His Room

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His RoomHis room is private and particularly masculine.The bed is unmade, but not messy. I sit on the edge and study the sheets and take note of the considerably high thread count. The pillows are big and fluffy, one slightly on top of the other.I run my hands over the cool sheets, imagining his dark naked body stretched across them. Knowing that his naked skin has touched these sheets arouses me.I smell a hint of his scent all over the sheets and pillows, an intoxicating mixture of Clive Christian No. 1 and something more natural.His room is neat but not obsessively orderly. The closet door is ajar. There are shoes in a line on the floor inside the closet. Lots of different types of shoes: many dress shoes, a couple of pair of work boots, causal shoes, and about six different Nike sneakers.His dresser has five drawers. The third is slightly open. I open it to find his T-shirts. I slide my hand around and under the cotton T’s finding nothing significant, then close it back to the position I found it in.I open the top drawer and find his underwear nicely folded in rows. He has a collection of boxers and boxer-briefs and I imagine him wearing the red low rise Calvin Klein boxer-briefs for me. I touch the unbelievablely soft material and wonder just how he would fill it. I move my hands around his underwear drawer hoping to find something naughty like the things my husband would find in my lingerie drawer if he ever looked or cared. I find nothing.I wander into the master bath and spot a similar pair of boxer-briefs on the edge of the jetted tub. These are worn, dirty boxer-briefs, black with charcoal trim. I smell them, his scent is still there, as if the briefs have only recently been removed.I take them with me back in the bedroom and I sit on his bed and smell them again. His scent is arousing and I feel my nipples getting hard under my bra. I slowly move his briefs down from my face to my neck, over my breast and into my lap. I imagine what it would be like to slowly remove his underwear from his sexy body. I bite my bottom lip and shiver.I notice a black wooden box under his TV stand and walk over to investigate. I open the box to find his porn collection on DVD. A mischievous smile comes across my face and I sift though the different types of porn until I discover two Blacks on Asians DVD’s. My pussy pulsates knowing çankırı escort he is attracted to Asian women like myself.I put in the naughty video and sit down on the edge of his bed. My lime green lace thong is getting moist and my pussy aches. I watch the Asian girl in the video scream out in ecstasy while her handsome black man eats out her pussy. I try to place the last time my husband last went down on me and I can’t remember. It’s been too long.I lift my skirt up and move my thong aside. I am moist and sticky.I watch. She is on her knees and takes his meaty black cock in her mouth. She makes his dick wet and slick, licking him from his balls to the tip of his cock. He is big, but she takes all of him down her throat.I reach between my open thighs. My fingers tease my clit. I can’t take the teasing any more. Two of my fingers enter at the same time as his thick meaty cock drives into her wet folds bordered by perfectly waxed skin. I fuck myself in unison with his rhythm, hard, frantic, and desperate for pleasure. My nipples throb. I reach for one, under my top and pinch it softly, then much harder. Sounds of hardcore fucking and masturbation fill every corner of his room.I see myself like never before in the mirror on the other side of his room. My face, intense with passion, my fingers diving into my swollen, glistening pink lips. I turn back to the images on the screen. I am unable to stop my mind from replacing the two on the screen with him and myself. I see him in my mind’s eye, his dark fingers caressing my breasts and taught nipples the same way the guy is doing, fist full of long black hair pulled from behind as he thrusts into hungry pink pussy. I see him taunting me, whispering in my ear to cum for him, all over his big cock.My thong is in the way now, holding back the deep pleasure I need to release. I yank it off and throw it to the floor.I shouldn’t be doing this. I’m risking so much but the danger makes it electrifying. I’m compelled to continue pleasuring myself. I’m almost to the point of orgasm.I hear his key jingle in the front door. I shouldn’t be in his bedroom. I was told to wait in the front room until he got here. I continue. Knowing I should stop, I can’t, even at the risk of getting caught in his room.Getting caught would not be a good thing. I’m his friend and co-worker. He trusts escort çankırı me. To find me in violation of that trust, invading