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Well, I got a couple of great responses from my first story, so I thought I might try it again. It’s weird, but it hasn’t been since I started writing that first story about a recently deceased friend of mine who had taught me oral-sex skills that I’ve really looked back at my sexual history. I always assumed I was just like one of millions of girls nowadays, frisky and curious, but more or less ordinary. But, looking back, I have had some really trippy sexual experiences that other women my age haven’t had. And it feels good to write about them.

You’ll learn that I essentially have two kinks that I continue to pursue with varying degrees of bravery: oral sex and exhibitionism. I am fascinated with the magic that happens between an erection and my mouth, as well as with that wondrous body fluid that boys are always figuring out how to give to girls; and I am consistently turned on by being naked in non-sexual contexts. Anal, S&M, girl-on-girl, spanking, all that stuff’s OK, I guess. But I like what I like.

My obsession with slurping on stiffies has been a relatively easy one to indulge, since 99 percent of the human male population would crawl through broken glass to be on the receiving end of a blowjob from a bodaciously hot chick like myself — I hate saying that, because it sounds like I’m some kind of narcissist, but I’ve been blessed with both the pretty and the slender genes. I’m very proud of my body, which accounts for the exhibitionist thing I’ve done since, forever. But I’m interested in writing today about my oral-sex interests.

I hope I’m not a slut — that’s the kind of thing that other people determine for you, I suppose. I have had a few problems maintaining relationships with men. But I’m too young to be thinking about settling down with one guy anyway. I’m still in my early twenties. If I don’t play around and show off my moneymaker now, it’ll never happen.

Of course, one of the things that has really prevented me from being a one-man girl is my pre-occupations with oral. In other words, I’ve mapped out for myself three stages of oral-sex experimentation, three thresholds, istanbul escort that I have found over the years very scary and very hot at the same time.

I’ll keep the last two secret for now. But when I was younger and not as experienced as I am now, I began thinking almost day and night of sucking off a black guy (For the record, I’m white).

Race to me isn’t a big deal at all. But I grew up around almost all white people and my family, especially my father, kept some pretty ugly attitudes about African Americans. I could go on for days about what a douche bag my father was, but the racism thing never failed to set me off. Even in high school, I would tell my friends that one day I was going to bring home a black guy just for the pleasure of watching my father have a stroke right there in the kitchen.

Well, that never happened, and now it certainly never will. I don’t talk to my parents anymore — well, that’s a lie, I’ve talked to my mom two or three times in the last few years, but none of those conversations were pleasant for either of us — and the race/sex thing is why. I also am out of college now because my parents stopped supporting me and I can thank my penis obsession for that too.

So there came a time, early on in my sophomore year in college, when I began thinking a lot about getting it on with a black man. There were several guys I was cock-teasing at the time, but I was always scanning the room for someone of a darker tone. I met a guy named Jay (I’ve changed names here for obvious reasons; I don’t mind using my real name, but I don’t want to embarrass other people) who was really nice and sweet and he wanted me bad. But he had a girlfriend — a white girl — and, after a flirtatious episode at a party, I learned he couldn’t cheat on her.

A couple of weeks later, I met Sean, a skinny but really foxy black guy who liked to hang out at a certain coffeehouse near campus and doodle in a notepad. He was going to be a graphic designer and he was very ambitious. After a couple of friendly chats at the coffeehouse, he asked me out and I knew I found my man.

Looking escort bayan back, I have lots of feelings of guilt about Sean because at the time, I wanted to use him to get back at my racist parents, but the truth is, if I weren’t such a dumb girl at the time, I could have really fallen in love with him. I mean I did fall in love with him. I was just too stupid to recognize it.

Anyway, one thing led to another, and soon I got my wish, a black dong in my little white mouth, and, though it was fabulous, it was really no different than any other dick. Girls, it’s all the same when you close your eyes.

But a couple of weeks later, I proposed to Sean an idea, which turned out to be a life-changing one.

One day, I woke up and dressed nicely. Sean helped me set up the video camera, and I took a seat in front of it and began addressing my parents. I wanted to send them a video reminder of how I was doing in school. So five minutes into my little performance, Sean, as planned, comes out of the shower with a raging hard-on. I had him very slowly, walk into the frame to my right penis first. I’m sitting there telling my mom and dad that I met someone, someone nice. He might be The One, I said. All this time, Sean’s cock is very slowly, almost imperceptibly coming into the picture, until I recognize it and say, “Oh, here he is now.” I reach out and start stroking it while I’m still talking. When Sean has moved completely into the frame, I started sucking him off, holding his balls in my hand, swiveling my hand from side to side just a bit and humming happily.

I had instructed Sean to get really aroused in the bedroom so he could come quickly. I knew that if this went on too long, the intended audience would turn it off, so Sean was close to paydirt when he came out of the bathroom. When the time came, I jacked him off into a wine glass. His head and shoulders were well out of the frame and I told him to keep quiet as not to leave any identifying features. But he gasped loudly before shooting out thick ropes of fresh semen.

When I had squeezed every drop out of him, Bostancı escort I held up the glass to the light so I could behold it, winked at the camera, and spitefully, raised a toast to my father. “Here’s to you, Dad. I hope you’re proud of your little girl now.” And with that, I tipped back that glass full of man sauce and poured into my mouth. I played around with it for a few seconds, brought it out to the edge of my lips and then swallowed luxuriously, making yummy sounds as it went down.

Behind the camera I watched Sean holding his hands to his mouth to keep from laughing out loud. I was really hamming it up.

I was insane enough at the time to actually box up that video and send it to my parents in the mail. Just like that. No holding on to it for a couple of days and sending it later. I do regret doing that now, because things have gotten really bad in way I had not anticipated. But, on the other hand, fuck it. It felt good imagining my father watching me eat a black man’s sperm like it was the sweetest ice cream in the world.

About a week later, Sean and I were in the bedroom, playing out a fantasy of mine. I was dressed in a maid’s uniform. He was lying on the bed naked. We pretended we were in a swank hotel. He was a businessman jerking off after a stressful day at work. I was to stand there and do nothing, until after he was finished. Then it was my turn to come in and clean him off. While he turned on the TV to watch sports and called a buddy on his cell phone, I bent over his body to methodically lick all the semen off his chest, belly and penis. When he was clean, I stood up again and said, “Will there be anything else, sir?” He gave me a five-dollar bill and smiled.

We had just finished with that little game, which we called Room Service. We were lying in bed together naked when the phone rang. I made no move to get it. The machine answered. And I heard my mother crying angrily into the phone. I only half heard what she was saying.

When the message was finished, Sean looked at me with something like horror. “You didn’t really send that tape, did you?”

Sean soon moved on after that. I haven’t seen him in months now. He was a lot of fun and that pecker of his was glorious. But even in the last days when I was with him, I was already thinking about my second blowjob threshold. That was soon to come, entirely by accident.