” I thought.It didn’t bother me, as I always hope she does, so that she could pull some stud and get a proper good fucking which she has eventually admitted that she would love it to happen. It looks like the opportunity wasn’t there this evening though so she was just enjoying herself before bed time.I was in two minds whether to go and surprise her now and give her the fucking she was hoping to get off someone else, or just watch and keep with the original plan of surprising her in bed. I decided to go and join her while she was in the middle of fucking herself probably while thinking of my best mate Stu. I had been wanking while watching her, and I knew this wouldn’t last long anyway, I just had to fuck her now.As I stood up about to walk downstairs, I couldn’t believe what I saw. And blonde bakırköy escort woman came and stood in front of the TV unzipped her dress revealing a black Basque and stockings, she walked over to Emma, straddled her and gave her the most intense snog I had ever seen.“Who the fuck was that?” I thought as I sat back down to watch the action unfold.Then another surprise, I heard a male voice say;“Mmmmm you two look beautiful together” Emma broke off from her kiss and said;“Rob, you are over dressed, get your cock out and enjoy the show” Emma had clearly had a few drinks as she would never be this forward otherwise.Emma’s focus was now on the blonde’s gorgeous tits, she took a nipple in her mouth and began to suck and lick like she had done this many times before. I was enjoying what I was seeing, but couldn’t touch my cock as I would have shot everywhere within seconds.While Emma was expertly sucking on tits, I couldn’t quite see but I could tell from the position of the blonde’s hand that it was between Emma’s legs fingering her gorgeous shaven pussy. Not only that but Emma’s moans of pleasure kind of gave it away! Emma then moved her hand down and started to rub the blonde’s pussy, she is finally touching another woman’s pussy, she had fantasised about this for ages.Both women where now groaning in ecstasy, and I say they were pretty close to cumming. They began to kiss passionately again as they had each other’s fingers in their shaven pussies. Emma had her other hand wrapped around the blondes waist and was pulling her in tightly so their breasts were squashed together, the blonde’s other hand was on the back of Emma’s head with a hand full of hair, pulling their lips and tongues together. Both women threw their heads back and were screaming out loud as their orgasms both came together.“That was amazing Emma, but now I need to be fucked”“I’m happy with that so long as I can have his cock too” Emma replied“I wouldn’t have it any other way babe” the Blonde said almost looking lovingly into Emma’s eyes.“I’m really going to enjoy this, you two are the sexiest women I know” said Rob.Rob took his position behind the blonde who was still straddling Emma, he rubbed the tip of his cock at the very wet opening of her pussy. He pushed his hard 9 inch cock all the way in and the blonde screamed very loudly. Emma got back to work on her tits, she seemed to love sucking them and couldn’t get enough, and while she was doing this, she reached a hand through beşiktaş escort the blondes’ legs and started to play with Rob’s balls. Even from my angle she could well have had a finger up his ass but I couldn’t see.“OH GOD YES ROB, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD” The blonde screamed.Emma started to edge her way down the couch in between the legs of the blonde and Rob, stopping to lick the blondes’ clit, while she was being banged very hard. Emma continued to slide out and also stopped to give Rob’s balls a suck, when she could catch them in her mouth as they were swinging back and forward.Emma finally stood up behind Rob putting her arms around him and playing with his nipples. She was pushing her groin into his ass and matching his thrusts, almost as they were one person fucking the blonde. She started kissing his back and neck and kept whispering stuff in his ear, ‘boy I wish I could hear what she was saying!’.The feel of Emma behind him and fucking who I presumed was his wife, was getting too much for him and the blonde could sense this.“That’s enough Rob” said the blonde “I’m positive Emma wants some cock too”“I’m fucking dying for your cock Rob, in fact I’m just craving cock full stop!” replied EmmaI loved how she was talking, and it seemed like it was so natural to her.“Will you lick my pussy while Rob is fucking me please?” Emma said to the blonde.“My pleasure babe, I don’t need asking twice” the blonde replied excitedly.The blonde lay down on the floor in front of the TV while Emma straddled her face so they were in the ‘69’ position. I couldn’t hold out any longer, it was too much, so I slowly began to wank my cock, I don’t think it has ever been this big and hard! Emma was fulfilling all her fantasies in one night, and unbeknownst to her, all mine as well!!Rob was just stood there watching and wanking as both women were licking and fingering each other’s gorgeous pussies.“Please fuck me now Rob, I need cock” Emma ordered.With that Rob got on his knees behind Emma and wet the end of his cock, but it was not needed as Emma was very wet as he pushed his cock all the way up to the hilt and began fucking Emma very hard, he reached forward and grabbed her hair while giving her ass a few spanks.“YES YES YES, THAT’S IT, HARDER, FUCK ME HARD” Emma screamed.Rob pushed Emma’s head forcefully back into the pussy of the blonde, and Emma continued to lick like an expert. She was having a wild time, being fucked hard while having her clit licked AND licking beylikdüzü escort pussy too, I could tell she was in heaven!Emma looked back at Rob and screamed;“GOD THAT IS SO GOOD, KEEP FUCKING ME HARD, I LOVE IT, YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER AND BIGGER THAN TONY, FUCKING HELL I’M CUMMING DON’T STOP”Rob was banging away very fast and hard now, Emma was screaming as the thrust her fingers into the blonde’s pussy, I could hear that the blonde was also very close to orgasm as Emma was rubbing her clit. Both women started to spasm at the same time as the orgasm reached its peak, Rob was moaning also and I could tell he was about to shoot his load into my wife’s pussy.“Wait, hold on” said the blonde, almost out of breath “Emma come and lie next to me so he can cum on our faces”“Mmmmmm I like your thinking you kinky bitch” Emma said with a giggle.Emma lay next to the blonde, their faces underneath Rob’s cock, they began to kiss, as Rob was about to unleash his seed all over their faces. This had me near the edge also, it was hard to keep quiet. Rob was furiously wanking, his face was all screwed up as shot after shot of cum hit the faces of the beautiful women lay underneath him. They never stopped kissing, they just let the cum dribble into their mouths and were swapping it between them before licking each other’s faces and swallowing it all.The sight of this took me over the edge, my legs tensed and toes curled as I began to shoot my spunk, instinct took over and I put my other hand over my bell end and caught all my cum in my hand as I didn’t want to leave any evidence. I was that turned on that when I was finished I put my hand to my mouth and ate all my cum and licked my hand clean.I looked into the living as they were all getting dressed, Rob mumbling about having to get home to the babysitter. I crept to the landing as they began to leave all giving each other a hug and a final kiss.“Well I suppose that’s the end of that, I’m going to miss these regular fuck nights” The blonde said.“Yeah but I’m sure I’ll get round to telling Tony at some point, he would love it” Emma replied.“Well I hope you do, two cocks would be better than one” said the blonde.Emma said goodbye and shown them out the front door.I crept back into bed, with my mind in overdrive, did I hear that right? Were my ears deceiving me? Did she say ‘regular’? How long had this been going on? WOW Emma had turned into the slut I hoped she would, and I loved it. Emma didn’t come to bed for another ten minutes I lay there thinking about her reaction when she came to bed, and what would happen, could we both go at it again straight away? Would she tell me tonight? If she didn’t then I wouldn’t let on that I knew anything as I was looking forward to her telling me. Before I knew it I had drifted off into a deep sleep, it had been a very long day!!!!The End