Holiday to Remember


This episode of my life occurred last year, before Covid emerged and the world changed beyond recognition.

I was in the first year of my English degree — I’m now in the second — and had arranged with friends to go to Tenerife. I’m not sure who’s idea it was. It certainly wasn’t mine, but whoever thought of it, must have had Tenerife confused with Ibiza, Magaluf or Ayi Napa. If you weren’t aware, Ibiza, Magaluf and Ayia Napa are the main European holiday destinations for eighteen to thirty-year-olds, whereas Tenerife is reserved those about to retire.

We had no idea what Tenerife was like, but the moment we disembarked the plane, it was clear we’d made a big mistake. We were the youngest in the airport by about forty years, and that isn’t an exaggeration. If the lack of anyone our age at the airport didn’t set our alarm bells ringing, then it did when we arrived at the hotel. There was only one couple below sixty — and that wasn’t by much. The chance of meeting girls looked as likely as winning the lottery. Still, we were determined to have good time and decided to make the best of a bad situation.

After unpacking of cases and making ourselves at home, we headed down to the pool. The sun was blisteringly and we messed about in the water until dusk, when we headed back to our rooms. Despite having no chance of pulling, we set to enjoy ourselves. So, after showering and changing into our evening gear, we hit the entertainment strip.

There were restaurants and bars aplenty, but none of the clubs you’d find at a party resort. Magaluf it wasn’t, but despite having more pensioners more than a British seaside town, we still managed to find a reasonably good bar, even if there weren’t any girls. What it did have was good music and alcohol, and my friends drunk like they’d just come in from the desert. Not being much of a drinker, I had a single pint.

As my friends got more and more rowdy, I withdrew to a table by myself. I felt out of place and was about to go back to my room, when someone tapped me on the shoulder.

I turned to see a plump older woman, squeezed into a short black dress. Her tanned legs and ample breasts were on show for the world and she looked up for a good time. Despite her greying hair and worn skin, she wasn’t unattractive. Still, she wasn’t my type and I greeted her with cordial smile.

“Mind if I join you?” she asked.

“Nah, it’s fine,” I said, with a disinterested shrug.

She sat down opposite me and looked over at my mates.

“Friends of yours?”

My friends were playing a drinking game that involved one of them consuming a pint of beer followed by a shot of, while the others shouted, ‘Down it, down it.’ “Eh … yeah, they are,” I said, turning a bright shade of crimson.

She smiled. “Don’t be embarrassed. There’s nothing wrong with getting drunk and being loud. You’re young and allowed to have fun. Still, I’m surprised you came to Tenerife.”

“Why?” I inquired.

“Well, ain’t exactly Ayia Napa is it?” she replied.

I laughed. “You’re right, it’s not.”

“Still, it could be worse, you could have ended up Los Cristianos,” she said, parting her heavily grossed lips in a smile.

“Why’s that?” I asked,

“I take it you haven’t been there?”

I shook my head.

“Well, let’s just say it makes this place look like club eighteen to thirty! Still, they have a water park. Which is odd, as the people who stay at Los Cristianos would literally have a heart attack if they saw a water flume, let alone rode one.” As I laughed, she reached for her bag. “Can I get you a drink?”

“A coke would be nice,” I replied.

She looked at me cockeyed. Bostancı Escort “A coke, seriously? You’re not planning on becoming a priest, are you?”

“Nah, I’m … eh … just not much of a drinker,” I faltered.

She smiled. “Don’t be embarrassed. I’m not much of a drinker either. That’s why I wandered over here. My friends have had way too much and I needed a break. I’ll tell you what; why don’t we go for a walk?”

I agreed, figuring I could walk with her as far as my hotel and then go back to my room.

With left the bar and strolled along the moon lit coast, talking about everything and anything. She told me her name was Diane and that she had three children and six grandchildren. She had been married for almost forty years, but had divorced a few years back. She said that her and her friends had arrived at the resort two days ago and that they were staying for three weeks. Apparently, she had come to Tenerife every year since her divorce. She asked me about my situation and why I didn’t have girlfriend. I explained that I hadn’t met anyone I liked.

I enjoyed chatting to Diane. So much do that I decided not to go back to my room. After an hour, Diane said she was tired and asked if I would escort her back to her hotel. Naturally, I agreed.

