Holli Runs a Red Light


Driving home from a tough day at the office Holli was in no mood to wait around. Approaching the light she gunned the car on not caring that they were changing color as she did so.

Two blocks later she realized the mistake she had made. Why is there always a cop car at the one intersection you sneak through?

She had no choice but to pull over, but for some reason these guys were making her pull into a side street away from the main road.

As the first cop approached her car Holli’s mood changed, amazing what a cute guy in uniform can do to calm a girl down.

“Can I see your license please ma’am?” he said,

Noting the glint in his eye as he saw her beautiful body stretched across the car seat reaching for the glove compartment. Her short skirt had ridden up during the drive and her tanned and toned legs looked too inviting to be believed.

She was however slightly concerned when the cop ordered her out of the car, and even more worried when he called his partner across.

As the second cop approached, escort the first one ordered her to spread them.

“Easy Tiger” she said without thinking.

“Please just allow us to do our job ma’am” he said gruffly kicking her legs apart.

“Is this really necessary?” Holli asked, nervous excitement spreading in her voice.

As the cop’s hand moved up the inside of her leg Holli began to sense what was going on and when his hand failed to stop at her skirt, passed the top of her stockings and flicked at her panties she knew the score. However, she still didn’t react quickly enough to prevent the cop from grabbing her wrists and slapping handcuffs quickly on her wrists.

As she turned around she was amazed to see the first cop had opened his pants and was slowly rubbing his hardening cock.

The second cop sat on the trunk of her car, his pants around his ankles and his swollen member throbbing. Holli could not stop the first cop from grabbing her head and forcing it onto the cock of his partner.

The second cop grabbed the back of her head and starting pumping it up and down his cock. The other officer walked around behind her. This time as his hands moved up her legs Holli was ready for him and as he reached her panties she was not surprised when he ripped them from her body. The cop placed them to his nose and said “Sweet, I think we will have to confiscate these for evidence”

As Holli sank down on one cop’s length she felt the rush of cold air on her pussy as the other lifted her skirt over her hips.

The whole situation was just so erotic that Holli’s pussy was already leaking juices down her legs so the cop behind her took full advantage roughly slipping his prick into her soft folds. The tempo he started at was so fierce that all Holli needed to do was allow him to rock her back and forth on his partner’s cock.

Sensing that he was about to cum Holli slowed her sucking down, removing her mouth just long enough to say,

“I think it’s time I showed your friend how much I like to suck cock”

Needing no more encouragement the two men changed places, and with a pair of pricks at either end Holli was now in complete paradise sucking and fucking like a whore.

It didn’t take long for the two men to react to her newfound enthusiasm. First to go was the guy fucking her drenched pussy. As she felt him begin to clench up she tightened her grip on the other guy’s cock and as she looked up she could see in his eyes the mix of pleasure and pain that she was searching for. As her pussy began to flood with the cum of one guy she felt the cock in her mouth twitch and with one final hard suck it spurted a huge stream of cum into her expectant mouth. There was so much that some of it actually dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin.

Suddenly the two cops whipped up their pants, removed the handcuffs, and headed off towards their car.

“I think we can let you off with a warning on this occasion ma’am, just don’t let us catch you driving through red lights again.”

“Certainly officer, thank you for being so nice, both of you!” she smiled cheekily, thinking to herself, I know what route I’ll be driving home tomorrow.