his private space would end our friendship and put a strain on our working relationship. If he tells my husband, things are really going to be a mess.I hear him moving around in the kitchen, putting away groceries. I work faster.”Lisa, are you still here?”I work even harder, eager to cum before he finds me.I hear his footsteps just down the hall. I scramble to get myself together and sprint to the door only to run into him.”Lisa, what are you doing in here?””I was trying to find a pen. I was going to leave you a note.”He steps into his room and looks over me. “Looks like you were doing more than that.” He points to my thong, its green color glowing like a beacon in the night.I’m mortified Covering my face with my hand, I run and pick up my sticky wet thong and make my way out the door.”Aren’t you going to stay and finish?”I’m frozen in the doorway. “What?””I would love to watch you finish.”I hear the moaning sounds of porn coming from the TV. I feel the heat of passion overcome my body. Without saying a word, I turn around and slowly strip off all of my clothes and lie down on his bed.I gaze into his brown eyes and touch my sex as he stands over me. I open my fleshy petals for him and drown three of my fingers deep into my pool of nectar. Pulling them back out slowly I spread the nectar over my supple smoothly shaven pussy, clit, and ass.”I need you to help me finish. I need you to eat this juicy pussy.””I never thought you would ask.”He kneels down between my open thighs and pulls my body down until my ass hangs off the edge of his bed. He licks my pussy with a fervor I have never felt before, his fingers plunging in and out my neglected cunt, hitting just the right spot.”Make me cum! Make me cum, please make me cum!”I wrap my legs around his body and hold his head down with my hand. My body is trembling. I am gripping the sheet with my free hand. I detonate. My hips are bucking and rolling, I’m grinding my teeth, and my mouth opens to inhale. I’m shivering from this most intense orgasm.I kiss him deeply, thanking him with my lips, my body, and my soul.”I want to see you, all of you.”I rip off his clothes. He stands in front of me only in his black boxers. His body is a sculpted masterpiece, çankırı escort bayan calling out to my fingertips, my mouth, my pussy. My fingers stretch the waistband of his black boxers down.I’m wonderstruck. His cock is big, magnificent. I run my fingers along the thick vein that snakes the length of his mahogany shaft, teasing him just a little. His hefty balls are warm to the touch, smooth with very little hair. I gently juggle them in my hand and I hear him moan.I part my lips and draw him into the wet, warm, haven of my mouth. He moans louder, deeper in his throat. I love knowing that I am bringing him pleasure. I release his fully erect dick slowly from my mouth, letting my lips drag over the head. I suck him back in all the way. His cock expands deep inside my mouth, throbbing harder, and hotter. I release him before I put him over the edge.I adjust my body and direct the head of his cock to the opening of my wet, pulsating pussy. He parts my engorged lips and gently penetrates the soft fleshy pulp of my pussy in one gliding motion. I roll my hips up and around to greet every wonderful inch of his cock. I moan his name over and over again, low, close to his ear.”Make me fucking cum. Fuck me with that big dick.””Cum for me, Lisa.”I love the way he says my name with such a lustful tone. I wish he’d say it again.”I want you to cum for me, Lisa.”I grab his ass hard, digging my nails into his hot flesh coaxing him to fuck me harder. I wonder if I had wished out loud.He thrusts into my pussy hard and unrelenting, and my wetness trickles down my ass. The smacking sounds of our bodies are lost in my screams. I breathe in the sweet aroma of our arousal. Through slitted eyes I lustfully stare at his cock fucking me, soaked with my juices and shimmering in the soft light. It gets wetter with each pounding stroke.My orgasm gathers, pooling hot and heavy between my legs. Pulses of heat radiate through my body. I feel his dick expanding and jerking inside me. My pussy contracts around his throbbing cock. We come together, spasm after spasm, after spasm, after spasm. He collapses on my chest and pleasure shoots through me like thousands of falling dominos.He kisses me tenderly and slowly rolls us over to our side. I wrap my leg around him keeping him deep inside, not wanting to let him go. I hug him tight and gradually gyrate my hips, telling him I want more. Communicating to his body with mine, that he could have me again. Any way he wants.I feel him respond to my offerings and I smile and look off into his room.My God. This is his room, and I shouldn’t be here.