We arrived at her door and she turned and looked me straight in the eye. My heart raced like a runaway train. I’d never felt anything like it. I was a child on their first rollercoaster; excited, but at the same time terrified. I’m sure this will sound crazy, but I really liked her. I know what you are thinking, but it wasn’t just lust. Sure, it sounds too sudden to be anything else, but I have never enjoyed being around anyone as much as her and I didn’t want the moment to end.

The way Diane looked at me, I could see she liked me too. Despite having butterflies in my tummy, I couldn’t stop myself. I lent forward and kissed her. Diane returned my kiss and our lips locked in a passionate embrace. We must of been there ten minutes; our bodies pressed together and tongues entwining in a frenzied dance.

Without warning, Diane pulled away. “I can’t do this,” she said, shaking her head. “I mean, look at you. What are you twenty-five?”

I thought about lying, but I really liked her and didn’t want to jeopardise my chances. So, I told her the truth. “No, I’m nineteen.”

Diane looked like she’d seen a ghost. “Nineteen?”

I nodded.

“Well, I’m sixty-two and I have grandchildren older than you. It’s not right,” said Diane, exhaling deeply. “I could get arrested. Anyway, what would an nineteen-year-old want with someone my age?”

It was a good question and I will admit at that moment a big part of me wanted what any guy would want. “You are beautiful and I really like you,” I said, looking her in the eyes. It was true I did think she was beautiful, and I did like her. “I don’t care about your age. I think you are amazing.” Diane was about to argue, but I moved in for a kiss and our lips embraced. She tried to pull away, but there was no real resistance and before long we were locked in another passion embrace.

My arms enveloped her. I pulled her close, my stiff cock pressed against her belly.

Once more she broke away. Only, this time Diane opened the door and lead me inside.

Blood pumped through my veins like a torrent. I hadn’t been with an older woman and I wanted her so badly I was ready pop. When we reached the bedroom, Diane turned to face me. I was so turned on, my cock threatened to break free of my pants.

She reached around and unbuttoned her dress. With a little shake of her hips, it dropped to the Ümraniye Escort floor. I could see her huge boobs resting above a slight paunch, and her big bushy pussy pressed against her large, white panties.

Without hesitation I removed my shirt and trousers.

Diane looked down at the large bulge protruding from my boxer shorts and smiled. “Is that for me?”

I smiled back at her.

She step over and knelt down before me.

My heart pounded. I knew what she was going to do and I have never been so excited.

Grabbing hold of my pants, Diane pulled them to the floor with one swift tug. My stiff cock sprung free and almost slapped her in the face.

Diane licked her lips, then she wrapped her mouth around my penis. Sliding up and down my shaft, I almost shot my load there and then. The feeling was amazing and tingles of pleasure shot through my body like electricity. I wanted to hold her head and fuck her mouth, but was afraid she would stop. Instead, I eagerly watched as Diane sucked and licked the head of my cock. She ran her tongue down to my balls and sucked on them like a gobstoppers. It was sensitivity and tickly, but at the same time incredibly stimulating. So much so that when she engulfed my cock again, I could hold back no longer. My pelvis twitched and spurt and after spurt of cum shot into her mouth. Diane didn’t seem to mind and sucked until there wasn’t a drop left.

Desperate to return the favour, I pulled her up kissed her. As our lips locked, I reached round and tried to unhook her bra. After several failed attempts I succeeded and it dropped to the floor. I kissed slowly down her neck and over her huge breast. Taking her nipples in my mouth, I sucked like a starving baby.

“Take it easy,” whispered Diane. “You don’t need to just suck. You can do other things too. Try circling your tongue around my nipples.”

I did as she said and she closed her eyes. Diane was clearly enjoyed it, which encouraged me to go further. I slid my hand into her knickers, eager to feel inside her.

My hand rubbed down her bush. Between her thighs I found my goal. It was warm and wet, like a tropical fountain. I thrust my fingers inside and vigorously thrust them in and out, as fast as I could. Diane appeared to enjoy it and gyrated against my hand.

After a minute she pulled away. Taking hold of her knickers, she pulled them to the floor. Her bushy pussy was on display and my cock throbbed with excitement.

Diane smiled and lay down on the bed, her legs open wide.

I hadn’t licked anyone before, but I had seen it done in porn and was desperate to give it try. I knelt before her and kissed slowly up her thighs. Driven wild by her perfume, I kissed excitedly over her hairy mound and until I reached her entrance. I plunged my tongue inside. The taste was exquisite and I was so excited, I wanted to drink her juices. Pushing my tongue in as far as it would go, I licked her, over and over.

Diane began to moan. After a few minutes she pushed her hips forwards and murmured, “Lick me here.”

I looked up and saw a finger at the top of her slit. Diane removed it and I licked where it has been. I felt a small bump, which I guessed was what she intended me to find.

Confirmation came, when she whispered, “Now, stick your fingers inside me.”

I did as she said and slid my fingers in and out of her pussy, while continuing to licked her little clit. I began slowly, but with her perfume filling my nostrils, I got more and more exciting and my fingers thrust faster and faster. Diane’s murmurs grew louder, and before long, she was moaning loud enough to be heard in the Ataşehir Escort next room. After a particularly loud groan, her body quivered and she reached down and pulled me up.

“That was fantastic,” she said, kissing me passionately. “You’re a natural and have a wonderful tongue.”

“Thanks,” I replied, her taste and smell, still consuming my senses.

We lay together kissing, until I was too horny to hold back. Reaching down, I grabbed my cock and tried to steer it into her hole. It was a lot more difficult than I thought and I struggled to find her entrance. Diane smiled at me and opened her legs wider. It helped, and for a moment I thought I’d found it. Only, something didn’t feel right and my cock couldn’t find a way in.

“A little lower,” she whispered.

I moved my penis a fraction down and like a door had opened, it slid inside. Her vagina gripped me like a glove and I knew this was where I belonged.

Diane felt way better than any girl I’d had and can’t believe anyone could feel as good. Having her beneath me and feeling her vagina gripping my cock was like being high on cocaine.

“Place your arms inside my legs and push them back,” whispered Diane. “It will feel even better.”

I couldn’t see how it could be, but did as instructed. She was right, it was unbelievable. Holding a sixty-two-year-old woman down beneath me, completely under my control, was the biggest turn on of my life. She was old enough to be my gran and anywhere else, she would be in charge. Yet, at this moment, I was the boss. Excited by the situation, I ploughed her like a dog in heat.

“Take it slowly,” she said, softly. “At least to start with. I want to feel you.”

I pulled my cock back to her entrance and then pushed slowly inside until it was buried deep within. Over and over, I thrust slowly but firmly inside her, feeling her vagina walls hugging me like a snug coat. It was incredible and if Diane hadn’t already given me a blow, I would have cum in seconds.

Diane started to groan, so I increased my momentum. As her groans grew louder, I fucked her faster and harder, holding her down as my cock pummelled deep inside her hole. Suddenly, she gripped my back and cried out. Thinking there was something wrong, I stopped.

“Don’t .. stop,” she cried. “Fuck me harder!”

I didn’t need to be told twice and with my arms holding her down, I fucked her like a pneumatic drill. Back and forth I swung my hips, my cock plunging in and out, over and over again. Diane’s screams grew louder and louder, and the excitement became too much. Unable to stop myself, I thrust all the way inside and shot my load.

Completely satisfied, we lay together in each others arms, exhausted, and unable to do anything other than kiss.

“That was incredible,” said Diane, between the kisses.

“Yeah, I didn’t want it to end,” I replied.

“Well, we can always go it again,” she said, with a wink.

Needless to say that’s exactly what we did, and not just once. We had sex long into the night and again the next day. We tried many different positions and I explored every inch of her body, kissing her in places I would never have dreamed.

We agree to meet on the next evening and had a lovely meal and another long chat. Naturally, we went to bed afterwards and had another amazing session. It was the happiest I had ever been and I wanted to be with her forever. I asked if we could still see each other when we got back to the UK. She agreed, but sadly when I got home, I didn’t hear a thing.

In hindsight I think she was only interested in a holiday fling. Still, I genuinely believed she loved me as much as I loved her. My guess is that she didn’t want her family to know. I have never felt such loss and it took me a long time to get over her. It was a lesson in just how wonderful and painful love can be. Not that I am put off and I hope I will one day to meet some else just like her.